18 Steps for End-to-End IaaS Provisioning in the Cloud with Azure Resource Manager (ARM), PowerShell and Desired State Configuration (DSC)

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Support for provisioning and managing Azure IaaS virtual machine environments via Azure Resource Manager (ARM) was recently launched as a Generally Available (GA) feature!

Time To Spread The Word on Internet of Things Dangers: Read what FBI and DHS Cyber Centers Need Us All To Know


The DHS National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) is playing an increasingly important role in collaborating across multiple sectors of the economy and across government in sharing important advisories and alerts.

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Would you build your house from a Visio diagram?

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Would you even hire an architect that highlighted hand drawn diagrams and spreadsheets as their design tools of choice? Of course you wouldn’t. Not using computing aided design (CAD) as a primary architectural tool today is just laughable.

Ten Reasons Why VMware Is Leading The Hyperconverged Industry

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Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I’m not shy when it comes to a good competitive dust-up.    I’m OK with the usual puffery and slightly exaggerated claims.  All part of the fun. I’m not OK when I believe the claims are misleading.

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SCCM deployment with Error 1612

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I was deploying a package earlier today. It took a few iterations to get everything correct. All of a sudden on the fourth update of the package, it would no longer install. It continuously failed. I thought maybe something was wrong with the installer that got downloaded to the machine, so I cleared out the cache. The issue persisted after SCCM re-downloaded the package. I then ran the install manually from the ccmcache folder where it was stored. Everything installed perfectly.

London Calling! An AWS Region is coming to the UK!

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Yesterday, AWS evangelist Jeff Barr wrote that AWS will be opening a region in South Korea in early 2016 that will be our 5th region in Asia Pacific.

Step-By-Step: Backup your PC data to Azure


Hello Folks, On December 16, 2014 we announced that you can now backup the data from Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 machines, using Azure Backup. This is extremely useful for any of us who may not touch base in a specific office on a regular basis.( read more ).

Top 10 Metrics for a New CIO

CIO Dashboard

Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui. One of the most highly sought after posts on this blog has been “ 10 Metrics for a New CIO.” Since the post was written five years ago, the CIO role has undergone dramatic change.

Step-by-Step: Encrypting Data Volumes in the Azure Cloud with Windows Server 2012 R2, PowerShell and BitLocker

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The Microsoft Azure cloud platform has supported at-rest encryption of Windows Server VM data volumes via BitLocker for some time now, but I’ve found that there’s often a desire to completely automate the BitLocker configuration as part of virtual machine provisioning and startup tasks.

Does Next-Generation Anti-Virus Solve the Fatal Flaws of Anti-Virus?


The chorus of voices declaring the end of anti-virus has reached a deafening pitch. Many of us in the community, myself included, have long said that anti-virus is dead and even a senior VP at Symantec has now admitted such.

Security requires long haul planning

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On Tuesday, October 6 th , the European Court of Justice (ECJ), invalidated the U.S./EU EU Safe Harbor Framework. This framework, in place since 2000, gave blanket permission to data transfers from the European Union to the United States.

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What Doesn’t Work With Hyperconverged

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In an industry powered by new, shiny things — we’ve got a new one that’s gaining traction: hyperconverged. The basic idea is simple: collapse external storage (and, eventually networking) into a single, software-powered environment that runs on commodity servers.

how to be a good open source community member


A friend of mine who is a very talented writer recently became intrigued with open source and asked me to help her to understand how to be a good open source community member. Open source is one of the most unusual things in the world. Is there any other profession where highly skilled professionals donate their free time to give their work away for free? Many spend long hours at their day jobs, just to spend their nights and weekends doing the same thing.

Retro Chic: The IoT Means Hardware Engineers Are Cool Again

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In the beginning there were Military Engineers who built bridges and designed fortifications. When peacetime came, some headed to dig in the mines and others to build roads, canals and cities.

CIOs Fix Outsourcing Problems By Putting The Fox In Charge Of The Chickens

The Accidental Successful CIO

In IT, can the fox successfully watch over the chickens? Image Credit: digitalprimate. I’m sure that by now you’ve read some of the stories that are out there about CIOs who managed to get themselves into outsourcing contracts that turned out badly.

Running vSphere in Amazon or Google Compute

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Intel and AMD adding virtualization support to CPU’s marked a watershed moment in the history of virtualization. AMD-V and Intel VT closed the gap in performance between physical workloads and virtualized workloads. Hardware based support virtualization support allowed not only.

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Under the Hood of Amazon EC2 Container Service

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In my last post about Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS), I discussed the two key components of running modern distributed applications on a cluster: reliable state management and flexible scheduling.

Step-By-Step: Prepare USB Media to Install Windows 10


Hello Folks, 6 years ago I wrote about easily making USB media to install Windows 7. the process worked so well it’s been drilled in my head and I’ve been using that process ever since. Last week, I was in Montreal to meet the guys from the MITPRO.( read more ).

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The IT Department as Disruptor

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Guest post by Sigal Zarmi PwC’s Vice Chairman and Network CIO. In today’s technology-centric world, IT departments must evolve from business partners to catalysts for change.

Resizing Data Disks in the Cloud on Microsoft Azure with Windows PowerShell

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Resizing existing Azure VM data disks just got a whole lot easier with the introduction of an enhanced Update-AzureDisk PowerShell cmdlet in the latest version of the Azure PowerShell module.

List of Cyber Threat “Wake-Up Calls” Growing: Policy makers have been hitting the snooze button since 1970


The list below is an update to our reference of "Cyber Security Wake-Up Calls." What does it take to be on the list? Generally each of the events below was so significant policy makers were loudly proclaiming to all who would listen that they were a wake-up call.

IEEE Cloud Computing: Legal Clouds

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The new issue of IEEE Cloud Computing is now available! This special issue looks at how to balance privacy with legitimate surveillance and lawful data access.

Building An All-Flash Racing Cluster With Intel and VSAN

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Hyperconverged is the latest justifiable buzz-worthy topic in IT. VMware’s software-led approach supports multiple hardware consumption options: from mild to wild — you’re not limited to someone else’s idea of an appliance if that’s not your thing.

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what every open source project needs


In the last few years open source has transformed the software industry. From Android to Wikipedia, open source is everywhere, but how does one succeed in it? While open source projects come in all shapes and sizes and all forms of governance, no matter what kind of project you’re a part of, there are a set of fundamentals that lead to success.

Why the Northeast is Best for Enterprise IT Investing

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A recent look at 2015 innovations trends by IDC shows significant growth in nearly every area impacting enterprise IT – including cloud, big data and analytics, mobile and internet of things.

Is Embedding IT Staff The New Way For CIO’s To Organize IT?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Placing IT staff in other departments is a new IT trend Image Credit: VIA Gallery. The person with the CIO job understands that the because of the importance of information technology, the role of the IT department is to support the rest of the company.

The public cloud is more secure than your data center

David Linthicum

We live in a world where data center breaches are in the headlines almost monthly, much to the consternation of corporate IT -- the same corporate IT that fears the public cloud due to fears around data security. The truth is that the public cloud is more secure than the typical data center, and IT would get better security if it got past its prejudice against the cloud.

Expanding the Cloud: Amazon Machine Learning Service, the Amazon Elastic Filesystem and more

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Today was a big day for the Amazon Web Services teams as a whole range of new services and functionality was delivered to our customers. Here is a brief recap of it: The Amazon Machine Learning service.