Apple offers security researchers modified iPhones to find iOS flaws

Venture Beast

Apple invited security researchers to apply to receive modified iPhones designed to help them hunt for flaws in the company’s mobile operating system. Business Mobile Security Apple category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless iOS iPhoneRead More.

Researcher reveals Mac privacy bug, blasts Apple for ‘security theater’

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A major security exploit in current versions of macOS allows malicious actors to clone Safari and use it to share private files, breaking Apple's security. Business Security Apple bypass category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Exploit Jeff Johnson MacOS privacy privacy protections Safari

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Apple to fix backup security vulnerability in iOS 10

Computer Weekly

Apple is to issue a security update for a security vulnerability in iOS 10 that could give hackers access to passwords and other security data

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How to secure your Apple ID


The Apple ID is a verification system that was designed by Apple Inc. An account can be opened freely on the My Apple ID web page. Apple then sends an email containing a URL to the provided email address which is then used to activate the account. Because of this, your Apple ID is extremely important. It’s the connection between the users and all their Apple devices and accounts. See also: How To Unlock A Disabled Apple ID. How To Apple ID

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Apple Pays Developer $100,000 for Finding Serious Bug in ‘Sign In With Apple’ System


Apple has paid developer Bhavuk Jain a $100,000 bounty for finding a serious bug in its “Sign in with Apple” login system that could have allowed malicious actors to take over a user’s account on specific websites and apps. apple bug bounty security

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Apple’s latest App Store and notarization problems reveal a giant seeking agility

Venture Beast

Are Apple's app approval systems evil or dumb? Business Dev Mobile Security App Store Apple approval category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/News category-/Science/Engineering & Technology malware Notarization Patrick Wardle

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How to secure your Apple Card

Tech Republic Security

Learn how to secure and protect your Apple Card, both the virtual card and the physical one

Apple patches triple iOS security threat

Computer Weekly

Businesses and consumers are being urged to update their versions of Apple's iOS to fix three critical, zero-day vulnerabilities that enable attackers to spy on victims

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Apple's Face ID: Cheat sheet

Tech Republic Security

If you're using an Apple mobile device manufactured since 2017, it has likely ditched Touch ID in favor of Face ID. Here's what you need to know about the latest Apple biometric security product

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Apple announces new HomeKit features including person identification

Venture Beast

During its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced improvements to HomeKit, including a new face classification feature. AI Big Data Cloud Dev Mobile Security ai Apple WWDC 2020 artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/News facial recognition HomeKit HomeKit Secure Video HomePod machine learning smart home WWDC 2020

Google-backed digital ad groups criticize Apple’s new user-tracking warning

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A Google-backed group of European digital ad associations criticized Apple’s plans to require apps to seek more permission from users before tracking them. Business Marketing Mobile Security Apple category-/Business & Industrial/Business Services category-/Internet & Telecom GoogleRead More.

Antitrust hearing: Amazon, Facebook, and Google were questioned 2x more than Apple

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House barely questioned Apple CEO Tim Cook compared to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Business Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Marketing Media Mobile Security Social Amazon Apple category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics category-/News Department of Justice Facebook Federal Trade Commission Google Jeff Bezos Mark Zuckerberg Sundar Pichai Tim Cook U.S. The U.S.

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How to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch


Apple Pay can be defined as a mobile payment service or digital wallet app created by Apple Inc. Also developed by Apple Inc., the Apple Watch is simply a smartwatch that mostly works in conjunction with the user’s iPhone. Through the iPhone, the Apple Watch can perform tasks like making phone calls, sending text messages, and running applications. This brings us to look at how to use Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

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Living Life with your Apple Smartwatch


Fi nally, after years of anticipation, the Apple Watch has arrived. It was revealed at today''s Apple''s event. Since Apple''s goal with this watch is for wearers to stay connected to others and the world it has several communication capabilities built it. Owners of this Watch can connect to another Apple Watch and draw a sketch, tap to get a friend''s attention, or even send your heart beat. Apple reveals potential for mobile payments system (

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How To Reset Apple ID Password On iPhone


You have just realized that you forgot the Apple ID password and you want to get an app from AppStore, access the iCloud, or other Apple services. You will be able to reset the Apple ID password on iPhone in no time. See also: How To Change Your Apple ID Payment Info Using Your iPhone Or iPad. What Is Apple ID? Before you head to the method to reset the Apple ID password on iPhone, here is brief info about the Apple ID.

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 FBI vs Apple: Informed Dialog on Privacy vs Security Is Key


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security. CTO Cyber Security NewsEditor’s note: This is the fifth in a five-part series on this topic. For a detailed legal analysis accompanying the article, please visit -bg […].

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The big winner of Apple’s new One subscription bundle is Apple TV Plus

The Verge

Image: Apple. Apple’s new Apple One bundle , which gives customers an assortment of Apple-owned services for a monthly fee, is likely to help out subscriptions for all of its offerings, but few need it as much as TV Plus. This is how Apple and TV Plus win

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Developments and Device Divergence at Apple’s WWDC


On June 2 nd , Mac nerds swarmed the keynote “ special event ” at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco – the annual trade show for Apple developers. While the event did not disappoint most Apple fans, the keynote demonstrated a new desktop operating system, OSX (nicknamed Yosemite), and an updated mobile operating system, iOS 8, without dropping any bombshells. Cyber Security Gadgets Mobile Apple iCloud iOS IPhone Macintosh OS X San Francisco

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FBI vs Apple: Policy Analysis


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security.-bg CTO Cyber Security NewsEditor’s note: This is the second in a five-part series on this topic. bg Despite foreboding tales of doom associated with the potential outcome on each […].

Overcoming the Equation: Security = Friction


Why does security have to be so onerous? Is this password secure enough: Mxyzptlk? Now that’s secure – good luck remembering it! We’ve migrated to a userid-password society; as we’ve added layers of security, we password-protect each layer: PC (and now device), network, enclave, application, database, and storage (encryption). As you try to simplify the user experience and reduce friction, the cost for security goes up. Can we overcome the friction of security?

FBI vs Apple: Context from a cyber law perspective


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security.-bg bg In August 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared “we obey the laws […]. CTO Cyber Security NewsEditor’s note: This is the first in a five-part series on this topic.

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Apple has finally met its Fortnite match

The Verge

Apple’s walled garden gets an epic test Epic Games executed its most ambitious Fortnite live event yesterday, leading both Apple and Google to remove one of the world’s most popular games from their app stores. Apple’s App Store is now a massive $519 billion developer ecosystem.

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Apple releases final iOS 13.5 with coronavirus exposure alert support

Venture Beast

Apple's latest iPhone OS release is now available to the general public with COVID-19-inspired features, along with Apple Watch, TV, iPad, and Mac updates. Mobile Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics category-/Computers & Electronics/Software category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Phones contact tracing coronavirus exposure alerts exposure tracking iOS 13.5

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Facebook lets Mail.Ru access to sensitive user information, Macy’s mega data breach, Apple insider stole driverless car secrets, YouTube’s Incognito Mode


CTO Cyber Security News Apple FacebookThe following are some of the cybersecurity related topics we wanted to bring to your attention: Russian company had access to Facebook user data through apps Facebook's woes continue! Facebook apps from Mail.Ru are being reviewed as part of Facebook's probe into user data misuse. Even after the huge public outcry for letting Chinese phone [.].

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Apple iCloud data now stored on Chinese government servers, Data breach at LabCorp, SIM hijacking, Aircraft cybersecurity, half of US retailers suffer data breach in 2018


The following are some of the cyber security and cyber war related stories we are tracking: Apple’s iCloud user data in China is now handled by a state-owned mobile operator If you are an Apple iPhone or Mac user and are communicating with someone in China, you should be extra careful because as per the [.]. CTO Cyber Security News

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EvilQuest Mac ransomware impersonates Google, Apple OS processes

Venture Beast

Business Dev Enterprise Mobile Security category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security crashreporter digesh Devadoss evilquest google software update mac MacOS malware Malwarebytes Patrick Wardle ransom ransomware virusA rare piece of Mac ransomware looks like extra CrashReporter or Google Software Update OS processes, but is actually locking up files for a paid ransom. Read More.

Apple's Face ID is bad, as this police encounter makes painfully clear

Mashable VR

The biometric security feature, used in lieu of a passcode on Apple's later-model iPhones, allows people to unlock their phones with just a scan of the face. More about Apple , Iphone , Cybersecurity , Face , and Tech. Apple Iphone Cybersecurity Face Tech

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Telecom lobbyists have stalled as many as 70 privacy bills, Apple’s answer to Congress, Insider threat, MongoDB vulnerability hits Telemedicine, Verizon’s VPN is not so private afterall


CTO Cyber Security Cyber War News Apple VerizonTelecom Lobbyists Have Stalled 70 State-Level Bills That Would Protect Consumer Privacy There is a reason why ISPs and telecom companies are reaping huge profits by selling your real-time data. The US government or the state governments can't do anything about it because everytime a law is framed to prevent the telecom companies from selling […].

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Apple’s Fortnite ban, explained


Apple is facing increasing pressure to change its App Store practices. Apple’s App Store war against developers and its ongoing antitrust issues appear to be coming to a head. The App Store can be mutually beneficial to Apple and app developers.

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Few iOS apps in enterprises meet Apple’s new security mandate

Computer Weekly

Most iOS apps in the enterprise pose potential security risks, according to research by Appthority

Apple releases security-focused iOS 13.5.1 update


Unc0ver's jailbreaking tool came out less than two weeks ago, with the main highlight being its capability to run on Apple's then-current iOS 13.5. Cupertino, however, has leapfrogged it in its latest iOS 13.5.1 update, released specifically to block this tool

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Apple accidentally approved malware disguised as Flash, new report finds

The Verge

Apple accidentally approved common malware disguised as an update for Adobe Flash Player to run on macOS, according to a new report. According to security researcher Patrick Wardle, Apple approved an app that contained code used by a well-known malware called Shlayer.

Apple quietly absorbed a company that makes AI cameras for people’s homes


Earlier this month, Apple reportedly bought the patents of Lighthouse AI, a maker of AI-powered home security cameras. Now, The Information reports that Lighthouse’s co-founders have joined Apple, along with around 20 staff. According to The Information, Lighthouse cofounders Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp sent an email to the company’s former camera testers asking for […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Epic’s decision to bypass Apple’s App Store policies were dishonest, says US judge

The Verge

A US judge hearing arguments in Epic’s antitrust lawsuit against Apple has criticized the game developer’s decision to breach its contract with the iPhone maker by pushing a version of Fortnite with a custom payment system onto the App Store. That’s the security issue.

Google’s Epic response: Android 12 will make it easier to install app stores

Venture Beast

Business Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Games Media Mobile Security Android Android 12 Apple category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Mobile & Wireless/Mobile Apps & Add-Ons Epic Games Google google play Google Play Store

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Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security

Tech Republic Security

iOS users beware: A hacker has just published a decryption key for the Apple Secure Enclave, which is responsible for processing Touch ID transactions

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This suspected Apple Watch prototype is disguised as a tiny iPod

The Verge

Is this an actual prototype Apple Watch in one of those covert “security cases” that companies sometimes use when they’re testing gadgets in broad daylight? Prototype Apple Watch (Original) with matching Security Case and box.

No, Apple and Google Didn't Secretly Install Contact-Tracing Apps on Your Phone

GizModo VR

Recent social media posts (which I won’t link to, but you can find them easily with a Twitter search) claim Apple and Google are installing contact tracing apps on your phone without your permission. security contact tracing coronavirus apple googleThe posts show even convincing screenshots and allude to statements made by both companies indicating they have been… Read more.

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Beware: Sneaky subscriptions are plaguing the App Store


Apple’ App store is plagued with some top utility apps on the App Store that are making millions of dollars by using dark patterns, tricking users into signing up for subscriptions. While subscriptions have been the mainstay for Apple and App developers, accounting for $10.6 Cyber Security News Apple

 FBI vs Apple: History, Policy, Sovereignty and Individual Rights


This examination by Arnold Abraham provides insights and nuanced lessons from history, the law and the tech world that can inform all of us interested in both privacy and security. Editor’s note: This is the third in a five-part series on this topic. For a detailed legal analysis accompanying the article, please visit […].

How to use Apple Watch to unlock Mac


If you have the Mac and Apple Watch, it is natural that they have the ability of pairing, and offering you approaching each other, so as the other abilities. Apple Watch can be used to unlock any of your Mac products such as MacBook, or iMac Pro. The unlocking is easy once you have your Apple Watch paired to your device. So, here are some tips on how to use Apple Watch to unlock Mac. First, you need to know how to pair the Apple Watch to Mac.

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DOJ Slams Apple and Reignites Encryption Debate

SecureWorld News

Particularly as sparks are flying again between Apple and the U.S. It asks Apple to open the device, and Apple declines. DOJ unlocks terrorist iPhone with 'no thanks to Apple'. SecureWorld covered Barr's statement about the case earlier this year: "We have asked Apple for their help in unlocking the shooter's iPhones. So far Apple has not given us any substantive assistance. Attorney General criticizes Apple. So yes, we need security.

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Apple says Epic is ‘putting the entire App Store model at risk’

The Verge

Apple has responded to Epic Games’ antitrust lawsuit over its iOS App Store policies. And it accuses Epic of disingenuously creating an “emergency” by accepting direct payments through Fortnite in violation of Apple’s rules. Apple's statement is misleading. Apple refused.

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