The Data Storage Explosion

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Cloud growth is also driving a rapid rise in the storage market, exacerbating the enterprise challenge around storage cost and complexity. Despite concerns regarding privacy and organizational resistance, Big Data investments continue to gain momentum globally.

DataGravity: Data aware storage


The DataGravity Discovery Series allows IT professionals and business users to unlock the value of their data through data aware storage. The post DataGravity: Data aware storage appeared first on

Managing Storage in Kubernetes

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This temporary nature would have us assume that storage would be difficult to manage. Kubernetes allows you to natively create and manage storage decoupled from pods. In order to provide storage to our pods, we have to place the disk in the same region as our cluster.

Storage Deflation?

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While it’s true that I now work for VMware, I came from the storage hardware business.     And I think I could construct a plausible argument that we are in a sustained deflationary period for storage capacity: disks and arrays.  Storage

Storage 101: The IoT’s impact on storage

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The internet of things will have a huge impact on storage – the sheer volume of data, the radically different types of data created, and the storage needed, from flash to object to cloud

The Future Of Storage Data Services

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So many different ways to store data these days: SAN, NAS, object, scale-up, scale-out, cloud, software-defined, flash, tape, geo-dispersed, etc.  It might seem that we in the storage business are intentionally complicating things.  Arrays Do More Than Just Store Data.

The internet of things data explosion and storage and compliance

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Vigitrust's Mathieu Gorge reports from Web Summit 2016 on the explosion of data that comes with the internet of things and its implications for data storage and compliance

HP Automates Storage Management for Unstructured Data

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New software finds most efficient storage system for every type of file Read More. Big Data Convergence Hewlett-Packard Infrastructure Storage

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Commodity Data Center Storage: Building Your Own

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New storage solutions allow any organization to deploy custom commodity storage architectures. Storage Technology cloudBut how do you go about it? Read More.

Cloud Technology: Beyond Data Storage


Information Technology Blog - - Cloud Technology: Beyond Data Storage - Information Technology Blog. Main usage of the cloud which has bought cloud into limelight was its data storage and pay-for-use facilities. But today cloud is much more than data storage.

From Storage Admin To Storage Service Manager

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I''ve been talking to storage people in IT for about 20 years now.    Sure, the new technology is always interesting -- but what storage folks are always interested in is how does this change things?  More Data, Bigger Data. careers SDDC Storage

Actifio Unshackles Stranded Storage Investment

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valuation and numerous heavyweight customers on the roster, the five-year-old startup is convincing users and investors that its copy data virtualization technology is the best way to tame duplicate data sprawl. Storage With a $1.1B

Are Servers The New Storage?

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At one time, almost all storage was directly attached to servers.    Whether that was through disk drives in the server enclosure itself, or external racks directly connected, there was a clear 1:1 mapping between server, application and dedicated storage resources.

Dell Beefs Up Data Center Storage Lineup

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Launches new entry-level and enterprise storage offerings, new integration with software-defined solutions portfolio, using Microsoft Storage Spaces Read More. Dell Storage

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Google Invests in Avere, a Data Center Storage Supercharger

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Startup’s technology “hides latency” to and from enterprise storage clusters Read More. Featured Google Storage

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Comcast Connects Businesses to Underground Data Center Storage

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Teams up with Perpetual Storage on super-secure data storage services Read More. Connectivity Infrastructure Security Storage

Cisco Unveils Modular, High-Capacity S-Series Storage for UCS

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Making the case that public cloud-based storage loses its cost effectiveness after so long a period of time or so great a capacity of data, Cisco announced Tuesday the availability, beginning next week, of a new series of modular storage appliances geared for high-bandwidth applications, such as.

GreenTec: Persistent Data Protection With Storage Level Security


GreenTec-USA is a pioneer in data center modularization and optimization for servers, storage, video and secure document storage. Security Companies Computer security custom firmware data Data Protection Security storage level security Storage solutions technologyWith this post we are initiating coverage of Virginia based GreenTec-USA.

GDPR brings serious implications for data storage

Computer Weekly

New European Union data protection regulations put tough requirements on organisations that store “personally identifiable data”. We look at what is needed to achieve compliance

Storage Disaggregation in the Data Center

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With the availability of fast interconnect technologies, disaggregation of storage from the compute servers considerably reduces the total cost of investment in the data center in various ways, improves the efficiency of the storage utilization, adds to the resiliency of the storage stacks, and.

The Top Trending Data Storage This Year

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We are in a period of storage revolution. There are trends, which will influence corporate strategy and data pilling preference by the end of 2017 Many transitions have been witnessed in both software and hardware.

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The New Storage Buyer

Chuck's Blog - EMC

    When it comes to storage, it’s been the same way for as long as I can remember: the storage team makes the recommendation.  But what if a relatively new storage buyer is emerging?  The New Storage Buyer. Servers As Storage: Interest Is Strong.

Ushering in the Era of Commodity Storage in the Data Center

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Here''s a look at three technologies making storage on commodity x86 boxes in the data center a reality Read More. Blades Storage data center

Parallel Processing and Unstructured Data Transforms Storage

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These transformations are driven by challenges associated with the parallel processing of unstructured data within a near-real-time business operational tempo. These statistics describes an enterprise environment that demands heavy and time-sensitive use of recently acquired data.

Participate In The Forrester Tech Tide™: Storage Technologies For Business Data

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Enterprises have a variety of applications; the sheer scale of data volumes, data types, and business processes associated with them are putting unprecedented pressure on storage infrastructure. The once stodgy world of storage [… These business demands mean that technologies developed a decade ago are no longer able to serve the demands of today and tomorrow.

Coho Data Emerges From Stealth With SDN Storage Appliance

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Emerging from stealth mode Tuesday, Andreesen Horowitz-backed startup Coho Data unveiled an SDN storage appliance called Coho DataStream, which packages key elements of public cloud into an on-premise solution. Storage Virtualization coho data

Storage Caching 201

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Three years ago, I wrote a popular post entitled " Storage Caching 101 ".  The vast majority of the world''s data sits on spinning disks.    Access that same data from a memory technology (flash, DRAM, etc.) Storage VMware

Software-Defined Storage: What Does It Really Mean?

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Looking to control your storage infrastructure? Want to expand your cloud and data center platform? Find out how software-defined storage can help. Storage software defined storage software-defined technologies

Considering The Next Wave Of Storage Automation

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From the time enterprise data centers sprang into existence, we’ve had this burning desire to automate the heck out of them. a nice chunk of new technology has been introduced to help automate perhaps the most difficult part of the data center – storage.

GDPR’s impact on storage of personally identifiable data

Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly talks to Mathieu Gorge of Vigitrust about the practical impacts on data storage of the GDPR concepts of “personally identifiable data” and “the right to be forgotten

Using VSAN With Storage Arrays

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  Many folks are comparing and contrasting what can now be done in the hypervisor vs. familiar storage arrays.    Besides the obvious fact that IT shops are heavily invested in storage array tech, there are certain things that storage arrays do very well.

Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars

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Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation Seminars Join me in a series of in-person seminars driving ROI with cloud storage consolidation for unstructured file data. Various Data Infrastructure options from on-prem to edge to cloud and beyond These initial seminars are being held at Amazon Web Services (AWS) […].

Cisco Extends Storage Switch Lineup

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Cisco says it is trying to make it simpler to scale storage deployments in the data center while also reducing the number of switches that actually need to be deployed. Cisco StorageRead More.

How EMC IT Does Storage

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You might be used to getting storage advice from a storage vendor, but the better source might be to speak to someone in their IT group. Srini starts with creating a perspective of the "storage journeys" EMC IT has been on over the years. Data Retention. Storage

Increased Data Means Increased Storage, Managing Demand

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As more and more data is created around the world, the demand for additional storage increases, writes Nikhil Premanandan of ManageEngine. So what storage strategy is right for you and how will you manage new challenges? Read More. Industry Perspectives