Datameer with Cox Automotive


Cox Automotive is using Datameer to expose their analysts to the vast amounts of data they collect, from shopping behavior to vehicle information. Cox Automotive’s adoption transition was natural with Datameer. Watch Cox Automotive talk about the importance of using Datameer here.

The Automotive Cyber Security Summit: October 25-27 Fremont California


The Automotive Cyber Security Summit is for practitioners in the automobile industry who are working to predict and mitigate both current and future risks due to technology. The event brings together experts from across the auto industry, including manufactures, designers and providers of on-demand services and autonomous vehicles. The focus of the conference is system […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events Mobile News

The Automotive Cyber Security Summit: October 25-27 San Francisco


The Automotive Cyber Security Summit is for practitioners in the automobile industry who are working to predict and mitigate both current and future risks due to technology. The event brings together experts from across the auto industry, including manufactures, designers and providers of on-demand services and autonomous vehicles. The focus of the conference is system […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Events News

Automotive Technology Accelerates Beyond the Curve


For decades, the automotive industry was a technological backwater full of missed opportunities. Jeremy Sutter. Now, automakers worldwide are responding to new challenges with high-tech solutions. Today, the auto sector is seen as the fastest- evolving tech industry of them all. The Old Days. Not more than fifteen years ago, the typical car still relied on technology commonplace in the 1930's.

Wanted: White hat hackers to break new automotive software updater code

Tech Republic Security

Over-the-air software updates for cars is a security risk. Researchers who developed an open source software update framework for cars are asking security experts to help find flaws in its code

How to protect your data, your vehicles, and your people against automotive cyber threats?

Network World

Modern vehicles increasingly connect to the rest of the world via short range wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, wired interfaces such as OBD-II and USB, long range wireless communications such as 4G and the coming 5G for internet, and services such as OnStar, LoJack, and Automatic, to name only some. That world includes your enterprise and the criminal hackers and cyber carjackers who want to undo your data, your corporate fleets, and your people.

CES 2018: Jaguar Land Rover picks Qualcomm to power in-car connectivity

Computer Weekly

British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover will incorporate Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820Am automotive platform to power in-vehicle connectivity

Getting the Show on the Road with Driverless and Connected Cars

Perficient - Digital Transformation

At the end of the day, as the automotive industry (everything from buying and selling vehicles to the driver experience) continues to evolve in today’s digital world, bumps along the way will be normal. If you are interested in learning more about the state of the automotive industry and how technology is playing a key role in its evolution, you can download our new guide here. Over the last several weeks, we discussed self-driving and connected cars in-depth.

Rethinking Mobility: There’s More Than Autonomous Cars

Forrester IT

Last week, I participated in a roundtable on autonomous cars, and transformation in the automotive industry. A first for me. I’d never been to Detroit, and now I have. Yes, autonomous cars will certainly have an impact on the industry – in fact, on many industries – and they are a hot topic of conversation […]. Uncategorized autonomous cars innovation mobility

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Car makers collaborate on autonomous and connectivity initiatives

Computer Weekly

At this year’s CES, automotive companies revealed how they are working together to develop autonomous vehicles platforms

New Paths to Vehicle Ownership

Perficient - Digital Transformation

One of the most fascinating effects of driverless and connected car technology is its financial impact on the customer-facing side of the automotive industry. Those new revenue streams could offset the revenue needed from automotive sales, resulting in a drastic reduction in car prices. According to Chris Ballinger, senior vice president and chief financial officer of Toyota Financial Services, approximately 87% of Americans who buy a new car finance it. In the U.S.,

Please Don’t Tell Me Social Media Doesn’t Work

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Digital Experience automotive Barber Bloomberg business Car Car Dealers Century 21 compliance consulting digital digital transformation facebook Gordon Hayward Industries Instagram NBA Products Real Estate Regulations Sales services Social Compliance Social Media Listening Social Medial strategy technology twitterI was listening to Bloomberg on the radio today and heard a segment that I knew I had to share.

IBM boosts security testing for IoT, connected cars with new services from X-Force Red

Tech Republic Security

IBM's new security testing services will help businesses find vulnerabilities in their automotive endeavors and Internet of Things deployments

IBM 81

The Inside Track: Autonomous Cars

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Because of these constraints, Richard Wallace, director of transportation systems analysis for the Center for Automotive Research, believes the technology to make it work will be developed before regulations are in place. Digital Experience AI artificial intelligence automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles BMW cars connected cars Ford google MIT Regulatory self-driving cars Tesla Toyota Volkswagen Waymo

The Driving Force Behind Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

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Digital Experience Aging automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles cars connected cars Otto Safety self-driving cars Self-Driving Trucks technology Trucks United Nations Vehicle SafetyThe benefits of driverless cars are limitless. According to the United Nations , each year 1.25 million people die in auto accidents globally ( 40,200 in the U.S. alone ), and as many as 50 million are injured. More than 90% of accidents are due to human error or distraction.

Trends in Driverless and Connected Cars

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Over the past several years, at the annual Milken Institute Global Conference, groups of experts have gathered for in-depth discussions about the future of the automotive industry. Digital Experience automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles cars connected cars self-driving carsLet’s talk about elevators for a minute. Yes, elevators. When modern elevators were invented in the 1800’s, they looked and operated much differently than elevators do today.

Designing Self-Driving Cars is Like the New Space Race

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Digital Experience automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles cars connected cars Cruise Automation Daimler DARP General Motors GM IT NREC RideScout self-driving cars technology Toyota uberDesigning self-driving cars is like the new space race. Finding the next big startup in autonomous and connected cars is the goal of many established companies and investors. It’s no surprise that companies like Apple, Google, and Uber want to dominate the space.

Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity: An SAE produced webinar


If you build things that carry people please join us at this 17 Nov 2017 webinar on Connected Vehicles and Cybersecurity From the invite: Join SAE International and our panel of esteemed industry leaders representing wireless technology, government, law, and automotive cybersecurity for an informative discussion on the events and technologies that have brought the […].

Negative Implications of Self-Driving and Connected Cars

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Will workers in the automotive industry be displaced? Digital Experience zFeatured automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles cars connected cars Data hacking insurance parking privacy ridesharing self-driving cars taxi technology transportationWhile the benefits of driverless and connected cars are obvious, there are plenty of negative implications as well, many of which we can’t even predict. However, cybersecurity and data privacy are the most obvious issues.

Data capture technology to enhance auto sales

IT Toolbox

A data-capture-and-authentication specialist is teaming with an innovator in automotive consulting to create an unusual new sales solution for US auto dealerships. Acuant, which has developed the auto-data fill technology solution Acufill, is integrating its system with services offered by NewTech Automotive. Their new service will help sales associates at dealerships to auto-populate critical information

A Global View of Autonomous and Connected Cars

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Digital Experience automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles cars connected cars financing global Lyft mobility Otto ridesharing self-driving cars uber Utilization world ZipcarWhile much of the talk about driverless and connected cars is taking place in the U.S., the trend is global. Countries in Europe, like Germany, have made it a top priority.

Networks Are a Highway – Ride It to the Enterprise Future

Data Center Knowledge

Just as the global automotive supply chain keeps up with expanding vehicle technology and applications, networking products are evolving and expanding to reflect the IoT expansion. Read More. Industry Perspectives

The Inside Track: Connected Cars

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Digital Experience Apple automotive autonomous cars Autonomous vehicles cars connected cars Garmin google INRIX IoT microsoft Mobile Openbay self-driving cars Skype Sober Steering technology VolvoDaniela Rus also believes that the cars of the future will be able to do a lot more than just self-drive; they’ll be able to understand how you’re feeling by listening to your voice, or route you to the nearest store when you run out of milk.

How Amazon wants to power the future of connected cars

Tech Republic Cloud

At the 2016 AWS re:Invent conference, Amazon's CJ Frost presented on how its Alexa product and other services will play into the next generation of automotive mobility

Vulnerabilities of the connected car

Doctor Chaos

Focusing on the process of hacking other systems in connected cars as well, we made extensive updates to our page on automotive IoT security […]. To address security compromises like lifting encryption codes, ransomware, and other risks facing Internet-of-Things technologies, I made a graphic which I attached below that shows smartphone applications as an attack point.

A cost-effective route to auto dealer CRM

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For the past quarter century, conventional wisdom within the automotive industry has held that selling to an existing customer is eight times less expensive than successfully attracting a new one. Despite this fact, auto dealers in the US spend, on average, 22% of their advertising and marketing budget on driving new or used vehicle buyers into their showrooms. Yet studies indicate

CRM developers race over Big Data in auto sales

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The American automotive industry has been among the most proactive adopters of CRM technology in recent years, recognizing the advantages to be had. In fact, much of the current growth in CRM use has been driven by developers meeting the needs of car dealerships across the country. But now, the big manufacturers are getting in on the act. And they are moving fast to make their considerable

In legacy ERP systems, sometimes old can be made new again

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The European manufacturer of protective packaging and foam products for the automotive, building and construction industries chose to stay with QAD Inc., When it came time to update its legacy ERP system, Jiffy Packaging Europe looked at a smorgasbord of options – and decided to upgrade with the same ERP vendor that had been serving the company since 1996.

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Ethernet consortia trio want to unlock a more time-sensitive network

Network World

The demand from Internet of Things, automotive networking and video applications are driving changes to Ethernet technology that will make it more time-sensitive.

Partnership targets secure unified communications for government and private sector

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A new partnership between Pacific West and East Coast companies intends to offer unified communications services and contact center solutions in sectors including healthcare, automotive and insurance, as well as for government agencies. Teo Technologies of Mukilteo, Washington, will provide communications technology platforms and integrated equipment, while Sterling, Virginia-based

3 options for applications that don't fit the cloud

David Linthicum

More than 2,000 SaaS companies provide everything from HR automation to automotive garage management applications. Not every application and data set is right for private or public cloud computing. Indeed, as much as 50 percent of today's workloads are not a good fit for the cloud. However, all is not lost. You have alternatives that can drive as much value as cloud computing from legacy workloads.

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Does AI Make Self-Driving Cars Less Safe?


The automotive sector is one of the industries that are defined by the normal technological development. Various automotive companies have been working to release self-driving vehicles. Jeremy Sutter.

Step-By-Step: Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning


In keeping with the automotive theme, the Automobile price data (Raw) dataset will be used in this exercise. NOTE: All data used in this exercise is factitious and does not represent the current automotive market. Artificial Intelligence (AI) study and use is on the rise.