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TerraPower warns of 2-year minimum delay for launch of demo reactor due to Russia-Ukraine war


The CEO of the Bill Gates-backed nuclear power company TerraPower is warning that operation of its demonstration plant is expected to begin at least two years later than its original target of 2028. The initial 2028 deadline for demonstration plant operations was set by Congress. The Bellevue, Wash.-based

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Bill Gates’ TerraPower makes its pick for next-gen nuclear power plant in Wyoming


billion over a seven-year period to turn the concepts into reality by 2028, with matching funds provided by industry partners. The other project is planned by Maryland-based X-energy, with Washington state’s Hanford nuclear reservation selected as the preferred location. The Department of Energy plans to invest a total of $3.2

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Microsoft and Helion want to build the world’s first fusion plant and seize energy’s ‘Holy Grail’


The goal is to get the plant running by 2028. Helion Photo) The commercial project will largely be licensed and regulated by the state Department of Health , which previously approved three of Helion’s test devices. Helion plans to build the commercial facility in Washington state, where the companies are headquartered.

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Apple and Google are coming for your car


Finally, there’s Google Automotive Services, which are Google-licensed apps carmakers can offer in their infotainment systems, including Maps, Play Store, and Assistant — the car equivalent to Google Play Services on Android mobile devices.

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From 5G to 6G: What comes after the fastest wireless network yet?


South Korea is planning to introduce its 6G network and services earlier than the US, UK, and China, with the launch scheduled for 2028. Is 6G available in any country? The short answer is: No. This follows South Korea’s successful rollout of 5G networks and 5G-enabled smartphones, making it the first country to do so.