Why Flying Drones Could Disrupt Mobility and Transportation Beyond COVID-19


based startup, is using contactless drone delivery to transport COVID-19 test samples in r emote locations across five African countries. The drone’s high speed, lack of traffic restrictions and low environmental impact means it can easily outpace land transportation.

Volkswagen Partners With Azure To Drive Transportation Innovations

Forrester IT

Volkswagen’s recent announcement to build its automotive cloud platform on Microsoft Azure is yet another example of the types of tech-driven innovation efforts transportation leaders are taking to position themselves as customer experience leaders.

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Micromobility : What does it mean for the future of transportation?


How will micromobility co-exist with the traditional models of transportation? The post Micromobility : What does it mean for the future of transportation? How will micromobility change the way we travel from point “A” to “B”?

Airbus confirms software errors/configuration brought down A400M transport plane


The Register is reporting that badly configured software, installed incorrectly, is responsible for the crash of an Airbus A400M transport plane. The post Airbus confirms software errors/configuration brought down A400M transport plane appeared first on CTOvision.com.

New Tech: Transportation Technology And The Self-Driving Economy

Forrester IT

Less than a year ago, my colleague Laura Koetzle and I published a report on the transformative effects of autonomous vehicles on the global economy.

What is Transport Layer Security (TLS)?

Network World

Despite the goal of keeping Web communications private, flaws in the design and implementation of Transport Layer Security have led to breaches, but the latest version – TLS 1.3 – is an overhaul that strengthens and streamlines the crypto protocol.

5 Ways Edge Tech is Transforming Travel and Transportation

Information Week

If you are wondering about the role of edge technologies, consider how they help companies and individuals in the travel and transportation sectors

IoT Revolution: 5 Ways the Internet of Things Will Change Transportation


Read Taylor Donovan Barnett explain how the Internet of Things will change transportation on Interesting Engineering : Data influences every aspect of your life. If not completely already, the technological landscape will be completely data-centric in the near future. The device you are reading this article on probably collects your data to optimize your user experience. Or, […]. CTO News

San Francisco transport system hit by ransomware attack

Computer Weekly

San Francisco's transport agency appears to be the latest target of cyber criminals using encryption malware to hold organisations to ransom

Top Reasons Why Unicycle Transporters are Awesome

IT Toolbox

Going around the city has never been more fun and adventurous with the self balancing transporter. Know its features and consider having one today

Segway is retiring its iconic scooter that failed to revolutionize personal transportation


Known as the Segway Human Transporter, the two-wheeled self-balancing personal transporter felt as if it had been pulled straight of out of a sci-fi novel when it debuted in late 2001.

Transport Scotland turns to IoT mapping to keep roads clear in cold snap

Computer Weekly

Scottish transport authority is using Esri’s location technology to keep tabs on its gritters in icy weather

Big data means big risk, Swedish Transport Agency leak shows

Computer Weekly

The Swedish Transport Agency exposed sensitive information by transferring its databases to a third party cloud provider without following data protection procedures

Transport researchers get 2PB of Scality object storage

Computer Weekly

Transport Systems Catapult retires ageing NetApp filers with 2PB of Scality object storage in a £1.5m project that future proofs the organisation with built-in DR

Cubic Transportation licenses TfL’s contactless payment system

Computer Weekly

Cubic Transportation plans to use London's payments system to develop contactless solutions for transport around the world

Transport Research Lab to run £13m autonomous vehicle trials in London

Computer Weekly

A consortium led by the Transport Research Lab has been awarded government funding to run connected and autonomous vehicle tests in the capital

TuSimple plans autonomous truck network backed by UPS

Venture Beast

TuSimple announced the launch of a nationwide -- and eventually global -- autonomous freight network that might someday transport goods in 48 U.S. states. Read More.

Transforming Transportation with IoT: 4 Real-World Examples

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Early adopters across a variety of industries – including transportation – are investing in IoT to transform their businesses. IoT Accelerates the Digital Transformation in Transportation. The transportation industry is the second-largest segment investing in IoT, spending upwards of $78 billion in 2016. Increasing numbers of freight and public transportation vehicles are equipped with sensors that help schedule maintenance, optimize fuel consumption, and train drivers.

Abu Dhabi transport department uses drones to improve traffic flows

Computer Weekly

Data collected by live video stream from drones is analysed at control centre to help alleviate traffic jams and other issues

DARPA to tackle Cloud Security, Transportation Worker. - CTOvision


Here are the top cyber news and stories of the day. Malware Infects Two Power Plants Lacking Basic Security Controls - The most recent DHS Industrial Control System (ICS) CERT report has knowledge of two infected power

US transport agency guidance on vehicle cybersecurity irks lawmakers

Network World

This new cybersecurity guidance from the Department of Transportation is like giving a take-home exam on the honor code to failing students,” said Senators Edward J. Markey, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, who are both members of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee. “In

Transporter – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

Virtualized Greek

Officially my last preview before Storage Field Day 7 is Transporter. Transporter is a private cloud file sharing service. Maybe the most obvious use case for shadow IT is file sharing. Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. Cloud Computing SFD7

Silverstone Circuit pilots smart transport service at 2016 British MotoGP

Computer Weekly

Silverstone Circuit tests InterDigital’s oneTransport traffic flow management service at the 2016 British Grand Prix MotoGP

CVPR challenge pushes researchers to improve car accident detection AI

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Business Commerce Dev Enterprise Transportation AI City Challenge artificial intelligence ASAPS category-/Science CVPR 2020 machine learning NIST NVidia surveillance transportation

Amazon claims its AI-powered packaging selector reduced product damage rates by 24%

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise ai Amazon artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Transportation & Logistics/Mail & Package Delivery category-/Business & Industrial/Transportation & Logistics/Packaging machine learning package packaging

Dubai Road and Transport Authority pilots artificial intelligence to measure customer happiness

Computer Weekly

Initiative is part of the UAE’s strategy to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world

Addison Lee uses common customer transport tech to offer luxury couriering

Computer Weekly

Addison Lee is well known for being a business-focused private hire firm in and around London, but as competition has increased the firm has refocused its use of tech to provide courier services to customers and retailers

Einride launches freight mobility platform for planning and emissions insights

Venture Beast

Business Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile Transportation category-/Business & Industrial/Transportation & Logistics/Freight & Trucking Einride Freight Mobility Platform

DispatchTrack raises $144 million to optimize delivery routes with AI

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile Transportation category-/Business & Industrial/Transportation & Logistics delivery DispatchTrack funding daily Last Mile logistics

Emptier, safer roads? Data tells a different story.

Mashable Tech

More about Speeding , Coronavirus , Tech , and Transportation. Speeding Coronavirus Tech TransportationRead more.

Uber confirms $2.7 billion Postmates acquisition

Venture Beast

Business Commerce Entrepreneur Transportation category-/Business & Industrial category-/Food & Drink Postmates UberUber has confirmed that it's buying on-demand delivery rival Postmates, consolidating the fiercely competitive U.S. food delivery market. Read More.

Reviewing Forrester’s 2019 New Tech Predictions — How’d We Do So Far?

Forrester IT

age of the customer emerging technology Manufacturing predictions 2019 retail transportation & logisticsBack in November, Forrester outlined its 2019 predictions for a set of hot emerging technologies.

App developers not ready for iOS transport security requirements

Network World

The researchers looked at how well these apps conform to Apple's App Transport Security (ATS) requirements. A month before Apple is expected to enforce stricter security requirements for app communications in iOS, enterprise developers don't seem ready to embrace them, a new study shows. The study was performed by security firm Appthority on the most common 200 apps installed on iOS devices in enterprise environments.

Uber’s first SaaS partnership brings on-demand public transit to the Uber app

Venture Beast

Uber is further opening its platform to transit agencies with a partnership to bring on-demand public transport into the Uber app. Business Mobile Transportation category-/Business & Industrial category-/Travel Marin Transit Uber

U.S. NHTSA details AV TEST, a program to bring transparency to autonomous vehicle testing

Venture Beast

The U.S. NHTSA today detailed AV TEST, a voluntary program that'll allow regulators and companies to provide information about on-the-road testing. Read More.

Was NSW Govt a bit cocksure when it came to SAP and Transport?

IT Toolbox

An ambitious consolidation project in NSW, Australia has gone awry and at present is delayed but not yet declared a complete failure

Elon Musk says Tesla is ‘very close’ to level 5 autonomous driving

Venture Beast

AI Business Entrepreneur Transportation category-/Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles (By Type)/Hybrid & Alternative Vehicles category-/Business & Industrial category-/News category-/Science/Engineering & Technology Elon Musk Level 5 Autonomy Tesla

Smart Transportation nanodegrees from Udacity

Course Index: IT

Roy says in a blog post that ‘Flying Car’ is a ‘metaphor’ for what the course offers: a new vision for the future of smart transportation by involving the whole arena of autonomous flight. It’s official. We now live in the future. Because we have self-driving cars.

DeepMind’s AI system finds its way around simulated cities it hasn’t seen before

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Dev Transportation ai artificial intelligence category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Science/Computer Science machine learningIn a paper, researchers at DeepMind propose a system that can efficiently navigate virtual city environments it hasn't seen before. Read More.

Basemark raises $7.9 million for autonomous car graphics software

Venture Beast

Business Transportation Basemark category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Multimedia Software funding daily Tero SarkkinenBasemark, a maker of graphics software for autonomous vehicles, has raised $7.9 million in equity funding from ETF Partners. Read More.

Uber Hourly is like having a personal driver — for an hour

Mashable Tech

More about Uber , Ride Hailing Apps , Tech , and Transportation. Uber Ride Hailing Apps Tech TransportationRead more.

VanMoof raises $13.5 million for electric bikes as cities reclaim roads from cars

Venture Beast

million in fresh capital, as cities around the world seek safer and cleaner modes of transport. Dutch electric bike company VanMoof has raised $13.5 Read More.

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Uber integrates with Cornershop to expand grocery deliveries across the Americas

Venture Beast

Business Entrepreneur Mobile Transportation category-/Business & Industrial/Hospitality Industry/Food Service category-/Food & Drink/Food & Grocery Retailers Cornershop Postmates Uber