The Game of Clouds 2017

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Jackson 2017 ) Follow me at [link The AWS Marketplace is growing at breakneck speed, with 40% more listings than last year! This and more insights were revealed when CloudEndure used their custom tool to quickly scan the over 6,000 products available on AWS Marketplace.

Black Hat Buzzword Bingo 2017

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artificial intelligence (AI) business technology (BT) digital disruption industry event information security machine learning security & risk word of mouth marketing & viral marketing Black Hat 2017 buzzword hype Security & Risk

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Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017


Seven Trends and Predictions for 2017. With that in mind, here are my on-the-record predictions for 2017. Prediction: Self-driving cars will complete trials in 2017. Prediction: Internet of Things will move off the hype list and become a dominant technology in 2017.

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IBM Interconnect 2017: Cloud, Cognitive and Data!

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A couple of weeks ago while attending IBM Interconnect 2017 I had the awesome opportunity to participate in the IBM Interconnect 2017 Podcast Series with Dez Blanchfield.

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Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit 26-26 Sep 2017


On September 26-27, 2017, senior leaders within the U.S. Military Services, DoD, Industry and Academia will convene in Alexandria, VA, for two days of off the record, non attribution briefings and senior level discussions at Defense Strategies Institute’s “Town Hall” Autonomous Capabilities for DoD Summit. The dialogue will focus on achieving and applying levels of […]. CTO Cyber Security News Robots

SINET Innovation Summit 20 June 2017 in NYC


We have previously written about the Security Innovation Network (SINET), a collective of mission-focused experts led by the highly regarded and widely respected connector Robert Rodriguez. Any SINET event is worth engaging with, they always deliver value for participants. The next major event is just days away. The SINET Innovation Summit will be held 20 […]. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News

Firebrand Announces 2017 Accelerated CloudMASTER® Dates

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Firebrand, the leader in Accelerated Learning , has recently announced it's 2017 delivery schedule for their accelerated CloudMASTER® training course.

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See You At RSA Conference 2017!

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I am personally excited to be delivering the (ISC)² CCSP Two-Day Crash Course at RSA Conference 2017 ! RSA Conference 2017 provides the opportunity for all attendees at all levels to grow their knowledge, exchange ideas with peers and further their careers. JUST ANNOUNCED!!

Stuff Worth Reading – August 2017

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This post is the first of a new feature on the Ascent Venture blog hosted by Baiyin Zhou ( @BaiyinVC ), a Senior Associate at Ascent, and Eric Schultz ( @ericebs ), an author and former Ascent portfolio CEO. Every so often we’ll highlight a handful of articles from our reading, mostly things we stumble upon in the course of doing our real jobs, but which seem relevant to the Ascent audience. These posts are not meant to be comprehensive, and we don’t necessarily endorse everything we post.

Bosch Connected World 2017 – Lessons From IoT Practitioners

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In March 2017, Bosch hosted its annual internet-of-things (IoT) conference, Bosch Connected World (BCW), in Berlin. With Paul Miller. Since last year, the event has doubled in size, attracting 2,500 attendees from businesses and vendors. This jump reflects the growing interest in IoT.

What is Your 2017 Business Strategy?

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Photo credit: Shutterstock End of year predictions in December are as predictable as tomorrow’s sunrise, but a recent video on 2017 Technology Trends helped me really understand how important a digital transformation strategy is to just about any business executive.

Cyber Security Skills Businesses Will Look For in 2017


That’s why 2017 calls for experts with the most-needed set of skills, to ensure businesses can continue driving towards success without being taken down by a breach. Rick Delgado. The coming year brings new opportunities for businesses to grow and develop with the latest data tools, but with this advancement comes a series of risks and downfalls. Cyber security is a more pressing issue than ever, with hackers and cyber terrorists advancing all the time.

Most influential women in UK tech: The 2017 longlist

Computer Weekly

Every year, Computer Weekly asks the technology industry to nominate who it thinks are the most influential women in UK tech – here is the 2017 longlist

Top 5 Business Intelligence Tools of 2017

IT Toolbox

This post looks at a few of the top BI tools for 2017

Ransomware expected to dominate in 2017

Computer Weekly

Ransomware and IoT-enabled attacks are expected to continue, while 2017 will see the rise of data integrity attacks, targeting of cloud infrastructure and the use of AI by attackers, experts predict

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Corporate IT: 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 2017 Strategic Plan


Done well, IT strategic planning does two things. First, it builds clear connections between IT activities and investments, and the business goals that IT helps its company hit.

Google Next 2017 Review: Google Cloud Is A Serious Contender In the Public Cloud Space

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At Next 2017, more than 11,000 customers, partners, developers, and analysts joined Google in San Francisco to learn more about Google Cloud's latest enterprise updates. With Dan Bieler and Glenn O'Donnell.

What You Need To Know About Mary Meeker’s 2017 State of the Internet Report


billion gamers in 2017. Bob Gourley. We should all collectively thank Mary Meeker for her continued efforts in helping capture key trends in our interconnected technology.

Expectations And Suggestions For Mobile World Congress 2017 Visitors — From An Enterprise Angle

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Between February 27 and March 2, 2017, Mobile World Congress (MWC) will once again take place in Barcelona. From an enterprise perspective, I expect that during MWC 2017: Read more. Photo: Bergman Group.

Voting open: vote now for the most influential woman in UK technology 2017

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Who deserves the title of Most Influential Woman in UK Technology for 2017? Submit your vote here


Cognitio Partners Bob Flores and Bob Gourley at 2017 RSA Conference


The 2017 RSA conference will be held February 13 - 17, 2017 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Bob Gourley. This is the largest gathering of security professionals and vendors in the security ecosystem. Over 30,000 attendees are expected.

Slow 3% To 4% Growth In Global Tech Market In 2017 And 2018 Due To Cloud Transition And Political Uncertainties

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in 2017 and 3.9% With the US dollar strengthening against most currencies in 2017 but likely to lose ground in 2018, global tech market growth in US dollars will be 2.8% in 2017 and 4.7% in 2017 and 4.8%

Registration for the O’Reilly Strata Data Conference in New York 2017


Strata Data Conference | September 25–28, 2017| New York, NY Cutting-edge science and new business fundamentals intersect and merge at Strata Data Conference. It's a deep-immersion event where data scientists, analysts, and executives get up to speed on emerging techniques and technologies by dissecting case studies, developing new skills, and sharing emerging best practices. Strata Data […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Threats Events Internet of Things New

Data Center Market Kicks Off 2017 With Flood of Acquisitions

Data Center Knowledge

With deals by three of the six public data center REITs, strategic acquisitions are back in vogue The first few weeks of 2017 are in the books, and strategic data center acquisitions are back in vogue with three of the six publicly traded REITs having announced new deals.

Endpoint Security in 2017

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Fast forward to 2017 and my colleague Doug Cahill and I are currently tracking around 50 endpoint security vendors. Just a few years ago, there were about 6 to 10 well regarded AV vendors that dominated the market. Why has this market changed so much in such a short timeframe? New types of targeted threats regularly circumvented signature-based AV software over the past few years. This weakness led to system compromises, data breaches, and panicky CISOs in search of AV alternatives.

Forrester Projects US Tech Market Will Grow By Around 5% In 2017 And 2018

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Forrester has just published our updated forecast for the US tech market for 2017-2018 (see " US Tech Market Outlook For 2017 And 2018: Mostly Sunny, With Clouds And Chance Of Rain "). in 2017 and 5.2% Considering this economic outlook, our updated 2017 forecast is slightly less positive than our December forecast (4.8% vs. 5.1%) for US budget growth in 2017, with our new 2018 forecast pointing to a modest improvement next year.

Welcome to 2017: The year of #DevOps

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We are eager to announce a beacon of light to help penetrate the post-holiday fog: Forrester's DevOps Benchmark Survey for 2017 is officially live! Pivotal to many of our reports, this is your opportunity to shape our research, including our upcoming report "Six Trends That Shape DevOps Adoption In 2017 And Beyond.". All participants can receive an executive summary of the results of the survey after it closes on February 13, 2017.

IT Salary Survey 2017: Highlights

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Salaries are rising, but at a slower pace Image by Computerworld Tech pros who responded to Computerworld 's 31st annual IT Salary Survey showed an interesting mix of optimism and anxiety.

Top 10 Data Center Stories of the Month: May 2017

Data Center Knowledge

Here are the 10 most popular articles that appeared on Data Center Knowledge in May Read More. Featured

Applying Our Research To Black Hat 2017

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I summarized RSA 2017 in the following way: It’s a bit like the supermarket, you’ll make far healthier choices if you stick to the outer aisles. Well, Las Vegas B-Sides, Black Hat, and DefCon are taking place this week and since these events differ in tone, audience, and participants, I’ve updated my advice: We’ve gone […]. security & risk security architecture security operations & program governance breakout vendors S&R pros Security & Risk Vendor Landscape Wave

JLL: Expect the Dallas Data Center Market to Have a “Chicago Year” in 2017

Data Center Knowledge

DFW wholesale data center market should regain momentum in 2017 because of pent-up cloud and Fortune 1000 enterprise demand Read More. Colocation Dallas Featured

July 2017 Server StorageIO Data Infrastructures Update Newsletter

Storage IO Blog

Hello and welcome to the July 2017 issue of the Server StorageIO update newsletter. The post July 2017 Server StorageIO Data Infrastructures Update Newsletter appeared first on StorageIOblog. It has been busy time with a lot going on, so let’s get right to this months topics which include software defined, data infrastructures, server, I/O networking, storage and related topics.

Top Trends For Customer Service In 2017: Operations Become Smarter And More Strategic

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Looking ahead, Forrester sees 10 trends for 2017 that customer service professionals should take into account as they move the needle on the quality of service that they deliver: Here are six of them: Customer service organizations address a smaller volume of simple voice-based customer contacts as they mature their self-service, automated engagement, and digital operations. In today's world, customers decide how customer-centric a company is.