5 Tips to Supercharge Your Jira Service Desk

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How to make the help desk platform's knowledge base, incident management, and service channels work for your business

Confluence: The smart person's guide

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You should consider adding Confluence to the suite to make collaboration and building a knowledge base simple Does your office run Atlassian software?

Managing Service Request Content using the Oracle Sales Cloud API

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Oracle Sales Cloud can record the specific messages, message attachments, and knowledge base references that are associated to a specific service request. One of the great benefits of CRM integration is that you can automatically make the series of intricate communications related to service history visible to sales people

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ERP for Excellent Healthcare

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In fact, hospitals wouldn't be able to run efficiently without a knowledge-based IT system such as ERP in place. Today's healthcare professionals rely on integrated software solutions like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) because they help them to deliver better service to their patients. Doctors and nurses do an amazing job looking after their patients, but even highly educated, talented people

Digital Transformation Asset Management

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Through the use of predictive analytics, it can also provide insight-based recommendations that help in the prioritization of changes according to their expected level of impact. Today’s businesses run in the virtual world.

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Microsoft Releases Security Advisory 2887505

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While we are actively working to develop a security update to address this issue, we encourage Internet Explorer customers concerned with the risk associated with this vulnerability, to deploy the following workarounds and mitigations from the advisory: Apply the Microsoft Fix it solution, "CVE-2013-3893 MSHTML Shim Workaround," that prevents exploitation of this issue See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2887505 to use the automated Microsoft Fix it solution to enable or disable this workaround.

CIOs as “Chief Improvement Officer”: How to Run a “Structural” IT

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IT Management has a very wide scope and interdisciplinary knowledge base. Leveraging a structural thinking also helps to understand the business problems at the macro level and explore the breadth of knowledge about the issues.

CIOs as “Chief Insight Officer”: How to Master the Art and Science of “Uncertainty Management”

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To use the common term, uncertainty is the lack of certainty, a state of having limited knowledge where it is impossible to exactly describe the existing circumstance.

Why the Internet of Things is also Industry 4.0

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Robert Bosch is a German-based global leader in brake and automotive technology that has established a 500-person subsidiary, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions, to develop sensors and actuators for the Internet of Things (“IoT”).

Three Management Models to Evaluate the Digital Readiness of the Business

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The change must be defined in its base elements and associated benefits to be achieved via financial, market share, or productivity perspectives. Digital transformation has a high level of impact and complexity because it expands to every direction of the organization.

Turnaround CIO

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Make sure the knowledge is there is to support the organization. Review the knowledge base of the help desk to see where there are the opportunities. “IT is broken, and it needs fixing…”. So you want to be a turnaround CIO? You want to go into an enterprise and turn around performance and create a sharp improvement in delivered value from IS. Turnaround CIOs require deep IT experience and the ability to come into a chaotic situation and make things work.

Everything You Know About eAuthentication is wrong!


The base document SP 800-63-3 is the third iteration of this special publication, and has been renamed to: Digital Authentication Guideline. The base document is followed by three separate documents. Nathaniel Crocker.

The Monthly “Unpuzzling Innovation” Book Tuning: Digital Innovation Principles & Practices Feb. 2018

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How to Manage the New Chapter of Digital Innovation Innovation is the specific phenomenon of the knowledge-based economy. It is about having new knowledge and new processes. Digital is the age of innovation. And innovation is what leads to differentiation.

Collaborating in a shared service management environment


News items and the knowledge base. The category filter works based on the selected category and/or subcategory. The operator filter works based on the operator, manager or contact field. The processes for IT, facilities and human resources (HR) are broadly similar and do overlap, such as with commencement and exit procedures, and can easily be brought together in a single tool to manage.

Breaking Three Bottlenecks to Digitize Boardrooms

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There’s “lost in translation” syndrome in cross-functional conversations, there are all sorts of miscommunication at the different level of the organization, which are caused by perception gaps because people have the different knowledge base and cognitive understanding to articulate things.

The Monthly “Unpuzzling Innovation” Book Tuning: Innovation as Core of “Digital Master” Jan., 2018

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Three Core Principles of Accelerating Digital Innovation Innovation is the specific phenomenon of the knowledge-based economy. It is about having new knowledge and new processes. Digital is the age of innovation. And innovation is what leads to differentiation.

How to learn the basic ITIL process


Integrated knowledge base can help your technicians to provide instant resolutions and also to keep up with the response and resolution time based on SLA (service level agreements). We can classify change into three types based on the impact and risk involved.

Ticketing System at Your Service


The main idea of this software is to resolve occurred issues reported by a client as every support includes essential information on a certain matter and has a knowledge base concerning each customer and issue.

Three “D” Traits in Innovators

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However, many silo-based work environments contain overly rigid processes which stifle innovation and have hidden barriers which discourage creativity.

CIOs as “Chief Information Officer”: The Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Epistemic Aspects of Information and Knowledge Management

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A well-designed and relatively simplified information/knowledge solutions bound to unlock the enterprise knowledge, to turn a downward spiral into an upward spiral. And how to refine information into knowledge and business insight. Information and knowledge are path-dependent.

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8 Reasons Managed IT Services Grow Stronger SMB


With an in-house IT team you’re either saddled with a limited knowledge base and a lack of understanding of certain new technologies and challenges, or you have to invest heavily in ongoing changes.

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Omphaloskepsis and the December 2013 Security Update Release

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For more information about this update, including download links, see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2907997. There are times when we get too close to a topic. We familiarize ourselves with every aspect and nuance, but fail to recognize not everyone else has done the same.


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When evaluating any new EVO:RAIL-based offering, the key question becomes — what’s unique ?  After   After all, the base hardware/software is specified to be near-identical across different partner offerings.

CIOs as Digital Masters: How to “Right the Wrongs” in Digital Paradigm Shift

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While setting a vision that isn’t high enough doesn’t challenge the organization to excel, also, establishing a vision that is based on unrealistic expectation will also mislead employees or disenfranchise stakeholders.


Chuck's Blog - EMC

When evaluating any new EVO:RAIL-based offering, the key question becomes — what’s unique ?  After   After all, the base hardware/software is specified to be near-identical across different partner offerings. First, the VSPEX BLUE Manager provides a portal to any and all support services: automatic and non-disruptive software upgrades, online chat with EMC support, knowledge base, documentation and community.

To Celebrate the 4500th Blog Posting: The Thoughts and Quotes of the “Future of CIO” Blog (Part I)

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Creativity is a function of imagination, multidimensional thinking, knowledge, psychology, activities, and motivation. One of the biggest challenges in this complex digital world is the fact that we need different perspectives, different knowledge and different ways to solve a problem.

What is Business Exchange - Social, Agile, and Transformation

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Aggregate content from business oriented sources, organize them into business topics that users can create, and prioritize the most important articles based on user activity. But by using Business Exchange, the articles that you save or comment become part of a personal knowledge base. Also, I get to see the best articles based on the actions of a business community and network with the topics top contributors. Social, Agile, and Transformation.

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That Zealot Moment - Chuck's Blog

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  If I had to pick a third emerging topic, it'd be enterprise mobility: creating a new "virtual workplace" for the demanding knowledge-based workforce.  Chucks Blog. An IT industry insiders perspective on information, technology and customer challenges.

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Customer Conversations - How Intuit and Edmodo Innovate using.

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Often we think about innovation as doing new things or based on revolutionary new technologies such as DynamoDB, but it is more important to ensure that one can also innovate based on existing paradigms. Students gain experience they need for the modern workplace, learning how to work responsibly and effectively in a collaborative, project-based manner on a social website. All Things Distributed. Werner Vogels weblog on building scalable and robust distributed systems.