Manually Import Deploy Adobe Flash Player Removal Updates using WSUS ConfigMgr


Let’s understand the Steps to manually import, deploy Adobe Flash Player removal Updates using WSUS and ConfigMgr. Microsoft announced Adobe Flash Player will go out of support on December 31, 2020. The decision to end support for Adobe Flash Player was made by Adobe.

Adobe 160

Adobe Adds Collaborative Tool to Photoshop and Illustrator

GizModo VR

Quarantined meme-makers and beleaguered graphic designers can quietly rejoice in the fact that Adobe’s making it easier to work together in some of its flagship products.

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In its death throes, Adobe’s Flash kills off Zynga’s original FarmVille

Venture Beast

Adobe is terminating its Flash software today, and with it will go Zynga's original FarmVille game from 2009. Read More.

Adobe 113

What the IBM-Adobe Collaboration Means for Transformation

Information Week

Adobe Experience Manager running on Red Hat OpenShift and other IBM resources intended to help regulated enterprises meet security demands

Adobe 134

Adobe: 86% of U.S. users say voice tech could make events more sanitary

Venture Beast

According to Adobe's 2020 Voice Survey, people are increasingly turning to voice technologies to avoid touching high-contact surfaces during the pandemic.

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You Need to Update Adobe Acrobat for macOS Right Now


If you use Adobe Acrobat DC and you’re on a Mac, you should update your software right now, because Adobe just pushed out a patch that fixes three critical vulnerabilities. update adobe acrobat now adobe acrobat adobe acrobat dc security updates consumer techRead more.

Adobe 86

Adobe launches AI-powered Character Animator features in beta

Venture Beast

The latest beta version of Adobe Character Animator adds AI-powered lip-sync and motion capture tools, as well as revamped timeline features. Read More.

Adobe 84

Adobe Photoshop is exposing your badly edited images

Mashable VR

Adobe Photoshop is taking “photo credz” more seriously than ever before with its new content authenticity initiative tool. It’s an optional tool in the prototype phase that Adobe hopes will help identify authentic versus altered images, and later on, deepfake videos.

Adobe 79

Adobe Just Released Its Premiere Pro Beta for Apple's M1 MacBooks

GizModo VR

Anyone curious to see how a native version of Adobe Premiere Pro runs on Apple Silicon now has the chance. apple silicon apple m1 adobe premiere adobe consumer tech apple intel

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ProBeat: Adobe’s universal camera app captures the Android-iOS duopoly

Venture Beast

Marc Levoy left Google to work on computational photography at Adobe this week. But building a "universal camera app" is not easy in an Android-iOS duopoly. Read More.

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Adobe’s Photoshop Neural Filters use AI to change faces, recolor photos

Venture Beast

Thanks to significant machine learning updates, Adobe is calling the new version of Photoshop 'the world’s most advanced AI application for creatives.'

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Kickstart a career in photography with this Adobe Photoshop course

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud Certification Bundle is on sale for £24.99 Even if you have zero intention of becoming a graphic designer or photographer, it's always useful to have some grounding in Adobe Photoshop.

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Adobe Lightroom Update Is Permanently Deleting Users' Photos on iOS

GizModo VR

On Tuesday, Adobe apologized to users of its iOS Lightroom software after a recent update resulted in the permanent deletion of some presets and photos. bug blowup adobe

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Master Photoshop with this stacked Adobe course bundle

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The 2020 Adobe Graphic Design Certification School is on sale for £37.85 And most design tasks begin by opening up Adobe Creative Cloud apps. If you're starting from scratch and are terrified of the learning curve that comes with all Adobe apps, don't panic.

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Adobe Now Lets You Easily Adjust Where Everyone in a Photo is Looking

GizModo VR

With Photoshop Elements 2021, Adobe will let users fix it in post and change where… Read more. adobe photoshop adobe photoshop elements photoshop elements software photography imageeditingThe larger the group (or the younger the subjects) the harder it is to ensure that everyone in a photo is looking in the right direction. Should they all be looking at the photographer? The camera lens? At someone else in the shot?

Adobe 87

Adobe uses shared responsibility to meet security challenges

Computer Weekly

Adobe discovers ways of addressing security challenges of scalability, diverse technology stacks and business criticality

Adobe 180

Adobe Update Actually Makes PDFs Readable on Your Phone

GizModo VR

Adobe has been hyping its Sensei AI for a while now, and it finally has a use case for the tech that might make the average user’s life a little easier. The Adobe Reader app now uses machine learning to reformat PDFs in a way that makes them actually readable on mobile devices.

Adobe 76

Adobe Flash Is Actually Going to Die This Time, For Real

GizModo VR

Three years ago , long after the rise (and fall) of Flash, Adobe announced that its once-ubiquitous multimedia platform was finally going away. But Adobe never provided a specific date for when Flash would reach its end-of-life. Now we know: Adobe Flash is going to officially die on December 31, 2020. rip flash adobe adobe flash macromedia the internet html rip flash

Adobe 83

Adobe has released the final update for Flash Player


Adobe this week released the final scheduled update for Flash Player in all regions except mainland China

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Master Adobe Illustrator with this stacked certification bundle

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The Ultimate Adobe Illustrator's Guidebook Certification Bundle is on sale for £26.58 And if you want to try your hand at graphic design, you'll need to master Adobe Illustrator. More about Adobe , Mashable Shopping , Online Courses , Shopping Uk , and Uk Deals.

Adobe 71

Adobe just released the last Flash update ever

The Verge

Adobe has released the final scheduled update to its Flash Player plugin, weeks before Flash’s official retirement. As noted on Adobe’s site , yesterday marked the last update for Flash outside mainland China, which has a separate version of the software.

Adobe 114

Adobe Wants To Make 3D An (Augmented) Reality

Forrester's Customer Insights

Adobe is doubling down on its 3D support, betting that the format will power more omnichannel experiences in the years to come. Adobe’s vision for 3D is in line with soon-to-be-published research that Ryan Skinner and I wrote.

Adobe 47

CIOs Want To Run Their IT Department Like Adobe

The Accidental Successful CIO

Adobe has a satisfied workforce, how can CIOs have the same thing? It turns out that the answer is yes – Adobe. What Adobe Does Right. If CIOs want to run their IT departments more like how Adobe runs its company, what are they going to have to start to do? At Adobe they sent out surveys each quarter last year. One of the most important things that Adobe learned from sending out all of these surveys was that sending four surveys a year was too much!

Adobe 138

Microsoft, Adobe, SAP Launch Open Data Initiative

Information Week

Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP will enable a common data model in a Microsoft Azure-based data lake that allows for interoperability of data among platforms from all three companies

Adobe 109

Adobe’s new AI technology claims to answer questions you didn’t know you had


So thanks Adobe for pressing forward with that. Adobe has released a […]. This is being called AI, and it may well be that disciplines of AI are at play here. But CTOvision readers will be able to recognize that some of this is clearly marketing. That said, we love when software works better for humans! Artificial Intelligence CTO News

Adobe 186

Microsoft joins Adobe to launch integrated CRM resource

IT Toolbox

Adobe and Microsoft have announced they will integrate Adobe Experience Manager, part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Adobe Experience Manager is being made available to users of Microsoft Dynamics 365, effective immediately. For more than a year, engineering teams across both Adobe and Microsoft have been working closely together developing a number of

Adobe 116

How Adobe is using an AI chatbot to support its 22,000 remote workers

Venture Beast

When the COVID-19 shutdown began in March, my team at Adobe realized we had to completely rethink our support infrastructure. Read More. AI Business category-/Business & Industrial/Business Operations/Management category-/Computers & Electronics chatbots

Adobe 114

Adobe Wants to Make Photoshop a Tool For Spotting Fake Photos

GizModo VR

For 30 years, savvy pixel-pushers have been using Photoshop to manipulate and edit imagery, but now that computers can create doctored photos all on their own using advanced AI, Adobe wants to leverage its image-editing tools to help verify the authenticity of photographs.

Adobe 89

Adobe releases Apple Silicon version of Premiere Pro in beta

The Verge

Image: Adobe. Adobe has released an Arm version of Premiere Pro for macOS, allowing owners of new Apple Silicon M1 Macs to run the video editing software natively.

Adobe 87

Adobe to kill off Flash Player by end of 2020

Computer Weekly

Adobe has announced it is to stop updating and distributing Flash Player in just over three years’ time

Adobe 137

Adobe Lightroom is getting cinema-style color grading

The Verge

Adobe is adding a new advanced color grading feature to Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Camera Raw, bringing a tool more commonly associated with cinema editing to its pro photography apps.

Adobe 101

One of the Lead Engineers Behind the Pixel Camera Just Surfaced at Adobe

GizModo VR

After quietly leaving Google in March of this year, one of the lead engineers behind the development of the Pixel Camera—Marc Levoy—has just surfaced at Adobe. adobe getting serious about camera apps marc levoy adobe photoshop photoshop camera smartphones cameras

Adobe 64

Master basic photo editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements

Mashable VR

More about Photography , Adobe , Photoshop , Online Learning , and Mashable Shopping. Photography Adobe Photoshop Online Learning Mashable ShoppingTL;DR: As of Aug. 7, Photoshop Elements is 45% off, dropping the price to $54.99.

Adobe 76

Get the most out of Adobe After Effects with a training bundle on sale

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Learn how to make titles, intros, and cool effects in Adobe After Effects with the Ultimate Adobe After Effects Pro Bundle. Adobe After Effects is a video tool used to add elements to moving pictures and animations.

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Take an extra 70% off this Adobe Creative Cloud training ahead of Black Friday

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Get a head start on all the creative media education you'll need, with the All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Course Bundle , on sale for $10.20 One thing you don't have yet (maybe) is an Adobe Creative Cloud skillset that rivals the pros.

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Save 97% on this stacked Adobe Creative Cloud training bundle

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification bundle is on sale for £31.41 Try mastering an in-demand skill, like the Adobe Creative Cloud, and transition into more rewarding career. The good news is that you don't have to spend a fortune in order to learn the depths of design software (however, you will have to get an Adobe subscription). This Complete 2020 Adobe CC Certification bundle is a great starting point and it will cost you less than a textbook.

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A Microsoft-Adobe Collaboration: What Does It Mean for CRM?

IT Toolbox

In March, at the Adobe Summit Conference in Las Vegas, Adobe and Microsoft announced a deepening of the partnership that began in September 2016. This new level of partnership is a collaboration to create tighter integration between Microsoft and Adobe tools through a shared data format and is strategically designed to help both companies compete more effectively with customer relationship management

Adobe 116

Adobe CIO Stoddard: AI bots can ‘cut toil,’ reduce demands for IT help

Venture Beast

You may only know Adobe as the Photoshop company, but it has spent years integrating AI into its products, as well as its internal business processes. AI Business Dev Enterprise Adobe ai bots category-/Business & Industrial/Business Operations category-/Computers & Electronics/Software chatbots IT IT departments Transform 2020 virtual workers

Adobe 51

Adobe’s Liquid Mode leverages AI to reformat PDFs for mobile devices

Venture Beast

Adobe's Liquid Mode in Acrobat Reader automatically reformats PDFs for mobile devices using AI and machine learning algorithms. Read More.

Adobe 95

Learn to edit video with this $30 Adobe Premiere Pro CC master class

Mashable VR

TL;DR: Work on your editing and audio production skills with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Video and Audio Production Course bundle for $29.99, a 97% savings as of Aug. More about Adobe , Video Editing , Mashable Shopping , Editing Software , and Tech.

Adobe 72

Amazon Web Services outage affects Adobe, Roku, Twilio, Flickr, others


Adobe , Roku , Twilio , Flickr , Autodesk , and others said they were impacted by the outage. Amazon Web Services suffered an outage Wednesday that affected several applications and services that rely on Amazon’s cloud computing platform.

Master the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite for under £30

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle is on sale for £26.11 While we can't help you much with the first two, there is something to help with the latter: the All-in-One Adobe Creative Cloud Suite Certification Bundle , which is on sale for a limited time for just £26.11. Consider this your ultimate bootcamp for getting started on all of Adobe's gold standard creative software, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro.

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Adobe's Photoshop Camera app is here with plenty of goofy filters to play with

Mashable Tech

There are already a million ways to put filters on your phone camera photos, but Adobe is here with another, potentially better option. Photoshop Camera is a new app that Adobe rolled out for everyone on Android and iOS this week. More about Instagram , Adobe , Photoshop , Selfies , and Adobe Photoshop. Instagram Adobe Photoshop Selfies Adobe Photoshop

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