Amazon Go Ushers In A New Era In Retail Technology

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Becuase it gives shoppers back significant time savings and it gives retailers potentially enormous costs savings. Amazon's new Amazon Go store ushers in a new era in brick and mortar grocery and convenience shopping. In the early 80's, electronic point of sale (POS) dramatically changed the checkout experience in grocery stores, speeding up checkout lines.

Can Retail Analytics Help Win The Shopping Basket Battle?


The vast amount of big data that supermarkets and grocery retailers now have at their disposal is set to have a critical role to play in who wins out on market share in this highly competitive industry. Enhanced data analytics enable the retailers to make rapid buying decisions to enhance the customer experience. Enhanced data analytics enable the retailers to make quick business decisions, improving customer satisfaction and the customer experience. Sanjeev Sularia.

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Retail Analytics Has The Power To Bridge The Online And Offline Worlds


Shopping has changed – consumers now want to be able to shop in-store or online, wherever and whenever they want, but the problem is many retailers still don’t see the two roads intersecting, which means they are losing out when it comes to sales. There are retailers that have managed to create a smooth omni-channel experience between online and store, such as Apple for example. Sanjeev Sularia.

Are US Retailers Black Friday Combat Ready?


His post is also relevant to non-retail organizations and even government. The problem is that pricing is a bigger issue in US retail than anyone suspects. Our insights into the US retail ecosystem – based on real-time, comprehensive data feeds – proves that the majority of ecommerce sites are very slow at refreshing online prices. Sanjeev Sularia.

The supply chain’s growing importance in modern retail

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Efficient supply chain management is crucial if retailers are to offer their customers the required shopping experience in today’s complex trading environment

Short Form Product Video Can Be The Key To Converting Customers

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In fact, some retailers added video production to their existing photography process and they're using the same equipment. Because of this, video ranks among the top new initiatives where retailers plan to invest in 2016. retail.

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The Convergence of Digital and Physical Customer Interactions in Today’s On-Demand Economy

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Another company in Ascent’s portfolio, Vee24, provides live video chat technology allowing brands and retailers to connect in real time with customers over the web, on mobile devices, and in-stores, using voice, video chat, text chat, and co-browsing.

Top 10 retail IT stories in 2016

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Computer Weekly looks over how the shifting consumer landscape has changed the retail industry during 2016, with increased collaboration, growing consumer power, and mergers and acquisitions

One million cyber attacks on UK retailers forecast for Christmas

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Cyber attacks on internet shopping are expected to increase in the run up to Christmas, with a million attacks targeted at UK retailers alone

Almost 100% of retailers think IT is critical to store branches

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Retailers are beginning to realise the role technology plays in the online and offline space, with a majority of retailers saying IT is essential to stores

Retail websites riddled with security holes, researchers warn

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Retailers urged to improve the security of their online stores amid a series of discoveries of cyber criminal campaigns to exploit vulnerabilities in retail websites

Europol hosts simulated cyber attack on retail sector

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Europol and MasterCard hold a retail cyber attack simulation exercise to raise awareness of the issue and how to respond to attacks, as well as promote information sharing in the sector

Global Retail Data Center Colocation Market Reaches $25B

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451 Research says top 10 players account for about 30 percent of revenue Read More. colocation Supply and Demand

Less than 8% of retailers respond to customer queries across all channels

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The omni-channel environment of the retail industry is raising customer service expectations, but very few retailers are responding to consumers on all of the channels they offer

US retailer Target agrees $18.5m data breach settlement

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A breach settlement with 47 US states has taken the cost of the 2013 data breach at retailer Target to more than $220m

More than half of consumers trust reviews over retailer advice

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Consumers are now more trusting of other customers and product reviews than they are of advice given by retailers

Consumers want to use retailer apps in-store

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Consumers want retailers to implement applications that can be used in-store to offer personalisation and convenience

Customer expectation is biggest problem for retail, says panel

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As retailers increasingly try to serve consumers across online, in-store and mobile, the main challenge they face is consumer expectation, according to a panel of experts

Outdated IT limits retail gains from customer data

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Legacy IT systems are making it more difficult for retailers to collect and use customer data to improve services

Retail tech training – an opportunity to drive employee retention?

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A job in retail is often the first employment many people will have, so could technology training increase the retention of store staff

Retail industry steps up the fight against rising cyber threats

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UK retail body BRC publishes the first of its kind step-by-step guide on how to manage cyber security threats

IDG Contributor Network: The retail EMV quagmire

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Retailers have this love-hate relationship with EMV, in that they love to hate EMV. With that in mind, it's easy to understand why major retailers — Walmart last month and Home Depot last week — are suing Visa and MasterCard in an attempt to fight chip cards any way they can. Of course, the retail argument isn't quite phrased that way. It's slow, cumbersome, alienates customers and until a store fully deploys it, the liability shift is expensive.

More Than Half of US Retailers Plan to Move Ecommerce Hosting to the Cloud in 2015: Report

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Cloud technology will help support ecommerce growth, with 55 percent of retailers planning to bring ecommerce hosting into the cloud in 2015 Read More. Shared

IDG Contributor Network: Home Depot reminds us why store-centric will be the death of retailers

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As we start the sprint to this year's holiday shopping season, I had hoped to start to see the disappearance of the store-centric mentality that has hurt so much of retail for years. This is best illustrated by complaints — from the likes of Target, Walmart and Home Depot — that they are being victimized by showrooming with Amazon. It was a bogus argument from the start.

4 Ways the IoT Can Feed Customer Data into Retail CRM Databases

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Internet of Things (IoT) data in their raw form are messy. They need a lot of work to parse and pick the useful information out of the constant stream. Even with the data elements separated, organized, and stored in understandable ways, there’s too much of it to analyze manually. Throw in the continuous stream of new data, and it is overwhelming to businesspeople. Most businesspeople

Singapore retailer shifts IT infrastructure to the cloud

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Challenger is moving its IT infrastructure to the cloud to enable it to respond better to business growth

Insurers face same legacy system battle as retail banks

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The biggest barrier to insurance companies adopting digital technology is their heavy reliance on legacy IT systems

John Lewis chooses three retail tech startups to receive 2016 JLab funding

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Department store retailer John Lewis selects three retail tech startups to receive their share of the £200,000 JLab funding pot

Retail-Colocation Startup Patronus Planning $250M Data Center Campus in Dallas-Fort Worth

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New retail colo provider founded by a seasoned team going after untapped but booming Frisco market. Read More. colocation Dallas

ITaaS -- Creating That Retail Experience For Your Users - Chuck's.

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ITaaS -- Creating That Retail Experience For Your Users.   Sellers of consumer tech strive to create great online retail experiences, why wouldn't we import that idea  into the enterprise IT world? Attractive design, looks like an online retail shop, right? 

Failure to Maintain PCI Compliance Exposes Online Retailers to Security Breaches

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Online retailers are struggling with an increased number of security breaches. Read More. Shared

Report: Retail Colo Growth in Europe Outpaces Wholesale Data Center Growth

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Carrier-neutral retail colo growth rate is highest European markets have seen over past five quarters Read More. colocation Europe Supply and Demand

Retail banks ordered to open up APIs

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The Competitions and Markets Authority opens up the banking apps market following an investigation into how to create greater competition in banking