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Will VMWare’s licensing changes push devirtualization of data centers?

CIO Business Intelligence

The landscape of data center infrastructure is shifting dramatically, influenced by recent licensing changes from Broadcom that are driving up costs and prompting enterprises to reevaluate their virtualization strategies. As a result, VMware customers can no longer purchase perpetual licenses or just the ESXi hypervisor on its own.

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SUSE plans more support for gen AI workloads

Network World

Today’s announcement is strongly positioned to substantiate the company as a supplier to enterprise of open source AI technology, without making specific assumptions of where the enterprise market really stands regarding on-prem AI. As for the software, Iams said that “open source is not always going to be cheaper than closed source.


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Linux Foundation unveils new permissive license for open data collaboration

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has announced a new permissive license designed to help foster collaboration around open data for AI projects. Read More.

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How to maximize ROI by choosing the right Java partner for your organization

CIO Business Intelligence

Its versatility, reliability, stability, and open-source and third-party libraries and frameworks make developing and running applications very efficient. In January 2023, Oracle changed its licensing and/or pricing for Java for the fourth time in four years. What operating systems and architectures do you support?

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Unlocking the Secrets of Software-based DRM: A Comprehensive Guide


From preventing illegal copying and piracy to managing licensing and access permissions, software-based DRM plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and value of digital assets. At its core, software-based DRM relies on a combination of encryption, licensing, and authentication mechanisms to secure digital content.

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You ever think about how Asus put out like 40 models of a laptop called the “Eee PC”

The Verge

It originally ran a custom Linux operating system that reviewers loved ( Laptop Mag ’s Mark Spoonauer said it was “ten times simpler to use than any Windows notebook”) and was generally heralded as a new kind of computer with tremendous mass appeal. The second, obviously more important product was the $399 Eee PC 701.

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Malware and Antivirus Systems for Linux


It is recommended that users install these antivirus softwares on the Linux operating system that can be downloaded via Internet. Linux operating systems work on a completely different principle compared to Windows systems and, therefore, viruses made for Windows can not be activated and spread to computers installed with Linux.

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