Blaseball interview: From backup plan to fantasy sports sensation

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Now, this riff on fantasy sports is looking to new horizons. GamesBeat PC Gaming 1Up Ventures Blaseball category-/Games/Computer & Video Games category-/Sports/Fantasy Sports fantasy sports Makers Fund PC gaming Sam Rosenthal The Game Band

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Nifty Games adds $38M to its coffers for sports Clash mobile games

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GamesBeat Mobile category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports DeanBeat News funding daily mobile sports game NBA Clash NFL Clash Nifty Games Peter Moore sports games


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GreenPark Sports launches early access for sports and esports social platform

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Greenpark Sports is a new community that is mixing sports like basketball with video games like League of Legends. Esports GamesBeat category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Fantasy Sports DeanBeat News GreenPark Sports Ken Martin League of Legends Nba

Quintar’s AR sports platform is about enhancing the game at home or the stadium

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Quintar announced its Q.reality AR sports platform, which can enhance live feeds of games or put them on your tabletop. AR/VR GamesBeat AR sports category-/News/Sports News category-/Sports/Team Sports/Baseball Q.reality Quintar

Non-electronic sports viewership grows on Twitch

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Twitch sports is growing thanks to talk radio, sumo wrestling, card collecting, and more. GamesBeat Media category-/Sports Olympics Twitch Twitch SportsAnd now Twitch is partnering with the Olympics. Read More.

What's the Hardest Olympic Sport?

GizModo VR

Let’s stipulate, first, that no Olympic sport is easy. Relaxing, kicking back, lounging around—these are not activities that will lead you to the Olympic Village.

How Big Data Is Helping Professional Sports


Big data has made its way across many different areas of industry, including the professional sports industry where the use of analytics is making a major change in how athletes and sports teams are preparing for games. Big Data CTO News SportsThe use of analytical data is not solely limited to being used as a development tool for individuals […].

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Louis Castle joins GreenPark Sports as chief product officer

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Westwood Studios cofounder Louis Castle, who previously worked at Amazon on games, has joined GreenPark Sports as chief product officer. Read More.

Rivalry raises $20 million for sports and esports online betting

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Rivalry has raised $20 million for its business of sports and esports betting using a mobile-based platform. Esports GamesBeat Billy Levy category-/Games/Gambling DeanBeat News esports betting esports gambling gambling PMML Rivalry sports betting Steven Salz

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How NBA 2K is introducing the next generation of sports fans (and brands) to ESPN

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Business Esports Games Media PC Gaming 2K 2K Sports category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Team Sports/Basketball ESPN NBA 2K NBA 2K20 sports Take-Two Interactive

Sports 106

Peter Moore veers back into games as board member at sports game maker Nifty Games

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Peter Moore has come back full circle into video games as a new board member at Nifty Games, which is making sports mobile games. Read More.

Sports 108

How to watch Eleven Sports


Of the many over-the-top (OTT) streaming services, many lovers of the beautiful game of football choose to use Eleven Sports. The following is not arguable: football is the most loved and decorated sport of all time. Eleven Sports also broadcasts other sports.

Esports bet pays off for daily fantasy sports during the pandemic

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Esports has proven to be an unlikely hero for daily fantasy sports companies like DraftKings, providing competitions when the pandemic shut down sports.

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India’s All-Star Games raises $1.5 million to make cricket sports games

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million to make multiplayer games based on sports such as cricket. GamesBeat Mobile All Star Cricket All-Star Games category-/Games/Computer & Video Games category-/Sports/Team Sports/Cricket Cricket Justin Keeling Keshav Sunder Lumikai Mobile gaming Ninad Bhagwat

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Ultimate Rivals: The Court wants to be the ‘What If?’ of sports games

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GamesBeat Mobile PC Gaming Bit Fry category-/Sports/Individual Sports Mobile gaming PC gaming The Rink Ultimate Rivals Ultimate Rivals: The CourtBit Fry's Ultimate Rivals mixes athletes from pro basketball, baseball, hockey, and more (men and women) in a flashy arcade hoops game.

EA Sports returns to college football … minus the college players

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GamesBeat category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/College Sports category-/Sports/Team Sports/American Football console gaming EA Sports College Football Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts announced today that it is working on a new college football game, the first since NCAA College Football 14. Read More.

How live sports is addressing the problem of invisible fans

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Business Commerce category-/Arts & Entertainment/TV & Video/Online Video category-/Sports coronavirus sportsInstead of striving to get back to normal, we can use the “fan-less” stadium to imagine a future where everyone can be present at the game. Read More.

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Nifty Games opens sports mobile game studio in Chicago

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Fresh from raising $12 million in April, Nifty Games has opened a new sports game development studio in Chicago headed by David Michicich. Read More.

ROOT Sports and fuboTV reach deal to bring Kraken, Mariners and Trail Blazers to streaming TV


A major new player on the sports television landscape could be an MVP for fans of teams in the Pacific Northwest thanks to a deal announced Thursday. The company says it has more regional sports networks in its base package than any other live TV streaming platform.

EA CEO: EA Sports could grow to 500 million players in five years

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Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson said he is quite bullish on games and that the number of EA Sports fans could double in the coming years. Read More.

Riders Republic is Ubisoft’s multiplayer extreme-sports compilation

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Riders Republic is Ubisoft's new massively multiplayer extreme-sports game for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Games PC Gaming category-/Arts & Entertainment/Online Media category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games Not E3 Riders Republic Ubisoft Ubisoft Forward

Customer Success Should Be A Team Sport

Forrester IT

Customers hold the power in their relationships with businesses. Today, it's not enough for businesses to deliver products. Customers expect them to deliver outcomes and success. To do this, businesses must understand who the customer is, what their pain points are in achieving their business goals, and must help them choose the right products to meet their goals. The relationship does not stop there.

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MTV's 'The Challenge' is America's finest sport

Mashable VR

More about Television , The Challenge , Culture , and Sports. Television The Challenge Culture SportsLet me set a scene. The exact details aren't important. So let's call the year 2002. It's a Sunday afternoon in suburban Delaware. Football season.

PredictHQ forecasts live TV sports viewership to help local food outlets meet demand

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PredictHQ is meshing big data with machine learning to forecast live TV sports viewership, helping local food delivery businesses meet demand. AI Big Data Business Entrepreneur Media Mobile category-/News category-/Sports Domino's NFL PredictHQ Uber

Great, Now Sling TV and Dish Are Losing MASN and NBC Regional Sports Networks

GizModo VR

Two more services are losing support for regional sports as the RSN streaming drama continues. sling tv masn youtube tv brian neylon nbc sports california dish network pay television fubotv television regional sports network dish tv nbc sports entertainment culture

Topgolf is officially bringing one of its high-tech sports and entertainment venues to Seattle area


Sports and entertainment company Topgolf is officially bringing a full-scale, high-tech golf and gaming complex to the Seattle area, with plans to break ground on Tuesday in Renton, Wash., Sports Tech development Entertainment Games Real Estate Renton topgolf

Sports 114

Jeff Bezos joins Drake, NBA stars and others in $80M backing of Overtime sports media brand


Jeff Bezos is among the investors taking part in an $80 million funding round in Overtime , a sports media brand with plans to launch a new basketball league for elite high school players. Sports Tech Bezos Expeditions Funding Jeff Bezos Overtime Sports

Comcast NBCUniversal picks 10 sports and esports startups for SportsTech Accelerator

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Comcast NBCUniversal today announced 10 sports tech and esports picks for the first annual Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator. Read More. Esports GamesBeat Comcast NBCUniversal DeanBeat News

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Blockparty launches digital collectibles for art, sports, and music

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Making use of non-fungible tokens and blockchain technology, startup Blockparty is launching digital collectibles for art, sports, and music. Read More.

FOX Sports bringing popular camera tech to NFL Playoffs, kicking off with game in Seattle


FOX Sports camera operator Mike Smoles with the rig that captured unique images for an NFL broadcast. Photo courtesy of FOX Sports). The NFL Playoffs kick off this weekend and FOX Sports is bringing along some popular regular-season technology to capture the action.

Sports 104

Seattle Kraken in the game as EA Sports’ ‘NHL 22’ features new hockey team and new arena


Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, as depicted with a crowd and hockey action in the new “NHL 22” video game from EA Sports. (EA It’s a great look at how another Seattle sports team and its unique branding will come across in a video game.

EA’s PGA Tour brings in LPGA’s The Amundi Evian Championship major

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EA Sports PGA Tour is expanding its efforts to appeal to women by including one of the five major LPGA tournaments. GamesBeat category-/News/Sports News category-/Sports/Individual Sports/Golf EA Sports EA Sports PGA Tour Electronic Arts

Ubisoft and Belgian Pro League partner for One Shot League blockchain fantasy soccer

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Commerce GamesBeat Mobile Belgian Pro League blockchain games category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Fantasy Sports category-/Sports/Team Sports Mobile gaming Nicola Pouard One Shot League Sorare Ubisoft

Sports 103

It’s hard not to stare at these slick new electric sports cars

Mashable VR

While automakers have gone all in on electric SUVs and trucks in recent years, 2021 has a crop of drool-worthy battery-powered and hybrid sports cars on the way. Electric sports cars have been around for years with the first Tesla Roadster released more than a decade ago.

What Is the Cyber Threat to Sports?

SecureWorld News

With sports returning to fields and arenas across the globe, much of the focus lies beyond the games themselves: namely, protecting players, coaches, and staff from the spread of COVID-19. Sports and cybersecurity: the intersection. 3 cyberattack trends in sport.

Amazon Web Services inks deal with the PGA Tour, its latest cloud computing sports deal


Amazon Web Services continues to expand its reach into the sports world. Amazon’s other sports-related deals include streaming the NFL’s Thursday Night Football and its All or Nothing sports documentaries that stream on Prime Video. Amazon Sports Tech AWS pga tour

Turn Failure Detection into a Team Sport

Information Week

Here's how Chaos GameDays and its spinoffs can enable enterprises to fortify their infrastructure resilience and detect failures before they occur

Boost Sport raises $1.3M to help basketball teams win more games with video analysis tech


Boost Sport CEO Mustafa Abdul-Hamid. Boost Sport Photo). Boost Sport , a Seattle startup that helps basketball teams analyze their performance with video analysis technology, raised a $1.3 Sports Tech Startups boost sport Funding fundraising Venture capital

NBA Flex interview: Merging board games with AR hoops

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AR/VR GamesBeat Mobile AR board games category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/Team Sports/Basketball Daniel Choi Nba NBA Flex Seqouia

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Every deal in professional sports is based on data


Professional sports lend themselves really well to economic calculations – players, coaches, and agents act similarly to the hypothetical, rational decision-makers in economic models. The post Every deal in professional sports is based on data appeared first on Dataconomy.

Russell Wilson and Spencer Rascoff back MOJO, an app to help parent coaches find fun in youth sports


A search on YouTube for “youth sports drills” returns an endless scroll of every type of practice workout you could imagine. The goal is to make youth sports appealing for kids and parents, stem the tide of drop outs and build a business that taps into what makes youth sports fun.

EA teams up with Learfield IMG College to bring Madden esports to 250 campuses

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Business Esports category-/Games/Computer & Video Games/Sports Games category-/Sports/College Sports category-/Sports/Team Sports college esports DeanBeat News Learfield IMG College Madden NFL 21 Todd Sitrin

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Customer Engagement: A Data-Driven Team Sport

Eric D. Brown

What would you do if you had so much data about your customers that you know could know (almost) everything about your customer when they contacted you? Better yet, what if you had the ability to instantly know the exact offer for service or product that would pitch the right ‘sales’ approach that your customer would immediately sit up, take notice and spend money? Most of you would jump at the chance to have this information about your clients.

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