Ethical AI: AstraZeneca’s guidelines on applicable regulations


Some of AstraZeneca’s guidelines for applying responsible and ethical AI in its operations have been made public.

Enterprise AI is Hard. These 3 Guidelines Fuel Success

Information Week

Fundamentals of operationalizing artificial intelligence help companies chart a course for early wins


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AI Weekly: Defense Department proposes new guidelines for developing AI technologies

Venture Beast

Defense Department's Defense Innovation Unit has proposed new ethics guidelines for private contractors developing AI systems. The U.S. Read More.

Google’s Project Guideline uses AI to help low-vision users navigate running courses

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Business Dev Mobile accessibility ai app artificial intelligence category-/Hobbies & Leisure category-/Sports/Individual Sports computer vision fitness Google machine learning Project Guideline

How to Find and Test Assumptions in Product Development

Assumptions mapping is the process of identifying and testing your riskiest ideas. Watch this webinar with Laura Klein, product manager and author of Build Better Products, to learn how to spot the unconscious assumptions which you’re basing decisions on and guidelines for validating (or invalidating) your ideas.

U.S. Military Adopts New Ethics Guidelines For Artificial Intelligence


military has adopted new ethics guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence in its futuristic robot tanks and smart weapons systems, according to a new press release by the U.S. The U.S.

Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity

Tech Republic

By ensuring seamless operations no matter what happens, The post Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity appeared first on TechRepublic. This white paper presents a complete approach to keep people productive during planned or unplanned disruptions. It includes best practices for a complete business continuity strategy, as well as Citrix technologies to provide secure access to apps and data on any device, over any network or cloud.

New U.S. Dietary Guidelines Ignore Scientists' Advice on Alcohol Limits

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The newest dietary guidelines from the U.S. While the guidelines continue to emphasize the value of a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, they don’t recommend that American men substantially cut down on alcohol—contrary to the advice… Read more.

Guidelines are a welcome step towards ethical AI


Read the editorial on Financial Times explain why the EU guidelines for use of ethical artificial intelligence are a good step : The EU’s guidelines on artificial intelligence have been praised for setting a global standard. They are also timely, given the revelation this week that Microsoft had worked with a Chinese military-affiliated university on […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Tips and guidelines for making software applications GDPR compliant

Venture Beast

Developing a GDPR compliant software app can be a challenging task. Understand how to meet the requirements and ensure compliance. Read More.

DAOs could hold the answer to better data governance guidelines

Venture Beast

DAOs can be informative in guiding how to govern AI-driven systems based on community decisions rather than centralized authorities. Read More.

AI Weekly: UN recommendations point to need for AI ethics guidelines

Venture Beast

The United Nations' new AI ethics regulations point to growing recognition of the need for AI ethics guidelines. Read More.

After outcry, Apple will let developers challenge App Store guidelines

The Verge

The first is that Apple will now allow developers to appeal a specific violation of an App Store guideline, and that there will also be a separate process for challenging the guideline itself. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

AI Ethics Guidelines Every CIO Should Read

Information Week

You don't need to come up with an AI ethics framework out of thin air. Here are five of the best resources to get technology and ethics leaders started

Fandom Launches New LGBTQIA+ Guidelines for All Its Wikis

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Earlier this year, one of the biggest fan wikis on the internet , Star Wars resource hub Wookieepedia, found itself embroiled in a debate between site admins pushing to make the wiki’s handling of LGBTQIA+ topics and transgender people in particular more inclusive, and retrograde administrators who wouldn’t. The public… Read more.

CDC Relaxes Quarantine Guidelines for People Exposed to Covid-19

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided new guidance on how long people exposed to the coronavirus should quarantine away from others.

The CDC Sort of Clarifies Its New Testing Guidelines

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After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its guidance this week to say that people who have been exposed to the coronavirus but don’t have symptoms don’t necessarily need to be tested for it, the health agency’s director issued a statement that “testing may be considered for all close contacts of… Read more.

Government announces digital apprenticeship service as part of apprenticeship levy guidelines

Computer Weekly

The government has released guidelines for the upcoming apprenticeship levy, including how businesses can access funds to train apprentices

'Reckless and Dangerous': CDC's New, Shorter Covid-19 Isolation Guidelines Disturb Some Health Experts

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Fresh off the Christmas holiday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its guidance on how long people should isolate away from others if they’ve been infected by or exposed to the coronavirus.

Apple confirms cloud gaming services like xCloud and Stadia violate App Store guidelines

The Verge

And now we know exactly why: Apple won’t allow those products, because of strict App Store guidelines that make cloud services like xCloud and its competitor, Google Stadia, effectively impossible to operate on the iPhone. Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge.

Security Think Tank: Web security guidelines from FS-ISAC

Computer Weekly

What are the main web security challenges for organisations and how are they best addressed

Three Simple Guidelines For Goal Setting

Forrester's Customer Insights

If you want functional and individual goals to be meaningful and actionable, keep them simple, limit the number of goals, and make sure they link clearly to your mission. Sales Operations SiriusDecisions Research

New Justice Department guidelines promise not to prosecute security researchers under anti-hacking laws


The US Department of Justice (DoJ or Justice Department) issued a press release Thursday clarifying the crimes falling under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). The law was passed in 1984 and updated in 1986.

5 Essential Guidelines for Secure Online Shopping

IT Toolbox

The internet has become an integral part of our lives today. It has significantly changed our lifestyle by making it easy to it easy to search and find things online from the comfort of our homes

Don’t Blame ReedPop for Supercon’s Lax Covid Guidelines, Blame Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis

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Even with the Delta variant throwing lots of plans into question, the fall entertainment convention scene is seemingly upon us.

CDC Stands by Masking Guidelines, Says Vaccinated Americans Are Safe From Delta Variant

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The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Walensky, is trying to assuage vaccinated people’s fears about the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

Apple changes developer guidelines to allow Dutch dating apps to offer alternative payments systems


So far, the Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has fined Apple €5 million ($5.7 million) per week for the last 10 weeks for not compiling with its mandate. The ACM is only authorized to fine Apple up to €50 million ($55.4

Seattle’s MoPOP to reopen after 6-month pandemic closure, with strict guidelines in place


The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle. GeekWire Photo / Kurt Schlosser). The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle will reopen to the public on Sept. 18 with new safety measures in place, six months after closing because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hammering Panels And Installing Missing Suspension Bolts: Tesla's Repair Guidelines Are Insight Into Its Manufacturing Problems

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We’ve heard it endlessly, and it’s still true: Making cars is hard. One of the ways this message is delivered to the masses is through the reports of manufacturing glitches, sometimes as recalls.

Apple’s new App Store guidelines carve out loopholes for xCloud, Stadia, and other apps that Apple had blocked

The Verge

Here are the full guidelines on “streaming games,” though some mentions also appear elsewhere in Apple’s revised rules: 4.9 Here’s Apple’s full App Store guidelines changelog. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Apple’s new App Store guidelines put scammers and bounty hunters on notice

The Verge

The App Store supports apps offering such user-generated content so long as they follow all Guidelines, including Guideline 1.2 for moderating user-generated content and Guideline 3.1.1 Illustration by William Joel / The Verge.

Security Think Tank: Four guidelines on how balance security, usability and cost

Computer Weekly

How can organisations maintain usability and keep support costs low without compromising on security

Microsoft unveils new Xbox wireless gaming headset and updates accessibility guidelines


This includes key areas to target, an improved overview of each guideline’s context, clear goal statements, and cutting back on technical language in the document. The Xbox Wireless Headset is Microsoft’s first official set of Xbox headphones in years. Microsoft image).

Airbnb puts global ban on house parties to support social distancing guidelines

The Verge

Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

AI Weekly: EU facial recognition ban highlights need for U.S. legislation

Venture Beast

European Union regulators propose a ban on facial recognition technologies. It highlights the need for U.S. federal legislation. Read More.

Twitch Bans the Words 'Simp' and 'Virgin' (Actual Simps And Virgins Still Welcome)

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twitch simp platform harassment guidelines sexual harassment

Microsoft calls Apple's new guidelines for cloud gaming "a bad experience for customers"


The move means that game-streaming services like xCloud and Stadia can make the leap to iPhones and iPads, but that individual titles offered by each service will need to be released as separate iOS and iPadOS apps.

Following Record Year for Mergers, the FTC Wants to Know How You'd Fix Antitrust

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merger guidelines joe biden activision google economy federal trade commission united states antitrust law tim wu jonathan kanter corporate crime amazon lina khan christine a varney big tech consumer welfare standard the microsoft microsoft corporations competition law

Three Guidelines in Innovation Management

Future of CIO

Innovation must have an end result. It starts from managing business goals transparently together with innovation. Innovation Management is an important pillar of strategy management. With today's emphasis on innovation per se and its importance to corporate survival, perhaps innovation is so important that the semantic should be recognized as such. So how to identify the gaps and manage it seamlessly? Are there truly bad or wrong ideas? Or merely poorly executed ones?

Easy-to-follow Guidelines to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Company


Before discussing the guidelines to find the best offshore software development company, let’s discuss briefly the reasons to outsource. To simplify the process, here we explain some easy-to-follow guidelines which can help in selecting the right outsourcing partner. The post Easy-to-follow Guidelines to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Company appeared first on Information Technology Blog.

Health Experts Say Alcohol Limit for Men Should Be One Drink a Day

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government to work on updating the country’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans released their recommendations. alcohol dietary guidelines diet science drinkingExperts are saying there shouldn’t be a gender gap when it comes to safer drinking.

6 'Unhealthy' Foods That Are Actually Fine

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nutrition health medical pharma human nutrition cholesterol saturated fat healthy diet low density lipoprotein diets articles glycemic index milk substitute health dietary guidelines for americans hospitality recreationScientific knowledge is ever-evolving and, ideally, self-correcting.

U.S. Department of Defense sets its cloud security guidelines

Cloud Musings

By Jodi Kohut Those watching federal cloud security in the defense space were pleased to learn the Defense DOD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (v1) (SRG) last month. This 152-page document outlines the security requirements that Department of Defense (DOD) mission owners must adhere to when procuring cloud-based services.