McAfee uncovers espionage campaign aimed at major telecommunication companies

Tech Republic Security

The security company said the attacks were attributed to RedDelta and Mustang Panda, both of which are allegedly based in China

How to combat insider threats as organisations increasingly rely on cloud computing to telecommunicate


Read why Matt Middleton-Leal says that it is difficult to combat insider threats as more and more business communications are using cloud on Tech Radar : Cloud providers including Microsoft, Google, and others, have recently acknowledged that they are struggling to deal with a spike in remote tools usage.


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Microsoft to acquire Metaswitch Networks, bolstering Azure telecommunications efforts


Microsoft said it will acquire Metaswitch Networks , a 39-year-old company that develops software for cloud-based communication networks. The acquisition builds on Microsoft’s existing cloud-related work to help telecom companies with their 5G deployments.

MWC19: Where Telecommunications and Cloud Meet

Cloud Musings

With its highly-rated conference program and assemblage of telecommunications visionaries, it seemed like the perfect venue for getting details about how the cloud is driving changes across the mobile and wireless landscape. Cloud computing and digital transformation have rapidly redefined telecommunications. Ericsson Digital taught me quite a lot about the intersection of cloud computing and telecommunications.

Google Cloud and Intel partner to focus on 5G and networking for telecommunications industry

Tech Republic Cloud

Cloud native 5G and edge network solutions are the goal of this new collaboration

Prepare For Blockchain’s Impact On The Telecommunications Sector

Forrester's Customer Insights

big data blockchain digital transformation telecommunications servicesBlockchain offers telcos opportunities for new business, improved compliance, and efficient operations.

Telecommunications firm turns to ERP to shed new light on international processes

IT Toolbox

More than a year after it paid a whopping $795 million settlement to resolve bribery allegations, telecommunications firm Veon Ltd. has decided to adopt a unified enterprise resource planning system in a bid to improve transparency. Finance chief Andrew Davies said Veon, which renamed itself from VimpelCom Ltd. in February, said the ERP system is one element of a much broader company-wide

CEO update: COVID-19's continued impact on global telecommunications


Telecommunications infrastructure continues to adjust to changing demands as the Covid-19 impact changes geographically and intensifies in key epicenter areas.

CEO update: the impact of COVID-19 on telecommunications


Spearline continues to observe the impact of Covid-19 on telecoms infrastructure around the world. The number of cases globally has now exceeded 3.5 million. Networks are experiencing strain due to a large increase in demand.

FCC Finally Debuts an Up-to-Date Mobile Broadband Map of the U.S.

GizModo VR

The Federal Communications Commission has finally released an up-to-date mobile broadband coverage map , giving consumers a long-needed tool to find out what kind of cellular coverage they can expect in any given area across the U.S. Read more.

The Big Wall-Mountable Echo Is Here

GizModo VR

echo sling tv telecommunications amazon smart speakers wireless netflix alexa samsung alexa internet amazon echo show technology internet amazon echo telecommunications engineering computing

Researchers Just Set a New Distance Record for 6G Transmissions: a Building Next Door

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6g wireless data centers nokia technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications 5g fraunhofer institute for telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology li fi samsung turk telekom technology internet lg electronics

Tap Into a More Convenient Life With iPhone NFC Tags

GizModo VR

telecommunications engineering telecommunications mobile telecommunications wireless shortcuts near field communication tectile thingsThonsen 25 Piece NFC Tags (No Adhesive) | $10 | Amazon Thonsen 10 Piece NFC Tags (With Adhesive) | $6 | Amazon Read more.

This Interactive Map Shows Just How Awful America's Internet Is

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Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released an interactive map illustrating who doesn’t have access to the FCC’s recommended minimum broadband speeds. Today the U.S.

Here's How Your State Ranks on 5G

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5g mobile phones technology forecasting extended periodic table technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunicationsWe’ve been hearing about the potential of 5G for what seems like forever. But the reality is that, at least in the U.S.,

Supply Shortage Causes AT&T's Fiber Internet Expansion to Hit a Snag

GizModo VR

The global chip crunch is already affecting multiple sectors including PCs, consoles, and the automotive industry, and now it’s wreaking havoc on AT&T’s fiber-to-the-home plans after the company announced a slowdown in fiber installations affecting around 500,000 homes. Read more.

Federal Ban on Warrantless 'Stingrays' Finds Bipartisan Support

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telephone tapping telecommunications telecommunications equipment stingray phone tracker mobile phone surveillance us marshals ted law enforcement steve daines tactical support equipment stingray ron wyden tom mcclintock technology mobile security harris corporation ted lieu

Sprint's Legacy LTE Network Is Scheduled to Go Offline in June 2022

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sprint lte t mobile us 3g cdma verizon deutsche telekom 4g 3g att technology internet internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications videotelephony software defined radio technology 3g cdma service

Verizon Tells Consumers to Turn Off 5G to Preserve Battery Life Then Instantly Regrets It

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5g mobile phones huawei samsung technology internet telecommunications verizon communications mobile telecommunications verizon wireless t mobile us lte technologyIn an effort to be helpful, Verizon accidentally stuck its foot in its mouth on Sunday, and then furiously backtracked.

Eero's CEO Is Betting That Wifi Will Thrive in the 5G Era

GizModo VR

eero 5g eir amazon iphone amazon services google mesh networking nick weaver technology internet telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology technology wi fi belkin internet of thingsNick Weaver has a dog in the 5G fight. Read more.

Your Older AT&T Unlimited Data Plan Finally Includes 5G

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att 5g verizon iphone extended periodic table broadband technology internet technology internet of things telecommunications verizon communications mobile telecommunications business finance t mobile us technology forecasting science and technology

House Republicans Wasted No Time Introducing the Dumbest Internet Bill of 2021

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information and communications technology municipal broadband national telecommunications and information administration community broadband bill broadband digital technology technology internet telecommunications national broadband plan internet access internet service provider

How 5G Could Replace Your Home Broadband Connection

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5g broadband eir t mobile us deutsche telekom 4g technology internet technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology

Samsung's Upgraded Smart Tracker Can Help You Find Your Keys Using AR

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samsung telecommunications samsung beat cellular phone data transmission apple ultra wideband galaxy smarttag telecommunications engineering airtag electronic toll collection mobile computers smarttag samsung electronics technology internet radio technology bluetooth technology

Starlink vs. 5G: Which Could Be the Better Home Internet Service?

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starlink 5g t mobile us spacex internet access satellite internet access broadband technology internet technology internet of things telecommunications verizon communications mobile telecommunications

Apple's Already Starting Work on 6G Before 6G Is Even a Thing

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6g 5g mobile phones data centers ios technology forecasting iphone apple inc technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology internet

Apple 91

Forget 5G, Super-Fast 6G Is Already Here

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5g 6g data centers nokia netflix mark rodwell samsung electronics extended periodic table technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology turk telekom technology internet

How 5G Could Drastically Change Your Job

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5g eir automation amazon amanda ballantyne swisslog warehouse extended periodic table 3gpp christian sweeney lindsay notwell internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology biden colman roche cradlepoint technology

A Network of Twitter Bots Reportedly Launched a Smear Campaign on Belgium's Huawei 5G Ban

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politics telecommunications technology companies mobile telecommunications huawei smartphones internet manipulation and propaganda twitter 5g qanon social media zte

No Good Evidence That 5G Harms Humans, New Studies Find

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Concerns over the potential harms of 5G technology are overblown, according to two large new reviews of research recently published by scientists in Australia. Both found no clear evidence that the type of radiofrequency energy used by 5G mobile networks poses any danger to human health. Read more.

Study 104

Qualcomm's 10-Gigabit 5G Modem Is Here, but You'll Have to Hang Tight for Those Speeds

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technology internet 5g qualcomm telecommunications science and technology technology system on a chip internet of things mobile telecommunications technology forecasting qualcomm snapdragon qualcomm snapdragon lte modem

Data 83

Fossil's First Cellular Smartwatch Fails to Live Up to Its Promise

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wear os wearable devices samsung galaxy watch 3 science and technology samsung samsung galaxy technology internet apple watch telecommunications mobile telecommunications wearable computers smartwatches technology smartphones

How Deep-Sea Fiber Optic Cables Could ‘Transform’ Our Detection of Earthquakes

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fiber optic cable equipment zhongwen zhan william wilcock earthquake glass california institute of technology technology internet submarine communications cable optical fiber telecommunications environment telecommunications equipment

T-Mobile Has the First Good 5G Plan With Truly Unlimited Data

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t mobile 5g t mobile us net neutrality deutsche telekom science and technology broadband tethering technology internet technology telecommunications verizon communications mobile telecommunications data transmission

AT&T Hypes 5G Future: Faster Airport Internet, Better Cloud Gaming

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att 5g t mobile us verizon deutsche telekom google daffy duck extended periodic table technology internet spectrum auction technology telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology t mobile internet of things

This Is the Cheapest Way to Get Good Mesh Wifi in Your Home

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telecommunications amazon wireless networking netgear ieee 80211 vilo mesh wi wifi 6 system telecommunications engineering ac1200 wi fi google nest wifi network topology google draftmercku mesh networking linksys technology internet computer networking

The State of 5G in 2021: Are We There Yet?

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5g t mobile us mobile phones verizon deutsche telekom apple google opensignal att technology internet 3 pixel 4a technology telecommunications 5g phones verizon communications mobile telecommunications 5g devices iphone ian fogg technology forecasting motorola sprint t mobile internet of things

Major Banks Hit by Infuriating Customer Service Phone Outage

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business finance jet blue information and communications technology td bank capital one toll free telephone number facebook telephony outage management system wells fargo broadband video on demand telecommunications verizon communications telephone numbers verizon bell system technology internet

The First Quad-Band WiFi 6E Mesh Router Is Here, and It'll Cost You $1,500

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wifi router the first quad mesh wireless networking nortel dell networking hardware backhaul orbi google nest wifi telecommunications entertainment culture netgear technology internet wireless router computer networking technology wi fi

T-Mobile's Massive 5G Push Includes Home Internet and Free 5G Phones

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5g t mobile t mobile us mobile phones verizon deutsche telekom iphone ios un carrier att technology internet 3 telecommunications mobile telecommunications sprint technology smartphonesT-Mobile would really like to bring you aboard the 5G train.

Nokia Cutting 10,000 Jobs While Planning to Double Down on 5G

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5g nokia nokia technologies business finance aws amazon huawei microsoft mobile networks us and u network services nokia networks ericcson internet of things pekka lundmark telecommunications mobile telecommunications the clean network google technology smartphones

The New Echo Show 8's Camera Is So Good I Almost Forgot How Unsettling Sidewalk Is

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echo telecommunications amazon smart speakers moon eternal google netflix alexa grammy technology internet human interest voice user interface chromecast google nest telecommunications engineering computing amazon echo amazon alexa

How Wi-Fi 6E Works, and What It Means for Your Gadgets

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wi fi telecommunications ieee 80211 iphone ipad broadcom local area networks 24 ghz radio use vijay nagarajan wireless networking technology internet computer networkingStill catching up on the last major wifi standard to be announced? Sorry, but the next one is here.