British navy sends robots to sea in military exercise

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The Royal Navy is testing just how much robot craft can do by themselves in military exercises off the British coast. Operation Unmanned Warrior 16 is a chance for allied nations and the defense industry to show off their latest maritime autonomous systems, as part of a broader military exercise called Joint Warrior.

Security Think Tank: Patching is vital and essentially a risk management exercise

Computer Weekly

How should organisations address the need to keep software up to date with security patches without it costing too much or being too labour intensive

Security Think Tank: How to maximise the value or red team exercises

Computer Weekly

How can organisations use red teaming to identify security gaps

Security Think Tank: How to get the best out of red team exercises

Computer Weekly

How can organisations use red teaming to identify security gaps

“Right-Sizing” The Data Center: A Fool’s Errand?

Data Center Knowledge

For many, the quest to right-size turns into an exercise akin to a dog chasing its tail. So, we constantly ask ourselves the question: Is right-sizing a fool’s errand? Read More. Data Center Design Featured Resources

Europol hosts simulated cyber attack on retail sector

Computer Weekly

Europol and MasterCard hold a retail cyber attack simulation exercise to raise awareness of the issue and how to respond to attacks, as well as promote information sharing in the sector

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EU-backed fund to encourage data-sharing between startups and enterprises launches

Computer Weekly

Three-year project seeks to encourage enterprises to embark on information-sharing exercises with startups and SMEs to bolster data-led innovation

Choosing the Right CRM for SMB

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Selecting the right CRM system for a small or medium size business is essentially an exercise in reduction. You need to decide which features are important to you and limit yourself accordingly. The modern CRM landscape is crowded with CRM systems with various prices and capabilities. Winnowing down the field is an important part of choosing the right system.

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Understanding Collaboration - Disrupt, or be Disrupted

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This could well be a futile exercise since the scope keeps expanding with everyThere are many scenarios to consider for collaboration, and I’ve been writing about this lately, both for internal use cases among workers, and external use cases to support end customers. A big challenge facing decision-makers is building a fence around collaboration so everyone understands what’s involved.

Simplicity is a strategy that works.

Forrester IT

This last week I was fortunate enough to be invited out to Hollywood to participate in a large exercise for the entertainment industry focusing on cyber security planning and threat management.

Using webinar metrics to blast CRM data to the next level

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Frequently, that vital information is distilled into a simple e-mail-harvesting exercise, with customer details folded into an automated email routine. Webinars are becoming a highly popular component of the digital marketing tool box, but harnessing the rich customer data they yield is still a missed opportunity. Yet, there are more effective outcomes available.

Governments and nation states are now officially training for cyberwarfare: An inside look

Tech Republic Security

Europe, Canada, USA, Australia, and others are now running training exercises to prepare for the outbreak of cyberwar. Locked Shields is the largest simulation and we take you inside

Do you collaborate more than 25%?

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I've been wanting to get back into riding my bike as a way to break up my day, get a little exercise andIt's Sunday night and I just finished reviewing the week ahead at work. I have no unread emails, but I also have no unencumbered lunches. Just about every day something is going on that pinches into what should be my lunch hour.

Paxata: Adaptive Data Preparation


The company’s technology dramatically reduces the most painful and manual steps of any analytic exercise, turning raw data into ready data for analytics, and empowering analysts to drive greater value for the business.

Some server storage I/O benchmark tools, workload scripts and examples

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There are various tools and workloads for server I/O benchmark testing, validation and exercising different storage devices (or systems and appliances) such as Non-Volatile Memory (NVM This is part one of a two-part series of posts about using some common server storage I/O benchmark tools and workload scripts. View part II here which includes the workload scripts and where to view sample results.

Top Local Apps - Get a Great Workout Anywhere with Bodeefit!

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Bodeefit – Step-by-Step Workouts with Prescriptive Exercises and Videos. It seems like I’m always traveling in my current role, and getting to the gym for a real workout is always a challenge.

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Digital Risk of Data Increases When Employees Leave


Ultimately, the company may decide to pursue legal action against the former employee, a costly and unwanted exercise for everyone involved. Crystal Lister.

To unlock phones, feds demand all occupants surrender fingerprints

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investigators are exercising a broad legal authority to force suspects to unlock their smartphones. In a recent case, they demanded that anyone found inside a California residence comply by surrendering their fingerprints. In May, the federal prosecutors made the request as part of a search warrant, according to a court filing uncovered by Forbes. Those fingerprints were crucial to unlocking the smartphones, the Department of Justice argued.

Step-by-Step: Deploying Windows 8 Apps with System Center 2012.

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After building your lab environment, follow these steps to configure boundaries, boundary groups and the Application Catalog site system roles prior to beginning the exercises below. As part of this process, we’ll organize the steps into the following exercises: Exercise 1: Create Application for an internal Windows 8 app package (.appx Exercise 2: Create Application for a published Windows Store app ( deep link on Windows Store ). Sign in. IT Pros ROCK!

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The Popular Creativity Quotes of “Digital Master” Series I 2018

Future of CIO

Pearl Zhu , 100 Creativity Ingredients: Everyone’s Playbook to Unlock Creativity “Creativity is like a muscle; you must exercise it daily or it atrophies.” ?

Hortonworks DataFlow 1.2 Released


Microsoft Band Screen: On or Off During Exercise? Katie Kennedy. Last month, Hortonworks announced their release of their Hortonworks DataFlow 1.2 , a data-source agnostic, real time data collection and dataflow management platform that makes data movement fast, easy and secure. HDF 1.2

Step-By-Step: Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning


While we are unable to detail the exact process undertaken by Toyota Canada and Microsoft as completed during the Hackfest itself, this post will walk through steps accomplishing a similar exercise to enable further understanding of the Machine Learning process.

Back-to-Basics Weekend Reading - Experience with Grapevine: The Growth of a Distributed System

All Things Distributed

It was built at the famous Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) Computer Science Laboratory as an exercise in discovering what is needed as the fundamental building blocks of a distributed system; messaging, naming, discovery, location, routing, authentication, encryption, replication, etc.

Corporate IT: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 2017 Strategic Plan


” Too often, the strategic planning exercise is limited to a tightly bounded vacuum known as the leadership offsite. Done well, IT strategic planning does two things.

IT Enterprise Architecture: How to Become a Digital Strategy Consultant to the Business


EA’s goal in this exercise is to document a wide range of possibilities, rather than trying to pick which assumptions are most likely to occur (see chart 1). In this exercise, EA specifically avoids grouping the most popular assumptions into a single scenario.

GlobalSign certificate revocation error leaves websites inaccessible

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As part of a planned exercise, GlobalSign revoked one of its cross-certificates that allowed end-user certificates to chain to alternate root certificates. Users around the world have had trouble accessing some HTTPS websites due to an error at GlobalSign, one of the world's largest certificate authorities. GlobalSign operates multiple roots, which are trusted in browsers and operating systems by default, and links them together through these cross-certificates.

Security Without Borders: Free security help for dissidents

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Security researcher Claudio Guarnieri has experience working with journalists and human rights organizations which have exercised freedom of speech, reported on some form of corruption and wound up becoming targets because of it; their computers may be compromised with spying malware such as those in the hands of the Hacking Team, FinFisher or NSA to name but a few.

Step-by-Step: Build a FREE SharePoint 2013 Dev/Test Lab in the.

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Exercise 1: Register a DNS Server in Windows Azure. Exercise 2: Define a Virtual Network in Windows Azure. Connect to Existing DNS: Select XXXlabdns01 – the DNS Server registered in Exercise 1 above. Exercise 4: Configure SQL Server 2012 in a Windows Azure VM.

Tech News Roundup March 16


Endgame tracks down adversaries in AF Red Flag exercise -- GCN - Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics we are tracking in the technology ecosystem: Technology Ticker. Matt Rahman Joins Tangible Security as Commercial Cyber Solutions SVP, GM. Menlo Ventures leads $14.5M round for Usermind, an enterprise business operations startup. Trifacta Expands Federal Market Presence to Accelerate the. Consumer Electronics Net.

FCC Releases New Net Neutrality Rules


Congress could not have imagined… nearly 4 million Americans would exercise their right to comment on proposed rulemaking.” By Shannon Perry. Net neutrality became a buzzword in 2014, as many media sources and public figures voiced their opposition to the FCC’s “fast lanes.”

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Corporate IT: Why Your IT Scorecard Isn’t Impressing People


This refocusing exercise doesn’t mean that IT teams need to spend time and money identifying and tracking new metrics, but rather creating composite metrics that measure outcomes, instead of inputs.

Smart Skin: Computers that attach to the skin bring new meaning to term wearable computing


The new gadgets will be able to track your exercise and send it to your smart phone, monitor your sweat level and suggest brands of deodorant, record baby’s breathing, as well as many more uses. MC10 is a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that has been testing computers that attach to skin and look like little wearable stickers. The device is intended to include: wireless antennas, temperature and heart-rate sensors, as well as a tiny battery.

Step-by-Step: Building a Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster.

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In this Step-by-Step Guide, you will complete the following exercises to configure a Windows Server 2012 Failover Cluster in a cloud-based study lab environment: Deploy Cluster Node VMs on Windows Azure. Exercise 1: Deploy Cluster Node VMs on Windows Azure. In this exercise, you will provision two new Windows Azure VMs running Windows Server 2012 on a common Windows Azure Cloud Service and Virtual Network. Exercise 3: Prepare VMs and Install Failover Clustering Feature.