Engage With Apple to Engage With Patients

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In yet another sign that Apple has its sights fixed solidly on the healthcare industry, the company has secured a strategic partnership with another national health insurer, Aetna. Apple, it turns out, is not just a company that knows how to build high-end consumer electronic devices.

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How to secure your Apple Card

Tech Republic Security

Learn how to secure and protect your Apple Card, both the virtual card and the physical one

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Apple to fix backup security vulnerability in iOS 10

Computer Weekly

Apple is to issue a security update for a security vulnerability in iOS 10 that could give hackers access to passwords and other security data

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Apple patches triple iOS security threat

Computer Weekly

Businesses and consumers are being urged to update their versions of Apple's iOS to fix three critical, zero-day vulnerabilities that enable attackers to spy on victims

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WWDC: Apple Continues to Up the Ante on Experience with Privacy Leading

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Apple continues to leverage its engineering chops to deliver better experiences. Experiences are faster, more nimble, private, secure, personal and more. Apple is: Leveraging privacy as a differentiator across devices, software and services.

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Apple and IBM Announce Partnership


In a move that blurs the line between consumer gadgets and enterprise technology, Apple and IBM announced on July 15 th a partnership to transform enterprise mobility. In an interview on CNBC , Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his enthusiasm and high expectations for the partnership. “I

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Few iOS apps in enterprises meet Apple’s new security mandate

Computer Weekly

Most iOS apps in the enterprise pose potential security risks, according to research by Appthority

FBI vs Apple: Context from a cyber law perspective


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security.-bg bg In August 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared “we obey the laws […]. CTO Cyber Security News

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Apple Issues Emergency Fix for iOS Zero-Days: What You Need to Know

Doctor Chaos

Apple has released an emergency security update for iOS devices to resolve three zero-day vulnerabilities leveraged in targeted attacks against human rights activists, journalists, and other persons of interest. InfoSec AppleNamed Trident, the vulnerabilities were exploited by a piece of high-end surveillance software dubbed Pegasus, which researchers classify as “the most sophisticated attack seen on any […].

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Developments and Device Divergence at Apple’s WWDC


On June 2 nd , Mac nerds swarmed the keynote “ special event ” at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco – the annual trade show for Apple developers. While the event did not disappoint most Apple fans, the keynote demonstrated a new desktop operating system, OSX (nicknamed Yosemite), and an updated mobile operating system, iOS 8, without dropping any bombshells. Cyber Security Gadgets Mobile Apple iCloud iOS IPhone Macintosh OS X San Francisco

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FBI vs Apple: Policy Analysis


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security.-bg CTO Cyber Security NewsEditor’s note: This is the second in a five-part series on this topic. bg Despite foreboding tales of doom associated with the potential outcome on each […].

Apple quietly absorbed a company that makes AI cameras for people’s homes


Earlier this month, Apple reportedly bought the patents of Lighthouse AI, a maker of AI-powered home security cameras. Now, The Information reports that Lighthouse’s co-founders have joined Apple, along with around 20 staff. According to The Information, Lighthouse cofounders Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp sent an email to the company’s former camera testers asking for […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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Facebook lets Mail.Ru access to sensitive user information, Macy’s mega data breach, Apple insider stole driverless car secrets, YouTube’s Incognito Mode


CTO Cyber Security News Apple FacebookThe following are some of the cybersecurity related topics we wanted to bring to your attention: Russian company had access to Facebook user data through apps Facebook's woes continue! Facebook apps from Mail.Ru are being reviewed as part of Facebook's probe into user data misuse. Even after the huge public outcry for letting Chinese phone [.].

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 FBI vs Apple: Informed Dialog on Privacy vs Security Is Key


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security. CTO Cyber Security NewsEditor’s note: This is the fifth in a five-part series on this topic. For a detailed legal analysis accompanying the article, please visit Thecyberlawteam.com/publications-1/ -bg […].

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Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security

Tech Republic Security

iOS users beware: A hacker has just published a decryption key for the Apple Secure Enclave, which is responsible for processing Touch ID transactions

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Multiple vulnerabilities patched by Apple

IT Manager Daily

Memory corruption presents a problem in Apple’s browsers and software. Threat: A security bug in Safari and a flaw in macOS High Sierra led to memory corruption issues. Fixes/Workarounds: Apple released an updated version of Safari (11.1) The post Multiple vulnerabilities patched by Apple appeared first on IT Manager Daily. Applications & Software In this week's e-newsletter IT Security Apple flaw software

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Telecom lobbyists have stalled as many as 70 privacy bills, Apple’s answer to Congress, Insider threat, MongoDB vulnerability hits Telemedicine, Verizon’s VPN is not so private afterall


CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News Apple VerizonTelecom Lobbyists Have Stalled 70 State-Level Bills That Would Protect Consumer Privacy There is a reason why ISPs and telecom companies are reaping huge profits by selling your real-time data. The US government or the state governments can't do anything about it because everytime a law is framed to prevent the telecom companies from selling […].

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Apple's new macOS Sierra fixes over 60 security flaws

Network World

Apple launched its newest operating system, macOS Sierra 10.12, on Tuesday and aside from new and interesting features , it has a large number of important security fixes. The new OS patches 65 vulnerabilities in various core and third-party components. Some of these vulnerabilities are critical and can result in arbitrary code execution with kernel privileges.

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Apple iCloud data now stored on Chinese government servers, Data breach at LabCorp, SIM hijacking, Aircraft cybersecurity, half of US retailers suffer data breach in 2018


The following are some of the cyber security and cyber war related stories we are tracking: Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator If you are an Apple iPhone or Mac user and are communicating with someone in China, you should be extra careful because as per the [.]. CTO Cyber Security News

Overcoming the Equation: Security = Friction


Why does security have to be so onerous? Is this password secure enough: Mxyzptlk? Now that’s secure – good luck remembering it! As you try to simplify the user experience and reduce friction, the cost for security goes up. Can we overcome the friction of security?

2018 iPhone Launch: What Your Privacy Means to Apple


Information Technology Blog - - 2018 iPhone Launch: What Your Privacy Means to Apple - Information Technology Blog. In the long-lasting battle between Android and Apple, it is fair to say that both brands are head to head. Apple is Apple. Apple’s Take on Your Privacy.

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 FBI vs Apple: History, Policy, Sovereignty and Individual Rights


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security. Editor’s note: This is the third in a five-part series on this topic. For a detailed legal analysis accompanying the article, please visit TheCyberLawTeam.com/publications-1 […].

Apple iCloud: The smart person's guide

Tech Republic Cloud

Apple's iCloud is a cloud file storage and services platform that provides users with secure ways to store and share files, find lost equipment, and synchronize information across multiple devices

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How Cisco will help Apple keep its iOS devices secure

Tech Republic Security

At Cisco Live 2017, CEO Chuck Robbins discussed how Cisco is addressing security at the network layer, and integrating this into Apple devices to provide higher levels of security for enterprise users

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Video: Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security

Tech Republic Security

The hack exposes firmware code, and could be a major blow to iOS security, a key component of Apple's hardware strategy

Beware: Sneaky subscriptions are plaguing the App Store


Apple’ App store is plagued with some top utility apps on the App Store that are making millions of dollars by using dark patterns, tricking users into signing up for subscriptions. While subscriptions have been the mainstay for Apple and App developers, accounting for $10.6 Cyber Security News Apple

Cisco Live 2017: Chuck Robbins discusses networking, security and the acceleration of the Apple partnership

Tech Republic Security

Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco, sat down with TechRepublic Senior Writer Teena Maddox in an exclusive interview to discuss Cisco's partnership with Apple, the new era of networking, and security

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Apple surprise: iOS 10 preview's kernel unencrypted

Network World

While new iOS 10 features like improved Maps, Siri integration and Photos were expected during Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference last week, the company stunned developers by leaving the kernel unencrypted in the preview edition of its new iPhone and iPad software. MIT Technology Review first reported on this revelation, discovered by security researchers and iOS developers, who were left wondering whether Apple did this on purpose or goofed up big time.

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Safari, Edge fans: Is that really the website you think you’re visiting? URL spoof bug blabbed


A security researcher had found a flaw which allows potential hackers to spoof URLs in Safari and Edge while visiting a malicious link. even weeks after disclosure, while Microsoft has patched the flaw, Apple hasn’t yet shown interest in patching it. CTO Cyber Security News Apple MicrosoftHowever. The vulnerability is the result of what researcher Rafay Baloch describes as a […].

Critical Intel security patch will slow PCs, servers and Macs

Computer Weekly

AMD shares rise on news that the performance of millions of Windows PCs, Linux servers and Apple Macs is to be impacted by critical updates for a recently discovered security flaw in Intel chips manufactured in the past 10 years

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After Mozilla inquiry, Apple untrusts Chinese certificate authority

Network World

Following a Mozilla-led investigation that found multiple problems in the SSL certificate issuance process of WoSign, a China-based certificate authority, Apple will make modifications to the iOS and macOS to block future certificates issued by the company. Although there is no WoSign root certificate in Apple's trusted certificate store, a WoSign intermediate CA certificate is cross-signed by two other CAs that Apple trusts: StartCom and Comodo.

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Nearly 500,000 routers infected by Russian malware, Apple’s privacy portal, New LocationSmart scandal


CTO Cyber Security Cyber War NewsCyber firms, Ukraine warn of planned Russian attack Cisco's Talos cyber intelligence unit says 500K+ routers in dozens of countries have been infected by Russia-linked malware and could be used to attack Ukraine. Cisco Systems Inc warned on Wednesday that hackers have infected at least 500,000 routers and storage devices in dozens of countries with [.].

iCloud Data Breach A Black Eye For Cloud In General

Data Center Knowledge

Apple''s iCloud service incurred a very public breach, giving cloud in general a black eye. The breach is a reminder that end users often assume cloud services are secure by default. Apple Cloud Computing Security Read More.

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Apple's iCloud saved deleted browser records, security company finds

Network World

Apple’s iCloud appears to have been holding on to users’ deleted internet browsing histories, including records over a year old. Moscow-based forensics firm Elcomsoft noticed it was able to pull supposedly deleted Safari browser histories from iCloud accounts, such as the date and time the site was visited and when the record was deleted. “In In fact, we were able to access records dated more than one year back,” wrote Elcomsoft’s CEO Vladimir Katalov in a Thursday blog post.

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Obama Weighs Privacy Against Security in Age of Apple v. FBI

Data Center Knowledge

President weighs in on this year's biggest tech story so far at SXSW Read More. Shared

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