Government IT: Take a Collaborative Approach to Change Management


It’s in the nature of large organizations to change, whether they’re trying to make a profit or serving a government in the public sector. In fact, the average organization has experienced five big changes in the past three years, according to CEB data.

Ringing down the curtain on change management theater

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Change Management is a hot topic lately on my social media channels. Like my friend Jon Hall , I also am a long time veteran of the classic Change Advisory Board (CAB) process. As a process symbolizing traditional IT service management and the ITIL framework, it's under increasing pressure to modernize in response to Agile and DevOps trends. This was the topic of my most recent research, " Change Management: Let's Get Back to Basics. " change management.

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IT Infrastructure: Why You Should Focus on Human Errors in Change Management


Even the best resourced IT teams, with armies of programmers, engineers, and enterprise architects at their disposal, can easily still make costly mistakes in their change management processes.

Changing Change Management in Government IT


For government employees this can include navigating an administration transition , implementing a new policy, or adapting the organization in the face of funding changes. Traditionally, organizations approach change management from the top down.

Corporate IT: 5 Steps to Building an IT Integration Plan


For larger deals, a core IT integration team can manage the integration program, while a larger extended team can become involved as needed. Although 2015 was a record year for M&A activity , the heat is now starting to flow out of the market a little.

Corporate IT: The Four Barriers that Hinder Digitization in Your Firm


While being a fairly nebulous term, digitization has changed and is changing companies beyond recognition. Unsurprisingly, this has also changed how those in the IT department do their jobs as well.

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IT Infrastructure: A Better Way to Communicate Your Cloud Strategy


As IT teams reinvent themselves to support corporate digitalization , one important task is explaining the benefits of cloud computing to all relevant colleagues, from the CFO to a corporate lawyer to a product manager. the ones that can be managed and mitigated).

Corporate IT: The Five Types of Support Your Teams Need for IT Transformation


Despite this, many teams still take a project-by-project approach to managing it all. They make significant investments in consulting and training for individual initiatives that must be repeated for each additional change.

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Government IT: How to Prepare for the New Administration


It’s unlikely that all government IT organizations are ready for the changes this “takeover” will bring. The traditional approach to managing administration transitions focuses on the political appointees in an office, such as the the CIO or Deputy Secretary, for example.

How OPM Could Have Avoided the Data Breach


Recently, a data breach at the Office of Personnel Management ( OPM ) demonstrated once again the vulnerability of data and how even when an organization has seemingly deployed the right tools, security holes can be exploited to gain access to highly sensitive information. Change management will be key, and can reduce the risk of existing holes, while ensuring changes don’t introduce new ones.

It Is Impossible to Manage Infrastructure Manually

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At a core level is configuration management: tools that ensure infrastructure is configured in a consistent, reliable way. Read more Categories: change management. configuration management. systems management.

Raritan’s Latest DCIM Release Automates Change Management, Adds Capacity Map

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Vendor tightens pitch for two most important DCIM uses: capacity and change management. Management Read More.

Business Change Management Using Weak Signals

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A Fortune 500 company embarks on an ambitious program to implement a Master Data Management solution. With all of the talk of business change management over the years, does anyone even know what it means or how to do it? How Can Project Managers Detect Weak Signals?

“Digital” Transformation

Eric D. Brown

Digital transformation is nothing special olr new…its just another change that companies have to undergo to remain competitive. They key for ensuring a successful transformation of any kind is proper change management.

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IT Applications: Four Roles for Business Analysts to Play on Agile Projects


But as applications teams start using the Agile approach to software development more and more, and as that changes the way all of IT need to work together , applications managers have had to think hard about how to help business analysts (BAs) work within this new process.


Government IT: ‘Modernization’ Has Too Many Meanings to be Useful


However, as with so much in business and management , just because people are using the same word doesn’t mean they’re talking about the same thing. The differences between these three cases go beyond the scope of the change or the level of effort required. Those running government IT teams in the US generally agree that the IT “ecosystem” is dangerously out of date.

The Influential CIO

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Change Management CIO Communication Leadership business technology change influence persuasion This article is based on my Persuasive Communication and Influence workshop. The CIO role spans and must influence all parts of an organization without directly controlling them.

Four Keys to Successful Change

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Ever try to get someone to change the way they do something that they’ve been doing the same way for years? Change Management Communication How To Leadership business transformation change management David Rock Edgar Schein John Kotter neuroscience William Bridges Ever try to break one of your own habits? It’s not easy.

How to Survive in a World of Constant Change

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Change Management Leadership business transformation change management CIO magazine Edgar Schein Jack Welch learning culture neuroscience organizational culture William Bridges About five years, ago, when I was still editor in chief at CIO, we began a major transformation from a print-centric media company to online. During that time, every day brought new challenges, frustrations, discoveries, joy and despair.

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How IT can work alongside marketing to deliver on digital expectations

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A recent digital customer experience summit hosted by Adobe has highlighted the link between IT, in-house talent development and change management

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When Executives Refuse to Invest in Organizational Change Management

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Organizational change management has always been a pretty nebulous term. At best, it can be perceived as touchy feel-y. At worst, it can be viewed as an expendable nice-to-have that can be cut from a project at any given time

Government IT: 4 Steps to a Smooth Leadership Transition


How Change Costs You Millions. New leadership brings new perspectives and opportunities, but change is never easy for employees at any level. In fact, change-stressed employees experience, on average, a 5% decrease in performance , according to CEB data.

Emerging technologies are poking holes in security

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Accelerated change challenges change management, security DevOps and emerging technologies that enable business innovation and opportunities demand fast, frequent change from the enterprise. The speed and regularity as well as the kinds of change challenge change management and ultimately security. Organizations can then begin to evolve change management and security to close those gaps and avoid impacts on security.

Seven Keys for Driving ERP Adoption

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Organizational change management is one of the most important success factors for a new ERP implementation, according to a recent study conducted by Panorama Consulting ERP systems are more powerful than ever, but that only matters if employees are using them.

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Big Business Got Railroaded; Change is Scary

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"Change management" scares even managers

System Integration Morphs To Cloud Service Integration

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Cloud Service Brokerage is changing from an industry footnote toward becoming a major system integration play. Another important management capability they deliver is performance auditing.

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Going 100% SaaS


While there are many advantages to SAAS over internally managed systems, what attracts me most to SAAS is that: The internal technology team can focus on the success of the business and not on technology operation and management. Configuration management. Operational procedures: Cybersecurity, Change management, etc.

Corporate IT: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 2017 Strategic Plan


Plans have token alignment to high-level business objectives, rather than a deep connection to business needs that are actually changing faster than the annual planning cycle. Done well, IT strategic planning does two things.

IT Enterprise Architecture: How EA Teams Can Support Business Transformation


Helping with Organizational Change. Given the amount of change management or “transformation” projects that are going on in the world’s firms right now, EA teams have a big opportunity to pitch in and help (see “manage organizational change” on chart 1).

Product Development Must Evolve for the Internet of Things

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Adaptation and execution on these initiatives will be difficult requiring executive buy in, core shifts to company cultures, partnership with services firms, reskilling, and change management initiatives. Traditional physical products and machinery are steadily being replaced by connected products and assets that shift business models and augment customer relationships with digital experiences and data.

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Corporate IT: Five Ways to Build a Better Business Case


Unfortunately, many IT managers still focus too much on the numbers — net present value, payback period, and so on — to demonstrate why what’s spent will be repaid so many times over.

SAP/HANA Does Big Data for National Security

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Carmen Krueger, SAP NS2 SVP & GM While SAP is globally renowned as a provider of enterprise management software, the name is hardly ever associated with the spooky world of intelligence. Has this changed?

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The Influential CIO Workshop

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Change Management CIO Communication IT management Leadership business transformation change management influence persuasion persuasive communication Influence: the act or power of producing an effect without apparent exertion of force or direct exercise of command. For most CIOs and their teams, this is the only way to get things done. Here’s an excerpt from my Persuasive Communication and Influence workshop. Read my article based on this workshop here.