Google launches suite of AI-powered solutions for retailers

Venture Beast

Google's new Product Discovery Solutions for Retail aims to address ecommerce challenges during the pandemic with AI and machine learning. Read More.

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BBC on Retail Robots


This is a great video because it captures the state of robotics in the retail industry. It starts off with developments pioneered by Amazon in their warehouse and fulfillment centers, and also includes the safety devices used by humans who need to interact with these dangerous robots. The video also reviews robots in use in […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News Robots

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Blockchain & the Retail Industry: Product Safety and Counterfeiting Use Cases


Falvey and Justin Porter explain the use of blockchain technology in the retail sector on Lexology: Blockchain is a digital, decentralized, distributed ledger that […]. Read Michelle Ann Gitlitz, Cheryl A.

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Insights From Forrester’s US Retail Recovery Heat Map – January 2021

Forrester Jay McBain

Over the last ten months, we have estimated how the retail economies of 30 major US metropolitan areas are recovering from COVID-19. Age of the Customer pandemic Retail Trends

Google launches its Recommendations AI tool for online retailers


Google LLC said today that its Recommendations AI tool is now publicly available in public beta test mode. Recommendations AI was first announced in private beta in April 2019, and relies […].

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5G and edge computing help retailers work smarter behind the scenes 

Venture Beast

Retailers can use edge computing, fed by 5G-capable IoT endpoints, to give their customers a safer, more convenient shopping experience. AR/VR Big Data Business Mobile 5G 5G IOT analytics and big data category-/Computers & Electronics edge computing retail

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AiFi raises $15 million to accelerate cashierless retail

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Entrepreneur Mobile ai Aifi artificial intelligence cashierless category-/Business & Industrial computer vision funding daily machine learning retail

The shift to contactless physical retail and promise of haptics for online retail

Trends in the Living Networks

Yesterday the Sunrise national breakfast TV program featured brief excerpts from an interview with me highlighting two related key trends: Physical retail is going contactless, avoiding touch where possible, and online retail is using haptics to enable touch and feel at a distance.

JLab 2017 retail startups describe tackling retail’s biggest challenges

Computer Weekly

This year’s cohort of retail startups in the JLab accelerator describe the retail challenges their businesses face and how the 2017 JLab differs from the rest

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Amazon's Kicking Retailers While They're Down (Again)

GizModo VR

In case you haven’t heard, retail is in trouble. the retail apocalypse amazon retail

Hands-on: Amazon Fresh grocery stores tease brick-and-mortar retail’s future

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Business Commerce Marketing Mobile Amazon Amazon Fresh Amazon Fresh grocery store category-/Business & Industrial Dash Cart grocery retail shopping supermarket

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Are US Retailers Black Friday Combat Ready?


His post is also relevant to non-retail organizations and even government. The problem is that pricing is a bigger issue in US retail than anyone suspects. Our insights into the US retail ecosystem – based on real-time, comprehensive data feeds – proves that the majority of ecommerce sites are very slow at refreshing online prices. Sanjeev Sularia.

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Customers can keep certain products under new retailer return policies


The uptick in online shopping over the past year has prompted some retailers to rethink how they handle returns

How Retail is Advancing AI, IoT

Information Week

Combining computer vision, IoT, and AI creates a system that delivers more value than those three technologies in isolation, as the retail industry is highlighting

Retail 128

How artificial intelligence is powering retail customer experience

Computer Weekly

Retailers are beginning to explore how cognitive computing and AI could make e-commerce smarter and more personalised

Is tech investment taking away retail jobs?

Computer Weekly

Jobs in retail are in decline, and many blame increasing costs and investment in technology – but what should retailers do to adapt to tech disruption

Retail 130

Retail websites riddled with security holes, researchers warn

Computer Weekly

Retailers urged to improve the security of their online stores amid a series of discoveries of cyber criminal campaigns to exploit vulnerabilities in retail websites

Retail 188

5 Questions Retailers Should Ask Before Using The Internet Of Things In Stores


Read Kass Dawson list five questions that every retailer who intends to use Internet of Things connected devices in their stores should be ready for on Ad Age : McKinsey estimates that by 2025, the potential economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) in retail could be anywhere from $410 billion to $1.2

One million cyber attacks on UK retailers forecast for Christmas

Computer Weekly

Cyber attacks on internet shopping are expected to increase in the run up to Christmas, with a million attacks targeted at UK retailers alone

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Consumers share their top frustrations about online retail purchasing

Tech Republic Security

People say they've abandoned purchases at online retail stores because of the hassle of dealing with passwords, according to the FIDO Alliance

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Future Of Retail 2020: Retailers Will Create Bold Employee Experiences

Forrester's Customer Insights

To understand how Forrester’s predictions will unfold in the retail industry in 2020, my colleague Madeline Cyr and I interviewed experts within Forrester for our “Applying 2020 Predictions To Retail” series. age of the customer employee experience prediction retail customer and employee experience gender non binary retail associate Retail industry retail industry trends

UK lawmakers propose law banning retail bots after PS5 fiasco

Tech Republic Security

The legislation would both ban the resale of goods acquired using bots and the resale of tech products above the manufacturers' price

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Retailers: Here’s How Consumers Are Shopping This Holiday Season

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer Customer Insights customer loyalty customer relationship management (CRM) Fulfillment holiday omnichannel customer experience pandemic retail loyalty Retail Trends

10 Ways to Make Retail Training More Impactful


The importance of retail stores can be seen with the emergence of new stores every year. NRF forecasts that retail sales in 2019 will increase between 3.8% How do you ensure that your retail staff provides a good shopping experience? Through retail training of course. Your retail staff interact with them and help them make purchases, assisting them in their buying journey. Did you know that 1 in 4 of America’s working teenagers works in retail?

Retailers urged to change approach to demand forecasting

Computer Weekly

To achieve optimal fulfilment performance, retailers must now forecast how consumers will shop and understand the influences behind purchasing decisions

Retail 165

Shoptalk 2017: Retail is dead, long live retail!

The Investing Edge

Discussion about the future of retail has never been more lively and opinions around what’s to come are diverse. Is retail dying? These topics and many others fueled interesting chatter last month, as Las Vegas flooded with everyone and anyone in the marketing and/or retail industries, attending conferences from Adobe Summit to Shoptalk and IBM Amplify. I met with and listened to panels of retailers, brands, technology vendors, consultants – you name it.

Amazon Go Ushers In A New Era In Retail Technology

Forrester IT

Becuase it gives shoppers back significant time savings and it gives retailers potentially enormous costs savings. Amazon's new Amazon Go store ushers in a new era in brick and mortar grocery and convenience shopping. In the early 80's, electronic point of sale (POS) dramatically changed the checkout experience in grocery stores, speeding up checkout lines.

Retail 270

John Lewis chooses three retail tech startups to receive 2016 JLab funding

Computer Weekly

Department store retailer John Lewis selects three retail tech startups to receive their share of the £200,000 JLab funding pot

Retail 191

Cybercrime Against Online Retailers Skyrockets During COVID-19

SecureWorld News

And according to recent research, this pandemic has had a similar effect on cybercriminals against online retailers. Survey: 41% of online retailers experiencing a cybercrime increase. And as a world of consumers, this shift naturally applies to retail as well. As with watchers of "Tiger King," people investing in at-home gyms, and millennials with sourdough starters, the number of online retail sales exploded alongside the coronavirus.

Retailers Catch Up with Technology Investments

Information Week

Retailers will invest more heavily in IT technology than other industries do in the coming years. Here's how this industry will leverage technology to take them into the future

Retail 103

Statistics show retailers need to improve data security

Computer Weekly

Data breach statistics show retailers need to address customer data security ahead of the GDPR compliance deadline, a law firm has warned

Retail 164

Vertebrae lets fashion retail websites offer AR try-ons, no app needed

Venture Beast

Fashion retailing has become challenging thanks to store closures and pandemic concerns, but web-based AR try-on tools could help stores sell more online. AR/VR Commerce Dev Marketing Mobile app-free AR ar clothing AR try-on category-/News clothing try-on Goodr retail Tenth Street Hats Vertebrae virtual try-on websiteRead More.

PS5 New Stock Update: Walmart, Target, NewEgg and Other Retailers


PS5 new stocks continue to arrive with major retailers in limited numbers. They have asked people to always keep a close watch as stocks are being sent to all major retailers in limited quantities from time to time.

Microsoft is permanently closing all physical retail stores

Venture Beast

Microsoft will permanently close its retail stores and put its resources into online channels, after closing the outlets in late March due to COVID-19. Read More. Business Commerce Enterprise Marketing category-/News Covid-19 Microsoft Microsoft Store

Retailers Screwed Everyone on PlayStation 5 Preorders

GizModo VR

Then retailers everywhere jumped the gun, confusion was rampant, and now you’ve got a bunch of pissed off gamers asking Sony, what in the actual hell? Yesterday, we finally got the skinny on the PlayStation 5's launch date, price, and what we thought was the pre-order date.

Europol hosts simulated cyber attack on retail sector

Computer Weekly

Europol and MasterCard hold a retail cyber attack simulation exercise to raise awareness of the issue and how to respond to attacks, as well as promote information sharing in the sector

Retail 188

Top 10 retail IT stories in 2016

Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly looks over how the shifting consumer landscape has changed the retail industry during 2016, with increased collaboration, growing consumer power, and mergers and acquisitions

Retail 127

eTail Nordic Panel: Impact Of The Pandemic On Nordic Retailers

Forrester's Customer Insights

Our discussion was focused on different retailers’ experiences of the pandemic and how it has impacted their business operations and strategic objectives. Joining me in this discussion were executives from Apoteket (a pharmacy and general retailer, similar to […].

Weird Seattle retailer Archie McPhee hit with even weirder PayPal problem, foiling Tardigrade sales


Seattle-based retailer Archie McPhee ‘s slogan, “we make weird,” usually applies to the products they sell, such as mac & cheese-flavored candy canes or their internet-famous horse head mask. Geek Culture Retail archie mcphee PayPal tardigrade

Retail 114

Retail data breaches still high as GDPR deadline looms

Computer Weekly

As the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline approaches, retail data breaches remain unacceptably high, a data threat report reveals

Retail 153

Amazon opens new Go Grocery store in Microsoft’s neighborhood, as their retail tech rivalry grows


Just last month, Amazon unveiled another concept in its ongoing expansion of physical retail offerings with the opening of Amazon Fresh Grocery in Woodland Hills, Calif. Amazon Amazon Go Grocery cashierless grocery Redmond retail

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What Were Other Retailers Up To This Prime Day?

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer Customer Engagement holiday Retail Retail TrendsSince 2015, Amazon has hosted its annual summer sale, Prime Day, an exclusive deal event for its Prime members.

Cybercrime against retail brands is up 41% during pandemic

Tech Republic Security

A dramatic uptick in scams, counterfeiting, and hacking plague retail and e-commerce industries during the coronavirus crisis, as businesses try to define their new normal

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