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US Offline Retail Sales Will Reach $4.2 Trillion By 2028

Forrester IT

Our newly published research, US Online Retail Forecast, 2023 To 2028, shows that both offline and online US sales will reach record levels this year. As we’ve said many times, the store is flourishing and far from “dead!”

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The Low-Code Market Could Approach $50 Billion By 2028

Forrester IT

According to a recent survey, 87% of enterprise developers use low-code development platforms for at least some of their work. Find out what's driving the growth in the low-code market in this preview of a new report and forecast.

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Has Digital Advertising Reached Maturity In The US?

Forrester IT

From 2023 to 2028, growth will — for the first time — fall to single digits due to the maturity of the market. In our new US ad spending forecast covering 2023 to 2028, we examine trends impacting […] Spending on digital advertising in the US is forecasted to settle into a period of moderate growth.

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Qualcomm extends GlobalFoundries semiconductor partnership through 2028


The deal means Qualcomm will stick around as a GlobalFoundries customer through at least 2028, and secures wafer supply and commitments through capacity expansion at GlobalFoundries' most advanced fab in Malta, New York.

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Day two of Microsoft’s FTC trial: Court documents point to new Xbox in 2028


(GeekWire File Photo / Nat Levy) Microsoft plans to bring the next generation of Xbox video game consoles to market in 2028, according to documents unsealed in Microsoft’s ongoing court battle with the FTC. is at least five years away, and that he wasn’t sure what Microsoft platforms it would appear on.

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State of the Edge report projects edge computing will reach $800B by 2028

Venture Beast

The State of Edge Computing report anticipates $800 billion spent on platforms through 2028 as data is processed and analyzed in real time. Read More.

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Nissan plans to launch its first EV with a solid-state battery by 2028

The Verge

Nissan plans to launch its first EV with a solid state battery by 2028 | Photo by Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP via Getty Images. Nissan aims to bring its first EV with all-solid-state batteries to market in 2028. It said its all-solid-state batteries could reduce the price of battery packs to $75 per kWh by 2028 and eventually to $65 per kWh.

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