How to combat insider threats as organisations increasingly rely on cloud computing to telecommunicate


Read why Matt Middleton-Leal says that it is difficult to combat insider threats as more and more business communications are using cloud on Tech Radar : Cloud providers including Microsoft, Google, and others, have recently acknowledged that they are struggling to deal with a spike in remote tools usage. As organisations hastily adapt for remote working, […].

Google Cloud and Intel partner to focus on 5G and networking for telecommunications industry

Tech Republic Cloud

Cloud native 5G and edge network solutions are the goal of this new collaboration


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Microsoft to acquire Metaswitch Networks, bolstering Azure telecommunications efforts


Microsoft said it will acquire Metaswitch Networks , a 39-year-old company that develops software for cloud-based communication networks. The acquisition builds on Microsoft’s existing cloud-related work to help telecom companies with their 5G deployments. Microsoft inked a 5G partnership with AT&T last year and made a similar acquisition earlier this year, acquiring Affirmed Networks , a Boston-area startup that sells virtualized network software to mobile operators.

MWC19: Where Telecommunications and Cloud Meet

Cloud Musings

With its highly-rated conference program and assemblage of telecommunications visionaries, it seemed like the perfect venue for getting details about how the cloud is driving changes across the mobile and wireless landscape. Cloud computing and digital transformation have rapidly redefined telecommunications. Ericsson Digital taught me quite a lot about the intersection of cloud computing and telecommunications.

Prepare For Blockchain’s Impact On The Telecommunications Sector

Forrester's Customer Insights

big data blockchain digital transformation telecommunications servicesBlockchain offers telcos opportunities for new business, improved compliance, and efficient operations.

Telecommunications firm turns to ERP to shed new light on international processes

IT Toolbox

More than a year after it paid a whopping $795 million settlement to resolve bribery allegations, telecommunications firm Veon Ltd. has decided to adopt a unified enterprise resource planning system in a bid to improve transparency. Finance chief Andrew Davies said Veon, which renamed itself from VimpelCom Ltd. in February, said the ERP system is one element of a much broader company-wide

MWC19 Los Angeles: The value of blockchain in the telecommunications sector

Tech Republic Security

Here's how the telecommunications sector can benefit Blockchain isn't reserved for bitcoin.

Tap Into a More Convenient Life With iPhone NFC Tags

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telecommunications engineering telecommunications mobile telecommunications wireless shortcuts near field communication tectile thingsThonsen 25 Piece NFC Tags (No Adhesive) | $10 | Amazon Thonsen 10 Piece NFC Tags (With Adhesive) | $6 | Amazon Read more.

Eero's CEO Is Betting That Wifi Will Thrive in the 5G Era

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eero 5g eir amazon iphone amazon services google mesh networking nick weaver technology internet telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology technology wi fi belkin internet of thingsNick Weaver has a dog in the 5G fight. Read more.

CEO update: COVID-19's continued impact on global telecommunications


Telecommunications infrastructure continues to adjust to changing demands as the Covid-19 impact changes geographically and intensifies in key epicenter areas. While some mild telecommunications service variations have been noted, overall, service quality is holding for both connection rates and audio quality. In the US there have been some mild telecommunications service variations noted, but overall, service quality is holding for both connection rates and audio quality.

House Republicans Wasted No Time Introducing the Dumbest Internet Bill of 2021

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information and communications technology municipal broadband national telecommunications and information administration community broadband bill broadband digital technology technology internet telecommunications national broadband plan internet access internet service provider

How 5G Could Replace Your Home Broadband Connection

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5g broadband eir t mobile us deutsche telekom 4g technology internet technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology forecasting science and technology

Apple's Already Starting Work on 6G Before 6G Is Even a Thing

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6g 5g mobile phones data centers ios technology forecasting iphone apple inc technology internet of things telecommunications mobile telecommunications technology internet

Apple 91

CEO update: the impact of COVID-19 on telecommunications


Spearline continues to observe the impact of Covid-19 on telecoms infrastructure around the world. The number of cases globally has now exceeded 3.5 million. Networks are experiencing strain due to a large increase in demand. This problem is further heightened as network providers are affected by restrictions which limit their access to key sites for maintenance work. This has led to variable network performance in many areas.

5G Conspiracy Theories Are Fueling an Entire Economy of Scammy Gadgets

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Starlink vs. 5G: Which Could Be the Better Home Internet Service?

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starlink 5g t mobile us spacex internet access satellite internet access broadband technology internet technology internet of things telecommunications verizon communications mobile telecommunications

T-Mobile Has the First Good 5G Plan With Truly Unlimited Data

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t mobile 5g t mobile us net neutrality deutsche telekom science and technology broadband tethering technology internet technology telecommunications verizon communications mobile telecommunications data transmission

Fossil's First Cellular Smartwatch Fails to Live Up to Its Promise

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wear os wearable devices samsung galaxy watch 3 science and technology samsung samsung galaxy technology internet apple watch telecommunications mobile telecommunications wearable computers smartwatches technology smartphones

How Deep-Sea Fiber Optic Cables Could ‘Transform’ Our Detection of Earthquakes

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fiber optic cable equipment zhongwen zhan william wilcock earthquake glass california institute of technology technology internet submarine communications cable optical fiber telecommunications environment telecommunications equipment

Cloud Gaming's Missing Piece Is 5G

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When my brother and I were kids, our family took a lot of road trips. We loved the end destinations, but getting there was a major drag. We had Game Boy Colors and other handhelds, but we had already played the games we owned way too many times.

A Network of Twitter Bots Reportedly Launched a Smear Campaign on Belgium's Huawei 5G Ban

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politics telecommunications technology companies mobile telecommunications huawei smartphones internet manipulation and propaganda twitter 5g qanon social media zte

Qualcomm's 10-Gigabit 5G Modem Is Here, but You'll Have to Hang Tight for Those Speeds

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technology internet 5g qualcomm telecommunications science and technology technology system on a chip internet of things mobile telecommunications technology forecasting qualcomm snapdragon qualcomm snapdragon lte modem

Data 80

A Smart Flipboard Sign at Home Is Incredibly Pretentious, but It Has That Wonderful Sound

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technology_internet mobile telecommunications service industries flipboard telecommunications asmr flap smsOnce a staple of train stations and airports around the world, animated flipboard signs, perpetually updated with arrival and departure times, have slowly been replaced with giant TV screens. Nostalgia’s a powerful marketing tool, however, so there’s now a smart flipboard display designed to fill your home with those … Read more.

Bring Some Flair To Your Desk With up To 32% off a Divoom Customizable Pixel Art Speaker

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pixel amazon wireless technology internet telecommunications engineering google pixel bluetooth technology

Chromecast With Google TV Really Is Perfect Now, Huh?

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google chromecast google tv telecommunications apple tv computing networking hardware digital media players android android tv technology television technology technology internet smart tvOur favorite streaming device just got a major update. Read more.

AT&T Sells Minority Stake in Its Struggling DirecTV Business

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att directv high definition television telecommunications business finance warnermedia vrio corp att communications tpg hbo companies john stankey bell systemIt appears AT&T has found a buyer for its beleaguered DirecTV business. Read more.

Carry All Your Tunes With $33 off the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

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ultimate ears wonderboom ears logitech technology internet audio electronics oomph bluetooth telecommunicationsUltimate Ears Wonderboom 2 | $67 | Best Buy Read more.

How to Watch the Super Bowl Without Cable TV

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technology internet telecommunications computing technology the super bowl television technology video hosting digital media players smart tv android tv sling tv apple tv espn multimediaIt’s that time of year again. Read more.

Days After Blocking Facebook, Myanmar’s Military Government Has Now Blocked Instagram and Twitter

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politics technology internet netblocks telenor internet in myanmar telecommunications information technology

Sonos Roam Speaker Details Leak Ahead of Next Week's Announcement

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Crank up the Savings With $20 off Marshall's Acton Bluetooth Speaker

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bluetooth crank acton ontario consumer electronics marshall acton technology internet loudspeakers science and technology telecommunications engineering acton massachusetts wireless speaker acton london technologyMarshall Acton II | $230 | Best Buy Read more.

Telecoms Companies Vow To Withhold Donations From Republicans Who Challenged Election Results

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Several of the nation’s largest telecommunications companies have vowed to halt donations to the Republican lawmakers who sought to delay the certification of the 2020 election results, joining a growing list of businesses pledging to reevaluate their political contributions in 2021.

Bring Your Tunes Anywhere With the Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Speaker, Now $28

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telecommunications engineering technology mobile computers computing anker wireless speaker bluetooth smartphoneAnker Soundcore 2 Portable Speaker | $28 | Amazon | Clip coupon Read more.

Lawmakers Are Finally Asking the FCC to Redefine High-Speed Broadband

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How to Get an Amazon Echo to Tell You a Room's Temperature

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amazon echo amazon echo telecommunications smart speakers alexa computing technology internet technology amazon alexaLittle thermometers you can buy and hang anywhere are fairly cheap, but there’s no need to get one if you own an Amazon Echo.

Gotdamn Bezos, You've Done It Again! The Echo Show 5 Is 50% Off

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entertainment_culture businesspeople economy of the united states telecommunications engineering smart speakers jeff bezos amazon50% Off Echo Show 5 | $45 | Amazon Read more.

This Ridiculous Bluetooth Speaker on Wheels Is Actually a Decent (and Cheap) Karaoke Solution

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bluetooth wireless telecommunications engineering digital products international ilive radio technology internet ue boom technologyIf you prefer to wheel your Bluetooth speakers around like tiny luggage, reader, do I ever have the device for you. Read more.

Xiaomi's Latest Concept Phone Has Quadruple Waterfall Edges, but No Ports

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xiaomi telecommunications smartphones mobile phones technology internet xiaomi mi 11 xiaomi mi 5Xiaomi’s no stranger to far-out concept phones.

Regional ISPs Are Skeptical That SpaceX's Starlink Can Deliver On Its Internet Promises

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starlink technology internet broadband telecommunications information and communications technology business finance internet service providers satellite internet access internet access

Comcast Graciously Drops Data Caps, but Only for Northeast Customers, Until 2022

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comcast business finance net neutrality information and communications technology data cap xfinity criticism of comcast broadband companies data plan telecommunications data transmission ars technica technology internet

SpaceX Officially Opens Starlink Preorders

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starlink spacex satellite internet access spaceflight telecommunications autonomous spaceport drone ship satellite constellation internet service providers kuiper systems spacecraft technology internetHopeful Starlink users no longer have to wait for a magical beta invite to use the service.

Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

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bramble pandemic telecommunications virtual reality life computing videotelephony vladic ravich avatar technology virtual worldBeing a teacher is rough. Being a teacher trying to teach a class of more than 20 students virtually in the middle of a pandemic is even rougher.

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The FCC Just Authorized a $3.2 Billion Dollar Program Meant To Bring Low-Income Americans Online

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pell telecommunications net neutrality lifeline huawei internet access acting chairwoman jessica rosenworcel us networks federal communications commission broadband technology internet articles universal service fund jessica rosenworcel government