How New Technology Can Boost DR and Business Continuity

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Now, learn how it can impact your disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Featured business continuity cloud Disaster Recovery Virtualization The evolution of the data center has brought many new enhancements.

Cloud-Based Business Continuity Hits Trifecta: Availability, Affordability, Portability

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Cloud-based business continuity typically runs a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives because it leverages scale and the low-cost, pay-as-you-go economics of the cloud. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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How to Set Expectations for Business Continuity and Data Security


One of the keys to success in any business continuity and data security situation involves getting your expectations in order as quickly as possible. One of t he core components of a business continuity and data security plan is prioritization.

Combining Cloud With Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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The cloud can play a powerful role in your disaster recovery strategy Read More. Cloud Computing Disaster Recovery

Why Business Continuity is the Final Word in the ‘Build vs Buy’ Debate

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The critical nature of the data center, combined with unprecedented economic pressures, means that outsourcing infrastructure is the only route to success. Read More. Industry Perspectives

How Effective is Your Company’s Business Continuity Plan?


A business continuity plan is designed to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. If your physical place of business suddenly burns to the ground, if someone steals all of your hard drives during a break in or if you’re hit with a devastating cyber attack, you need to know that you can resume normal operations sooner rather than later to help minimize losses. Building an Effective Business Continuity Plan.

Business Continuity for Private Clouds with. - TechNet Blogs

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IBM Opens Largest U.S. Business Continuity Center in North Carolina

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Monitise signed as first customer of Research Triangle Park facility Read More. Disaster Recovery Featured IBM North Carolina Research Triangle

Why Businesses Need To Prioritize Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Business continuity plans are put in place to ensure that your business will be able to recover quickly and continue operations even in the face of a disaster. Benefits of Strong Business Continuity Plans. Creating a Successful Business Continuity Plan.

Security Think Tank: Add risk of DNS attack to business continuity plan

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What are the main security risks associated with DNS and how are these best mitigated

How to handle business continuity in a crisis

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Keeping the lights on Image by Thinkstock Most businesses are critically reliant upon their IT systems. In the worst case, the business will be unable to continue functioning.

3 Things A Business Continuity Plan Protects Against


The importance of having a properly designed, properly tested and regularly updated business continuity plan is something that cannot be overstated. Business Continuity Plans Protect Against Ransomware. blog business solutions business continuity plan

Why CEOs Should Care About Business Continuity


Most CEOs understand the importance of business continuity and data recovery. But not all business leaders have reached a level of concern sufficient to ensure reliable IT security and data protection. Business Continuity Depends on Data.

3 Reasons to Have a Business Continuity Plan


A business continuity plan is designed to do exactly that – preserve your organization’s ability to function, regardless of the challenges you may face at any particular moment. A Business Continuity Plan is a Communications Tool.

Five Questions on Mobile Collaboration That Will Support Your Business Continuity

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There are five questions every IT team should ask about the role of mobility in business continuity and data backup plans, writes Ryan Kalember of WatchDox. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Building a Business Continuity Plan: You Will Need One

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Big catastrophic events are not your most probable threat to business continuity. In reality, smaller, disruptive events can cause the same damaging effect and are far more likely to occur, writes David Van Allen of INetU. He says you can plan for these "expected" outages. Industry Perspectives

The Importance of Business Continuity for Small Businesses


The importance of business continuity for small businesses is something that cannot be overstated. Many people incorrectly assume that just because they have a disaster recovery plan in place, business continuity will essentially take care of itself.

Business Continuity Pros And Influencers – We Need Your Help

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Each year, Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal team up to launch a study examining the state of business resiliency. Each year, we focus on a specific resiliency domain, whether it’s business continuity, IT disaster recovery, or overall enterprise risk management. The studies provide BC and other risk managers an understanding of how their practices compare […

Government IT: How to Prevent Ransomware from Extorting Your Organization


Probably the most frustrating and frightening attacks right now for government agencies are from “ ransomware ,” and to defend against these organizations must employ a dedicated workforce and a flexible business continuity plan. Computer hackers are an industrious bunch.

Lessons Learned From The Recent British Airways Outage

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You need to be aware of the risks to your own technology and business and defend against them before they harm your business and your customers. Business continuity. Automation Business continuity Disaster recovery IT Infrastructure RedundancyLike many others, we are trying to wrap our heads around the recent British Airways outage , an event so far-reaching and arguably avoidable that it's difficult to believe such a thing can happen -- yet it did.

Local IT Support – The Importance of a Business Continuity Plan


Although you do everything in your power to prevent catastrophes, every business is at risk of experiencing an IT issue. Few businesses are prepared to continue operating after a true IT catastrophe. Disaster Recovery versus Business Continuity Planning.

How You Can Strengthen Your Business Continuity Plan


As a leader in your organization, you understand why you need a business continuity plan: to keep your team productive during operational disruptions and to guard against lost revenue and damage to your reputation. Your Business Continuity Plan: Evaluate Risks.

BC & DR Pros, We Need Your Help!

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Each year, Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal team up to launch a study examining the state of business resiliency. Each year, we focus on a particular resiliency domain: IT disaster recovery, business continuity, or overall enterprise risk management. Read more Categories: Business continuity. business technology resiliency.

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The Data Center of the Future and Cloud Disaster Recovery

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Disaster recovery and business continuity -- no longer a cumbersome duo. Read More. Cloud How to

Don’t Wait: Solidify your Business Continuity Management Now


But if and when it does, it could have a major effect on your business. It’s why having a business continuity management plan is key to the long-term success of any organization. What is Business Continuity Management? Business Continuity.

Stronger cyber resilience culture needed to combat threats

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Closer collaboration between departments such as business continuity and information security could help raise staff awareness to counter the cyber threat, according to industry experts

4 Secrets to a Successful Business Continuity Implementation


” This is especially true in the world of business, as organizations of all sizes and in all industries increasingly turn to technology to fill their needs. If you want to implement a successful business continuity strategy , you’ll need to keep a few key things in mind.

How Cloud has Changed Data Center Technology

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From networks to business continuity, the cloud has made fundamental changes to data center technology Read More. Cloud Computing disaster recover

IBM’s SoftLayer ‘fully operational’ as Storm Harvey floods basement

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Business continuity will keep servers operational, but tropical storm appears to have taken out one of IBM’s basements

Why Business Continuity is a Necessary Component for Modern Businesses


At its core, business continuity is a simple concept with a single mission of enabling businesses to continually deliver their services in the event of a disaster. The Benefits of Business Continuity: The New Normal. blog Business Communication Solutions

Vaping Business Continues to Register Growth in Spite of Ban on Tobacco

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In 2016, the sale of vaping products surged by 50 percent to hit �1 billion and its continued to be on an upward trajectory in the foreseeable future

Nine Steps Your Organization Can Take to Mitigate Downtime

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Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate outages, you can take steps to mitigate the consequences of downtime and ensure business continuity. Read More. Microsoft

LinkedIn Expands With Texas Data Center

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LinkedIn, the social network for business, continues to expand its data center infrastructure to support its rapid growth. The company signed a $116 million, 11-year lease for a large chunk of data center space in Dallas. Featured