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Private wireless networks – addressing IT and operational imperatives for dynamic enterprises

CIO Business Intelligence

This is an all too common challenge for industries such transportation, utilities and mining sectors, which are instead turning to private wireless 5G networks to overcome this challenge. And many organizations are discovering that a private wireless network can complement – rather than replace – existing IT infrastructure.

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Huawei's latest smartwatch has a storage compartment for wireless earbuds


Details are light but in the video, you can make out what appears to be small charging contacts in the cradles that line up with metal points on each earbud.

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Cost benefits of industrial wireless solutions


Industrial wireless solutions are transforming the way many businesses operate. The shift from traditional wired systems to advanced wireless options is currently a major force behind cost savings for various industries, including manufacturing and warehousing. These costs can quickly add up, especially in large industrial facilities.

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10 out of 15 major wireless carriers disclosed their practices for collecting and storing user geolocation data


The same questions were provided to all 15 wireless carriers about their geolocation data retention and data sharing practices. The questions focused on specific areas including collection policies, retention, storage.

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Realme is the first to bring magnetic wireless charging to Android

The Verge

Realme has teased a new device called the Realme Flash, which it claims will be the first Android phone to use magnetic wireless charging. As reported by GSMArena and confirmed by The Verge , Realme will release a magnetic wireless charger called MagDart that’s far bulkier than Apple’s MagSafe puck.

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Storage Boost for iPhone or iPad


Many of us have had this problem: we've run out of storage on our iPhone or iPad, and don't want to upgrade to a model with higher capacity, or, worst, there is no model with enough capacity to satisfy our need. You're probably already familiar with one option, which is to use cloud storage. Related articles.

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BENNY Awards 2024: Share your picks for the best enterprise networking products

Network World

The Best of Enterprise Networking (BENNY) Awards recognize the most innovative products in enterprise networking and the enterprise data center, including the latest wired and wireless networking technologies, network security products, management tools, storage, servers, and virtualization technologies.

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