State of the Edge report projects edge computing will reach $800B by 2028

Venture Beast

The State of Edge Computing report anticipates $800 billion spent on platforms through 2028 as data is processed and analyzed in real time. Read More. AI Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Networking edge computing IBM Linux Foundation Microsoft Platform9

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Samsung: Expect 6G in 2028, enabling mobile holograms and digital twins

Venture Beast

Samsung said today that the next generation mobile standard, 6G, may arrive earlier than initially expected, further boosting data rates for future XR apps. Read More.

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International Olympic Committee embarks on 12-year cloud partnership with Alibaba

Computer Weekly

Chinese cloud services provider Alibaba agrees to supply the Olympic Games organisers with cloud infrastructure and services until 2028

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Month-long Mars colony simulation starts today in an isolated crater in Israel


This leg of the experiment is part of a larger research program that started in 2018 and will run until 2028, with the goal of developing hardware and workflows for future human-robotic surface missions to the Red Planet

Edge computing: 5 potential pitfalls

Network World

billion by 2028, according to a May 2021 report by Grand View Research. Edge computing is gaining steam as an enterprise IT strategy with organizations looking to push storage and analytics closer to where data is gathered, as in IoT networks. But it’s got its challenges.

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6 Ways the Workplace Will Change in the Next 10 Years


However, in 2028, the complexity and scale of business objectives will demand the involvement of brain power and expertise across boundaries in more intricate ways. By 2028, employees will use avatars, language software, conversational interfaces and real-time dialect translation to work and speak with team members. By 2028, the most high-value work will be cognitive in nature. Extreme digital dexterity will ultimately be the modus operandi for how employees work in 2028.

Disney delays five Marvel movies, other major releases

Mashable VR

In a press release Monday morning, the company shared an updated film release calendar up to 2028, with multiple Marvel movies pushed back by months and several untitled projects struck completely from the schedule.

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Apple car will launch later than we thought, report claims

Mashable VR

Kuo says that "due to changes in the EV/self-driving market and Apple's high-quality standards ," he would not be surprised if the car were postponed to 2028 or later. If there's ever a reward for the most mythical gadget, the Apple car should win it.

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The Olympics’ vision of gaming looks very different from the biggest esports

The Verge

The 2028 Olympics could have a virtual version of a physical sport. While the Olympic Virtual Series isn’t a medalled event, there is a possibility that a virtual representation of a physical sport could become one as early as the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Games, according to that roadmap.

Bill Gates’ TerraPower makes its pick for next-gen nuclear power plant in Wyoming


billion over a seven-year period to turn the concepts into reality by 2028, with matching funds provided by industry partners. An artist’s conception shows the layout for the Natrium reactor demonstration project in Kemmerer, Wyoming. TerraPower Illustration).

Axiom raises $130M for its space station — and adds Blue Origin alum to its board


If the ISS is decommissioned in 2028, as planned, Axiom would detach its modules and operate them independently as a privately owned space station. Artwork shows Axiom Space’s first module on the International Space Station. Axiom Space Illustration).

The Black Boardroom Initiative launches with support from Seattle tech to boost board diversity


Its goal is to increase the number of Black leaders on public boards to one in eight by 2028 — a ratio that matches the fraction of America’s Black population. Perkins Coie partners James Williams (left) and Stewart Landefeld are co-leading the Black Boardroom Initiative.

Jeff Bezos wants a low-orbit office park to replace the ISS


The habitable satellite only has permission to operate until 2024, and while it’s likely that the space station’s funding could be extended until 2028 , NASA plans to decommission the ISS and find a replacement by the end of the decade.

VanMoof raises $128M to become ‘most funded e-bike company in the world’

The Verge

Investors are pouring money into electric bike makers in the hope of capitalizing on the global e-bike market which is expected to be worth almost $50 billion by 2028. VanMoof S3 e-bike in Amsterdam | Photo by Thomas Ricker / The Verge.

Tech Moves: Adriane Brown joins KKR board; AI2 adds HR exec; Ossia and LevelTen hire CFOs; more


Brown is an advisor for The Black Boardroom Initiative , a new effort from Perkins Coie that launched this month to increase the number of Black leaders on public boards to one in eight by 2028 — up from one in 24 today. Adriane Brown. Axon Photo).

Study finds that smart charging strategies can help U.S. prepare for surge in electric vehicle usage


roads by 2028 (which would make EVs 9% of total vehicles) — the West’s electrical system should be able to meet the demand for battery charging without adding power sources or upgrading electricity transmission. (Seattle Department of Transportation Photo).

The future of dating, relationships, and sex beyond the pandemic

Trends in the Living Networks

By 2028, according to the report, over a quarter of young people will have had a long-distance sexual experience. Social isolation has impacted just about every aspect of our lives, not least our love lives.

Google launches new tool to help cities stay cool

The Verge

By 2028, the city wants to increase tree canopy cover by 50 percent in “ low-income, severely heat impacted ” neighborhoods. Google debuted a new tool called Tree Canopy Lab in an effort to keep cities like Los Angeles cool by helping them plant more trees. Image: Google.

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Federal money to SpaceX may hurt public broadband efforts in Washington state


He’s under direction from Washington’s Legislature to bring the entire state up to superfast internet speeds by 2028. One of those companies is SpaceX, whose satellite internet service Elliott says has yet to prove capable of meeting the state’s 2028 internet speed goals.

Top 10 Smarter With Gartner Articles for 2019


By 2028, the way we work will bear little resemblance to work as it stands today. Smarter With Gartner covers nine different business areas: IT, Human Resources, Legal & Compliance, Finance, Sales, Supply Chain, Marketing, Communications, and Customer Service & Support. Although the topics can range from blockchain to customer service strategy to the number of people job hunting, there is a common theme for the top 10 picks.

Ford will start rolling out major over-the-air software updates to its vehicles this year

The Verge

But the automaker says it’s prepared to rapidly increase the number of vehicles capable of receiving software updates, with the goal of producing 33 million vehicles with the capability by 2028. Photo by Sean O’Kane / The Verge.

The push for corporate board diversity is growing. How do Pacific NW tech companies stack up?


Black directors in Washington by 2028 — a ratio that matches the fraction of America’s Black population. Office buildings and cranes dot the Seattle skyline. GeekWire Photo / Nat Levy).

Washington state’s broadband guru on an internet moonshot and being a metaphorical prom king


Elliott has the challenge of providing high-speed internet connectivity — 150 megabits per second for both downloading and uploading data — to all residents and businesses in the state by 2028. Russ Elliott in his man-cave COVID-19 workspace. Photo courtesy of Russ Elliott).

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Netflix or Blockbuster – Justifying the Spend

Perficient Data & Analytics

No one knows what Netflix will look like in 2028, but one thing is certain – it will evolve and look nothing like it does today. Come along with me on a journey back in time: a time when the internet was shiny and new. It’s 1998 and you just fired up your brand new tangerine iMac when your friend sends you a message on AIM asking if you’ve heard about this new DVD service called Netflix. You have not.