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Restricted Source Licensing Is Here

Forrester IT

Open source has taken the enterprise by storm. Major software companies employ teams of full-time workers to write and contribute code to open source projects. What was once seen as risky code, developed in suburban basements, has taken on new life. Even end user companies such as Netflix, Lyft, Capital One, etc.,

Licensing 360
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Elastic CEO reflects on Amazon spat, license switch, and the principles of open source

Venture Beast

Elastic cofounder and CEO Shay Banon discusses the Elasticsearch open source license switch, and what being "free and open" really means. Read More.


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OpenSearch: AWS rolls out its open source Elasticsearch fork

Tech Republic Cloud

After Elastic decided to relicense Elasticsearch under the non-open source Server Side Public License, Amazon Web Services open sourced the old code into its own fork, OpenSearch.

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Oracle open-sources Java machine learning library


Looking to meet enterprise needs in the machine learning space, Oracle is making its Tribuo Java machine learning library available free under an open-source license. With Tribuo, Oracle aims to […].

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When Your Open Source Turns to the Dark Side

Information Week

Open-source software is more than a license. Below are three recent case studies of OSS being relicensed or going rogue, each providing a practical guide for vetting and using OSS.

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OpenAI competitor Mistral brings open-source language models back to the forefront


The startup's focus is providing language model solutions released through open-source licenses, so that AI can become "useful" to anyone with no need to spend huge amounts of money or pay to access. Mistral is a new AI company co-founded by former Google and Meta alumni valued at $260 million. Read Entire Article

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AudioCraft is a new open-source music generation tool from Meta


Meta recently launched AudioCraft, its framework to generate "high-quality," realistic audio and music, with an open-source license. The technology is designed to address a gap in the generative AI market, where audio creation has historically lagged behind. Read Entire Article