How secure access services edge security will transform networks

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With increasing reliance on mobile and cloud computing, panelists at Netskope's SASE Week say SASE is critical to address data security. Read More.

Network and security services provider Cato Networks nabs $200M

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Cato Networks, which is developing SASE solutions for enterprise customers, has raised $200 million in venture capital. Read More.


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Microsegmentation – Secure Your Internal Network


The problem I have with these statements is that every network engineer I know segments their network more than just at the subnet level and their segmentation is not limited to just north-south traffic. Since 2000, secure networks have been built by segmenting traffic at the switch port level from server to server, radically limiting east-west traffic. Zero trust in my mind doesn’t really mean “trust no one” because then you would have no traffic on your network.

Why experience-first networking is the future of IT

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The old network-centric way of operating networks simply can’t keep pace with the soaring number of applications, users and devices. Read More.

Zero trust network access should be on every CISO’s SASE roadmap

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SASE solutions close network cybersecurity gaps so enterprises can secure and simplify access to resources from any location. Read More.

Intent-based networking startup Gluware secures $43M to automate repetitive tasks

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Gluware, a startup developing intent-based networking solutions for enterprise customers, has raised $20 million. Read More.

The top 12 security announcements at AWS re:Invent 2021

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Amazon Web Services' top security announcements at AWS re:Invent 2021 included improved cloud vulnerability management and container security. Read More.

Skyhigh Networks: CASB Security


Skyhigh is a leader in CASB, and are known for their focus on making cloud services safe for the enterprise while meeting security, compliance and government requirements. Skyhigh was built to enable enterprises to control there data, even if you do not own your own […]. CASB Security CompaniesSkyhigh is now part of McAfee. Smart move there McAfee!

Versa Networks raises $84M to protect cloud networks

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Versa Networks, a company offering security solutions for cloud networks, has raised $84 million in venture capital. Read More.

How and why automation can improve network-device security

Network World

The recent T-Mobile data breach , reportedly facilitated by attackers gaining access to an unprotected router and from there into the network, could have been prevented through the use of network automation.

Cloudflare DLP brings zero trust to corporate network data

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Cloudflare's new data loss prevention offering makes it easier to apply zero trust controls to data, regardless of where it lives. Read More.

Network automation provider BackBox will scale SaaS offerings with newly raised $32M

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BackBox, a network automation service provider, has raised $32 million in venture capital. It plans to spend the proceeds on growth projects. Read More.

Corelight: Powerful network visibility solution for security professionals


Bro data is 100x richer than netflow data, 100x smaller than traditional packet capture (PCAP), and, anecdotally, provides 20x faster Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR). Company CTO Cyber Threat Intelligence Network Traffic and Analysis Security Companies CorelightCorelight was founded by the creators of the open-source Bro project.

Scale Venture Partners: Security software buying trends in 2021

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In a CSO survey, 63% said they increased IT budgets to defend against security threats after the events of 2020 (pandemic, SolarWinds hack). Read More.

Enterprises struggle with security monitoring ‘tool sprawl’

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In a new survey, Trend Micro asked organizations about their security monitoring tool usage -- and challenges around it. Read More.

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Network Segmentation: The First Line of Defense


Read Chuck Davis explain how small and medium businesses can use network segmentation to thwart cyberattacks on Security Info Watch : Network segmentation is the security integrator’s first and most important line of defense against a data breach.

Napatech: Accelerating Network Management and Security Applications


Napatech is the world leader in accelerating network management and security applications. They focus on keeping their customers one step ahead of the data growth curve by accelerating applications and time-to-market while reducing risk. Communications Companies Company Hot Technologies Security Companies Copenhagen Napatech Network management PR Newswire Time to market

As the networks evolve enterprises need to rethink network security

Network World

Data and applications are at the hub of new business models, and data needs to travel across the extended network at increasingly high speeds without interruption. Networks are faster than ever before, more agile and software-driven.

Grip Security aims to simplify and automate SaaS endpoint security

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Grip today announced it has raised $6 million in a round led by YL Ventures as the Israeli company develops a new SaaS security approach. Read More.

Prosimo claims to offer industry’s first autonomous multicloud networking

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The latest release of App Transit simplifies multicloud networking via transit, application performance, secure access, and observability. Read More.

VMware highlights security in COVID-era networking

Network World

As enterprise workloads continue to move off-premises and employees continue to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, securing that environment remains a critical challenge for IT. It's time to rethink security for the cloud.

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Data-Centric Security and Zero Trust Architecture:


It’s been nearly ten years since John Kindervag first published a paper recommending what he called the “zero trust” model of information security. The time had come, he announced, to abandon the idea of unbreakable network perimeters, and to deal with the reality that intruders will inevitably find their way into protected networks. Cyber Security Disruptive IT information technology National security

Nozomi Networks raises $100M to protect critical infrastructure

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Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Security VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security category-/News cyber cyberattacks defense funding daily infrastructure machine learning Nozomi Nozomi Networks

How Is Network Security Complexity Holding You Back?


Read Brian Remmel explain how network security complexity can hamper the functioning of organizations on Cisco Blog : At its most fundamental level, the objective of network security is a simple one. Organizations need to protect their people, assets, and the data that travels across and resides within their networks.

Why CISOs Need Cloud to Secure the Network


She often accesses sensitive data on her managed device at airport lounges while she gears up for the next meeting. This type of connected employee, while a boon to the organization, can be a nightmare to the chief information security officer (CISO). Martha is not only exposing critical data to unknown networks while using WiFi services in public spaces, she is also exposing her company's network to possible threat exposures through external websites. Securit

AI, cyber terrain analytics improve hybrid multicloud security

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Getting hybrid cloud security right is hard, but machine learning and cyber terrain analytics are a good place to start. Third in a series. Read More.

New to Zero Trust Security? Start Here


Historically, security models depended on a “castle and moat” type of architecture, with the enterprise network and data center on the inside, and firewalls guarding the perimeter. Learn more: Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit. Why start with the network?

Deep Instinct’s neural networks for cybersecurity attract $100M

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AI Big Data Cloud Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Enterprise Technology cybersecurity Deep Instinct deep learning funding daily neural networks

Illusive Networks raises $24 million to thwart cyberattacks with honeypots

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Illusive Networks, a startup developing technology to thwart cyberattacks with honeypots, has raised $24 million in fresh venture capital. Read More.

Why security analytics needs to outgrow its ‘magic phase’

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After three decades at the forefront of security analytics, Gunter Ollmann has some ideas about the sector's future. Read More.

Tapping Global Threat Intelligence To Secure Enterprise Networks


Tapping Global Threat Intelligence To Secure Enterprise Networks. Cyber Security Symposium. A steady stream of threat intelligence context is imperative to optimize our overall security intelligence and to reduce mean-time-to-detect (MTTD) and mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) to cyber adversaries. Big Data CTO Cyber Security DoD and IC Bob Gourley Chris Petersen CISA Cognitio Corp Computer security Cybersecurity Malware By Bob Gourley.

Overview of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) Showcase 16 Innovators


We have previously written about the Security Innovation Network: SINET, the very virtuous organization focused on helping the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of the security community. 2015 SINET 16 Innovators: Bayshore Networks, Inc. BehavioSec – Disruptive verification & authentication solutions that make consumers part of the security solution, rather than the problem. Data science for security data volume. Cyber Security

Accelerated PCAP: An Architecture for Precision Packet Capture and Analysis on High-­?Speed Networks


Are you a system engineer or administrator charged with protecting your network infrastructure from attack? Napatech''s Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) can help you to improve on the ability to monitor and react to malicious events that occur within your network. As such, packet capture and analysis continues to play a critical role in managing and securing large and small-­?scale scale networks. speed networks for years to come. By Charles Hall.

Deep learning, neural networks, algorithms boost facial recognition accuracy

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Big Data Cloud Enterprise Security category-/Science/Computer Science deep learning facial recognition neural networksDespite the recent advancements in facial recognition systems and technology, facial detection systems still face some inherent challenges. Read More.

VMware plan disaggregates servers; offloads network virtualization and security

Network World

VMware is continuing its effort to remake the data center, cloud and edge to handle the distributed workloads and applications of the future.

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Transform 2021: Security’s key themes

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Join security leaders at Transform 2021, the industry’s premier AI digital event, hosted July 12-16.

Chainlink: Bringing data to the decentralized world of blockchains


Chainlink (LINK) is an Ethereum token that powers the Chainlink decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on Ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, APIs, and payment […].

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Gartner Top 9 Security and Risk Trends for 2020


The shortage of technical security staff, the rapid migration to cloud computing, regulatory compliance requirements and the unrelenting evolution of threats continue to be the most significant ongoing major security challenges. Security

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What is Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)?

Doctor Chaos

An emerging trend in the IT industry is Zero Trust Network Access, also known as ZTNA. The concept of ZTNA is not brand new, but more and more companies are adopting this kind of zero trust architecture as opposed to the traditional perimeter-based security architecture.

Network Awareness Using ARPwatch | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Linux Academy

This topic of network awareness is dear to my heart — not because of what it does but because it is network-based and I started out in the IT field as a network engineer, so networking holds a special place for me. What do I mean by “network awareness”? Network awareness is simply being aware of when a new device is put on your network, here’s how to use ARPwatch to do so.

Palo Alto Networks Uses Neural Networks to Attack Insider Threat


The 2014 Data Breach Investigation Report published by Verizon highlighted that insider threats showed the most significant year over year growth from 2013 to 2014, although this number is likely not indicative of increased insider activity as much as it is proof that organizations are getting better at detecting these threats. Interestingly enough, Palo Alto Networks is working on ways to help its customers leverage the high fidelity data coming out of its Enterprise Security Platform.

AI cybersecurity startup Elisity raises $7.5 million to protect networks from attack with AI

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million to further develop its tools that protect networks from AI-driven attacks. Cybersecurity startup Elisity emerged from stealth with $7.5 Read More.

SmartNICs set to infiltrate enterprise networks

Network World

Enterprise infrastructure that supports data center, cloud and edge networks could someday be dominated by one of its tiniest components--the smartNIC or data processing unit (DPU).