eCommerce Will Account for 36% of Global Fashion Retail Sales by 2022

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Fashion is the second largest retail category after grocery. A quarter of clothing, accessories, and footwear (fashion) spending already occurs online and is still rapidly growing. In our recently published Online Fashion Retail […].

IT As Fashion Statement

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Dratz again

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Fashionable Wearable Charger for your Smartphone


This Fashionable Bracelet Doubles Up As A Portable Charger For Your Smartphone [Video] ( QBracelet wearable battery taps into fashion ( Q Design introduces QBracelet, a fashion accessory that charges your mobile devices (

E-ink: Taking Fashion to a New Level


Now, e-ink is transitioning to the fashion world. By Katie Kennedy. Today we are just beginning to see what e-ink has to offer. With e-readers, e-ink multi-cards, the Pebble smartwatch, and more devices on the market, e-ink can be used in a variety of ways due to its flexibility.

The Fashion Industry Is Getting More Intelligent With AI


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes about the ways in which the fashion industry is using AI: The fashion industry is just as much about creating demand and brand awareness as it is about the manufacturing of fashion products.

Popular Danish fashion ERP provider opens service in New York

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Admiral Consulting Group has concluded a partnership agreement to sell, implement and support the ERP solutions of Denmark’s TRIMIT Fashion, a multi-vertical integrated software system for the fashion and apparel industry based on Microsoft Dynamics. TRIMIT covers the entire fashion industry value chain from design through quotation/order and production to customer service.

Cisco fashions tactical ransomware defense

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Cisco has taken a look at its security capabilities and those of its partners and come up with a playbook to address ransomware. Ransomware Defense can incorporate a range of Cisco products and address different levels of concern customers might have about ransomware, says Dan Hubbard, the CTO for Cisco’s security business. More on Network World: Cisco Talos: Spam at levels not seen since 2010 To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

CIO interview: How River Island is using cloud to fend off its fast fashion competitors

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River Island CIO, Doug Gardner, on how embracing cloud, online and mobile devices is driving sales in its high street stores

Keynote: Social Media in Fashion Retailing

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Tomorrow morning I am giving a keynote to the managers of a national shopping center group about the power of social media in retail, focused on fashion. Social Media Strategy : A run through our well-known Social Media Strategy Framework in the context of fashion.

Access Governance: Managing the who and what of data access rights in a timely fashion


Inevitably, there will be some components that still need to be accomplished in a manual fashion. If something is different than the “norm” for a role, it can be revoked in a timely fashion. Dean Wiech. Over the past decade, many organizations have, or at least attempted to, implement access governance (AG) applications within their organizations.

CIO interview: Alex Alexander, Yoox Net-a-Porter

Computer Weekly

It is not always the catwalk where the biggest trends in fashion take place. Tech is driving fashion today, says Yoox Net-a-Porter CIO Alex Alexander

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CIO interview: Jim Downing, Metail

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Jim Downing, CTO at digital fashion plugin Metail, believes selling fashion online is still difficult for retailers despite shifts towards omni-channel

No Shortage of Twitter Snark as AWS Outage Disrupts the Internet

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Nothing inspires IT-themed sarcasm like a good old-fashioned cloud meltdown Read More. Amazon Cloud Computing Downtime

Smart Retail eCommerce Shopping Features And What We Can Learn From Them

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Here are three examples of smart retail website features making online shopping easier in fashion today […]. Retailers are trying to differentiate their shopping experiences to win, serve, and, retain increasingly empowered customers.

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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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Le Tote Buys Lord + Taylor — A Most Peculiar Way To Buy Growth Fashion subscription company Le Tote agreed to acquire the storied (if tired) department store Lord + Taylor.

How retailers are using technology to remain relevant

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From the constant innovation at Asos, Amazon and Missguided to the new supply chain prowess flaunted by Diesel and Gap, fashion retailers are investing in tech to stay relevant to their customers

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Victoria’s Secret’s Cautionary Brand Tale: When Intimates Fail To Be Intimate

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The World Is Shocked That Victoria’s Secret Canceled Its Runway Show — Kidding Victoria’s Secret (VS) parent L Brands shared in its Q3 earnings call that it canceled the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Once famous for winged “angel” models whose exposure (pun intended) propelled them into the supermodel stratosphere, the televised event struggled of late […]. age of the customer

Build vs. Buy: Cimpress Chooses Both

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With diverse brands such as business card site VistaPrint and fashion apparel and accessories customization studio Vida, Cimpress has a formula for efficiency

Deal Registration and the Oracle Sales Cloud API

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The Oracle Sales Cloud REST API delivers strong capabilities for managing the registration of deals in an automated fashion. Middleware can leverage the specified Oracle Sales Cloud API resources to automate deal registration processes

Four Cloud Security Concerns (and How to Address Them)


Counter to the structured and disciplined rigor of old-school, waterfall, data-center-centric application development, there’s code being deployed in a nearly continuous fashion. Read Matthew Chiodi list top four cloud security concerns and how to address them on Palo Alto Networks Blog : The cloud can be overwhelming.

Could a Digital Transformation Have Saved Payless ShoeSource?

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Keeping up with emerging fashion trends and building attractive stores requires constant investment, which was also a challenge for Payless. Commerce Consumer Markets Digital Transformation digital transformation E-commerce eCommerce fashion payless shoesourceMore people are opting to shop online rather than in stores. This trend comes from ease and convenience of online shopping. At the click of a button, all of a consumers goods will be delivered within the week.

AI Ethics: Where to Start


How can organizations ensure that their algorithms are acting in a responsible and ethical fashion? Even as so many enterprises are still struggling to move their artificial intelligence and machine learning pilots into production, there’s another challenge on the horizon. For those that don’t figure this out, the results can cause embarrassment at best and potentially […].

Stop Prioritizing CX Painpoints

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From a customer impact perspective, it may seem to make sense that you would start prioritizing your CX improvement efforts based on a list of customer or user painpoints – in a similar fashion that an emergency department would triage incoming patients.

Establishing DevOps-Friendly Infrastructure Orchestration

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How can they leverage infrastructure orchestration to support DevOps initiatives in a sustainable fashion? IT organizations face increasing pressure to move faster to support business initiatives, writes Alex Henthorn-Iwane of QualiSystems. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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5 Ways to Secure Your Cloud Apps

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Cloud security folks and malicious hackers continue to duke it out in the trenches in a similar fashion. Radar detectors are always chasing radar guns, the technologies trying to “one up” each other. The movement to cloud-based applications has drawn the significant attention of malicious hackers worldwide, putting businesses, security experts, and IT personnel at high alert, looking

CTOvision Tech News Update


Globally, cybersecurity incidents show a continued evolution of tactics, techniques and methods, but the most sinister still seem to involve old fashioned deception tactics. Tech news over the last week confirms many trends you are already no doubt tracking. Deception tactics are now being used to attack cryptocurrency wallets. If you have your own cryptocurrency […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security News

How Data Center Trends Are Forcing a Revisit of the Database

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Our approach to infrastructure has morphed in response, and yet databases remain largely unchanged -- processing jobs in the same lowest common denominator fashion as they always have and wasting compute and storage resources in the process. Read More. Industry Perspectives

7 Reasons Why Enterprises Must Invest in an Employee Training App


Therefore, enterprises are advised to leverage a training app to deliver engaging training in a cost-effective fashion, which will increase employee productivity and business output. You probably have at least ten different apps on your phone.

CenturyLink aims to bring VoIP to more SMBs

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Large enterprises figured out years ago that VoIP services, once put in place of traditional landlines, could save a bundle and allow for software integration and customization far beyond the capabilities of any old-fashioned, twisted-pair phone. Small- to mid-sized businesses, on the other hand, have not exactly jumped on board the VoIP train, instead clinging to their landlines and

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5 Reasons Why Publishers should opt for eBook Distribution Services


They are here to stay and will obliterate the good old-fashioned concept of printed textbooks in due course. The online world has given us many virtual extensions that have transformed the way we deal with the world around us.

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IO Conducts PUE Faceoff: Modular vs. Raised Floor

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It''s a hard question to answer in a satisfying fashion without comparing apples and oranges. Which delivers the best energy efficiency: raised-floor space or a modular data center? IO has compared the PUE performance of both models within a single facility. Green Data Centers IO

BYOD and its Impact on Enterprise Content Delivery


Not only working on their own devices helps employees work better, ease of access to content enables them to structure their work schedule in a better fashion. Over the last two decades, the way enterprises consume content has changed drastically.

NFL Linemen Show Business How It’s Done

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Data and files are getting larger, yet still must get from point A to point B in an expedited fashion. It can no longer be the big, slow data it once was, but enterprises still fail to fully embrace the agility component. Read More. Industry Perspectives

2 big mistakes to avoid in edge computing

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However, it’s not a substitute for a good architectural approach and old-fashioned pragmatism. More things are being pushed to the edge. Think of the edge as the space between the cloud and whatever device or system is tossing off data. The idea is to do most of the processing at the edge, close to where the data is produced.

A Simple DNS Configuration Change Can Reduce Your Risk. Here Is What To Do


bg Have you ever seen a picture of an old fashioned telephone operator? Editor's note: We are aiming this tutorial at the non-technical person. Please share with anyone in your life who could benefit from this. -bg The operator played a critical function in establishing a global telephone network where any phone could talk to any phone. […]. CTO Cyber Security News Tech Advice The Boardroom