Government IT: Take a Collaborative Approach to Change Management


It’s in the nature of large organizations to change, whether they’re trying to make a profit or serving a government in the public sector. In fact, the average organization has experienced five big changes in the past three years, according to CEB data.

Ringing down the curtain on change management theater

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Change Management is a hot topic lately on my social media channels. Like my friend Jon Hall , I also am a long time veteran of the classic Change Advisory Board (CAB) process. As a process symbolizing traditional IT service management and the ITIL framework, it's under increasing pressure to modernize in response to Agile and DevOps trends. This was the topic of my most recent research, " Change Management: Let's Get Back to Basics. " change management.

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GDPR about change management, says startup DPO

Computer Weekly

There are threats and risks associated with the GDPR, but one data protection officer believes organisations should focus on the business opportunities instead

Changing Change Management in Government IT


For government employees this can include navigating an administration transition , implementing a new policy, or adapting the organization in the face of funding changes. Traditionally, organizations approach change management from the top down.

The Importance of Change Management for Digital Transformations

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ZDNet published an article this week on the importance of Change Management for a Digital Transformation. In the article, they cite Under Armour’s recent SAP implementation and how the lack of Change Management led to significant project issues. Under Armour cites change management woes with SAP implementation as digital transformation stumbles. Digital Experience zFeatured best practices change management digital transformation


CDOs Drive Change, Build Trust, And Foster Insights-Driven Organizations

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Organization are slow to change but technology changes quickly. If you leave the organization as is many won’t catch up with the change, and the technology maturity gap will widen between them over time.

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Digital Transformation Involves More Than Technology

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As a matter of fact, I did a search of Perficient’s web site and got a lot of references to organizational change management (OCM). You need the right talent, the right message understood by the company, and the right internal change to be successful.

AI Will Change Organizations From Within

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AI is a change from within. advanced analytics artificial intelligence (AI) big data business transformation & organizational change management business value digital business AI analytics digital transformationOver the past year I’ve spoken formally and informally with hundreds of companies about their AI initiatives.

3 Questions CIOs Should Ask Before Reorganizing IT


How will “machines as partners” change work? Blog Change Management Corporate IT Information Technology Manage Your People Organize the Function

Corporate IT: 5 Steps to Building an IT Integration Plan


For larger deals, a core IT integration team can manage the integration program, while a larger extended team can become involved as needed. Although 2015 was a record year for M&A activity , the heat is now starting to flow out of the market a little.

IT Infrastructure: A Better Way to Communicate Your Cloud Strategy


As IT teams reinvent themselves to support corporate digitalization , one important task is explaining the benefits of cloud computing to all relevant colleagues, from the CFO to a corporate lawyer to a product manager. the ones that can be managed and mitigated).

Corporate IT: The Four Barriers that Hinder Digitization in Your Firm


While being a fairly nebulous term, digitization has changed and is changing companies beyond recognition. Unsurprisingly, this has also changed how those in the IT department do their jobs as well.

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Change Habit: Do you Have One?

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The change progress is made via positive and growth mindsets. Change, big or small is inevitable. Change is becoming the new normal, people present different personalities for changes, such as Pathfinder, Listening, Organizer, Follower, and Resistor.

Corporate IT: The Five Types of Support Your Teams Need for IT Transformation


Despite this, many teams still take a project-by-project approach to managing it all. They make significant investments in consulting and training for individual initiatives that must be repeated for each additional change.

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How OPM Could Have Avoided the Data Breach


Recently, a data breach at the Office of Personnel Management ( OPM ) demonstrated once again the vulnerability of data and how even when an organization has seemingly deployed the right tools, security holes can be exploited to gain access to highly sensitive information. Change management will be key, and can reduce the risk of existing holes, while ensuring changes don’t introduce new ones.

“Digital” Transformation

Eric D. Brown

Digital transformation is nothing special olr new…its just another change that companies have to undergo to remain competitive. They key for ensuring a successful transformation of any kind is proper change management.

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Government IT: How to Prepare for the New Administration


It’s unlikely that all government IT organizations are ready for the changes this “takeover” will bring. The traditional approach to managing administration transitions focuses on the political appointees in an office, such as the the CIO or Deputy Secretary, for example.

Raritan’s Latest DCIM Release Automates Change Management, Adds Capacity Map

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Vendor tightens pitch for two most important DCIM uses: capacity and change management. Management Read More.

Five Aspects of Change Management

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Change Management can become more successful with people at the core of change, the cause of changes, and the purpose of change. Here are five aspects of Change Management. The attitudinal aspect: Remember change management is a gradual process.

Change as a Problem-Solving Scenario

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The digital business dynamic allows the organization to morph as the business conditions and organizational capacities change to allow a better fit. The enemy is not changing per se, it's the change without focus or purpose. Change Management Problem Solving

Running IT as an Innovative Problem Solver and a Relentless Change Agent

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IT is at an inflection point to speed up digital transformation, modern IT organizations need to be the explorer for stepping into the deep, deep digital normality with the abundance of information and the sea of changes. CIOs could be runners, but not change agents.

The Organizational Autonomy and Digital Transformation

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Self-adaptive: Digital is all about the exponential growth of information and rapid speed of changes. The business responsiveness and changeability based on self-adaptation is the capability to adapt to the change and make "conscious" business choices seamlessly.

The Basic Prescription for Change Management

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The superior Change Management should win the hearts and minds, to build change as the ongoing business capability. Compared to the business world decades ago, the speed of change is increasing, and digital ecosystem has become more dynamic, complex and hyperconnected.

The Psychological Insight of Change Management

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If you have a good change strategy in place, gain the psychological insight of change management, with adaptability to change, you can ride above the change curve. Change is inevitable, people are the very reason to change and the center of change.

Three Change Dilemmas

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The digital business dynamic allows the organization to morph as the business conditions and organizational capacities change to allow a better fit. Change is inevitable, and the pace of change is increasing. Change is complex as well, here are three change dilemmas.

Three Characteristics of Digital Change Management

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Businesses will be more successful when they realize that one of their greatest strengths will be their change capability. Thanks for the powerful digital technologies and exponential growth of information, the speed of change is increasing for opening the next chapter of digital evolution.

It Is Impossible to Manage Infrastructure Manually

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At a core level is configuration management: tools that ensure infrastructure is configured in a consistent, reliable way. Read more Categories: change management. configuration management. systems management.

Business Change Management Using Weak Signals

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A Fortune 500 company embarks on an ambitious program to implement a Master Data Management solution. With all of the talk of business change management over the years, does anyone even know what it means or how to do it? How Can Project Managers Detect Weak Signals?

The Monthly “Change Insight” Book Tuning: Multidimensional Change Management Nov. 2017

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Change is inevitable, organizational change has become a common practice within an organization, but too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis, and demands. How to assess and improve change fit both at individual and organizational level.

Manage Change as Continuum not Conundrum

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Nowadays, change happens nonlinearly with increasing pace. Organizations shouldn’t just respond to them in a reactive way or perceive change as a conundrum. There are full emotion cycles behind changes, and it is the mixed bag of positive emotions and negative emotions.

CW500 video interview: Yiannis Pavlosoglou, UBS

Computer Weekly

UBS' strategic change manager for operational resilience speaks to Computer Weekly about the lessons learnt from the latest cyber attacks

IT Applications: Four Roles for Business Analysts to Play on Agile Projects


But as applications teams start using the Agile approach to software development more and more, and as that changes the way all of IT need to work together , applications managers have had to think hard about how to help business analysts (BAs) work within this new process.


When Executives Refuse to Invest in Organizational Change Management

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Organizational change management has always been a pretty nebulous term. At best, it can be perceived as touchy feel-y. At worst, it can be viewed as an expendable nice-to-have that can be cut from a project at any given time