Dropbox Says Hello To Digital Signatures, Workflow, And Document Automation; Acquires HelloSign For $230 Million In Cash

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On January 28, 2019, Dropbox announced its intention to acquire HelloSign, a platform used to manage business transactions including eSignature and document-centric workflows.

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Video Review of Automation SCCM Documentation Script


How to Document SCCM Settings every month? This post is a quick post to give a review of SCCM documentation script. The post Video Review of Automation SCCM Documentation Script appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. SCCM featured How to Document SCCM Settings SCCM Documentation ScriptDavid’s script helped many of us from disasters. I have shared one of my experience in the following section.

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Microsoft Office 365: This new feature will keep you safe from malware-filled documents

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Application Guard for Office and Safe Documents will make phishing attacks harder and the Office experience better for users, starting with Office 365 Pro Plus and E5 licences

SCCM Community Hub – Scripts Reports and Documentation


The post SCCM Community Hub – Scripts Reports and Documentation appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. SCCM community Hub is the central location within your SCCM console where you can share useful SCCM objects with other admins. SCCM community hub is still in preview version.

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Mark Zuckerberg shared private user data with Facebook ‘friends Leaked documents reveal


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave access to sensitive user data to dozens of app developer friends, according to thousands of leaked documents. Zuckerberg reportedly used the data as a reward to third-party companies and developers who either had a favorable relationship with company executives or spent considerable amounts on ads. Companies were also incentivized to […]. Cyber Security News

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Getting JD Edwards Business Function Documentation

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You can also view the business function documentation in the JD Edwards Business Function Documentation Viewer by using FastLink P98ABSFN in the Solution Explorer or navigating to Application Development -> Object Management -> Business Function Documentation -> Business Function Documentation Viewer

How to share documents onscreen in a Zoom meeting

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Collaboration while telecommuting can be tough, especially if you're working with documents. Learn how to share documents onscreen in Zoom

Increasing Operational Efficiency with Document Management Software


Information Technology Blog - - Increasing Operational Efficiency with Document Management Software - Information Technology Blog. Document management is one of the most crucial aspects of business process management. These include documents that were scanned into a digital image.

How to enable the OnlyOffice document server in Nextcloud 18

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If your Nextcloud 18 installation is missing OnlyOffice, here's how to resolve the issue

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Hackers targeting Arabic-speaking countries with malicious Microsoft Office documents

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Cybercriminals created a homemade RAT that uses multiple cloud services and targets countries like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, and Morocco

[Fix] List of SCCM 1806 Known Issues – Documented


The post [Fix] List of SCCM 1806 Known Issues – Documented appeared first on SCCM Intune Real World Enterprise Experience Blog by Anoop C Nair. Microsoft released a couple of update rollups (hotfixes) for the latest production version of SCCM 1806. In this post, we will see the SCCM 1806 known issues and how to fix those known issues. The Video tutorial will help you to understand how to install SCCM 1806 hotfix. SCCM 1806 known issues are already fixed by Microsoft […].

#AppleVsFBI – #FBIVsApple – The Basics, Explained, With Links To Original Documents


When in doubt about, it is best to stick to the original documents such as those I have linked in this article. Bob Gourley. This post provides an update on the ongoing battle between Apple and the U.S. government regarding Syed Rizwan Farook's iPhone, recovered by police after the horrific massacre in San Bernadino on December 2, 2015.

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Grammarly makes first investment, taking stake in Seattle document engineering startup Docugami


Grammarly , the San Francisco company that makes technology to help people communicate more effectively, has made the first investment in its 11-year history, participating in a $10 million seed funding round for Docugami , a Seattle-based AI document engineering startup.

Lib Dems decry surveillance plans exposed in leaked documents

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After the election, the UK government plans to introduce extreme mass surveillance capabilities, according to documents leaked to the Open Rights Group

Released DoJ Documents Show Darker Side of Steve Jobs


A recently unearthed document yields a revealing exchange between Jobs and Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google. By ShannonPerry. Nearly everyone has an opinion of Steve Jobs. Since his death in 2011, a bad movie , a weighty autobiography , and numerous anecdotes have surfaced – describing his inexhaustible ambition, his excitable, and his disrespect for others. Perhaps you have heard pieces of the rumored fish tank incident ?

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NSA used Iraq war to develop surveillance capability, documents show

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As the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill inches closer to becoming law, NSA documents reveal that the agency used the Iraq war to develop and expand its surveillance infrastructure

Organizational Leadership Tip: Produce the Document!

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I remember the first time I was called upon to be an organizational leader. Mostly I remember feeling terror. I also remember that sick feeling that comes when I flat out fail. That's how it went for me the first time. Organizational leadership is quite a bit different than team leadership. I knew what that was and had a fair amount of experience leading


How to deploy the Netbox network documentation/management tool with Docker

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Deploying a network management/documentation tool is made simple with Docker

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Learn to Fix Microsoft SCCM Intune Documentation


How many of us complain about SCCM Intune documentation? The documentation is not updated and not relevant etc. Here is the real opportunity to help yourself and update SCCM and Intune documentation. But don’t get worried about the quality of the SCCM Intune documentation as there are several steps of validation before your edits/changes get […].

Australian police raid opposition offices over leaked broadband documents

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Australia’s federal police have raided the offices of a Labor opposition politician in an investigation into leaked National Broadband Network documents


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You can use a BAPI instead of a BDC to create a manual journal in SAP but this has implications for usability

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How to Be Successful with Electronic Document Management (EDM)

A CIO's Voice

A successful electronic document management (EDM) solution must handle the management of these three information types and provide mechanisms for relevant delivery to all staff. Whether today or tomorrow, it is clear that a company must use a document management system to remain competitive. Putting documents into EDM is cumbersome. You must find documents and follow it through the organization. All organizations seek knowledge.

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Leaked Documents Detail Tight NSA-AT&T Partnership

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In one example, AT&T reportedly turned on a new collection capability that forwarded 400 billion metadata records and 1 million emails a day to the NSA Read More. Shared

I documented a week of pandemic takeout trash. Here are the photos.

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Do you love food? I sure as hell do. But as much as I love cooking and baking, I also like my food to be prepared by someone else and delivered to me every now and then. That “now and then” has changed recently with COVID-19 and efforts to support local businesses.

How to add a cloud-based document app on Nextcloud

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If you want to add document editing capabilities to your Nextcloud server, learn how to do so with the help of the Documents app

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UK industrial control systems targeted, warns leaked NCSC document

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Industrial control systems across several UK sectors have been targeted in recent activity by known state-sponsored attackers, according to a leaked report by the UK National Cyber Security Authority

Study: Most companies can't protect confidential documents

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A majority of companies don't have the technology in place to keep employees from sharing confidential documents, according to a study released today. In particular, only 36 percent of over 600 IT practitioners at large companies said that their companies were able to restrict the sharing of confidential documents with third parties, and only 27 percent were able to restrict sharing between employees. "A

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How to deploy the Netbox network documentation/management tool with Docker

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Deploying a network management/documentation tool is made simple with Docker

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HSBC uses IBM to automate the processing of 100 million document pages

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In another instance of banks adopting automation to lower costs and drive productivity, HSBC uses IBM analytics technology to cut down on its paper trail

Sweden’s Civil Contingencies Agency updates document management system in digital push

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Public sector agency modernises core system through an IT outsourcing agreement that will support digital transformation

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Fountainhead: Documenting IT Transformation Since 2005


Documenting IT Transformation Since 2005. Well, it turns out that EMC IT has been documenting their process since about 2005. EMCs IT group has been virtualizing its infrastructure - and documenting the results - since 2005. Documenting IT Transformation Since 2005.

Clinton allegedly hacked again, and documents leaked from DNC attack

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The Clinton Foundation's network was allegedly hacked late Tuesday, while a variety of documents from last week's DNC hack were leaked simultaneously, pushing cybersecurity toward center stage

Do you know where your sensitive documents are?

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According to a recent study by Accusoft , a provider of document and imaging software, 34 percent of IT managers say their organization "has had sensitive information compromised due to poor file management practices." Yet 90 percent of them report being "confident they have the tools they need to protect their organizations’ documents." Seventy-four percent of IT managers report that their firms have a formalized document management solution," according to the report. "At

How to fix document open errors on mobile Google Drive

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If you're having trouble opening Google Docs on your Android device, see if this solution resolves the issue

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Assange: CIA had lost control of its cyberweapon documents

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Assange declined to name the source who gave the information to WikiLeaks, but he seemed to suggest the 8,700-plus documents, purportedly from an isolated CIA server, came from an insider source. Information about purported CIA cyberattacks was "passed around" among members of the U.S. intelligence community and contractors before it was published by WikiLeaks this week, Julian Assange says.

Why Stories Work where Requirements Documents Fail - Social.

Social, Agile and Transformation

Why Stories Work where Requirements Documents Fail. In a traditional development practice, a product manager writes a long document describing the software requirements. Hopefully the document is diagram heavy, clear and concise. The document is handed to analysts who break the requirements down to development tasks and a project manager develops a schedule and assigns resources to tasks. Why Stories Work where Requirements Documents Fail.

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Wikileaks documents show CIA's Mac and iPhone compromises

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CIA has had tools to infect Apple Mac computers by connecting malicious Thunderbolt Ethernet adapters to them since 2012, according to new documents purported to be from the agency and published by WikiLeaks. One of the documents , dated Nov. The U.S. 29, 2012, is a manual from the CIA's Information Operations Center on the use of a technology codenamed Sonic Screwdriver.

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WikiLeaks' CIA document dump shows agency can compromise Android, TVs

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WikiLeaks has released more than 8,700 documents it says come from the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence, with some of the leaks saying the agency had 24 "weaponized" and previously undisclosed exploits for the Android operating system as of 2016. intelligence agency GCHQ, and cyber arms dealers, according to the trove of documents released Tuesday.

Use Text Analytics Technologies To Handle Mountains Of Unstructured Data

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Enterprises are sitting on mountains of unstructured data – 61% have more than 100 Tb and 12% have more than 5 Pb! Luckily there are mature technologies out there that can help. First, enterprise information architects should consider general purpose text analytics platforms. These are capable of handling most if not all text analytics use […].

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Facebook exploited emotions of young users to sell ads, leaked document says

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A leaked Facebook document describes how the company used algorithms to identify when users as young as 14 are feeling vulnerable, and target advertising to them

Using a Makefile with Markdown Documents

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In this use case, we’ll re-purpose the Makefile functionality to define how we go about creating a particular output format based on a source Markdown document. By extending this example to other formats, I can create easily create a set of rules for generating any number of output formats from a single Markdown document. If I need to generate a Rich Text Format (RTF) document from a Markdown source file, I just run make.rtf.

How to save LibreOffice documents to your Nextcloud server

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LibreOffice makes it easy to save files directly to your Nextcloud server. Learn how to set up this connection to make LibreOffice cloud friendly

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How to maintain data and document security with a mobile workforce

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Pragmatic approach Image by Thinkstock Data and document security with today’s mobile workforce can be a difficult challenge.