Google announces the Open Usage Commons to help open source projects manage trademarks

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Google and partners launched the Open Usage Commons to extend the philosophy and definition of open source to project trademarks. Business Dev Enterprise ai category-/Computers & Electronics/Software developer Google Open source The Open Usage Commons trademarks

Huawei open-sources MindSpore, a framework for AI app development


Huawei this week announced that MindSpore, a framework for AI app development the company detailed in August 2019, is now available in open source on GitHub and Gitee.

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Uber open-sources Neuropod to unify AI frameworks and turn models into products

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Uber open-sourced Neuropod, an abstraction layer designed to unify disparate AI frameworks like Google's TensorFlow and Facebook's PyTorch. AI Big Data Dev ai artificial intelligence machine learning machine learning frameworks Open source PyTorch research TensorFlow Uber

Open-sourced Technology Levels the Playing Field Between Tech Giants and Startups


The contest between proprietary technology and open source has been ongoing for a decade.Today, some of the most premium technology is open-sourced and free. Even Google's highly prized Borg software is becoming open-sourced.

The Linux Foundation announces collective to enhance open source software security

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The newly formed Open Source Security Foundation includes titans in technology such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and more

Google open-sources AI that can distinguish between voices with 92% accuracy


Google is going open-source with it’s best-kept secret to users – AI technology. According to sources, Google is releasing open-source AI algorithms that its researchers say can distinguish between voices with 92% accuracy. — The Google patented tool called Diarization — the process of partitioning out a speech sample into distinctive, homogeneous segments according to who said what, […].

Microsoft: we were wrong about open source

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Microsoft has admitted it was wrong about open source, after the company battled it and Linux for years at the height of its desktop domination. Microsoft president Brad Smith now believes the company was wrong about open source. Image by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Uber open-sources Plato for developing and testing conversational AI


Tools like Google’s Dialogflow, Microsoft’s Bot Framework, and Amazon’s Lex make it easier than it used to be, and the folks at Uber hope to eliminate any remaining barriers with a development platform all their own. Designing conversational AI isn’t as Sysiphean as it sounds. It’s called Plato Research Dialog System, and it was released […].

what every open source project needs


In the last few years open source has transformed the software industry. From Android to Wikipedia, open source is everywhere, but how does one succeed in it? While open source projects come in all shapes and sizes and all forms of governance, no matter what kind of project you’re a part of, there are a set of fundamentals that lead to success. What Every Successful Open Source Project Needs. Open Source is taking over the world.

Uber releases Ludwig, an open source AI ‘toolbox’ built on top of TensorFlow


The ride-hailing giant today debuted Ludwig, an open source “toolbox” built on top of Google’s TensorFlow framework that allows users to train and test AI models without having to write […]. Want to dive earnestly into artificial intelligence (AI) development, but find the programming piece of it intimidating? Not to worry — Uber has your back.

My take on open source licenses :


Google+. Google+. My take on open source licenses. Open Source licensing can be a confusing and daunting task. This is the most popular Open Source license. In doing so it ensures that Open Sourced items remain open source.

UPDATED: Facebook, Google and Others Partner to Make Open Source Easier

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Launch TODO program to address issues tech companies face when using open source Read More. Facebook Google Twitter

Google and Hortonworks Team Up: HDP Now Part of Google Cloud


Hortonworks'' Hadoop Data Platform (HDP) is now a supported feature on Google Cloud. This new feature will allow dynamic provisioning of HDP clusters on the Google Cloud Platform, providing scalability for enterprise-wide solutions employing HDP, as well as providing a means for rapidly setting up prototyping and development environments. Part of the solution utilizes Apache''s Ambari plugin, along with scripting developed by Google and Hortonworks, to enable easy provisioning.

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Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions.

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Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions. Fusion-io Accelerates Flash Apps With Open Source Contributions. Complementing our ongoing standards work, we are pleased to make NVMKV and the Linux Demand Paging Extension available to the open source community, as Fusion-io continues to add uncommon value to common standards.”. Google. About DCK. Advertise. Subscribe. Events. Big Data.

Google Open Sources Dataflow Analytics Code through Apache Incubator

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As Apache incubator project , open source data analytics platform expected to remain open and available for integrators Read More. Cloud Computing Google Shared

IBM, Microsoft, Red Hat Join Google’s Open Source Container Management Project Kubernetes

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Google Docker container management system gets support from the IT big league as well as a group of leading startups Read More.

Google Open Sources Data Center Load Balancing Software

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Company developed Seesaw internally because no adequate solution was available Read More. Shared

Netflix Open Sources Continuous Delivery Platform for Multi-Cloud Environments

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Spinnaker automates cluster deployment and management across AWS and Google Cloud and supports Cloud Foundry Read More. Shared

Google open-sources test suite to find crypto bugs

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To help developers check their code for implementation errors and find weaknesses in cryptographic software libraries, Google has released a test suite as part of Project Wycheproof. "In Working with cryptographic libraries is hard, and a single implementation mistake can result in serious security problems.

Your car is about to go open source


Having an open-source IVI operating system would create a reusable platform consisting of core services, middleware and open application layer interfaces that eliminate the redundant efforts to create separate proprietary systems.

Pivotal CEO Hints At Big Shift In Their Hadoop Offerings


GigaOm reported that Pivotal will be open sourcing much of its proprietary offering. GigaOm concludes that: Whatever happens with Pivotal’s technology, it’s not shocking that the company would decide to take the open source path. By Michael Johnson.

MapR Adds Support for Drill, Open Source Version of Google’s Dremel

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Latest MapR 4.0.1 release supports Drill, updated Spark, HBase, Hadoop 2.4, YARN Read More. Big Data

Deep Insights Into The Future of #Hadoop By @Cutting of @Cloudera


Regarding software, in the past decade we have seen remarkable transition towards open source software as platform technologies. It is bad to have your business overly dependent on others in ways that increase risk and this translates to strong pushes for open source technologies.

Google and Canonical bring Flutter apps to Linux and the Snap Store

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Google is partnering with the Ubuntu Desktop team at Canonical to bring Linux support to its open source UI framework Flutter. Read More.

Anthos Ups Google’s Enterprise Efforts

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(With Dave Bartoletti and John Rymer) The biggest announcement out of the Google Cloud Next conference in early April was the general availability of its Cloud Services Platform but with a new brand name: Anthos.

Open-source oriented RISELab emerges at UC Berkeley to make apps smarter & more secure

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The RISELab (Real-time Intelligence with Secure Execution) is backed by a slew of big name tech and financial firms: Amazon Web Services, Ant Financial, Capital One, Ericsson, GE Digital, Google, Huawei, Intel, IBM, Microsoft and VMWare. UC Berkeley on Monday launched a five-year research collaborative dubbed RISELab that will focus on enabling apps and machines that can interact with the environment around them securely and in real-time.

Google, like Samsung, is eavesdropping on your private conversations


If you use Google Chrome , you could be subject to eavesdropping by Google. Similar to what Samsung's TVs are doing, the Chromium browser listens to conversations in the vicinity of your laptop, PC, or tablet, and transmits it back to Google.

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Google Cloud launches new AI chatbot for COVID-19 information

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The Rapid Response Virtual Agent program includes open source templates for companies to add coronavirus content to their own chatbots

CORD for Telcos Now a Linux Project with Google’s Backing

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Data Center Design Networking architecture CORD Guru Parulkar Kubernetes open source telecommunicationsThe biggest consumer of computing power by volume may very well be the telecommunications industry. In recent years, the world’s major telcos have been desperately urging engineers and developers to build a real cloud that works for them — one that can be staged, provisioned, and orchestrated like.

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Netflix, Google Talk Continuous Delivery at DevOps World

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Members of the Continuous Delivery Foundation discuss the formation of the open source organization and the future of continuous integration and delivery

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Google previews TensorFlow 2.0 alpha with focus on simplicity and ML beginners


At the 2019 TensorFlow Dev Summit today, Google announced a number of updates for its open-source machine learning library aimed at research and production. The TensorFlow 2.0 alpha provides a preview of upcoming changes aimed at making ML easier for beginners. TensorFlow celebrated its third birthday last November with a total of 41 million downloads and […]. Artificial Intelligence News

etcd: the Not-so-Secret Sauce in Google’s Kubernetes and Pivotal’s Cloud Foundry

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Inspired by Google’s data center tech, CoreOS’ key-value store forms part of Google’s open source container management tool Read More. Featured Google

OpenStack wins big with Google partnership

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Google is joining OpenStack as a corporate sponsor. As you may recall, Google's open source system called Kubernetes exists to manage contained applications on different platforms. By joining OpenStack, Google is expected to share its expertise on software containers, and this is a nice kick in the ass for OpenStack, which has lost momentum in the last year or so.

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A New Way To Search


Solr might just give Google a run for their money. News Apache Solr Big Data LucidWorks Open Source By Katie Kennedy. The visual below features the rapidly rising search platform Apache Solr. The graphic visualizes its growth, where it is used most and who is using it.

Lessig’s Mayday Super PAC Scales in Google’s Cloud

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How the activist’s open source cred helped save his fundraising site from outages Read More. Cloud Computing Featured Google Hosting

Getting Started with Symfony2 :


Google+. Google+. In a follow up to my popular post on Symfony2 , the open source PHP framework we use at OpenSky , Iâ??m by Steve Francia. talks. share. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Delicious. Reddit. StumbleUpon. sharing is caring. follow. Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. GitHub. SlideShare. join 10k+ subscribers & followers. Getting Started with Symfony2. m providing an easy guide to getting started using Symfony2. This isnâ??t t your basic â??Hello Hello Worldâ??,

Google's real Kubernetes magic is all about community, not code

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Google has pulled off a very difficult feat: It open sourced Kubernetes and then stepped out of the way of its success

Here's Google's open secret to cloud competition

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Google is getting real (and real smart) about open source as a strategic weapon in the cloud, which could give it an edge against Amazon Web Services

Anthos Announced | Google Cloud Next 19 | Day One Recap

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Google Cloud Training Architect, Matthew Ulasien reporting to you from Google Next 2019 with the Linux Academy Google Cloud team. On day one, Google Cloud announced some new initiatives that could fundamentally change how we approach technology, especially how to migrate to the cloud. The common theme this year was that of openness and portable workloads that avoid vendor lock-in. Google Cloud Platform Anthos Google Cloud NextHi everyone!

Nextcloud evolves into Nextcloud Hub to better meet your company's needs

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Nextcloud Hub could be that open source alternative to Office 365 or Google Docs that you've been waiting for

I’m joining the Go team at Google


I am honored to share that I have joined Google as a member of the Go team and will be primarily based in NYC. My passion has always been building great products, ecosystems and experiences through open source. I had been part of a successful fast-growth open source startup that fundamentally changed the way software was written by demonstrating that alternatives to relational databases were viable. I love open source.

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Google gets a jump on Microsoft and Amazon with Container Engine

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At the Google Platform Live event this week, Google announced its new Google Container Engine. Container Engine is a managed service version of its open-sourced Kubernetes container-management system. With the alpha version of Google Container Engine now available, Google is positioning itself to drive container innovation in the cloud. Also on InfoWorld: Google does Docker better with Kubernetes-powered Container Engine. |

Perficient Elevates Chef to Strategic Partner Status


They will join other distinguished partners on this list, including Red Hat, Google, and AWS. Chef is a leader in secure, continuous automation open source and commercial software. Perficient is excited to announce that Chef is moving to a Strategic Partnership.