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Intel One Mono is a new open-source typeface for visually impaired developers


Intel Corporation worked with the Frere-Jones Type design studio and marketing agency VMLY&R to create a new font, one that would be easier to read and free to use. Intel One Mono is better than free, because it is provided with an open source license and was designed with a. Read Entire Article

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Intel open-sources AI-powered tool to spot bugs in code

Venture Beast

ControlFlag, an AI-powered tool developed by Intel to spot potential issues in software code, has been released in open source. Read More.


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The Linux Foundation announces collective to enhance open source software security

Tech Republic Security

The newly formed Open Source Security Foundation includes titans in technology such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and more.

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Intel spins off enterprise AI company Articul8 with outside funding

CIO Business Intelligence

Intel has set up a new company, Articul8 AI, to sell enterprise generative AI software it developed. Articul8 AI will be led by Arun Subramaniyan, formerly vice president and general manager in Intel’s Data Center and AI Group. Our collaboration began nearly two years ago while the venture was still in the incubation stage at Intel.

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‘Who You Gonna Call?’ OSS Security Stakeholders Urged to ‘Cross Streams’

Information Week

Presenters from GitHub and Intel tell VulnCon conference audience that users and developers must work in tandem to address vulnerabilities in increasingly popular open source software.

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Intel Finally Releases Its Rack Scale Design to Open Source

Data Center Knowledge

Just a few weeks ahead of its upcoming IDF conference in San Francisco, Intel announced Thursday that the data center asset utilization platform it has been assembling since 2013 is now ready to be shared with the open source community. Rack Scale Design (RSD, no longer called “Rack Scale.

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Amazon's Lumberyard goes open source, it's now called Open 3D Engine, gets wider support


The Open 3D Foundation results from the collaboration of various developers, aiming to support open-source projects designed to improve the capabilities of 3D graphics, rendering, authoring, and development.