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Here's the first Linux distro made for Apple M1 systems


Support for the M1 was added to the Linux kernel in June 2021, seven months after Apple announced it. By then, the Asahi Linux Project had already formed and was documenting the M1's processes with the community's help. Asahi is now friendly and stable enough for average Linux users to.

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Creating a Talos Linux Cluster on Azure with Pulumi

Scott Lowe

A little over a month ago I published a post on creating a Talos Linux cluster on AWS with Pulumi. Talos Linux is a re-thinking of your typical Linux distribution, custom-built for running Kubernetes. Talos Linux has no SSH access, no shell, and no console; instead, everything is managed via a gRPC API.

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Talk Tech to Me: 4 Steps for Tracing Undocumented Linux (or UNIX) Shell Scripts

Association of Information Technology Professional

You’re likely going to come across shell scripts that are not well documented and difficult to trace as a result. Here are four ways to overcome this.

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What’s Free at Linux Academy — May 2019

Linux Academy

By adding free cloud training to our Community Membership, students have the opportunity to develop their Linux and Cloud skills further. Each month, we will kick off our community content with a live study group allowing members of the Linux Academy community to come together and share their insights in order to learn from one another.

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Free Courses at Linux Academy – November 2019

Linux Academy

To continually support your mission to learn and grow, we are always adding new, free courses and resources for developing Linux and Cloud skills. Members of the Linux Academy community come together and share their insights and questions. Microsoft SQL Server on Linux Quick Start. How to Get a Linux Job. AWS Concepts.

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Modder releases Unix-like operating system for the NES


A recent video from modder "decrazyo" documents how he converted an operating system resembling Linux to run on an unmodified NES. The source code is available on GitHub for anyone interested in trying or improving it. Read Entire Article

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How a university got itself banned from the Linux kernel

The Verge

Fifteen days later, the University of Minnesota was banned from contributing to the Linux kernel. “I I suggest you find a different community to do experiments on,” wrote Linux Foundation fellow Greg Kroah-Hartman in a livid email. But among the other major characters — the Linux developers — there was no such hesitancy.

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