Google Cloud research credits expand to nonprofits

Venture Beast

Google Cloud is extending research credits to nonprofit researchers, according to an announcement in a company blog post. Read More.

Windfall nabs $21M for AI that aids nonprofit fundraising

Venture Beast

Windfall, a startup developing a data science platform for nonprofits, has raised $21 million in venture capital. Read More.


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How a Small Nonprofit Succeeded in Digital Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

One of my favorite clients, Charity Navigator, just released a major upgrade to how they process and rate nonprofit charities.

Mixed Links for Nonprofit Communicators

Computer Weekly

You’ll have everything you need to be an amazing nonprofit communications professional. Find out How to Use Facebook Live to Raise Money For Your Nonprofit with John Haydon. Nonprofit Tech for Good has released their 2018 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar. Beth Kanter shares 3 New Year’s Rituals for Nonprofit Professionals To Begin 2018 with Clarity. Nonprofit Training. Mixed Links Nonprofit CommunicationsEveryone back to work yet?

How To Start A Nonprofit Organization


This article will share some tips on how to start a nonprofit organization. Tips on how to start a nonprofit organization. Life Technology nonprofit organization organizationStarting a non-profit organization is a great way to support a cause you believe in.

Cloudera Foundation merger strengthens data science and AI support for nonprofits

Venture Beast

McGovern Foundation will merge to launch an initiative to promote nonprofits' adoption of AI. The Cloudera Foundation and Patrick J. Read More.

Strategies for Securing Nonprofit Networks

Doctor Chaos

Nonprofits often think about how to attract more volunteers or achieve a greater reach with their fundraising initiatives. Nonprofits Are Vulnerable Unfortunately, though, nonprofits are at risk for cyberattacks. However, getting targeted by cybercriminals is a possibility that may not come up for discussion. That’s the case for several reasons. For example, they often don’t […]. Cyber cyber crime ransomware

Silicon Valley Defense Group: Securing Democracy Through Innovation


News nonprofitThe Silicon Valley Defense Group (SVDG) seeks to align and connect the people, capital and ideas that will ensure allied democracies retain a durable techno-security advantage.

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Is your company offering fair pay? New nonprofit certifies those with nondiscriminatory wages


A new nonprofit is trying to keep the momentum going. The idea for the nonprofit originated two years ago with leaders from the Seattle startup Syndio : CEO Maria Colacurcio and founder and Chief Data Scientist Zev Eigen.

Microsoft’s Erik Arnold merges passion for tech and philanthropy to help nonprofits gain digital success


Arnold spent time at the Gates-owned Corbis, at PATH, which has a close partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and now Microsoft, where Arnold is CTO of the company’s nonprofit-focused Tech for Social Impact. Website: Microsoft for nonprofits.

Deena Pierott works hard for underrepresented youth in STEM, but funding her nonprofit isn’t easy


iUrban Teen founder Deena Pierott, left, received some funding for her nonprofit from Seattle Seahawks player Bobby Wagner, right. ” Exposure and access is something Pierott would like more of for herself, for iUrban Teen and for the work the nonprofit has been doing over the years.

Microsoft announces industry clouds for finance, manufacturing, and nonprofits

Venture Beast

Microsoft announced a trio of new industry clouds as the company doubles down on its specialized, sector-specific support. Read More.

The Alliance for Digital Innovation: Accelerating change by driving government adoption of innovative commercial technology


CTO nonprofitThe Alliance for Digital Innovation is a Group of some of the nation’s most innovative, admired and virtuous technology organizations. They exist to accelerate change by driving government’s adoption of innovative commercial technology.

What’s your superpower? When CSR and volunteerism go hand in hand, nonprofits win big

Venture Beast

With skills-based volunteerism, employees offer resources that keep giving well beyond the present and into the future: knowledge and talent. Read More. Enterprise category-/Business & Industrial

Gates Foundation poached Washington STEM CEO, then gave nonprofit $100K to find a replacement


In June, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that it hired Angela Jones , the well-regarded CEO of Washington STEM , the statewide education nonprofit that connects underserved students with STEM education and opportunities.

6 Reasons Why Associations & Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive


And a majority of these organizations are the nonprofit associations. While for-profit companies will always be the first ones to invest in latest technologies and innovations to drive their revenue, nonprofit organizations lag behind. Nonprofit / October 10, 2019.

How nonprofits are transforming their remote programming to support girls in STEM

Venture Beast

Girls Who Code,, and NCWIT are working to close the tech gender gap with pandemic-adjusted strategies for education and community. Read More. Business Dev Marketing Media category-/News ed-tech Education Girls Who Code ncwit remote learning women in stem women in tech

How the Gates Foundation and Seattle nonprofit PATH are helping get oxygen to India


million into efforts by Seattle-based nonprofit PATH to bring more oxygen to COVID-19 patients in India. PATH coordinated with vendors to install pressure swing adsorption oxygen generation plants at medical facilities in India. Photo courtesy of PATH).

Solar power nonprofit goes digital to bring installation instruction to underserved communities


In 2019, Remote Energy traveled to Kenya to train women in solar photovoltaic installation in partnership with a nonprofit called Women in Sustainable Energy and Entrepreneurship, which works with women in Eastern Africa. Their nonprofit, Tacoma, Wash.-based

Newly Nonprofit Vancouver Internet Exchange Moves Into Cologix Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

The colocation deal is part of the process of restructuring VANIX as a nonprofit member-governed Internet exchange. Read More. colocation Cologix Connectivity Peering

Airbnb launches nonprofit to provide stays for essential workers and refugees

The Verge

Airbnb is launching a nonprofit to allow the hosts who rent out their properties on its platform to provide free and discounted stays to refugees, people affected by natural disasters, and frontline workers in the coronavirus pandemic.

Nonprofit uses AWS grant to put 756 terabytes of cancer research data in the cloud

Tech Republic Cloud

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and the Childhood Cancer Data Lab are cleaning up genome data and speeding up the research process

Microsoft and Facebook vet leads nonprofit making software to improve COVID-19 rapid tests


A Seattle-based nonprofit launched to provide digital health solutions for poorer countries is applying its expertise to help with COVID-19 testing. The nonprofit uses machine learning to analyze thousands of photos of test results to automate the interpretation results.

Nonprofit takes D&D digital to help kids who struggle socially, and to study its own impact


The founders of the nonprofit had gathered heaps of anecdotal evidence that tabletop games such as Dungeons & Dragons could help kids who struggled socially — whether they had autism, ADHD, anxiety or other challenges — learn to more successfully interact with others.

Microsoft announces new cloud platforms built for financial services firms, nonprofits and manufacturers

Tech Republic Cloud

CEO Satya Nadella said these new services will help businesses make faster and more intelligent decisions and build their own tech solutions

AWS Imagine Grants offer up to $100,000 in cloud services to nonprofits

Tech Republic Cloud

The company wants to support organizations that prioritize technology as a mission-critical component of their work

6 Reasons Why Associations and Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive


And a majority of these organizations are the nonprofit associations. While for-profit companies will always be the first ones to invest in latest technologies and innovations to drive their revenue, nonprofit organizations lag behind. In this blog we will focus on why nonprofit associations and societies must have a digital archive of their documents. The post 6 Reasons Why Associations and Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive appeared first on Kitaboo.

Apple and nonprofit Common Sense Media team up to provide kid podcast recs

The Verge

The company is teaming up with nonprofit Common Sense Media, which specializes in age-based content reviews, to curate various collections that’ll appear in the Apple Podcasts app in the US and online. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

New platform from nonprofit Carina offers quick searches for in-home childcare openings


Pivotal Labs, working through its Pivotal Act program that benefits nonprofits, provided two months of free engineering for the project. Childcare owner Katina Richardson, one of the providers on Carina. Photo courtesy of Carina).

Sign up for GeekWire’s first-ever virtual sports competition, raising money for nonprofits


A portion of the team entry fee will be placed into a collective prize pool, with the winning team designating a nonprofit of their choice to receive the funds.

How nonprofits use big data to change the world

Tech Republic Big Data

Foundation Center has the world's largest database of grant and fundraising information. Learn how the organization uses big data to create apps that encourage transparency and innovation

Seattle’s Technology Matching Fund awards $343k to 15 nonprofits helping to bridge digital divide


The City of Seattle has announced the recipients of the 2021 Technology Matching Fund , which provides aid to community-led projects increasing access to technology and providing digital skills training for underserved communities.

OK Go releases emotional coronavirus music video to benefit healthcare nonprofit

Mashable Tech

OK Go , the band known for creative, mind-boggling music videos, is back with an emotional new song and video that they recorded in quarantine.

How The Trevor Project uses AI to help LGBTQ+ youth and train its counselors

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Cloud Dev Security ai artificial intelligence category-/People & Society chatbots Inclusion lgbtq NLP NLP ethics nonprofit privacy safetyTo better serve its mission of reducing suicide among LGBTQ+ youth, The Trevor Project turned to natural language processing (NLP).

Why Should Associations Invest In Technology?


Also Read: 6 Reasons Why Associations & Nonprofits Need a Digital Archive. Nonprofit Organizations & Associations / December 27, 2019. Nonprofit Organizations & Associations / October 17, 2019. Nonprofit Organizations & Associations / October 24, 2019.

Ada Developers Academy going independent in hopes of expanding its tech diversity impact


In an email to supporters this week, Ada laid out what it hopes to achieve through independence as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit: Expanding class sizes. Education Ada Developers Academy Diversity equity nonprofitAda Developers Academy graduates at a graduation event Jan. 7, 2019.

A Strategy to Aid Underserved Communities and Fill Tech Jobs

Information Week

Nonprofit DevOps academy takes educational approach to open up career opportunities for the underserved as well as address ongoing demand for IT personnel

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‘Two Screens for Teachers’ to supply extra monitors in Seattle and puts out call for help in other cities


The nonprofit organization “Two Screens for Teachers” announced Tuesday that it’s purchasing a second computer monitor for every teacher who needs one, and plans to deliver about 3,000 monitors at a value of around $430,000.

As communities reopen, new Seattle nonprofit ‘Restart Partners’ is on a mission to boost mask usage


To promote the voluntary use of protective masks, including fabric and medical-grade face coverings, Badshah teamed up with former Microsoft executive Rich Tong and former dean of the Evans School Sandra Archibald to launch the Seattle-based nonprofit Restart Partners.

Benefits of a Digital Library for Associations and Non-Profit Organizations


These organizations, which are more often than not nonprofit associations, still store their sensitive data in the form of hard copies. To that end, we will take a look at the importance of a digital library today and how nonprofit associations can benefit from having one.

LAN 60

Security Magazine Presents: 5 minutes with Tony Bai and Joe Cortese – The future of supply chain security


In 2021’s first quarter, nearly 140 organizations reported being impacted by a supply chain attack, which saw an increase of 42% during the period compared with the prior quarter, according to the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC).

How Can Societies Digitize Publishing and Delivery Process


Although it benefits all sectors we work in, we will focus on nonprofit organizations and publishing in this article. Why should nonprofit organizations and associations switch to digital publishing? Almost all nonprofit organizations practice the tradition of printing journals and reports. How will a digital report benefit the members of a nonprofit society? Digital Publishing Nonprofit Digital publishing digital publishing for associations ereport report publishing