Kicking the Tires: Verisign DNS Firewall


Cognitio has been evaluating the new Verisign DNS Firewall along with its Recursive DNS service for the last several weeks. Our bottom line conclusion: Integration of the Verisign DNS Firewall into an existing environment couldn’t be more seamless, configuration and management are a breeze, and it delivers immediate benefit to the security posture of any environment. For more information on the DNS Firewall and other Verisign Security Services check out their website: [link].

Government Agencies Discover New Chinese Malware Strain

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CISA reports on Chinese malware strain. And it's a malware strain used specifically by the Chinese government. A recent CISA Malware Analysis Report (with contributions from the FBI and DoD), outlines this new malware variant. Featured Original Content Malware China


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Video: How an IoT firewall can protect your smart office from cyber-attacks

Tech Republic Security

Leon Kuperman, CTO of CUJO IoT Security, why your small business and home office needs a firewall, and why your ISP can't protect you from bad IPs, phishing links, and sites loaded with malware

How to Remove Malicious Code, Malware from Websites?


Information Technology Blog - - How to Remove Malicious Code, Malware from Websites? The main reasons how website get hacked or infected with malware are: Phishing. Malware. Do you want to remove malware, malicious code and from a website and clean it? Malware injections. If you are looking for priority malware removal from WordPress or Joomla, then SiteGuarding will help you to clean within 1-3 hours. Daily vulnerability/malware scan.

How to Protect Your PC from Viruses and Malware


Information Technology Blog - - How to Protect Your PC from Viruses and Malware - Information Technology Blog. Knowing the fact malware threat is not limited to any user base or country, as it is looming large and causing serious data security threat, it becomes important to apply preventive measures. In this article, we have discussed a few simple yet most effective ways to protect your PC from viruses and malware. Enable Firewall.

Outbound Traffic Filtering | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

Linux Academy

This is filtering provided at the network edge by a firewall with rules (ACLs) restricting what internal users are allowed to access. Some firewalls have the ability to filter by an application (layer 7 firewalls), but we’re going to concentrate on standard packet-filtering firewalls and their capabilities. Defeat Malware. Most malware these days is known as command and control (CNC) malware. Review Your Firewall Logs to Find Infections.

Linux 60

Why Malware Prevention Should Be A Priority This Year


Information Technology Blog - - Why Malware Prevention Should Be A Priority This Year - Information Technology Blog. What is Malware? Malware or malicious software is designed to damage or disable computers and can often cause serious damage before they are even detected. Types of malware include spyware, viruses, worms, and Trojans as well as more recently a new way of stealing money called, Ransomware. Malware prevention VS. Malware detection.

Stop Malware Attacks and Online Identity Theft


Malware means a malicious or intrusive software application that is coded for executing on the targeted device without notifying its user or the owner. Affecting a mobile phone, a computer, a laptop, or a network server, malware interrupts computing operations, hijacks networks, or access systems. Acting as purposely malignant, malware is disguised as an authentic application available from an apparently trustworthy source.

DOJ Disrupts Russia-Linked Botnet 'Cyclops Blink'

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The DOJ discusses the operation in a recent statement: "The operation copied and removed malware from vulnerable internet-connected firewall devices that Sandworm used for command and control (C2) of the underlying botnet. Russia Original Content Malware Botnet Cybercrime / Threats

Why Endpoint Security Is Important for Protecting Your Business Against the Latest Malware

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For remote workers, endpoint security is perhaps the most essential measure as this is important in detecting the latest malware attacks. Growth in malware during COVID-19.

Federal Agencies Could Have Neutralized SolarWinds Breach, CISA Says

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CISA mentions that firewalls could have been used to neutralize the malware, limiting the impact of the breach. And the subsequent response from CISA: "CISA agrees that a firewall blocking all outgoing connections to the internet would have neutralized the malware.

Ransomware Evolves: Entire Hospital Including Emergency Rooms Disrupted


The typical organization already has firewalls, anti virus solutions, encrypted data solutions, data backups, network monitoring and security information management tools to hold data on how all that is working. But still the malware gets in. The malware gets in. You can block and patch and try your hardest to prevent, but the bad guys will innovate and eventually malware gets in. But understand that this is an evolving threat, and eventually malware will get in.

We underestimated IoT security. Let’s not make that mistake with robotics.

Venture Beast

Even if placed behind a firewall, inadequately secured robots may not be safe. We’ve already seen malware that breaches isolated networks. Read More.

Federal Agencies Could Have Neutralized SolarWinds Breach, CISA Says

SecureWorld News

CISA mentions that firewalls could have been used to neutralize the malware, limiting the impact of the breach. And the subsequent response from CISA: "CISA agrees that a firewall blocking all outgoing connections to the internet would have neutralized the malware.

Visa Security Alert: 12 Steps to Keep Card Skimmers Off Your Website

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While the use of an XOR cipher is not new, this is the first time Visa has observed its use in JavaScript skimming malware. The developer of this malware kit uses the same cipher function in the loader and the skimmer.". Featured Original Content Malware Cyber Crime / Threats

Home Depot Data Breach Settlement: 5 Things It Must Do Now

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In 2014, hackers accessed the company's network and installed malware to the self-checkout point-of-sale system. Featured Point-of-Sale Original Content Settlement Malware Data Breach

What To Do At The Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit 13-16 June


Join us at a panel discussion to hear real-world examples and expert opinions on how you can leverage an enterprise digital footprint and the attacker's digital footprint to finally gain an advantage over the bad guys by mapping out all the assets and avenues they can see from outside the firewall. Cyber Security Cognitio Computer security Ransomware (malware Bob Gourley. Gartner's biggest security and risk management event starts Monday 13 June at National Harbor MD.

The Small Business Guide to Information Security


One of the best and first things that you should do to ensure information security in your business is to install a firewall. A firewall acts as the first line of defense and will alert you of intrusions. This means providing them with a robust firewall as well.

‘Extremely bad’ vulnerability found in widely used logging system

The Verge

If exploited, the vulnerability allows remote code execution on vulnerable servers, giving an attacker the ability to import malware that would completely compromise machines. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

System 112

Global Supply Chain Cyberattack Underway via IT Monitoring Software

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The software updates for your IT management tools arrive automatically and contain legitimate changes—but hidden inside the update is malware that gives hackers secret access to your network. This malware arrives with a legitimately signed certificate.

What to look for in endpoint detection and response tools and services

Network World

What you need to know Organizations are quickly learning that keeping the bad guys out of an enterprise environment isn’t as simple as deploying firewalls and antivirus. As cybercriminals utilize customized malware and bypass traditional antivirus solutions, it’s become necessary to take a broader and more proactive approach to protect the endpoint.

Check Point SandBlast takes endpoint protection to another level

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Check Point has long been known as a firewall company but it is reaching beyond its roots with a new series of protective technologies under its SandBlast line. The goal behind SandBlast is simply stated: you want to lock down as many entry points for malware as possible, and make your network less of a target for hackers to establish a beachhead and run these exploits.

Microsoft Reports on Techniques Used by SolarWinds Hackers

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The attack included the use of malware delivery methods, anti-forensic behavior, and operational security (OPSEC). They used the malware strain Sundrop to put a backdoor, called Sunburst, into SolarWinds' Orion product.

'Crack' Software Leads to Ryuk Ransomware Attack

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However, the file was in fact pure malware and the installation attempt immediately triggered a security alert from Windows Defender.". Someone trying to save a few bucks on a software license triggered a Ryuk ransomware attack against a life sciences research institute.

Advisory: Malicious North Korean Cyber Activity

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This is malware you'll want to watch out for. According to the new CISA report , Blindingcan is a new malware strain used by malicious North Korean cyber actors. Enable a personal firewall on agency workstations, configured to deny unsolicited connection requests.

IDG Contributor Network: Cybersecurity is only as strong as your weakest link—your employees

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It’s good to focus on firewalls, malware defenses and data protection, but too often employees are an afterthought. You can have the most secure system in the world, but hackers will always seek out the path of least resistance. When your defenses are good, the weak link is often your employees. Data breaches are most likely to be the result of employee error or an inside job, according to the ACC Foundation: State of Cybersecurity Report.

Bose Cyberattack: ‘Sounds Like Ransomware’

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Bose is also sharing how it has decided to bolster its cybersecurity protocols: "Enhanced malware/ransomware protection on endpoints and servers to further enhance our protection against future malware/ransomware attacks.

North Korean Threat Actors Targeting Healthcare Sector with Maui Ransomware

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The figure below shows Maui command line usage details: The report continues: "Embedded usage instructions and the assessed use of a builder is common when there is an operational separation between developers and users of a malware family.

2015 Cyberthreat Defense Report Reveals Cyberattacks Rising and Confidence Sinking


Phishing, malware, and zero-days top of mind. Of 10 designated categories of cyberthreats, phishing/spear-phishing, malware, and zero-day attacks are perceived as posing the greatest risk to responding organizations. Security analytics / full-packet capture and analysis is the most commonly cited network security technology planned for future acquisition, followed by threat intelligence services and next-generation firewalls. By Bob Gourley.

Report 244

Leveraging Digital Publishing Platforms with DRM for Secured Content Distribution


Cyberattack susceptibility – Traditional file-sharing tools that require users to bypass firewalls before they download or upload files are no longer secure.

How flexible should your infosec model be?

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That's not to say that the union bank ignores emerging threats such as new malware variants or phishing schemes, says Shaun Miller, the bank's information security officer. area plus an office in Washington, routinely tweaks its firewalls and intrusion-protection systems in response to new and active threats.

15 Sure-Fire Ways to Secure Your Blog In 2018


Websites are extremely susceptible to cyber-attacks from hackers as these unauthorized cyber geeks are constantly searching for weak points through which they can install malware or viruses on your website. Firewall your website. Firewall helps to keep your blog free of malware and suspicious codes. You can even prevent spam on your blog by having a firewall.

Hyper-segmentation – How to Avoid Cyber Disasters


He started by explaining to me that Hyper-segmentation was not meant to replace existing security solutions like a traditional firewall, NextGen firewalls, IDS/IPS, anti-virus or malware solutions. There are no ACLs to setup, no firewall rules to configure. Nathaniel Crocker. There is a new kind of disaster that is currently striking all our agencies—cyber disaster. Unlike natural disasters, man-made disasters are avoidable.

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Why Human Input Is Still Vital to Cybersecurity Tech

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It was once the case that cybersecurity technology consisted of little more than a firewall and antivirus software. It can certainly be said that advances in technology have had a huge impact on cybersecurity in recent years.

A Flicker Of Light: A new security stack points the path to safety


Compromised devices cannot access data as malware isn’t allowed to escape or re-write the micro-VMs that surround every app. Lateral movement in the data center is stopped as partitions are protected with host-based firewalls to ensure only provisioned VPN connections gain access. Junaid Islam. The last few years have been a difficult time for those who protect data. Defense-in-depth, the gold standard in cyber security, has failed.

7 IT Security Risks for Small Businesses


Install desktop and network firewalls and anti-spam email software. Malware. Like phishing, malware is a major security concern for businesses of all size. Some of the infamous types of malware are viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware, adware and spyware. Malware can steal information; damage data and affect your computer performance. Update software, OS, browsers and anti-malware with latest patches.

New Locky ransomware version can operate in offline mode

Network World

The creators of the widespread Locky ransomware have added a fallback mechanism in the latest version of their program for situations where the malware can't reach their command-and-control servers. Security researchers from antivirus vendor Avira have found a new Locky variant that starts encrypting files even when it cannot request a unique encryption key from the attacker's servers because the computer is offline or a firewall blocks the communication.

Cybersecurity: Is AI Ready for Primetime In Cyber Defense?


Analysts believe that most malware goes undetected from 100-250+ days. What if machines could detect malware early in the kill chain? Analysts estimate up to 40% of machines on our networks are infected with malware. Malware is a big problem for analysts. However, the big problem with malware is that provides an entry point for cybercriminals. The GAO wants vendors to develop systems that can identify novel malware without signatures. Nate Crocker.

Eight Ways Consumers can Protect Their Home Networks


Do not open any ports on the router firewall – there is no reason for a household to be reached by the outside – no matter what the advice may be from the vendor. Never enable the Universal Plug ‘n Play (UPnP) feature on a device – it opens a port which can enable malware and attackers to get in. Cesare Garlati.

Technology Short Take 139

Scott Lowe

In this post , Jakub Sitnicki digs way deep into the Linux kernel to uncover the answer to the question, “Why are there no entries in the conntrack table for SYN packets dropped by the firewall?” Linux malware is getting more sophisticated. Patrick Kremer writes about using vRealize Log Insight Cloud to monitor for firewall changes in a VMware Cloud on AWS environment. Welcome to Technology Short Take #139!

How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business


To be noted is the fact that a vulnerability scanner is as important as a malware scanner today. While a malware scanner helps check for malware and clear them, the vulnerability scanning tool could help prevent malware threats and attacks. The various network segments they have, the servers, the devices, routers, firewalls etc would have to be scanned regularly for vulnerabilities and hence they would need the software-based vulnerability scanning tool.

IDG Contributor Network: When SD-WAN is more than SD-WAN

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They need firewall, IPS, anti-malware, URL filtering and anti-virus for security. As the SD-WAN market has matured, one thing has become very clear: SD-WAN will not exist on its own. The technology is merging with other networking technologies, ultimately becoming a feature of a much larger bundle. While it may be too early to say what this “new thing” will be, the rough contours are emerging. Predominantly, we’re seeing security and SD-WANs merge.

WAN 74

Data Security and its Importance on the Internet


Stop Malware Attacks and Online Identity Theft. As technology advances, so will the complexity and sophistication of malware grow to the point that people must take drastic measures to safeguard their devices and personal information against malicious threats. While no one prevention technique is 100% perfect, a few tested and trustworthy cyber security techniques should be in your arsenal for keeping malware attacks and online thefts away. Turn on your firewall.