Setting Goals for Social Media

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Social media has become an increasingly important part of marketing efforts. But to be effective a social media campaign must be planned and coordinated. That starts with figuring out just exactly what you want to accomplish with your social media presence. Social media is so diverse that it's easy to lose your way in the social media forest. To prevent this you must have

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Social Media Checkup: Healthcare Industry Growing Stronger

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Its understandable why the healthcare industry has lagged behind in social media adoption. But, times are changing for three reasons: Regulators are issuing social media guidance. Customers are pushing healthcare organizations to communicate via social media.

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Virgin Media owner Liberty Global rolls out Juniper NFV

Computer Weekly

Media delivery company Liberty Global is to use Juniper Networks vMX virtual routers to improve network performance and scale

Doing a Social Media Audit

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Like a financial audit, a social media audit surveys your practices and status and suggests areas for improvement. An initial social media audit is an important part of drawing up a social media marketing plan. Essentially the first audit tells you where you are in the social media world and serves as a basis for planning your future activity. An audit of your social media

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Saudi hackers claim Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts

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A hacking group based in Saudi Arabia claims to have accessed several social media accounts belonging to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

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The Riskiest Social Media Habits

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It was discovered that teens spend up to nine hours a day on social media websites and 60% of this time is spent using mobile devices with access to the internet. In today?s s world, it is rare to go to a mall, restaurant, or even school without finding one or more teens on their cell phones. So, the younger generation literally has the internet at their fingertips

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Getting Serious with Social Media

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As social media becomes more common it is moving from an experiment to an integral part of companies' advertising and marketing efforts. Taking social media seriously and integrating it into your media plans requires evaluating your efforts carefully and getting feedback on its effectiveness. This means taking a slightly different approach to your social media efforts.

Ensure Your Command Center/Ops Center Stays Relevant By Leveraging Wayin: See video of this broadcast media use case


Their capabilities continue to evolve to enable organizations to continually improve how social media is used to both understand and engage. In each of these use cases, command centers and ops centers need to make better use of social media as a two-way communication method.

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Almost 90% of customers say social media availability affects brand loyalty

Computer Weekly

Customers expect to be able to contact brands via social media, with nine out of 10 claiming availability of a brand through their preferred social channel has an impact on their retailer loyalty

Using Social Media Effectively: Gaining Visibility In a Crowded Marketplace


Social media is a big part of most people's lives, and has steadily increased in importance to businesses as well. There are two main uses for professional social media use: to inform others through engaging with them, and to learn from others.

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Social Media Integration: The Forgotten World of Google+

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re putting a social media integration plan and strategy together, be sure to include automation and integration of Google+. As with other social media apps, you should begin with the API So when you?re

Pew Report: Speaking Up or Staying Silent on Social Media


Hope has been placed on the Internet (particularly on social media) to expose users to more sources of information and diverse points of view. It seems that more access to social media is correlated with less willingness to engage with the controversial issue in person.

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Baby Boomers taking to social media in greater numbers

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Older adults are more connected than ever before, says Ofcom, with almost half of 65 to 74-year-olds now having a social media profile

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Cyber criminals target holiday-related P2P media platforms

Computer Weekly

Cyber criminals capitalise on the popularity of holiday-related media sites to spread malware

UK social media habits are a corporate security risk, warns Intel Security

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Companies should educate employees not to connect to strangers on social media to reduce the risk of phishing attacks, Intel Security has warned

Health sector and social media top cyber targets

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The healthcare sector and social media users are popular targets for cyber attackers, a report has revealed

Tech Standards for Transmission Media

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Many different media are used to provide LAN services. The most common today are twisted pair copper cables for baseband and fiber optic cable for broadband

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Digital apprentice turns social media into power security tool

Computer Weekly

Social security is not only a source of info for attackers, but a powerful way to raise awareness of security, as a young cyber security worker is demonstrating

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Step-By-Step: Prepare USB Media to Install Windows 10


Hello Folks, 6 years ago I wrote about easily making USB media to install Windows 7. the process worked so well it’s been drilled in my head and I’ve been using that process ever since. Last week, I was in Montreal to meet the guys from the MITPRO.( read more ).

Social Media Integration: Twitter is for Tweeters

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If you decide to use the resources of your IT department to integrate Twitter, you should keep in mind the current technical limits for your accounts

The Data Digest: Instagram And Snapchat Have Room For More Ads, According To Forrester Data’s US Youth Survey

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Get to Know Your Social Media Followers- Presenting a NEW Wi-Fi, Networking Blogroll

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If you are “professionally active” on social media, it’s easy to follow and to be followed while falling into the trap of not really getting to know those folks who just became a small part of your life. Social media brings people with like interests together, but it can’t make people slow down and take a look at the other person once the connection has been made.

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Virgin Media uses Salesforce to build omni-channel sales

Computer Weekly

Virgin Media is using Salesforce to offer a single customer view irrespective of the channel the customer uses to talk to the company

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5 Secrets A CIO Needs To Know In Order To Create A Social Media Plan

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs need to know how to find social media secrets. Darn that social media stuff! The arrival of social media has just boosted the importance of information technology. What 5 Rules Need To Be A Part Of Your Social Media Policy?

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Three Social Media Mistakes Data Center Leaders Make

Data Center Knowledge

The buyer’s journey for data centers is vastly different than it was as recently as five years ago Read More. Data Center World Featured

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Virgin Media patches routers after researchers find flaw

Computer Weekly

Virgin Media has patched its wireless routers to fix a flaw that could allow attackers to gain unauthorised administrative-level access to the devices

Virgin Media hit by second router security risk in two weeks

Computer Weekly

Virgin Media has been forced to act on a second security risk warning about its wireless routers in as many weeks

GovCloud Media Network Feature: Army IT Playlist

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The GovCloud Media Network features agency specific video playlist for registered members. Please visit the new GovCloud Network Media Library for more video content. Please enjoy this feature on the Army IT. For membership information please send request to Video Platform Video Management Video Solutions Video Player ? Grab this Headline Animator ( Thank you. If you enjoyed this article , get free updates by email or RSS - © Copyright Kevin L.

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Social Media And The CIO – Can We Talk?

The Accidental Successful CIO

The power of social media comes when you do it correctly. Facebook, Twitter , Instagram — these social media tools seem to be occupying the news every day. If anyone had any doubts about the importance of information technology, the arrival of social media has changed that.

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Darknet Social Media Credentials

Doctor Chaos

News sites recently reported the possibility of compromised Twitter accounts. Twitter denied the claim that they had been compromised or breached. If you do a search on the topic, things read a little differently than the official company stance. Let me simply say it is not really rare or uncommon for malware to spread throughout […]. Cyber Data Breach DarkNet Deep Web Invisible Web TOR

About WayIn: A Social Media Intelligence Company


This social intelligence company integrates content into new experiences for consumers and also provides enterprises with new ways to deliver value from social media. The post About WayIn: A Social Media Intelligence Company appeared first on This post is part of our series providing background and context on sponsors of Cognitio's 30 April Synergy Forum. We are very pleased to help bring WayIn into the DC tech ecosystem by introducing them at our Synergy Forum.

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Navigating CRM in a Social Media Climate

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Navigating customer relationship management (CRM) in the current social media climate means making changes and adapting to what today's customer wants, while still employing the time-tested strategies that have worked in the past. What Is CRM? CRM is a term that refers to the different tools companies employ to understand and analyze their customer interactions

Is Social Media Right For Your Small Business?

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Everyone from pre-teens to granddads, does social media today. companies with 100 or more employees that were surveyed are using social media for marketing purposes. Do these numbers represent a business “social media gap”?