4 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Higher Education


New ways to apply blockchain technology in the higher education sector are emerging all the time. The most promising use case for blockchain in higher education is to transform the “record keeping” of degrees, certificates and diplomas. The Gartner 2019 CIO Survey revealed that 2% of higher education respondents have already deployed blockchain. Terri-Lynn Thayer , Vice President, Gartner, says higher education CIOs should remain curious about blockchain’s potential.

Prezi introduces dynamic video teaching tools as education moves online

Venture Beast

Business Cloud Enterprise Media Mobile Social category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Business & Productivity Software category-/Jobs & Education/Education Prezi Prezi Video zoom


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Please Spread The Word: Cybersecurity Scholarships From (ISC)² and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education


The following info comes via friends at isc2.org, please share this with any you believe eligible: Each year, (ISC)² and the Center for Cyber Safety and Education partner together to offer scholarships to students around the world. CTO Cyber Security News Training and Education

4 Ways Consumer Education Affects E-Commerce


Because of these factors that contribute to today’s businesses, it’s important that the e-commerce industry invests in their consumer’s education. Furthermore, in order to develop and gain consumers trust and loyalty, companies need to constantly educate their users about their products and services. Below are four ways consumer education can help e-commerce grow. That’s why many corporations spend millions and millions of dollars in educational advertisements.

2020 Database Strategies and Contact Acquisition Survey Report

As buyer expectations continue to heighten, marketing and sales teams are feeling pressured to deliver authentic messaging to buyers at every point of their customer journey. This report aims to highlight the current state of B2B database and contact acquisition strategies, and organizations’ goals to leverage data to fuel their go-to-market strategies in 2020 and beyond.

Unity will groom 80,000 game developers with education initiative

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Unity hopes to groom 80,000 people for game jobs over three years with an education initiative aimed at helping people learn how to program. Read More. Business Games Mobile PC Gaming category-/Science DeanBeat News Jessica Lindl Unity Unity Technologies

Top 10 eBook Apps for Education


In this blog, we are going to list the best eBook apps for education that can assure you a great reading experience -. Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS, KITABOO is an interactive eBook app for education. Cool Reader is another well-known eBook app for education.

eBook 56

MediaTek wants to help education-focused tablet makers beat the iPad

Venture Beast

Once quiet about providing chips to well-known brands, MediaTek wants people to know its chips are powering affordable educational devices. Read More.

How Education Technology Will Revolutionize Learning

Kitaboo on EdTech

The school, in turn, cannot turn its back on this new reality, but must incorporate educational technology into pedagogical practices. During these years, the development of educational technological solutions has proved to be extremely efficient in supporting school management and the teaching-learning process. For this, educators need to seek information and knowledge. Some educators may think that the rise of technological tools is replacing professionals.

Osmo Live helps educators teach young kids remotely

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Business Games Mobile category-/Jobs & Education/Education category-/People & Society/Family & Relationships/Family category-/People & Society/Kids & Teens/Children's Interests cosmodrome ed-tech online learning Osmo Osmo Live Pramod SharmaAugmented reality ed-tech company Osmo is launching Osmo Live, a way for teachers to engage elementary school kids with remote technology. Read More.

How Technology Has Transformed Education in the 21st Century


The impact of technology on education since the advent of the World Wide Web has grown tremendously. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News Training and EducationAlmost every aspect of life has been influenced by technology in the last decade. Technology has created a new method of learning in graduate schools and colleges through online programs and research. The number of students under the […].

How CRM Supports Higher Education

IT Toolbox

Outline of the benefits that CRM delivers to the higher education set-up

K-12 Education in the Post-COVID Era

Kitaboo on EdTech

Institutions need to start thinking about the impact of this pandemic and the resulting disruption on K-12 education globally. Educators across the country are reacting in real-time to the new situation. Educators across the country are already worrying about learning loss for students, with the entire second semester being disrupted. Surprisingly, a lot of education service providers have started working furiously amid this global chaos to support the learning institutions.

4 Informative LinkedIn Groups for Higher Education


Information Technology Blog - - 4 Informative LinkedIn Groups for Higher Education - Information Technology Blog. LinkedIn holds some golden groups for higher education where only the professionals lead. These groups are made to promote education and is a treat for every student to acquire. Let’s control our curiosity and check out the most informative higher educational based groups of LinkedIn. Higher Education Management. Leaders in Higher Education.

Educated and Edgy: Why Tech Thrives on the U.S. East Coast

Association of Information Technology Professional

What about the East Coast breeds innovation? We visit 4 CompTIA Tech Towns to find out

Government announces technical education overhaul

Computer Weekly

Skills minister Nick Boles has announced an overhaul of the delivery of technical education in the UK, including introducing new courses and a focus on creating skilled workers

Creativity & Education

Future of CIO

Can creativity be taught, how can today’s education system produce more creative leaders and professional? Are modern educators both the artist and engineer of crafting talent? Education can instill certain knowledge or thinking techniques, but creativity can not be taught completely. In the traditional education setting, creativity is neither encouraged nor evaluated cohesively. To put simply, the educators need to be creative enough to encourage creativity.

Seattle Public Schools extends remote education to January


Seattle Public Schools will continue remote education through the first semester until Jan. It also consulted with the Seattle Education Association, Seattle Council PTSA, and the Principals’ Association of Seattle Schools. Tech Education remote learning

With 25 years at Microsoft, Mike Tholfsen is old school — and a champion of education accessibility


Mike Tholfsen at a global Educator Exchange event in Budapest, Hungary, where Microsoft brings in more than 400 Microsoft in Education experts from over around the world. Tholfsen, our latest Geek of the Week, is a principal group product manager on the Microsoft Education team.

AI Applications In Education


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes about the ways in which AI is making an impact on education: As artificial intelligence becomes an increasing part of our daily lives, it’s no wonder that educational institutions are racing to catch up with the need to develop more talent to keep the engine of AI development running. […].

Meet the 15-year-old activist fighting for better climate education

Mashable VR

More about Social Good , Education , Social Good , Social Good , and Climate Environment. Social Good Education Climate EnvironmentIn 2018, the state of California was on fire.

Vertical Market Collaboration Scenarios - Education

IT Toolbox

My last post looked at the healthcare vertical, and now the focus shifts to education. Before getting to that, some context needs to be added. The earlier posts have looked at the broader challenge of defining collaboration, and then understanding what that means for your organization

Simplifying Education with Technology


Information Technology Blog - - Simplifying Education with Technology - Information Technology Blog. Nevertheless, there are many ways new technologies are simplifying our education. There is software that allows educators to tap into the activities of their students. New technologies are simplifying our education by enhancing group interactions among students. The post Simplifying Education with Technology appeared first on Information Technology Blog.

Education key to reducing systems attacks, says university security manager

Computer Weekly

Central Lancashire University’s IT networks and security manager says educating users is key to avoiding cyber security flaws

Interview: Equality starts with education, says Salesforce.org exec

Computer Weekly

Everyone needs access to education to create a level playing field for entering the technology industry, but the curriculum needs to change, says Salesforce’s Charlotte Finn

Zynga creates $25 million fund for promoting diversity education and charities

Venture Beast

Frank Gibeau, CEO of Zynga, said the company is creating a $25 million to donate money or invest in diversity-related educational and charitable causes. Business Games Mobile Social category-/Online Communities/Social Networks category-/People & Society/Social Issues & Advocacy charity diversity Education Frank Gibeau Inclusion Zynga

Learning and Education

Future of CIO

Education is an amazing thing. Quality education should promote all positive perspectives of humanity such as the wonder of the unknown, freedom to imagine, confidence to create, empathy to understand, creativity to imagine, discipline to commit, skills to innovate, judgment in action, etc. The purpose of education is to both satisfy those learning minds and inspire more minds to learn. Education Learning

Automating and Educating Business Processes with RPA, AI and ML

Information Week

How are these technologies connected, what are the implementation challenges, and how are companies using them

The Impact of IT on Education: 5 Great Elearning Platforms

IT Toolbox

Businesses have flourished due to lower expenses for numerous in-house processes, people have started communicating more easily, but education has also greatly changed

Outschool is an education lifeline for parents during the pandemic

Mashable VR

More about Education , Parenting Family , Small Humans , Culture , and Work Life. Education Parenting Family Small Humans Culture Work Life

3 Reasons Why Education Is The Key To Your Success


Information Technology Blog - - 3 Reasons Why Education Is The Key To Your Success - Information Technology Blog. Education may not seem as though it is that important at the beginning of our school lives. For those who really want to get on in life, education is the absolute key to it all. When you have education behind you, you will have more choices in life. You can see that the more of an education you have, the more choices you have in life. Education

UK education system exacerbates cyber skills gap

Computer Weekly

Security industry needs to get involved to raise awareness of cyber security career opportunities, say commentators

3 Benefits of an Online Education

IT Toolbox

In recent years, online education has become increasingly popular. It is the educational delivery option that allows people to take classes on their computers via the Internet, and there are quite a few reasons why it has become so common. The following are three great reasons why pursuing online education is an excellent choice

5 Ways To Fund College Education


Do not let the cost of college deter you from becoming educated. Funding for a college education can come from different sources such as scholarship, work and study, student loan and savings. It can be quite expensive do not let this hinder you from being educated. A good education will never decay. College funding can be quite expensive. It is a great investment that you can make.

Kitaboo College – Enabling Higher Education with Technology

Kitaboo on EdTech

The requirements of a higher education institution such as a college or a university are quite different from that of a K-12 institution. Therefore, the education provided in colleges and universities must be at par with the requirements of the job market. As college education is an important phase in a student’s life, given that it paves the path towards employment and financial stability, educational institutions are under pressure to deliver courses in the best possible way.

Vancouver-based online course education startup Thinkific raises $22M


based online education startup, today announced a $22 million round led by Vancouver firm Rhino Ventures. Other online education startups such as MasterClass, Skillshare, and more have also raised venture capital in recent months. The Thinkific team. Thinkific Photo).

10 Point Checklist for Publishing Higher Education Textbooks


The medium of higher education textbook consumption has shifted from physical books to digital devices. Although Higher Education Textbook publishers are adapting to this growing need for eBooks, they are still facing challenges in terms of designing an engaging e-textbook. There are certain elements which must be included in higher education textbooks in order to make them engaging and relevant for the students.

Top Trends Higher Education Textbook Publishers Must Follow

Kitaboo on EdTech

The state of the US higher education market looks slightly subdued on account of the fact that the government has reduced funding for higher education. billion cut in funding for the education department, compared to a 10% decrease in 2019. This has led to higher education textbook publishers facing the brunt as that’s the only area where students and institutes can reduce their spends, by opting for digital textbooks instead.

IT Leadership in Education: Getting Online School Right

Information Week

Even before so many schools across the country pivoted to online learning in the wake of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, some schools had already pioneered how to do it

How to Navigate Continuing Education Opportunities

Information Week

With the rapid changes in technology it can be crucial for IT professionals to pursue continuing education opportunities

Government must extend machine learning support across education and industry

Computer Weekly

The Royal Society believes the UK is well placed to make the most of machine learning, but it is early days and technical and policy issues need addressing

Isle of Man launches IT and education campus to share tech skills

Computer Weekly

The Isle of Man has opened an IT and Education Campus to teach tech skills to the island’s adults

Ankabut creates hyper-connected ecosystem for UEA education

Computer Weekly

United Arab Emirates education network implements cloud-based software to improve students’ access to resources