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8 Ways to Build a Better Business Bot

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The increasing demand for these technological solutions is not a result of blind consumerism, nor is it a case of mindless obsession with AI


One Bitcoin Transaction Consumes One Week Worth of Electricity for Your Home

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As the Bitcoin hype is increasingly rising so does its exorbitant energy consumption

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Seven Ways ERP Can Improve Risk Mitigation

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Business is no friend of risk. While fortunes are won and new markets are conquered through calculated risk, firms nonetheless try to avoid it whenever possible. Risk represents lost revenue, disrupted partnerships, idle equipment, brand damage and a host of other effects that aren’t typically advantageous to corporations. So risk mitigation is


The Preparation of the Enterprise for the Digital Transformation (ii)

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continuing from. The Preparation of the Enterprise for the Digital Transformation. Do model the target Enterprise around services (SOA, APIs, web services, even microservices. so that complexity is hidden from stakeholders

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How ERP Can Cut Business Costs

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The business of business is generating profits. That's the bottom line. Both large corporations and small, family-owned businesses are always on the lookout for ways to cut operational costs while improving efficiency. Getting more work done for lower costs means business growth and improved profits. One way a business can increase its operational efficiency


Top Ways Tech Can Figure Out Major Business Concerns

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All businesses are faced with challenges. Technology can help you to figure out your challenges, and provide you with solutions to fix them


The Pre-Season Crazy Is Setting in For 802.11ax- Keep Your Eyes Open and Your Skepticism Handy

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Did you get your order for 802.11ax Wi-Fi gear placed yet? What do you mean “no”? Why, just take a look at these article titles- how could you not have taken the plunge yet? Okay, so maybe I’m being a wee bit silly. But then again… If you are in the business


The Added Benefits of VoIP - What Can it Bring to Your Business?

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If you're in business, whether large or small, you're always on the prowl for ways to cut expenses and boost profits. When it's time to crunch the numbers, every penny matters. So, when the prospect of cutting your company's phone bill comes along, it is worth a serious look. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is an acronym for a different way of

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When ERP Meets Blockchain

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We are at the start of a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) digital transformation with the introduction of blockchain technology, best known as a digital ledger (think distributed database) behind cryptocurrency. However, businesses are adopting blockchain as a trusted system through which to share records with partners. That’s where you’ll see blockchain enter the

Why Enterprise Architecture is not delivering today

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The moment we start searching for an Enterprise Architecture (EA)example we begin realising that something is fishy. There is hardly any. Yet, the media abounds in stories about the experiences we had in working towards achieving EA. Some claim success without ever showing an outcome as proof.

5 Reasons Why VoIP Disaster Recovery Is Critical for Your Business

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Hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural and man-made disasters create situations that demand a solid business continuity (BC)/disaster recovery (DR) plan in case of serious interruptions to your organization’s business. This article focuses on BC/DR for your voice over IP (VoIP)/unified communications (UC) business phone system. The year 2017 has been a busy year for hurricanes

VoIP for 2018 and Beyond

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VoIP is an acronym that anyone who uses the internet probably knows or will see before long. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that turns a broadband internet connection into a regular phone line. That means you can make voice calls over your internet connection.

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If your Business Architecture framework does not return results follow this

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Today there is no proper method to model your enterprise, no matter what they say. We haven't seen so far in the public domain models that illustrate the architecture of an enterprise so that you can understand what you would get as EA.

The role of Views in Enterprise Architecture

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Views are representations of aspects of a system, usually illustrated as partial architecture diagrams. Views filter EA to show only the aspect of interest. They look like slices, sections or computerised scans through a three dimensional architecture representation.

Is EA going anywhere?

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This is a legitimate question after so many years of status quo.There is no proof that EA, as the Enterprise Model, exists today. There is no EA model, I could see, we can inspect and navigate but stories about the hard EA experience.

Big Data Security Presents Big Challenges

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Big data means big responsibilities, and anyone worried about protecting and preserving big data needs to accept those responsibilities

2 Ways VoIP Makes Communication More Flexible

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Flexible has quickly become a buzzword that many businesses use to describe themselves. It makes sense because both the marketplace and new technologies create change at such a rapid pace that businesses need to adapt. For businesses to become flexible, they need to ensure that the tools they rely on to get things done are flexible, as well, that that includes their communications

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5 Ways to Take Advantage of ERP

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essential for large corporations that manage complex work processes in order to achieve business goals and grow their business. The technology changes rapidly, offering new features all the time and challenging companies to reexamine how they do business. Take advantage of new features in ERP in order to leverage the benefits for your company

PBX vs. Cloud: Which Is Better for Businesses?

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Unified communications (UC) has become a mainstream solution, with compelling, ready-made business cases for collaboration and productivity that any business can appreciate. That said, there are still multiple flavors from which to pick. Although cloud-based UC adoption is growing while the number of on-premises deployments are declining, there are still reasons why a business may decide to pick

No VoIP for Your Business? Why Not?

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Innovations in technology come quickly in today's market. This always-shifting landscape can be daunting at times, and navigating through the rapidly changing innovations is challenging. It can be difficult to wade through all the choices. Unfortunately, this could mean you're missing out on a few technology gems that could really work wonders for your company. Take, for example, VoIP.

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How Do I Export Exchange Server Offline Data (OST) File into Outlook 2016 PST File?

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a free method for conversion of Exchange OST file to PST

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How To Import MBOX To MS Outlook?

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This post looks at importing MBOX to Outlook

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The success of our economy depends on companies we do not really understand (i)

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The Chief Enterprise Architect (CEA) role replaces the CIO (iv)

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continuing from. The CIO in the Cloud era. The IT issue and the Cloud solution (i).

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The Impact of IT on Education: 5 Great Elearning Platforms

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Businesses have flourished due to lower expenses for numerous in-house processes, people have started communicating more easily, but education has also greatly changed

The Preparation of the Enterprise for the Digital Transformation (i)

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continuing from. The Preparation of the Enterprise for the Digital Transformation. To cope with the increasing complexity and change, any enterprise is confronted increasingly with, the enterprise, have to be gradually virtualised starting

Six ERP API Mistakes to Avoid

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Application programmer interfaces matter. A recent study by CA Technologies, formerly Computer Associates, found that 88 percent of enterprises currently use APIs, and a third of them drive revenue from them. More than half of executives

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IP Phones are Hot - What's Up with That?

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The market for phone systems has always been large, and any change will be closely followed given its connection to the broader communications ecosystem. Depending on who you talk to, desk phones are either obsolete or still have utility, and businesses need to know which scenario to support when making decisions. This comes into play whether you’re thinking about replacing or upgrading a

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5 Ways VoIP Can Increase Productivity

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Businesses of all sizes and types are consistently striving to increase profits. Companies can reach this goal in a variety of ways—reduce overhead spending and waste, increase workforce efficiency—but one reliable way is to increase productivity in the workplace. One often-overlooked way to increase productivity is to use the benefits of voice over IP (VoIP) telephony.

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Is EA going anywhere? To evolve EA needs to (i)

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continuing from. Is EA going anywhere? Enterprise Architecture (EA) will be increasingly required by stakeholders. For instance, once shareholders, the owners of the company, understand its value, they would want the blueprint of the enterprise to understand

What are the Best Colleges for IT in the World

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If you are interested in what computer science and IT programs in the world provide the best education, make sure to check out this article

The Chatbot Hype of 2017:5 Reasons Bots are Crucial for SMBs

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Twenty years ago it was all about chatting with people, today it is a brand new concept ? chatting with bots


CRM and Team Communications Made Easy

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Your customer relationship management (CRM) platform should be the nexus of your team communications (if it isn’t already). With the current and prospective customer data it holds, the CRM application is the perfect starting point for collaboration among your sales, development, operations, and customer success teams. Here are a few ways CRM makes

A look into the 12 IT best practices you should or should not use

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In 12 'best practices' IT should avoid at all costs , Bob Lewis, CIO columnist, says that "industry best practices are sure to sink your chances of IT success". What makes IT organizations fail? Often, it’s

Keeping Your Online Privacy Safe in 2018: 3 Useful Tips

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There are only a couple of really important things you should understand, and you will more easily be able to control your online privacy