Adobe to kill off Flash Player by end of 2020

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Adobe has announced it is to stop updating and distributing Flash Player in just over three years’ time

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Virgin Holidays simplifies holiday experiences with Adobe

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Tour operator has linked up with Virgin Atlantic to improve its customer service and deliver holiday experiences

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Adobe uses shared responsibility to meet security challenges

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Adobe discovers ways of addressing security challenges of scalability, diverse technology stacks and business criticality

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A Microsoft-Adobe Collaboration: What Does It Mean for CRM?

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In March, at the Adobe Summit Conference in Las Vegas, Adobe and Microsoft announced a deepening of the partnership that began in September 2016. This new level of partnership is a collaboration to create tighter integration between Microsoft and Adobe tools through a shared data format and is strategically designed to help both companies compete more effectively with customer relationship management

Microsoft released Adobe Flash Player fix, but didn't patch 2 zero-days

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Microsoft released MS17-005 to patch critical flaws in Adobe Flash Player, but that’s it. Microsoft didn’t release the fix for the two zero days disclosed this month. After the company said patches would be delayed in February, it clarified that security updates would instead be released on Patch Tuesday in March. Yet InfoWorld’s Woody Leonhard reported that Microsoft emailed its largest customers on Monday with a heads-up about the Flash patches for Internet Explorer and Edge.

Transform into an 'experience business' or die: 4 tips from Adobe

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Adobe is changing its cloud platform to help enterprises pull it off If you don't use data and design to fix the way customers interact with your brand, then you will get disrupted.

Adobe fixes flaws in Flash Player and Adobe Connect

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Adobe Systems has released scheduled security patches for its widely used Flash Player software as well as the Adobe Connect web conferencing platform, which is popular in enterprise environments. The Flash Player security updates fix nine critical vulnerabilities that could be exploited remotely to execute malicious code on computers. All of them were privately reported by researchers through Trend Micro's Zero Day Initiative, an exploit acquisition program.

Adobe goes mobile with Scan app and expanded electronic signature features

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Adobe just announced a ramp-up of its cloud-centered offerings with a new OCR scanning app and mobile-first changes to its esignature platform

Does It Make Sense To Grade Your IT Employees?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Companies such as Microsoft, Gap, and Adobe have all done away with the employee grading system after they determined that it did more harm than good. Management Adobe anxieties collaboration employee grading system gap meets expectations Microsoft morale ratings scores

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Adobe patches critical flaws in Flash Player, Reader and Acrobat

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Adobe Systems released security updates for its Flash Player, Adobe Reader and Acrobat products fixing critical vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to install malware on computers. Adobe is not aware of any exploit for these flaws existing in the wild. The Flash Player update fixes 13 vulnerabilities , 12 that can lead to remote code execution and one that allows attackers to bypass a security restriction and disclose information.

How IT can work alongside marketing to deliver on digital expectations

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A recent digital customer experience summit hosted by Adobe has highlighted the link between IT, in-house talent development and change management

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Microsoft joins Adobe to launch integrated CRM resource

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Adobe and Microsoft have announced they will integrate Adobe Experience Manager, part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Adobe Experience Manager is being made available to users of Microsoft Dynamics 365, effective immediately. For more than a year, engineering teams across both Adobe and Microsoft have been working closely together developing a number of

Beware that Adobe Flash update on your Android device: It could be malware

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A variant of Android malware Marcher has been spotted masquerading as a Flash update. Here's what you need to know about this dangerous, well-disguised threat

The Browser as an application platform :


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PowerShell: Uninstall MSI by Application Name

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For instance, say you are uninstalling all previous versions of Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is always labeled Adobe Reader X, Adobe Reader XI, and so forth. You just need to enter Adobe Reader as the application name and the desired switches. Here is a function that will uninstall an MSI installed application by the name of the app. You do not need to input the entire name either.

Adobe fixes critical flaws in Flash Player and Digital Editions

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Adobe Systems has fixed more than 30 vulnerabilities in its Flash Player and Digital Editions products, most of which could be exploited to remotely install malware on computers. Twenty-three of those vulnerabilities can lead to remote code execution and the remaining three can be used for information disclosure or to bypass security features, Adobe said in an advisory. Adobe advises users to update Flash Player version on Windows and Mac or version on Linux.

10 steps to DevOps success in the enterprise

Tech Republic Data Center

Companies including Amazon and Adobe have found success using DevOps. Here's what your organization needs to know about the workflow

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Adobe and AI: Making Sense of Sensei


The post Adobe and AI: Making Sense of Sensei appeared first on Dataconomy. Necessity might be the mother of all inventions, but it takes many forward-thinking minds to figure out what customers want before even they realize it.

Packaging EverMap Redaction for Adobe Acrobat XI

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To easily deploy Redaction for Adobe Acrobat XI, I created an MSI file using the AppDeploy Repackager. You will need to install the EverMap application using your enterprise key on the same machine as Adobe Acrobat Standard XI and the repackager are installed on. There are a total of 8 files it packages up. My firm has an enterprise license, which gets written to the AutoRedact.LIC file.

Mick's IT Blogs: SMS/SCCM Query for all Adobe CS3 products

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Adobe Flash Installation Script. Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous V. Adobe Flash Installation Script. Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous V. SMS/SCCM Query for all Adobe CS3 products. This query will return a list of all systems with Adobe CS3 products. SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.DisplayName like "Adobe Acrobat%" or SMS_G_System_ADD_REMOVE_PROGRAMS.DisplayName like. "%CS3%" Micks IT Blogs.

Adobe Reader, Edge, Safari, and Ubuntu fall during first day at Pwn2Own

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During the first day, they successfully demonstrated exploits against Microsoft Edge, Apple's Safari, Adobe Reader, and Ubuntu Desktop. Bug hunters have gathered again to test their skills against some of the most popular and mature software programs during the Pwn2Own hacking contest. The Pwn2Own contest runs every year during the CanSecWest security conference in Vancouver, Canada.

The European DMP Landscape: Niche and local platforms offer competitive solutions for European marketers

Forrester IT

And while most invite US platforms like Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle to RFPs – all […]. Data management platforms have been a focal point of discussion this year. Most advertisers I speak to are either deploying or considering the deployment of a DMP to complete their technology stack. Often, their objectives go well beyond media buying. advertising B2C marketing data management platforms (DMPs

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Adobe fixes actively exploited critical vulnerability in Flash Player

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Adobe Systems has released security updates for several products, including one for Flash Player that fixes a critical vulnerability that's already known and exploited by attackers. Adobe is aware of a report that an exploit for CVE-2016-7892 exists in the wild, and is being used in limited, targeted attacks against users running Internet Explorer (32-bit) on Windows," the company said in a security advisory.

Adobe patches critical vulnerability in ColdFusion application server

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Adobe Systems released critical security patches for its ColdFusion application server, which has been a target for hackers in the past. The ColdFusion 2016 release is not affected, Adobe said in a security advisory. The updates are available for ColdFusion versions 10 and 11 and address a critical security vulnerability that could lead to sensitive information disclosure when parsing specially crafted XML entities.

Adobe's ‘Photoshop for audio’ tweaks voice recordings to say words speaker didn't say

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Last week at the Adobe Max Creativity Conference , Adobe developer Zeyu Jin mentioned that people “having been making weird stuff online” with photo editing software, before adding, now “let’s do something to human speech.” Photoshop trolls can manipulate photos, but in the future we may have a new type of troll … trolls which can easily manipulate spoken words just by typing text into an audio editing program.

Mick's IT Blogs: Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous.

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Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous Version Uninstaller Scripts. This script will uninstall all previous versions of Adobe Reader back to 4.x, When you download the installation executable from Adobe, you can use 7-Zip to open it up and extract all of the files out for an easier installation and customization using the Adobe Customization Wizard. Modified: Program: Adobe Reader. Micks IT Blogs.

Why The Right Web Analytics Platform Is (Even More) Business Critical

Forrester IT

In it we rank the leading web analytics platform provides including Adobe, AT Internet, Cooladata, Google, IBM, Mixpanel, and Webtrekk. Why The Right Web Analytics Platform Is (Even More) Business Critical Forrester just recently published The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q4 2017. Why should I care?”, you may ask. After all when it comes to […].

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Situational Awareness Is Key To Enhancing Your Cyber Security Posture


Adobe fined $1 million over personal data leaked in 2013 data breach. Bob Gourley. We publish the daily Threat Brief to provide actionable intelligence for busy decision-makers.

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Hackers exploit unpatched Flash Player vulnerability, Adobe warns

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Yet another reason to uninstall Flash Player or at least disable or prompt if needed.

Mick's IT Blogs: Stepping through an installation with AutoIT

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Uninstalling Adobe CS3 Applications. Uninstalling Adobe CS3 Applications. --> Mick's IT Blogs. Programs such as trial versions of Autodesk and Adobe CS6 cannot be packaged up for distribution. Micks IT Blogs. My blog is here to help solve issues I have encountered and solved, publish scripts I have written, and educate others in understanding areas that are not well covered. -->. Micks IT Blogs.

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Mick's IT Blogs: Adobe Flash Installation Script

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Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous V. Adobe Reader X Installation Script with Previous V. Adobe Flash Installation Script. Modified: Publisher: Adobe. Description: Adobe Flash Installation. Labels: Adobe Flash , automatic update , Flash , Install , Installation , installation script , script. I'm planning on installing Adobe Flash Player 11.4.402.265. Did Adobe do away with having a separate 32/64 installation files?

Microsoft released 16 security bulletins for June, 5 rated critical

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FYI: You should be keeping an eye out for the Adobe Flash Player patch as Adobe issued a security advisory , warning of a Flash exploit being used in the wild for targeted attacks. Microsoft released 16 security bulletins for June, five of which are rated critical for remote code execution vulnerabilities. Even the MSRC team doesn’t seem too excited over this month’s patches as the entire Patch Tuesday announcement is a mere three sentences.

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The advertising tech powering the 2016 election

Tech Republic Big Data

How data firm Targeted Victory uses automation, machine learning, and Adobe Spark to microtarget voters online, on TV screens, and on smartphones to raise big money for political campaigns

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