The Fast Fashion Industry Could Drown Itself

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Fast fashion is a growing source of carbon emissions. But those emissions could well be its undoing; carbon pollution is worsening climate change, including impacts in the heart of fast fashion garment hubs around the world.

Worn Out: The Fashion Industry's Giant Waste Problem

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fashion clothing environment sustainable fashion fast fashion culture marc jacobs consumerism clothing industry articles eileen fisher oscar de la renta adam minterSpring is here, and I’ve been thinking a lot more about my wardrobe—and how sick I am of it.


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The Fashion Industry May Finally Face Accountability for Its Huge Toxic Footprint

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A bill before the New York State Assembly could finally impose some standards on an incredibly polluting but little-regulated industry: fashion. The proposed law, known as the Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act , would make New York the first state in the U.S.

Buttoning Up Cybersecurity to Avoid Fashion Retailer's Fate

Information Week

The New York Attorney General’s Office fined Zoetop $1.9 million for its failure to protect consumer data and properly disclose the scope of a 2018 data breach. How could a fine like this be avoided

Amazon Fashion partners with Snap to let shoppers use augmented reality to try on eyewear


Amazon is partnering with Snap for an augmented reality fashion experience that lets customers digitally try on different eyewear brands and styles and then make a purchase. Once a customer makes their selection, they can click to purchase in the Amazon Fashion store. (Amazon Images).

Forever 21 lets players customize virtual fashion stores in Roblox

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Forever 21 will let players operate their own custom virtual fashion stores inside Roblox, the metaverse platform with 49 million players. Read More.

Worn Out: The Fashion Industry's Big Oil Problem

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greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gas the realreal fossil fuel spandex carbon footprint textiles environment business finance sustainable fashion materials synthetic fibers poshmark environmental impact of the energy industry carbon fibersI really like buying clothes.

Amazon to try another tech-infused retail concept with ‘Amazon Style,’ its first physical fashion store


Inside Amazon Style, the tech giant’s first-ever physical fashion store. Move over books and groceries, Amazon’s latest foray into physical retail is focused on fashion. Amazon Amazon Style brick and mortar Clothing fashion retail

This High-End Alien Fashion Line Is Xenomorph Couture

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In space, no one can hear you scream —but everyone can still see how good you look if you’re wearing La Femme et Noir’s new fashion line based on Ridley Scott ’s 1979 sci-fi masterpiece Alien.

Photos: Russell Wilson and Ciara take it to the ‘House’ and toast their first fashion store in Seattle


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and music superstar Ciara took it to the “House” on Tuesday night — The House of LR&C , actually — as they partied to celebrate the opening of their first fashion store. “This is bigger than fashion,” Ciara said.

Will a recession trigger renewed interest in old-fashioned enterprise budgeting and finance software?

Tech Republic

The post Will a recession trigger renewed interest in old-fashioned enterprise budgeting and finance software? Focus over the last several years in tech has been on advanced technologies. A tightening financial market may drive a move back to the basics. Here’s how tech leaders can prepare.

Don't Let Amazon's Cheap Fashion Fool You

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I have spent an ungodly amount of time the past two days on Amazon, curating this cursed blog of bad Prime Day deals. A lot of these terrible deals are on extremely ugly pieces of clothing that the seller likely just needed to get rid of.

Fashionable Wearable Charger for your Smartphone


This Fashionable Bracelet Doubles Up As A Portable Charger For Your Smartphone [Video] ( QBracelet wearable battery taps into fashion ( Q Design introduces QBracelet, a fashion accessory that charges your mobile devices ( By Katie Kennedy. Q Designs has created a unique bracelet that increases your phone’s battery life.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds' Fashionable Starfleet Boots Are Going on Sale

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But an iconic Canadian fashion designer helped contribute to the show’s new uniforms, and soon… Read more.

Samsung might be planning ‘Fashion Film’ for its phones

The Verge

A new trademark application by Samsung in the UK suggests the company may be working on fashionable skins for its phones, as reported by Android Headlines and Let’s Go Digital. In response to a request for comment on this news, Dbrand CEO Adam Ijaz told The Verge, “lmao ‘fashion film

IT As Fashion Statement

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Dratz again

Inside Russell Wilson and Ciara’s new fashion store in Seattle, where tech and sustainability are key


Russell Wilson and Ciara have brought their fashion sense to one of Seattle’s most exclusive shopping destinations, opening the first store for their company, The House of LR&C, at University Village. Retail Startups Christine Day Ciara Clothing fashion Russell Wilson The House of LR&C

These Airbag Jeans Could Fashionably Protect Motorcyclists

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Strapping on a leather suit can protect you from a nasty case of road rash should you wipe out on a motorcycle, but that’s about it. For more robust protection during a crash, several companies have been developing airbag technology for motorcycles, including a pair of inflatable jeans designed to protect a rider’s… Read more. safety airbags motorcycles gadgets tech consumer tech airbag inside sweden ab pants clothing mocycle

The Long History of Star Trek Uniform Fashions

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The debate over whether or not Starfleet is a military organization, a scientific one, or a messy, often contradictory combination of both has been a part of Star Trek since it began. One thing that we can always be certain of though? It loves a wardrobe shakeup.

A lazy, fashion-challenged shopper decided to try clothing rental as a fix. Here’s what happened.


Over the COVID-19 pandemic, like many people, I largely stopped shopping or giving much of a damn about fashion trends, if I ever really did. This version of fashion Russian Roulette frightened and excited me. Startups armoire fashion Rent the Runway

E-ink: Taking Fashion to a New Level


Now, e-ink is transitioning to the fashion world. By Katie Kennedy. Today we are just beginning to see what e-ink has to offer. With e-readers, e-ink multi-cards, the Pebble smartwatch, and more devices on the market, e-ink can be used in a variety of ways due to its flexibility. A new Lithuania-based start up company, iShüu Technologies, has created Volvorii Timeless peep-toe heels that incorporates e-ink. Currently, iShüu Technologies is seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Seattle community celebrates GeekWire Sounders Day 2022 in epic fashion


The crowd at the 2022 GeekWire Rooftop BBQ + Sounders Day in Seattle on Tuesday. GeekWire Photos / Kurt Schlosser). Beautiful weather. Cold drinks. Tasty food. Meeting old friends. Making new ones. Sounders Day 2022 was epic!

IMVU will host digital fashion and NFT showcase on May 27-28

Venture Beast

IMVU will host a diverse digital fashion show and showcase for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) on May 27 to May 28. Read More.

The British Fashion Council launches new award category for Roblox designs

The Verge

As part of its annual fashion awards, the British Fashion Council is adding a new category for 2021: an award for “metaverse design.” While it’s something of a publicity stunt, the virtual event is part of an ongoing fusion of games and fashion.

Look at this cool LED face mask made by a fashion entrepreneur

The Verge

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, fashion designer Chelsea Klukas of Lumen Couture was planning to make some standard cloth face masks for friends. Other fashion designers are picking up on this too, I think we will start to see like the Rolex version of masks.”.

Amazon launches ‘Luxury Stores’ to bring high-end fashion brands to Prime shoppers on mobile


Amazon has launched its Luxury Stores shopping experience, bringing high-end fashion to Prime members through the Amazon mobile app. Amazon Amazon Luxury Stores fashion retail style( screen grab). Maybe it’s time to get out of the quarantine sweatpants.

Fashion Nova first to be fined by FTC for blocking bad reviews

The Verge

The FTC fined a fashion website for allegedly blocking negative customer product reviews | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has fined Fashion Nova, a California fast-fashion retailer, $4.2

Vertebrae lets fashion retail websites offer AR try-ons, no app needed

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Fashion retailing has become challenging thanks to store closures and pandemic concerns, but web-based AR try-on tools could help stores sell more online.

Couture Meets Data Centers During Paris Fashion Week

Data Center Knowledge

Internet infrastructure inspires clothing collection by Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld Read More. Featured Popular

Tweety Bird, a Life in Pictures: Animated Superstar, Fashion Icon, and Beyond

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Happy Birthday to Looney Tunes MVP Tweety Bird! The one and only turns 80 this year and to celebrate Warner Media has kicked off global events to highlight the milestone. Read more.

Fitbit's Fashionable New Fitness Tracker Is a Solid Alternative to a Smartwatch

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The humble fitness tracker has long since been eclipsed by the smartwatch. It’s easy to understand why, of course but it’s left anyone looking for something simpler—and cheaper—with dinky wristbands to choose from that aren’t much to look at.

Panasonic's Lumix GH6 Arrives Fashionably Late With a Megapixel Boost and Unlimited 4K Video Recording

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Last May, Panasonic renewed its commitment to Micro Four Thirds cameras by announcing the Lumix GH5 II and teasing the GH6 which missed its 2021 arrival but is finally here in early 2022 with the largest megapixel count on a Micro Four Thirds sensor to date and some impressively upgraded video capabilities. Read more.

The Matrix: Resurrections Premiere Was Also a Sci-Fi Fashion Show

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Hollywood celebrities usually get dressed up for their big movie premieres, but many of the stars of T he Matrix Resurrections decided to take it to the next level.

Seattle sisters lead fast-growing e-commerce startup selling ethnic fashion products worldwide


It started three years ago after a casual conversation about ethnic fashion between former technology executives. The Shobitam team. Aparna Thyagarajan (far left, second row) and her sister Ambika (far right, second round) co-founded the company three years ago. Shobitam Photo).

Epic’s high-fashion collaboration with Balenciaga in Fortnite includes a hoodie for a walking dog

The Verge

Epic Games is partnering with fashion house Balenciaga to bring the first-ever high-fashion Fortnite skins into the game. Epic isn’t the first video game to collaborate with a fashion house. Fortnite is fashion.”. It’s Doggo in a hoodie. Image: Epic Games.

Cisco fashions tactical ransomware defense

Network World

Cisco has taken a look at its security capabilities and those of its partners and come up with a playbook to address ransomware. Ransomware Defense can incorporate a range of Cisco products and address different levels of concern customers might have about ransomware, says Dan Hubbard, the CTO for Cisco’s security business. More on Network World: Cisco Talos: Spam at levels not seen since 2010 To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

They left for Denver, but Russell Wilson and Ciara are opening a second fashion store in Seattle area


Former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and singer/entertainer Ciara have galloped off to Denver where Wilson now plays for the Broncos, but the couple is continuing the Seattle-area expansion of their fashion store The House of LR&C.

How Levi’s uses AI to accelerate its design process and digital transformation

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AI Data Dev Enterprise technology artificial intelligence category-/News consumer digital transformation fashion fashion tech fashion technology levi strauss levisAs a company that has been producing jeans and other denim apparel since 1853, Levi Strauss & Co.

Rick & Morty Anime Will Return Very Soon, in Spooktacular Fashion

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An interesting result in the long-running Friday the 13th lawsuit has emerged. Chris Columbus will no longer direct Five Nights at Freddy’s. Rob Zombie teases The Munsters ’ haunted abode. Plus, Doom Patrol takes on Dada , and a new look at R.L. Stine’s Disney+ horror anthology. Spoilers get!

The Fashion Industry Is Getting More Intelligent With AI


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes about the ways in which the fashion industry is using AI: The fashion industry is just as much about creating demand and brand awareness as it is about the manufacturing of fashion products.

WandaVision Opened With a Stylishly Old-Fashioned Web of Lies and Intrigue

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The first of WandaVision ’s many secrets is one that the new Disney+ series actually reveals to you in the premiere episode’s first moments.

Popular Danish fashion ERP provider opens service in New York

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Admiral Consulting Group has concluded a partnership agreement to sell, implement and support the ERP solutions of Denmark’s TRIMIT Fashion, a multi-vertical integrated software system for the fashion and apparel industry based on Microsoft Dynamics. TRIMIT covers the entire fashion industry value chain from design through quotation/order and production to customer service.

Amazon will close bookstores, 4-star and Pop Up retail outlets to focus on grocery and fashion


Another ongoing focus will be Amazon Style , a new line of fashion stores, which was announced last month. Amazon’s first bookstore opened in November 2015 at Seattle’s University Village. GeekWire File Photo).