Why CIOs Should Care About Two Factor Authentication

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Everybody needs two factor authentication, but just exactly what is it? As everyone in the CIO position knows, keeping the company’s systems and applications secure is a top priority and has a lot to do with the importance of information technology. Two Factor Authentication.

Second Factor Authentication With Security Keys


With the movement of our personal and business critical data to the ‘cloud’, and directed attacks on that data, many of us make use of stronger security through use two-factor authentication. Depending on which service, you use Google Authenticator, have a code sent via SMS, get a plain old phone call, the RSA key fob, or rely on email and then type your six digit code if you haven’t been logged out by that point. You will see a tab that says ‘Security Keys’.

Embrace a Passwordless Approach to Improve Security


Easy-to-guess and reused legacy passwords are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks and, by themselves, do not provide proper security for sensitive systems and confidential information. Passwordless authentication, by its nature, eliminates the problem of using weak passwords. For organizations, there’s no longer a need to store passwords, leading to better security, fewer breaches and lower support costs. Replace a legacy password as the sole authentication factor.

Authenticity and the November 2013 Security Updates

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Specifically, astrophysicist and geek icon Neil deGrasse Tyson has been critical about the movie''s authenticity. To deGrasse Tyson, a lack of authenticity disrupts the movie-going experience. Two advisories this month deal with authenticity by focusing on certificates and cryptography.

Creativity and Authenticity

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Being authentic is the state of self-consciousness, self-discovery, and self-improvement. It seems everyone who considers authenticity has his or her own view of it. Does being authentic gives you the courage to be creative? Originality is valuable as authenticity.

Facebook ups security with Fido U2F two-factor authentication

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Social media giant is enabling users to increase the security of their logins with Fido U2F USB security keys

TSB to introduce iris scan authentication in September 2017

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TSB customers will soon be able to access their mobile bank accounts through iris scanning, which is regarded as the most secure biometric authentication available

Everything You Know About eAuthentication is wrong!


On Labor Day, September 5 th 2016, NIST published their Digital Authentication Guideline: Public Preview. The base document SP 800-63-3 is the third iteration of this special publication, and has been renamed to: Digital Authentication Guideline. Nathaniel Crocker.

CIOs Need To Know Why Antivirus Software Can Create False Security

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All this leads to CIOs who are going through each day with a false sense of security. companies that have at least 500 employees rely on some form of security products in order to protect their networks.

HSBC voice authentication tricked by twins

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Twin brothers managed to trick HSBC’s voice recognition security system into giving account access to the wrong person

Two Factor Failure: With complexity comes new vulnerabilities


One of the most significant capabilities in the enterprise defensive arsenal is multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor defense helps solve many weaknesses of password authentication. Many two factor authentication systems have very glaring vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity And Professional Sports: Securing The Internet Of Sports

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age of the customer risk management security & risk travel & leisure two-factor authentication (2FA) wearables zero trust

Sports 113

Step-By-Step: Securing a Xamarin app with Azure AD’s Multi-factor Authentication


The solution proposed was to pause the application on a prompt and use Azure AD’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to allow a valid administrator account to unlock the application and return to the available jobs screen. In the pop-up menu, scroll down to Security + Identity.

How to set up ssh key authentication

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Out of the box, secure shell is fairly secure. With the help of ssh key authentication, you can lock down secure shell so that only specific machines can log in. Here's how

Cisco sets $2.3B deal for unified access, multi-factor authentication security firm Duo

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billion deal it made for network identity, authentication security company Duo. According to Cisco, Duo’s zero trust security model authorizes secure connections to all applications based on the trustworthiness of users and devices. Cisco said today it had closed the $2.35 Duo’s cloud-delivered technology lets IT professionals set and enforce risk-based, adaptive access policies and get enhanced visibility into users’ devices and activities.

Encryption, Authentication, and Yeah, Alligators: Here’s How Google Secures Its Cloud

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Company details its data center security practices in new whitepaper Read More. Google Security

8 Steps for Using Azure AD Service Principal Certificate Authentication with Azure Automation PowerShell Workflow Runbooks

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As part of this process, runbooks need to securely authenticate to Azure with a minimum of administration overhead. Step 6: Test authenticating as Service Principal. If you’re unable to successfully authenticate, go back to Step 1 and confirm each of the previous steps again. #

IBM Claims Advances In Fully Homomorphic Encryption (and I’m claiming advances in an anti-gravity device)


So, while there have been great advances in security, there is always going to be a place in time and space where data is totally unencrypted and therefore, in theory, a malicious actor could exploit this to their advantage. Made in IBM Labs: Advancing Privacy and Security in the Cloud.

IBM 258

Step-By-Step: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication on XBOX ONE


Step-By-Step XBOX 360 authentication Xbox One multi-factor Anthony Bartolo XBOXE3 two-factor XBOX Security E32015 E3 Windows 10 how-toMuch of this week’s online news has been centered on the E3 event taking place in LA.

Step-by-Step: Get Started with Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) and Multi-Factor Authentication

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securing all of those discrete identities with passwords alone is getting quickly outdated as increasingly sophisticated password attacks are hitting the news on a regular basis. Cloud CloudLab Azure Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Security Windows Azure IaaS

Cloud security: The essential checklist

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Cloud security is one of those things that everyone knows they need, but few people understand how to deal with. I The good news is that it’s actually pretty simple, and somewhat similar to security for your enterprise systems. Note that you need to deal with security at the directory level as well, so the directory itself does not become a vulnerability. Security ops. Often overlooked, this is the operational aspect of all of security.

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity in 2017: Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication


We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two-factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping your digital information away from prying eyes.

Happy New Year: Here Are Five Suggestions To Reduce Your Digital Risk


Use two factor authentication for every account: There is no such thing as a silver bullet in cyber defense, but this is one of the most important things you can do. If an account does not offer multi-factor authentication, consider closing it. Bob Gourley.

Why you need a strong authentication platform

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Common challenges Image by Pexels As the security landscape is changing, so are the business challenges that organizations are facing. According to Symantec ’s annual Internet Security Threat Report , up to 80 percent of breaches could be eliminated with strong authentication.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

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Instagram recently made two-factor authentication available to all of its users. Here's how you can use it to add an extra layer of security to your account

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity in 2017: Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication


We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two-factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping your digital information away from prying eyes. Two-factor authentication is gaining popularity quickly for good reasons. In addition, two-factor authentication is inexpensive and easy to use. What is Two-Factor Authentication?

How to enable two-step authentication in Dropbox

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Concerned about the security of your Dropbox account? For an added layer of protection, follow this process of setting up two-step authentication in Dropbox

Step-By-Step: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure Active Directory Users


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security to confirm the identity of a user. This Step-By-Step post will demonstrate how easy it is to enable multi-factor authentication for Azure Active Directory users.

3 Things You Need to Know About Two Factor Authentication


We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. Before you begin to use two factor authentication at your own business, however, there are three key things you should know. Traditional Authentication is Outdated.

How to enable two-factor authentication for your Twitter account

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Then you need to enable two-factor authentication to truly secure your tweets Do you use Twitter personally or professionally?

Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter


Two-factor authentication is increasing in popularity throughout all industries, from banking to online gaming. This technology improves security for both businesses and consumers. What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication is a two-step process used to verify a user’s identity. Two-factor authentication offers many benefits to businesses and individual users alike. Examples of Two-Factor Authentication.

Bring Your Own Authentication is upending online security practices

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Seeing the success of the Bring Your Own Device movement, a cadre of leading companies are starting to explore if a similar approach can be used to address the authentication challenge. This new movement, known as Bring Your Own Authentication (BYOA), holds the same promise of reimagining the way we think of authentication, putting the consumer (and device) front and center in the interaction, and relegating passwords to the background or eliminating them completely.

Advances in multifactor authentication (MFA) technologies

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Enterprises authenticate users based on their knowledge, possession, or inherence of some evidence that they are the party with the given right of access. Some experts see the context of the user’s authentication such as the time, their network IP and device, and their location as the fourth factor of authentication. Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at ESET says you can assure greater security with each additional factor of authentication that you add.

IDG Contributor Network: IoT security: Intel EPID simplifies authentication of IoT devices

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Or that the Transport Security Administration (TSA) screens over 2 million people daily? The TSA processes 150 passengers per security lane. What lessons can be applied from security screenings to accelerate IoT device adoption? How can the authentication and installation of new IoT devices be streamlined? Did you know that over 75 million tourists visit the United States every year?

Consumers trust banks more than government for biometric security

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UK citizens think banks are the best organisations to provide biometric authentication for payments