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Now Use Mobile Outlook App as MFA Authenticator App


Read More The post Now Use Mobile Outlook App as MFA Authenticator App appeared first on HTMD Community Blog #1 Modern Device Management Guides by Vidya M A. Enjoy reading it. Subscribe to YouTube Channel [link] and Facebook Page to get the latest updates [link].

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Mobile Malware Uses Deepfakes, Social Engineering to Bypass Biometric Authentication

SecureWorld News

A sophisticated form of mobile malware dubbed "GoldPickaxe" has been uncovered, which collects facial recognition data to produce deepfake videos, enabling hackers to bypass biometric authentication protections on banking apps. Experts warn that biometric authentication alone is not foolproof.

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Cisco patches critical flaw in Prime Home device management server

Network World

In addition to remotely managing customer equipment, it can also "automatically activate and configure subscribers and deliver advanced services via service packages" over mobile, fiber, cable, and other ISP networks. "A To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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All You Need to Know About VMI for Mobile Apps


VMI stands for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure and basically, it provides end users with a highly effective and an efficient way to have access to delicate mobile applications and information without much hassle. As a result, it offers extra security for data and devices.

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Embedded software development for IoT applications


It corresponds to the application and programming of specific functionalities installed into devices such as sensors, wearables, mobile phones, and appliances so that they could communicate with each other using IoT protocols. Final thoughts Embedded software development is a necessity when thinking about IoT-enabled applications.

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Effectively Manage All Endpoints, No Matter Where They Are Located

CIO Business Intelligence

The publication also reported that the inability to enable routine security measures — such as two-factor authentication and mobile device management services for employees at home — brought mergers and acquisition to a standstill. The need for a more permanent solution.

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Managing Mobile Business Insecurities


Today about 75% of mobile apps fail the most basic security tests, and that number is probably going up not down. 57% of mobile device users are not aware of the security solutions that exist on their devices. billion of mobile devices will have security applications installed. In 2018, 1.3

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