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WAN transformation sparked by 5G, cloud and SD-WAN technologies


Read Luke O’Neill explain how 5G, cloud and SD-WAN technologies could plug the shortcomings of the Wide Area Networks on Tech Target : In the old days, about a decade ago, remote employees would go into a branch office, sit at a desk with a laptop or desktop computer and connect to the company LAN, […].

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Secure LAN Messaging


Softros LAN Messenger is an easy-to-use LAN messaging application for safe, secure and effective intra-office communication and does not require a server or Internet to run and is very easy to install. Softros LAN Messenger. Softros LAN IM is stand-alone and peer-to-peer, yet you can still send messages when a user is offline.

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How to allow SSH connections from LAN and WAN on different ports

Tech Republic Security

Is it possible to configure SSH to listen for connections on both internal and external interfaces, using different ports? Jack Wallen says "yes."

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Asus says this is world’s first quad-band Wi-Fi 6E gaming router

The Verge

Of course, you also have the option of going wired, and if you do so you have the choice of two speedy 10Gbps LAN ports or four 1Gbps LAN ports. Its WAN port is rated at 2.5Gbps, and there are also a couple of USB ports for good measure. Did I mention it also looks like a creepy spider robot? Because of course it does.

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How to Get Started With Ubiquiti's Cloud Hosted UniFi Controller

IT Toolbox

Maybe it’s just Wi-Fi, or maybe you’re looking for the proverbial “full stack”, with WAN/LAN/and WLAN. So you’re shopping for a network solution. And… you’ve decided you want it cloud-managed and at ridiculously low cost. Welcome to Ubiquiti UniFi in the cloud, baby. But how to get started?

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Oracle to Buy Carrier SDN Startup Corente

Data Center Knowledge

Technology giant Oracle is acquiring Corente, a carrier software-defined networking startup, which Oracle expects to be able to leverage in SDN-enabled cloud deployments that virtualize both the enterprise data center LAN and the WAN.

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Meta Networks builds user security into its Network-as-a-Service

Network World

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is growing in popularity and availability for those organizations that don’t want to host their own LAN or WAN, or that want to complement or replace their traditional network with something far easier to manage. To read this article in full, please click here

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