Esports bet pays off for daily fantasy sports during the pandemic

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Esports has proven to be an unlikely hero for daily fantasy sports companies like DraftKings, providing competitions when the pandemic shut down sports.

How Big Data Is Helping Professional Sports


Big data has made its way across many different areas of industry, including the professional sports industry where the use of analytics is making a major change in how athletes and sports teams are preparing for games. Big Data CTO News SportsThe use of analytical data is not solely limited to being used as a development tool for individuals […].

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PredictHQ forecasts live TV sports viewership to help local food outlets meet demand

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PredictHQ is meshing big data with machine learning to forecast live TV sports viewership, helping local food delivery businesses meet demand. AI Big Data Business Entrepreneur Media Mobile category-/News category-/Sports Domino's NFL PredictHQ Uber

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Riders Republic is Ubisoft’s multiplayer extreme-sports compilation

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Riders Republic is Ubisoft's new massively multiplayer extreme-sports game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Games PC Gaming category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games Not E3 Riders Republic Ubisoft Ubisoft Forward

How NBA 2K is introducing the next generation of sports fans (and brands) to ESPN

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Business Esports Games Media PC Gaming 2K 2K Sports category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Team Sports/Basketball ESPN NBA 2K NBA 2K20 sports Take-Two InteractiveVideo games such as NBA 2K are introducing a younger generation to ESPN at a time when networks are desperate for viewers. Read More.

Hulu Becomes the Latest Service to Lose Fox Regional Sports

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I’m sorry to report there is no good news for you here, sports fans. Fox regional sports programming is disappearing from yet another streaming service—this time, it’s Hulu. Read more. fubotv streaming services streaming wars fox

Nifty Games opens sports mobile game studio in Chicago

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Fresh from raising $12 million in April, Nifty Games has opened a new sports game development studio in Chicago headed by David Michicich. Business Games Mobile category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports chicago David Michicich DeanBeat News Jon Middleton NFL Clash Nifty Games Pete WanatRead More.

Boost Sport raises $1.3M to help basketball teams win more games with video analysis tech


Boost Sport CEO Mustafa Abdul-Hamid. Boost Sport Photo). Boost Sport , a Seattle startup that helps basketball teams analyze their performance with video analysis technology, raised a $1.3 Sports Tech Startups boost sport Funding fundraising Venture capital

Blockparty launches digital collectibles for art, sports, and music

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Making use of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology, startup Blockparty is launching digital collectibles for art, sports, and music. Read More.

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Customer Success Should Be A Team Sport

Forrester IT

Customers hold the power in their relationships with businesses. Today, it's not enough for businesses to deliver products. Customers expect them to deliver outcomes and success. To do this, businesses must understand who the customer is, what their pain points are in achieving their business goals, and must help them choose the right products to meet their goals. The relationship does not stop there.

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How to watch Eleven Sports


Of the many over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, many lovers of the beautiful game of football choose to use Eleven Sports. The following is not arguable: football is the most loved and decorated sport of all time. Eleven Sports also broadcasts other sports. Competitors of Eleven Sports include BT sport and Amazon with whom they go on loggerheads trying to secure broadcasting rights from nations that play the game. Eleven Sports, what?

SoundCloud founders raise $17.8 million to bring subscription ebikes to market

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Business Entrepreneur Mobile Transportation Alexander Ljung category-/Autos & Vehicles/Bicycles & Accessories category-/Hobbies & Leisure category-/Shopping category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Cycling category-/Sports/Sporting Goods dance e-bikes transport VanMoof

FuboTV Gets ESPN and Is Now the Best Service for Sports Fans

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If you have not recently updated your FuboTV app, you should think about doing that ASAP—particularly if you’re a sports fan. streaming wars espn disney sports streaming

VanMoof raises $40 million as ebike sales surge

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Business Entrepreneur Mobile Transportation category-/Autos & Vehicles/Bicycles & Accessories category-/Hobbies & Leisure category-/Shopping category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Cycling category-/Sports/Sporting Goods ebikes electric bikes funding daily VanMoof

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YouTube TV is losing Fox regional sports networks

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A number of Fox regional sports networks (RSNs) will no longer be available for YouTube TV subscribers beginning October 1st, the company announced. Illustration by William Joel / The Verge.

Google Is Upgrading Search to Make it Easier to Find Live Sports and TV Shows

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So in an effort to help cut down on the noise, Google is upgrading Google Search with some new features to help you find live sports, shows, and movies. just put the game on streaming search google search live tv sports consumer tech

What Is the Cyber Threat to Sports?

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With sports returning to fields and arenas across the globe, much of the focus lies beyond the games themselves: namely, protecting players, coaches, and staff from the spread of COVID-19. Sports and cybersecurity: the intersection. 3 cyberattack trends in sport.

2K Sports adds unskippable ads in loadings screens for NBA 2K21


Like its FIFA counterpart from EA, 2K Sports' NBA series is often criticized for churning out annual installments that barely add new gameplay elements but have slightly better-looking crowds, some added sweat and reflections, and a roster update to make them feel new

Madden NFL 21’s The Yard mode seems like it’s missing, well, the yard

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Games PC Gaming backyard football category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Team Sports/American Football EA EA Sports Electronic Arts JP Kellam Madden 21 Madden NFL 21 The Yard

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 review — Skateboarding is gaming’s soulmate

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Games PC Gaming activision Activision Publishing Activision Publishing Incorporated category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Individual Sports Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Vicarious Visions

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Bose announces $279 QuietComfort Earbuds and $179 Sport Earbuds

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Today, the company is announcing both the noise-canceling QuietComfort Earbuds, priced at $279 , and the $179 Sports Earbuds. The Sports Earbuds don’t have any kind of noise cancellation.). The Sports Earbuds come in black, white (with green accents), and blue. Image: Bose.

Customer Engagement: A Data-Driven Team Sport

Eric D. Brown

What would you do if you had so much data about your customers that you know could know (almost) everything about your customer when they contacted you? Better yet, what if you had the ability to instantly know the exact offer for service or product that would pitch the right ‘sales’ approach that your customer would immediately sit up, take notice and spend money? Most of you would jump at the chance to have this information about your clients.

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Smug robot consistently defeats humans in one of the most difficult sports – curling

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Curly is a robot that has mastered the precision sport of curling, beating two Korean national teams. With curling being one of the most methodical sports in the world, it shows just how far AI has come.

Seattle-based Sports Illustrated publisher Maven sued by former magazine owner Meredith Corp


Maven , the Seattle-based media company that publishes Sports Illustrated, is being sued by Meredith Corp., Layoffs at the venerable sports magazine in October drew criticism from employees and unions; the company did another round of job cuts in March. Tech Maven sports illlustrated

#Skate4: Electronic Arts announces the next game in the beloved series

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Games PC Gaming category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Shopping category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Skate Sports EA Play 2020 Electronic Arts Not E3 Skate Skate 3 Skate 4Skate 4 is finally real. Electronic Arts revealed the return of its revered skating franchise during the EA Play 2020 live event today. Read More.

Every deal in professional sports is based on data


Professional sports lend themselves really well to economic calculations – players, coaches, and agents act similarly to the hypothetical, rational decision-makers in economic models. The post Every deal in professional sports is based on data appeared first on Dataconomy.

GeekWire virtual event: The Future of Sports


Sports bind us together in unimaginable ways. sporting activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, teams, fans, players, staff and others have been sidelined. In this special GeekWire live streamed event on Thursday, July 16, we’ll discuss how sports can safely return; what technologies will be deployed to ensure a seamless transition; and the economics of sports in the age of COVID-19. GeekWire Events Highlights Sports

Let’s get Kraken! Seattle hockey team has a name and logo as sports mystery finally surfaces


In the time since, Seattle sports fans who grew up on Mariners, Seahawks, Supersonics, Sounders, Storm and more have speculated about all the possible names which could befall a new hockey franchise. Sports Tech Climate Pledge Arena hockey NHL NHL Seattle

Netflix’s ‘Formula 1’ series opens up a seemingly unapproachable sport

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NASCAR, IndyCar, and Formula racing never looked appealing to me as a spectator sport. I’m a fan of sports movies and shows, and after watching and enjoying the car racing documentary Uppity about the career of Willy T. Entertainment Netflix Watch Of The Week Sports

Turn Failure Detection into a Team Sport

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Here's how Chaos GameDays and its spinoffs can enable enterprises to fortify their infrastructure resilience and detect failures before they occur

How virtual audiences for sports, music, and conferences create a positive feedback loop of engagement

Trends in the Living Networks

Since the advent of coronavirus here has been a lot of work put into building virtual events.

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VanMoof raises $13.5 million for electric bikes as cities reclaim roads from cars

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Business Entrepreneur Transportation balderton capital category-/Autos & Vehicles/Bicycles & Accessories category-/Hobbies & Leisure category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Cycling category-/Sports/Sporting Goods coronavirus Covid-19 funding daily VanMoofDutch electric bike company VanMoof has raised $13.5 million in fresh capital, as cities around the world seek safer and cleaner modes of transport. Read More.

IBM uses AI to enhance old Wimbledon tennis footage for the digital era

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AI Business Cloud Media category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Racquet Sports IBM tennis WimbledonIBM and Wimbledon are using AI techniques to revitalize classic footage going back to the 1970s to appeal to modern tennis fans. Read More.

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Noted Sports Fan LeSean McCoy Didn?t Realize How Seriously Nerds Take the MCU


Let the record show that there aren’t really all that many demonstrable differences between sports nerds and genre nerds , two groups of people who obsess over and become overly emotionally involved in the minutiae of larger than life, titan-like people. avengers endgame lesean mccoy tony stark fandom marvel cinematic universe spoilers star wars matt martin disney marvel studios lucasfilm marvel kevin feige sports

'The Last Dance' is the greatest sports fix of the pandemic

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Live sports are on hold. Part gift to sports fans with nothing to watch and part attempt to boost ratings during a content drought, The Last Dance has become a haven of normalcy to large swaths of the world who feel lost without sports. More about Entertainment , Basketball , Michael Jordan , Entertainment , and Sports. Entertainment Basketball Michael Jordan SportsThe NBA is delayed indefinitely.

John Oliver has a beautiful solution to the many sports being postponed due to coronavirus

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Other than countless hours of Netflix , what are we supposed to watch in order to fill the yawning, sports-shaped hole currently in our lives? But before he dives into it, the Last Week Tonight host starts by breaking down all the ways sport has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) — and all the risks and complications associated with trying to bring it back. Look, I will own the fact I really want sports to come back," Oliver says.

The Big Challenge for Sports Betting: Software Engineering

Information Week

Implementing sports betting isn't just about legality but about data and building out the software to support oddsmaking, new types of betting, and financial requirements

The best deals on sports and outdoor clothing this Prime Day

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SAVE UP TO 30%: Sports and outdoor clothing from top brands like Berghaus and New Balance is on sale for Prime Day, saving you up to 30% on list price. Fortunately, there are plenty of impressive deals on sports and outdoor clothing this Prime Day.

Zwift raises $450 million for gamified fitness to cycle past Peloton

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AR/VR Business Esports Games category-/Hobbies & Leisure category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Cycling Causeway Media DeanBeat News fitness gamified fitness Highland Europe Ilkka Panaanen KKR Novator Peloton Permira Specialized Bicycle Components True Zone 5 Ventures ZWIFT

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Has COVID-19 changed sports forever? UW, WSU athletic directors and Sounders owner look ahead


The future of sports, just like many industries across the world, is up in the air as COVID-19 continues spreading across the country and world. For now, professional leagues are playing condensed seasons inside “bubbles,” while some colleges are slashing sports programs altogether to cut costs. On how sports look in a post-COVID-19 world: . People love sports, and they will come back to sports. That was my top sporting moment.”

Sports Illustrated publisher Maven will keep $5.7M PPP loan despite outcry against public companies


Sports Illustrated’s publicly traded publisher, Maven , says it plans to keep and use a $5.7 The Seattle-based company owns TheStreet, Say Media, and Hubpages in addition to Sports Illustrated and other media properties. Maven launched in 2017 and made headlines nationally after purchasing publishing rights to Sports Illustrated last year. Layoffs at the venerable sports magazine in early October drew criticism from employees and unions. Maven CEO James Heckman.

Fox Sports will fill empty baseball stadiums with very creepy "virtual fans"

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For better or worse, professional baseball is coming back and Fox Sports — again, for better or worse — has decided it needs to "fill" empty stadiums with Sims -esque virtual fans. And yet, Fox Sports rolled it its virtual MLB fans with great fanfare. "No

How Fox Sports will use virtual fans created in Unreal Engine to fill empty stadiums in MLB broadcasts

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That is unless you’re watching on Fox Sports. But Fox Sports is the only broadcaster that’s announced plans for virtual fans. “We We believe the crowd and seeing people in seats is part of a broadcast, is part of broadcasting high level sports in the major leagues.

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