Fix your data before you move it to the cloud

David Linthicum

Data seems to be a forgotten component of a good system architecture. In cloud migrations, I’m often taken back how the data that was bad on-premises is worse in the cloud. What does bad data look like? Poor data structures, redundant data, no single source of truth, and security and compliance issues all top the list. Indeed, too many enterprises have just kicked the data can down the road using cloud computing camouflage.

The Future Of Big Data Is In The Hybrid Cloud


Read Kunal Agarwal take a look at the future of big data in the hybrid cloud on Forbes : Earlier in the year, I attended the Strata Data Conference in New York. It was an exciting event, and my conversations with customers, reporters and influencers underscored how rapidly big data adoption has grown over the past […].

Moving to the cloud? 3 critical data efforts you must make

David Linthicum

I’m often taken back by the number of enterprises moving the cloud that have not considered data modernization as part of their cloud migration strategy. However, not doing data modernization as part of moving to the cloud will cost you much more than you think you are saving. Data should be a first-class citizen when it comes to your cloud effort. Working with data in the cloud requires new thinking.

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Why your data should be priority one as you build your cloud computing plan


Read why Oracle’s Kyle York says that data should be number one priority for companies adopting cloud computing on Diginomica : Ask any CIO to list his or her most important business assets and you can bet that the company’s corporate data will head up that tally. Big Data and Analytics Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News

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CIOs Are Asking: Why The Cloud and Why Now?

The Accidental Successful CIO

How should CIOs be thinking about cloud computing? It goes without saying that every CIO is thinking about cloud computing. However, moving your company’s IT infrastructure into the cloud is a big deal. Just exactly how should a CIO be thinking about the cloud these days?

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Cloud Empowers Innovations

Forrester IT

Several enterprises talked through how cloud services like Google Cloud Platform are not just sources of application agility and on-demand infrastructure, but are platforms providing high value access to technology chains they can leverage confidently for innovation efforts.

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Cloud by the Megawatt: Inside IBM’s Cloud Data Center Strategy

Data Center Knowledge

All major US hardware vendors have tried and failed to become formidable rivals to Amazon in the cutthroat cloud infrastructure market; all except IBM. Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Featured IBM Site Selection

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Cloud Migration Best Practice: Classifying Your Data

Cloud Musings

In my first post of this series, “CloudMigration Part One: An Overview,” I provided a high-level summary of how enterprises should migrate applications to the cloud. Cloud computing has done more than change the way enterprises consume information technology.

Amazon, Google Detail Next Round of Cloud Data Center Launches

Data Center Knowledge

Amazon plans Paris data centers, while Google unveils eight new cloud locations planned for 2017 Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Google

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Big data is the killer app for the public cloud

David Linthicum

Big data analytics are driving rapid growth of public cloud computing. It solves real problems, delivers real value, and is pretty easy to implement on public clouds. Revenues for the top 50 public cloud providers shot up 47 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013 , to $6.2 Big Data Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Big Data Cloud Computing Don''t take my word for it.

The cloud and big data are no threat to data warehouses

David Linthicum

I''m often told that the use of big data systems will kill the now very old world of data warehousing. It''s hugely expensive to build data warehouses. Big Data Cloud Computing Data Center Data Management Big Data DBMS Cloud Computing Consider the cost of the technology, including very pricey hardware and software. The minimum buy-in is well over $1 million -- and I''m being kind with that number. read more.

Cloud Underwater? Microsoft Tests Submarine Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

Project Natick may lay groundwork for seawater-cooled, tidal energy-powered cloud data centers Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Design Data Center Strategies Infrastructure Microsoft Site Selection

Integrate Your Data using Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC). DIPC is a unified, powerful, data-driven data integration platform on cloud which can accept data in any format from any source system either on premise or on cloud and process that data as per organization needs.

Cloud computing: A data-centric business model

Cloud Musings

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology : “Cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., The custodian of this data is the business owner.

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How hybrid cloud strategy can help protect your business data


Read how having a hybrid cloud strategy can help you protect your business data on ARN Net : For many businesses, the idea of putting your business data entirely on a public cloud is an idea that’s immediately appealing in its simplicity. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News

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ViaWest: How Cloud Computing Alters Data Center Design

Data Center Knowledge

Provider's chief data center officer says colocation has to be more flexible with capacity in the cloud age. AFCOM Colocation Data Center Design Data Center World ViaWest architecture cloud considerations consumption profile Dave LeonardRead More.

How Data Center Providers Have Become Cloud Leaders

Data Center Knowledge

In creating a data center platform ready for the cloud, administrators must take a few important details into consideration Read More. Cloud Computing Featured cloud data center

Evolving to Next-Gen Data Center: Cloud, Storage, Virtualization, Security

Data Center Knowledge

How are data center managers adjusting to cloud and the explosion of data? AFCOM survey sheds light on the impact of current trends on the data center. AFCOM Cloud Computing Security Virtualization cloud data center Data Center WorldRead More.

Does Africa Present An Opportunity For The Chinese Clouds?

Forrester IT

Africa is home to 20% of our planet’s land and 16% of its people, but none of the hyperscale public clouds run from data centers there — yet. Africa cloud computing public cloud africa alibaba aliyun amazon AWS azure google Huawei microsoft

Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model #blogtobertech

Storage IO Blog

Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model #blogtobertech The following is a new Industry Trends Perspective White Paper Report titled Cloud File Data Storage Consolidation and Economic Comparison Model.

Open Source Technologies Provide Cloud-Ready Big Data Control

Data Center Knowledge

If you''re working with big data, it''s time to look at some powerful, cloud-ready, open-source technologies. Bill Kleyman looks at eight technology projects that can help make sense of the explosion of data. Big Data Cloud Computing Big data cloud open source

Amazon Launches Three Cloud Data Centers in Ohio

Data Center Knowledge

This is the latest major cloud data center location to come online in a recent burst of expansion by internet giants. Amazon Cloud Computing Data Center StrategiesRead More.

Video: Alibaba Site Showcase of Cloud Data Center Design Innovation

Data Center Knowledge

Free cooling using lake water, modular deployment, disaggregated racks, PCIe Flash in Chinese e-commerce giant’s latest cloud site in China Read More. Asia-Pacific Cloud Computing Cooling Data Center Design

Next-Generation Cloud and the Power of the Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

With more reliance on the data center, find out how consolidation, going greener, and new ways to network are creating a more powerful cloud architecture Read More. Cloud Computing cloud data center

CoreSite Shares Spike as Cloud Data Center Leasing Accelerates

Data Center Knowledge

REITs under pressure to deliver lots of capacity in top markets for hyperscale cloud giants Read More. Cloud Computing Colocation CoreSite Data Center Strategies Investing

Preparing for Cloud and Big Data with Converged Infrastructure

Data Center Knowledge

Sponsored by: Dell and Intel Today, data centers are evolving at a staggering pace. Gartner recently said that this would be a defining year for cloud as private cloud begins to give way to hybrid. Big Data Cloud Computing Dell Intel SPONSORED Big data cloud converged infrastructureOrganizations are spending more of their budgets to support growing business initiatives.

Optimizing your Data Center with the Cloud

Eric D. Brown

Most organizations today have some type of cloud implementation and/or service. Every organization views the cloud a little differently than any other organization. Some view the cloud as a place to store data while others view the cloud as a replacement for their data center.

Cloud Giants Disagree on the Future of Corporate Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Google, Microsoft paint contrasting pictures of enterprise data centers’ relationship with cloud Read More. Cloud Computing Google Microsoft

Public Cloud Drives Enterprise Data Center Consolidation

Data Center Knowledge

New breed of enterprise software and cloud capabilities force companies to rethink infrastructure strategy Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Consolidation Data Center Strategies Enterprise Featured

Google Expands Cloud Data Center Plans, Asserts Hardware, Connectivity Leadership

Data Center Knowledge

Company touts its infrastructure might as it fights for enterprise cloud market share Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Strategies Featured Google

Using Open Source Solutions for Cloud-Ready Big Data Management

Data Center Knowledge

Open source big data management can help rein in today''s massive and massively distributed volume of data. Big Data Cloud Computing Big data cloud open source Read More.

How Cloud Redefined Data Center Resource Utilization

Data Center Knowledge

The digitization of the modern business has created a new type of reliance around cloud computing. Here's what you can do to optimize your data center. Cloud Computing Featured cloudRead More.

The forced march to cloud computing

David Linthicum

Four of the Top 5 spenders on R&D are also public cloud providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple), according to Bloomberg. The focus of most enterprises these days—cloud, cloud, and more cloud—is why current innovation focuses on the cloud, especially the public cloud platforms. Of course, Bloomberg’s data doesn’t dinstiguish between cloud-specific R&D and other R&D.

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Fountainhead: What Clouds Will Form Around Data's Gravity?


Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. What Clouds Will Form Around Datas Gravity? The concept of Data Gravity posits that as data accumulates (whether it be stored, analyzed, used) it tends to attract even more similar data.

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The private cloud is now a peripheral to the public cloud

David Linthicum

No matter if you’re looking at Microsoft’s Azure Stack, Amazon Web Services’s Outpost, or Google's Kubernetes Engine (GKE) on premises, that emerging pattern is the same: placing an on-premises version of a pubic cloud’s cloud services that runs on hardware in the data center that you can see and touch. In other words, the private cloud is becoming a public-cloud peripheral more than a traditional decoupled private cloud.