Microsoft Makes Breakthrough in the Quest to Use DNA as Data Storage

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The world has a data problem. million gigabytes of data, and each year, the amount of data produced globally increases exponentially. This puts us on a collision course with a serious problem: the rate at which we produce data is outpacing our ability to store it.

Healthcare Data Storage and Other Innovations Head to the Cloud


If you’ve visited a doctor lately, you may have experienced how your healthcare data — records, scans, prescriptions — is increasingly accessible wherever you interact with a healthcare provider. But you don’t control your own healthcare data storage.


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Storage Pros Move to Data Roles

Information Week

As enterprises store more data in the cloud and users provision their own storage, the storage professional’s role is morphing into a data lifecycle manager

Streamlining Data Storage at the 49ers’ Homefield

Information Week

Levi’s Stadium consolidates disparate data silos to further futureproof its services and boost operational efficiency

DataGravity: Data aware storage


The DataGravity Discovery Series allows IT professionals and business users to unlock the value of their data through data aware storage. The post DataGravity: Data aware storage appeared first on For an introduction see the video at this link and embedded below: For more see: Company Infrastructure Companies Video datagravity

Azure Quantum drives data storage improvements

Venture Beast

As organizations continue to struggle to maximize storage utilization and optimize analyzing massive amounts of data, Microsoft is upping its focus on the “high promise of quantum technology,” Daniel Stocker, program manager, Azure Quantum technology, told VentureBeat.

Cloudera announces new storage certification for Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud


Cloudera, the enterprise data cloud company, has announced the successful completion of the Quality Assurance Test Suite (QATS) certification of Dell EMC PowerScale/Isilon 8.2.2 on Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud.

Streaming object cloud storage startup LucidLink nabs $12M

Venture Beast

LucidLink, a cloud storage startup specializing in streaming data, has raised $12 million in venture capital. Read More.

Cloud storage startup Wasabi nabs $112M, plans new datacenters

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Wasabi, a 'hot data' storage provider startup, has raised $112 million in a venture capital funding round. Read More.

GreenTec: Persistent Data Protection With Storage Level Security


GreenTec-USA is a pioneer in data center modularization and optimization for servers, storage, video and secure document storage. Security Companies Computer security custom firmware data Data Protection Security storage level security Storage solutions technologyWith this post we are initiating coverage of Virginia based GreenTec-USA.

Oracle announces MySQL tweaks, HeatWave storage engine

Venture Beast

Oracle has announced significant MySQL tweaks, including new storage engine HeatWave and pricing structure updates. Big Data Cloud Data Dev VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Enterprise Technology/Data Management Heatwave MySQL oracle

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VAST Data allies with Nvidia on reference storage architecture for AI

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VAST Data collaborates with Nvidia to create reference architecture for attaching its storage systems to GPU servers. AI Enterprise VB Home Page ai category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware GPUs NVidia storage Vast Data

OpenDrives raises almost $20 million to advance its data storage solutions

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OpenDrives, which provides network-attached storage solutions for enterprise clients, has raised a series B round of funding. Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics category-/Internet & Telecom/Web Services data enterprise NAS opendrives Security storage

Azure adds new infrastructure, storage, and networking products

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Microsoft launched a set of new infrastructure, storage, and networking products during its enterprise-focused Ignite 2021 conference. Read More.

AWS Launches a New Type of AWS Storage Gateway: Amazon Fsx File Gateway


Recently, AWS launched Amazon FSx File Gateway as a new type of AWS Storage Gateway, providing customers with a way to access data stored in the cloud with Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, instead of using and managing on-premises file servers.

Spruce sets the bar for sovereign identity storage options, secures $7.5M

Venture Beast

Spruce's sovereign identity storage options allow individuals to have governance over their own data. Read More.

How to migrate to Snowflake without getting ‘data drunk’

Venture Beast

Capital One's Salim Syed discusses the company's migration to the Snowflake data warehouse, customization, and managing cloud data. Read More.

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StorageOS raises $10 million to drive container storage adoption

Venture Beast

StorageOS has raised $10 million to advance adoption of its container storage platform for microservices accessing persistent data. Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page container storage devops funding daily Kubernetes StorageOS

Wasabi raises $25M more for ‘hot’ cloud data storage

Venture Beast

Hot' cloud storage provider Wasabi has raised $25 million in an extension to its series C equity funding round. Read More.

Are We Ever Going to Run Out of Digital Storage Space?

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We live in a world of refuse—not simply the orange peels, Amazon boxes, and old TVs rotting away in landfills but also the texts, emails, and torrented movies looked at once and left to languish in the cloud.

Get a 10-year data storage plan for under $20

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ZipDrive is a cloud storage system that provides secure file access and streaming. to protect data in transit. More about Cloud Storage , Mashable Shopping , Tech , and Consumer Tech. Cloud Storage Mashable Shopping Tech Consumer Tech

New Storage Trends Promise to Help Enterprises Handle a Data Avalanche

Information Week

Data, data everywhere, but where to put it all? Here's a rundown of five current and potential fast and high-capacity storage approaches

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How COVID-19 is accelerating IoT and the need for distributed data storage  

Venture Beast

The amount of data being transmitted, received, stored, & analyzed at the edge, or on devices, is exploding; a new strategy for data management is needed.

Cigent Technology melds security and storage to protect sensitive data

Venture Beast

million to commercialize its system that blends security and data storage. AI Big Data Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Security Cigent cybersecurity funding dailyCigent Technology announced it has raised $7.6

What Are The Best Big Data Cloud Storage Providers? Here Are The Top 6


Unless you have the resources for building and maintaining large amounts of IT infrastructure, the best place for most organizations’ Big Data these days is in the cloud.

Future cloud storage demands more than NAND flash can deliver

Venture Beast

As data volumes explode, datacenters must increase bandwidth across conduits such as Ethernet fabrics and PCI Express (PCIe). Big Data Cloud Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Drives & Storage

HP Automates Storage Management for Unstructured Data

Data Center Knowledge

New software finds most efficient storage system for every type of file Read More. Big Data Convergence Hewlett-Packard Infrastructure Storage

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Commodity Data Center Storage: Building Your Own

Data Center Knowledge

New storage solutions allow any organization to deploy custom commodity storage architectures. Storage Technology cloudBut how do you go about it? Read More.

IBM revamps its storage lineup to better enable hybrid cloud computing

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IBM revamped its storage portfolio as part of a larger effort to make it simpler to replictate and migrate data across hybrid clouds. AI Big Data Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware data science IBM MLOps storage

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The internet of things data explosion and storage and compliance

Computer Weekly

Vigitrust's Mathieu Gorge reports from Web Summit 2016 on the explosion of data that comes with the internet of things and its implications for data storage and compliance

Zebware’s ZebClient delivers cloud data access at memory speed

Venture Beast

Cloud Data Dev Software technology VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Enterprise Technology category-/Internet & Telecom/Web Services cloud cloud data cloud data storage cloud processing data access data speeds memory speed

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WD mingles flash memory and hard drive in a single storage device

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Big Data Consumer Enterprise Entrepreneur GamesBeat category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Drives & Storage DeanBeat News flash memory hard disk WD Western Digital

Microsoft joins new industry alliance aimed at advancing DNA data storage systems


All the movies, images, emails and other digital data from hundreds of smartphones can be stored in the pink smear of DNA at the end of the test tube seen at right. Synthetic DNA data storage techniques don’t use that code for biological purposes.

Storage 101: The IoT’s impact on storage

Computer Weekly

The internet of things will have a huge impact on storage – the sheer volume of data, the radically different types of data created, and the storage needed, from flash to object to cloud

Backup lessons from a cloud-storage disaster

Network World

European’s largest cloud provider, OVHcloud, suffered a catastrophic fire last month that destroyed one of its data centers and smoke-damaged a neighboring one. Those who did not lost data that will never come back.

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Cloud Technology: Beyond Data Storage


Information Technology Blog - - Cloud Technology: Beyond Data Storage - Information Technology Blog. Main usage of the cloud which has bought cloud into limelight was its data storage and pay-for-use facilities. But today cloud is much more than data storage. Data storage, networking, operating system services come under this category where users pay for the amount of resources they have utilized. Cloud Storage

Seagate launches 20TB hard disk drives for enterprises and data freaks

Venture Beast

Seagate Technology is launching some pretty beef hard disk drives that can store 20 terabytes of data for enterprise applications. Read More.

Dell Beefs Up Data Center Storage Lineup

Data Center Knowledge

Launches new entry-level and enterprise storage offerings, new integration with software-defined solutions portfolio, using Microsoft Storage Spaces Read More. Dell Storage

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Researchers Think They Figured Out How to Squeeze 500TB on a DVD-Sized Disc

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By switching from red lasers to blue lasers with a finer beam, the storage capacity of DVDs went from 4.7GB to 25GB to allow Blu-ray discs to hold movies encoded in HD resolutions and beyond.

Managing Storage in Kubernetes

Linux Academy

This temporary nature would have us assume that storage would be difficult to manage. Kubernetes allows you to natively create and manage storage decoupled from pods. In order to provide storage to our pods, we have to place the disk in the same region as our cluster. You will see an output similar to this, where the “location” is what we are trying to obtain: Creating Persistent Storage. Delete the Pod to Demonstrate Persistent Storage.

Comcast Connects Businesses to Underground Data Center Storage

Data Center Knowledge

Teams up with Perpetual Storage on super-secure data storage services Read More. Connectivity Infrastructure Security Storage

Tesla’s driving data storage system hacked by Dutch investigators

The Verge

A team of Dutch forensic researchers have decrypted Tesla’s data storage system, providing access to a trove of information that could be useful in crash investigations. Some of this data can be stored for up to a year, the institute said.

GDPR brings serious implications for data storage

Computer Weekly

New European Union data protection regulations put tough requirements on organisations that store “personally identifiable data”. We look at what is needed to achieve compliance