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Fashionable Wearable Charger for your Smartphone


This Fashionable Bracelet Doubles Up As A Portable Charger For Your Smartphone [Video] ( QBracelet wearable battery taps into fashion ( Q Design introduces QBracelet, a fashion accessory that charges your mobile devices (

E-ink: Taking Fashion to a New Level


Now, e-ink is transitioning to the fashion world. By Katie Kennedy. Today we are just beginning to see what e-ink has to offer. With e-readers, e-ink multi-cards, the Pebble smartwatch, and more devices on the market, e-ink can be used in a variety of ways due to its flexibility.

Couture Meets Data Centers During Paris Fashion Week

Data Center Knowledge

Internet infrastructure inspires clothing collection by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld Read More. Featured Popular

CIO interview: How River Island is using cloud to fend off its fast fashion competitors

Computer Weekly

River Island CIO, Doug Gardner, on how embracing cloud, online and mobile devices is driving sales in its high street stores

CIO interview: Alex Alexander, Yoox Net-a-Porter

Computer Weekly

It is not always the catwalk where the biggest trends in fashion take place. Tech is driving fashion today, says Yoox Net-a-Porter CIO Alex Alexander

CIO interview: Jim Downing, Metail

Computer Weekly

Jim Downing, CTO at digital fashion plugin Metail, believes selling fashion online is still difficult for retailers despite shifts towards omni-channel

No Shortage of Twitter Snark as AWS Outage Disrupts the Internet

Data Center Knowledge

Nothing inspires IT-themed sarcasm like a good old-fashioned cloud meltdown Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Downtime

CTOvision Tech News Update


Globally, cybersecurity incidents show a continued evolution of tactics, techniques and methods, but the most sinister still seem to involve old fashioned deception tactics. Tech news over the last week confirms many trends you are already no doubt tracking. Deception tactics are now being used to attack cryptocurrency wallets. If you have your own cryptocurrency […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security News

How retailers are using technology to remain relevant

Computer Weekly

From the constant innovation at Asos, Amazon and Missguided to the new supply chain prowess flaunted by Diesel and Gap, fashion retailers are investing in tech to stay relevant to their customers

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Deal Registration and the Oracle Sales Cloud API

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The Oracle Sales Cloud REST API delivers strong capabilities for managing the registration of deals in an automated fashion. Middleware can leverage the specified Oracle Sales Cloud API resources to automate deal registration processes

How Data Center Trends Are Forcing a Revisit of the Database

Data Center Knowledge

Our approach to infrastructure has morphed in response, and yet databases remain largely unchanged -- processing jobs in the same lowest common denominator fashion as they always have and wasting compute and storage resources in the process. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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NFL Linemen Show Business How It’s Done

Data Center Knowledge

Data and files are getting larger, yet still must get from point A to point B in an expedited fashion. It can no longer be the big, slow data it once was, but enterprises still fail to fully embrace the agility component. Read More. Industry Perspectives

CenturyLink aims to bring VoIP to more SMBs

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Large enterprises figured out years ago that VoIP services, once put in place of traditional landlines, could save a bundle and allow for software integration and customization far beyond the capabilities of any old-fashioned, twisted-pair phone. Small- to mid-sized businesses, on the other hand, have not exactly jumped on board the VoIP train, instead clinging to their landlines and

George Youmans, Jr.: The CloudMASTER Fashionista!

Cloud Musings

So how could a NCTA Certified CloudMASTER accelerate his career in the fashion industry? He has been with fashion giant Ralph Lauren since October 2012. The luxury fashion brand has also joined the race to produce fashionable products for the wearable-technology market.

5 Ways to Secure Your Cloud Apps

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Cloud security folks and malicious hackers continue to duke it out in the trenches in a similar fashion. Radar detectors are always chasing radar guns, the technologies trying to “one up” each other. The movement to cloud-based applications has drawn the significant attention of malicious hackers worldwide, putting businesses, security experts, and IT personnel at high alert, looking

Buster & Punch moves to NetSuite cloud ERP in whirlwind 15 weeks

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Although design-conscious home fashion label Buster & Punch already was using Brightpearl cloud ERP in the UK, the company decided to replace it with NetSuite so that all its locations across the US, Europe and Asia could use the same system. Buster & Punch already was using NetSuite’s ERP to track every step of its processes, from lead management to sales to production

Establishing DevOps-Friendly Infrastructure Orchestration

Data Center Knowledge

How can they leverage infrastructure orchestration to support DevOps initiatives in a sustainable fashion? IT organizations face increasing pressure to move faster to support business initiatives, writes Alex Henthorn-Iwane of QualiSystems. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Why do electronics fail?

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Occasionally in a spectacular fashion that can do justice to any sulphur, carbon and saltpetre mixture. Technology is a very interesting thing. Most of it is run by electrons, as are we actually, and, apart from mechanical movements required, there are no moving parts at all. Yet sometimes, for no apparent reason, electronics can, and do fail.

IO Conducts PUE Faceoff: Modular vs. Raised Floor

Data Center Knowledge

It''s a hard question to answer in a satisfying fashion without comparing apples and oranges. Which delivers the best energy efficiency: raised-floor space or a modular data center? IO has compared the PUE performance of both models within a single facility. Green Data Centers IO

Enterprise Augmented Reality in the Financial Services Industry

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Their proof-of-concept was introduced at a fashion show for House of Holland?s s menswear launch. Customers just pointed their apps at the model and their garments and saw a VR overlay of the items for sale and their prices

Is Oracle cooking its cloud books?

ComputerWorld IT Management

He said in 2008, “The computer industry is the only industry that is more fashion-driven than women’s fashion. It wasn’t that long ago that Oracle’s lord and master, Larry Ellison, snarled that cloud computing was just hype. Maybe I’m an idiot, but I have no idea what anyone is talking about. What is it? It’s complete gibberish. It’s insane. When is this idiocy going to stop?”

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Thanks In Large Part to Windows8, PC Shipments Post Steepest.


Of course old fashioned PCs will not disappear, but they are not the driving force they used to be. down All technology trackers have known the PC era is over. All projections have been for poor PC sales. But there was hope

The Experience: Why Critical Systems Fail

Data Center Knowledge

The amazing thing isn''t that systems like the government web site can fail in spectacular fashion, says Dr. Richard Cook. It''s that it doesn''t happen more often.

How Big Data is Becoming Smaller Than Small Data


A fashion designer may think that she does not have any use for Big Data; nonetheless, this opinion quickly changes when she looks at an infographic that highlights the wage gap between men and women working in the fashion industry. Carol M. Evenson.

Symantec Finally Agrees With Everyone Else In The Security Community: Says Antivirus Software Is Dead


The reality is that antivirus software that uses old fashioned methods of signature analysi. As a technologist I have long respected Symantec and their many capabilities (they do far more than antivirus, see the list here). But the hottest firms in cyber security, those growing because they make real, measurable, virtuous differences in enterprise security, are growing because they realized that Symantec''s core antivirus features just are not sufficient.

The Five Year Plan Your Network Needs

Data Center Knowledge

Consider this five year plan to make sure your network can grow with demand in a linear fashion. Revamping a data center network requires IT decision makers to step back and see the long-term potential by preparing for the growth and obstacles along the way, writes Michael Bushong of Plexxi. Industry Perspectives

IBM Jumps Into RPA Market With Automation Anywhere - Perhaps A Turn To More Practical Challenges

Forrester IT

RPA works in a very dumb fashion today - mimicking human keystrokes and mouse movements - where all decisions must be explicitly programmed into the script.

IT pros in retail are sold on these 6 products

Computerworld Vertical IT

Giant spikes in traffic and transactions created problems for DailyLook , an online fashion brand that distinguishes itself by styling complete outfits for shoppers. To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here (Insider Story

Step-by-Step: Using PowerShell to Add Servers to Server Manager in Windows Server 2012

IT Pros Rock!

This can be very useful when building many new servers and you’d like to make sure they are all added into the Server Manager console in an automated fashion.

DevOps Basics: Infrastructure as Code – The Visual Studio Method


Hello folks, Last week and the week before we talked about Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and the benefits that you can gain from using a template to deploy your solutions in a orderly fashion.

Malware discovered on Forever 21 PoS devices

IT Manager Daily

Fashion retailer Forever 21 found malware implanted on its point-of-sale systems (PoS) devices during an investigation into a 2017 data breach. The malware was used to search for payment card data processed through the devices, including card numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes. Installed on the affected devices between April and November 2017, some locations only experienced breaches for days. Others, however, were affected for months.

Hackers can pick off, inject wireless keyboard keystrokes from 8 vendors, maybe more

Network World

An attacker could inject keystrokes while the keyboard is idle and the machine is logged in, they say, using a dongle that can be fashioned for less than $100. A vulnerability across at least eight brands of wireless keyboards lets hackers read keystrokes from 250 feet away, according to wireless security vendor Bastille.