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Update Your Knowledge Management Practice With Three Agile Principles

Forrester IT

Long-standing “waterfall” knowledge management (KM) practices are failing to meet the needs of the modern enterprise, and technology leaders must reassess their approach. For the same reasons that agile principles have […].

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Agile, DevOps, and COVID-19

Forrester IT

Every other Friday, we have a meeting of the “DevOps Theme Team,” a group of Forrester analysts focused on next generation IT management approaches. We talk about Agile and DevOps, of course, but also extend into related areas like portfolio management and security.

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How DevOps and Agile Team Leaders Can Organize a Successful Workshop

Social, Agile and Transformation

The collaboration needed by Digital Trailblazers, especially ones leading DevOps and agile teams, is rarely achieved by jumping from meeting room to meeting room or expecting people Requiring a strict in-office presence can be hard on many employees with long commutes, family caretakers, or people with physical disabilities.

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Agile vs. Waterfall: Which Should A CIO Choose?

The Accidental Successful CIO

There is the classic method that has been used for over 40 years called “waterfall” Then there’s the new upstart in town that everyone seems to be flocking to called “agile” All of these options can place a CIO in a difficult place. Say Hello To The New Guy: Agile. Starting At The Beginning: Waterfall.

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Resilient Machine Learning with MLOps

As a result, many organizations are seeking new ways to overcome challenges — to be agile and rapidly respond to constant change. We do not know what the future holds.

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Can Platform Teams Improve Shared Services?

Forrester IT

These negative perceptions have led organizations to seek alternatives to meet their agile and digital team requirements. Business and technology leaders are moving away from shared services due to their association with delays, inflexibility, and bureaucracy.

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Agility Robotics names new CEO: Peggy Johnson, former Magic Leap CEO and Microsoft exec


Peggy Johnson, newly named CEO of Agility Robotics. Agility Robotics Photo) Peggy Johnson, the former Microsoft executive who stepped down as Magic Leap CEO last fall , is the new CEO of Agility Robotics , the Corvalis, Ore.-based Agility has offices in Palo Alto and Pittsburgh, in addition to its Oregon headquarters.

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