What If Media Group introduces AI tool to make marketing campaigns smarter

Venture Beast

What If Media Group's new tool promises to improve marketing campaign performance through the use of machine learning. Read More.

Groups 113

Embracer Group acquires Aspyr Media for up to $450 million

Venture Beast

Embracer Group's subsidiary Saber Interactive has agreed to buy Aspyr Media for $100 million plus $350 million in possible bonuses. GamesBeat PC Gaming Aspyr Media category-/Games/Computer & Video Games DeanBeat News Embracer Group Michael Rogers


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Why it’s time to change the conversation around synthetic media 

Venture Beast

Synthetic media has become synonymous with deepfakes, but it also presents a lot of exciting opportunities. AI Media category-/Arts & Entertainment synthetic mediaRead More.

Media 114

SF Giants Line Up AI to Manage Media Assets

Information Week

The San Francisco Giants have digitized decades of media assets and are using artificial intelligence to manage and access what they need from the massive library

Media 150

Get SCCM Baseline Version Installation Media | ConfigMgr | VLSC | Download


Let’s see how to get and download the latest version of SCCM installation media. – The media is not […]. The post Get SCCM Baseline Version Installation Media | ConfigMgr | VLSC | Download appeared first on SCCM|Intune|WVD|Azure| Windows by Anoop C Nair.

Media 160

ZeniMax Media CEO Robert Altman passes away at 73

Venture Beast

ZeniMax Media chairman and CEO Robert Altman has passed away. GamesBeat PC Gaming Bethesda Softworks category-/Business & Industrial category-/News DeanBeat News Microsoft Robert Altman The Elder Scrolls ZeniMax MediaHe was in the midst of selling Bethesda to Microsoft. Read More.

Media 86

RunwayML raises $8.5 million for its AI-powered media creation tools

Venture Beast

RunwayML, a startup developing a platform for AI-powered media creation tools, has raised $8.5 AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Media ai artificial intelligence category-/News funding daily machine learning media synthesis RunwayML

Media 106

5 Tips for Stepping up Your Social Media Game

Association of Information Technology Professional

With the rise of remote working and permanence of online events, your social media presence and how you use social media for business has never been more important. Here are five simple steps you can take today to put social media to work for you

Media 130

How TikTok’s unique mix of social and broadcast media techniques sets it apart

Venture Beast

TikTok's efforts to monetize its platform point to the future of social media, TV, and one-to-many media in general. Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Enterprise Entrepreneur Marketing Media Social broadcast media category-/Arts & Entertainment monetization shoppable ads Social Media TikTokRead More.

Media 85

UC Berkeley’s Niloufar Salehi on restorative justice in social media

Venture Beast

UC Berkeley assistant professor Niloufar Salehi is exploring how to apply restorative justice to social media platforms as part of an NSF grant. Read More.

Media 113

ConfigMgr Standalone Media Creation Guide| Fully Offline | SCCM


Let’s see the fully Offline Standalone Media Using the ConfigMgr Creation Guide. Introduction Standalone media includes the task sequence that automates the steps to install the OS and all other required content. Subscribe YouTube Channel [link].

Media 116

Enthusiast Gaming will be the first game media and influencer company on Nasdaq

Venture Beast

Enthusiast Gaming, an esports and gaming media firm, announced that it will become a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq stock market. Read More.

Media 114

Setting Goals for Social Media

IT Toolbox

Social media has become an increasingly important part of marketing efforts. But to be effective a social media campaign must be planned and coordinated. That starts with figuring out just exactly what you want to accomplish with your social media presence. Social media is so diverse that it's easy to lose your way in the social media forest. To prevent this you must have

Media 126

Getting Serious with Social Media

IT Toolbox

As social media becomes more common it is moving from an experiment to an integral part of companies' advertising and marketing efforts. Taking social media seriously and integrating it into your media plans requires evaluating your efforts carefully and getting feedback on its effectiveness. This means taking a slightly different approach to your social media efforts.

Media 133

How social media and gamification fueled QAnon’s ‘crowdsourced cult’

Venture Beast

details tools that allowed QAnon to move from the fringes to the mainstream -- crowdsourcing, social media, and gamification. AI Business Cloud Media Security Social Blackbird.AI Blackbird.AI Read More. category-/News Conspiracy Facebook QAnon Twitter

Media 80

DDoS-for-hire services are exploiting Plex Media flaw to amplify their attacks

Tech Republic Security

Attackers are taking advantage of a security flaw in the way Plex Media servers look for compatible media devices and streaming clients, says Netscout

Media 155

Pew: 73% of Americans believe social media platforms censor political speech

Venture Beast

Ahead of the 2020 election, Pew Research found that a majority of American adults believe social media platforms censor political speech. AI Business Social Election 2020 Facebook politics Social Media Twitter

Media 111

Doing a Social Media Audit

IT Toolbox

Like a financial audit, a social media audit surveys your practices and status and suggests areas for improvement. An initial social media audit is an important part of drawing up a social media marketing plan. Essentially the first audit tells you where you are in the social media world and serves as a basis for planning your future activity. An audit of your social media

Media 126

Leveraging Social Media to Expand Business Data Globally


Social media has become an integral part of society, and having a presence on these platforms is a must for businesses in the present world. Barely a decade ago, only a small proportion of the globe were exposed to social media. A few years later, the list of social media networks has continued to grow […]. CTO Cyber Threats News

Media 208

Best social media management apps for Android


Fewer and fewer companies are paying to advertise on traditional media these days. The industry is not what it used to be as more people migrate to the social media arena. Herein enters the social media management apps for Android. Best social media management apps for Android.

Media 93

Best social media management apps for iPhone


The key to advertising today is in creating professionally managed social media accounts on the most popular applications. With the many social media platforms available today, it is a chore in itself just to keep your accounts updated with the latest content pertaining to your brand.

Media 88

Cybersecurity Career Opportunities in Threat Intelligence

Doctor Chaos


Media 130

Pew Report: Speaking Up or Staying Silent on Social Media


Hope has been placed on the Internet (particularly on social media) to expose users to more sources of information and diverse points of view. The Pew project attempted to examine the truth behind claims that social media will actually expose individuals to more diverse sources of information and opinions, in a shift away from the spiral of silence. It seems that more access to social media is correlated with less willingness to engage with the controversial issue in person.

Media 227

Tech Standards for Transmission Media

IT Toolbox

Many different media are used to provide LAN services. The most common today are twisted pair copper cables for baseband and fiber optic cable for broadband

Media 131

Researchers built a data set for training AI to detect natural disasters from social media images

Venture Beast

The Incidents data set was made to encourage the development of AI for recognizing accidents and natural disasters from social media images. Read More.

Tracking Down a Hackivist Through Social Media

SecureWorld News

According to Check Point Research, VandaTheGod's long history on social media left plenty of breadcrumbs for researchers to follow. Hacking Original Content Social MediaThe name? VandaTheGod. The track record? A seven-year hacktivist campaign of defacing nearly 5,000 websites.

Media 74

Darknet Social Media Credentials

Doctor Chaos

News sites recently reported the possibility of compromised Twitter accounts. Twitter denied the claim that they had been compromised or breached. If you do a search on the topic, things read a little differently than the official company stance. Let me simply say it is not really rare or uncommon for malware to spread throughout […]. Cyber Data Breach DarkNet Deep Web Invisible Web TOR

Media 136

The power of social media

IT Toolbox

Social media is a relatively new thing in the internut tubes and it really took off, as far as I know, with a thing called MySpace. MySpace has been replaced by Facebook and is, as far as I know, the most popular social media of all time. The thing with social media is that newsWhich is still working as far as I know. At least until something comes along to replace it.

Media 116

Moving from Social Media to Social CRM

IT Toolbox

It could be that the first time your prospects find out about you is through social media. If you haven’t made social media part of your marketingAccording to a survey conducted by PwC, 39 percent say that social networks provide the main inspiration for their purchases.

Social 149

Plex Media Has a Big Security Flaw

GizModo VR

Plex Media might be best known as the streaming service suited for creating custom TV channels , but it turns out those servers can be abused for more nefarious purposes.

Media 93

Cisco Talos researchers explain psychology behind election disinformation posts on social media

Tech Republic Security

With the 2020 presidential election looming, here are questions to consider before posting on social media

Media 170

The Riskiest Social Media Habits

IT Toolbox

It was discovered that teens spend up to nine hours a day on social media websites and 60% of this time is spent using mobile devices with access to the internet. In today?s s world, it is rare to go to a mall, restaurant, or even school without finding one or more teens on their cell phones. So, the younger generation literally has the internet at their fingertips

Media 125

Koji raises $10 million so you can remix games and interactive content for social media

Venture Beast

Koji raised $10 million for its platform for creating interactive social media posts. Business Games category-/Games DeanBeat News Dmitry Shapiro Interactive Media Koji remix Social Media TikTokIt's a remix tool that you can use to make games and videos sharable. Read More.

Media 87

Social Media Options

Perficient - Digital Transformation

When you look at digital transformation, the custom facing side means you have to meet customers where they are and that means a variety of social media channels have to be included. It doesn’t matter if you are in the B2C or B2B world, social media can matter. There’s an interesting article about, “ The 9 Best Social Media Tools For Small Business ” on digital.com. It’s worth doing a quick review if you have a gap in the social media arena.

Media 65

From the election lie to GameStop: How to stop social media algorithms from hurting us

Venture Beast

Some fresh ideas for how to stop social media algorithms from damaging society by amplifying lies and fringe ideas. Read More. AI Social VB Home Page algorithmic amplification category-/News category-/People & Society/Social Sciences/Economics category-/Reference GameStop

Social 111

About WayIn: A Social Media Intelligence Company


This social intelligence company integrates content into new experiences for consumers and also provides enterprises with new ways to deliver value from social media. The post About WayIn: A Social Media Intelligence Company appeared first on CTOvision.com. This post is part of our series providing background and context on sponsors of Cognitio's 30 April Synergy Forum. We are very pleased to help bring WayIn into the DC tech ecosystem by introducing them at our Synergy Forum.

Media 225

Social media exposure can increase the cost of a data breach


Read why Ellen Tannam says that social media exposure can increase the cost of a data breach by many times on Silicon Republic : 2018 has been a year dominated by data breaches. Companies from Facebook to Google and Marriott all fell victim to data breaches in the past 12 months. The incidents exposed personal […]. Cyber Security News

Media 242

Can You Stop Your Social Media Addiction?


What was your life like without social media? Social media is more convenient and cheaper. We use social media for several purposes such as playing games and sharing important events. The first social media platform was probably MSN messenger. Give social media a break.

Media 60

Health sector and social media top cyber targets

Computer Weekly

The healthcare sector and social media users are popular targets for cyber attackers, a report has revealed

Media 165

Social Media Meets Tulip Mania

Forrester's Customer Insights

A determined group of small investors have used the power of social media to punish “the smart money” by pushing the price of GameStop, a widely shorted stock, from $19 to $325 (as of this writing). Age of the Customer customer experience digital disruption financial services fintech social media Wealth ManagementIt’s a story straight out of the Sherwood Forest, with a stopover in Holland.

Media 31

4D Factory acquires majority stake in HBO game publishing spinoff Neon Media

Venture Beast

Media technology holding company 4D Factory has acquired a majority stake in early-stage game and transmedia startup Neon Media. Business Games PC Gaming 4D Factory category-/Arts & Entertainment category-/Games/Computer & Video Games console gaming Cort Javarone DeanBeat News Mark Long Neon Media PC gamingRead More.

Media 81

The changes in social media

IT Toolbox

Even before the Arpanet allowed people to communicate with each other across the network there has been a social media. People for some reason just love to communicate with each other. Whether it is by the office water cooler talking about what Johnboy did to Maryjane or over the wire sharing questionable photo's and movies. In the beginning there were things called bulletin

Media 109

Apple One isn’t the iCloud and media services bundle most users want

Venture Beast

Business Games Media Mobile Apple Apple Arcade Apple Music Apple One bundle category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom discount fitness iCloud News savings services subscriptions TV

Media 96