The Skills all IT Professionals Will Need for 2020


Chart 1: Types of things IT staff will be doing in 2020 Source: CEB analysis. How to Prepare IT Employees for 2020.

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Enterprise IT in 2020

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  Recently, I was asked to present my personal thoughts around what enterprise IT might look like in 2020. So what IT roles become are likely to be more important in 2020, given this view?

By 2020, 92 Percent of All Data Center Traffic Will be Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

ZB annually by 2020, with 92 percent of all workloads being processed in the cloud by 2020. Cisco projects total global data center traffic to reach 15.3 Read More. Cisco Cloud Computing Shared

Code First Girls aims to teach 20,000 girls to code by 2020

Computer Weekly

Social enterprise Code First: Girls has launched a campaign with the aim of teaching 20,000 young women to code by 2020

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European Commission endorses UK broadband plans through 2020

Computer Weekly

The European Commission gives the thumbs up to the UK’s National Broadband Scheme, designed to extend next-generation broadband access as far as possible by 2020


Number of women working in IT to rise by 2020

Computer Weekly

The proportion of women choosing to work in the IT profession is set to increase over the next four years as businesses adopt digital technology, according to a major study by the CEB

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Technology key to supporting World Expo 2020 in Dubai

Computer Weekly

Businesses in Dubai need to get ready for the expected boost in demand that will come with the World Expo exhibition to be held in the city in 2020


Cloud Market Forecast to Hit $200B by 2020

Data Center Knowledge

Public clouds will see the strongest growth, according to Synergy Research Read More. Business Cloud Featured Investing

Gartner: Cloud Shift to Account for $1 Trillion in Spending by 2020

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In 2016, the aggregate amount of cloud shift will reach $111 billion, ballooning to $216 billion in 2020, according to analysts Read More. Shared

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The 2020 Digital Landscape: Technology Reshapes Marketing

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Making any type of predictions can be risky, especially in the business world. Making technological predictions are no less risky, but they are easier to make than other sorts


Cisco aims to upskill 250,000 people by 2020

Computer Weekly

Tech giant announces several initiatives to help people in the UK to develop digital skills

UK will maintain European broadband leadership until 2020

Computer Weekly

The UK is expected to keep its leadership position when compared with selected EU markets, claims Analysys Mason

Corporate IT: Time to Start Building Your Leadership Team for 2020


As IT teams grapple with the digitization of their companies and industries, they must also – and as a result – help transform their company’s strategy and outlook on digitization , and the entire IT operating model to boot.

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Middle East and Africa to see fastest IP traffic growth to 2020

Computer Weekly

IP traffic in Middle East and Africa to grow 41% a year to 2020, according to Cisco Visual Networking Index

Adobe to kill off Flash Player by end of 2020

Computer Weekly

Adobe has announced it is to stop updating and distributing Flash Player in just over three years’ time

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Most manufacturers will use customer-facing VR by 2020

Computer Weekly

The use of VR is growing in popularity, and many manufacturers are already using the technology for customer service purposes


How Will Technology Impact Your Business in 2020?

Cloud Musings

like in 2020?”. In 2020, tech experts say, computers could learn from experience, much like the human brain. will impact your business in and leading up to 2020. by Dennis Brouwer. Repost from ThinkGig. Thanks for letting me contribute to your ebook!! Kevin Jackson ).

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Cybersecurity in 2020: The future looks bleak

Tech Republic Security

Experts offer five scenarios they suspect will wreak havoc on cybersecurity by 2020


Mobile VoIP market: Growing at 28%+ a year until 2020

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between 2016 and 2020, according to new research. Average annual growth in the global mobile VoIP market forecasts at 28.5% Mobile VoIP offers customers the ability to make IP calls over mobile 3G and LTE networks, as well as fixed connections such as wireless hotspots and WiFi. The forecast by Technavio is partly based on an increase in service revenues from both enterprise and individual

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Insights-Driven Businesses Will Make $1.2 Trillion In 2020. Wanna Join Them?

Forrester IT

trillion dollars in 2020 (see the first figure). You can't win, serve, and retain powerful customers without being insights-driven. It's one of the principles of customer obsession: customer-led, insights-driven, fast, and connected. So what does it mean to be insights-driven?

Identity Relationship Management Market to Exceed $50 Billion by 2020


By Bob Gourley Identity Relationship Management Market to Exceed $50 Billion by 2020. billion things were connected to the Internet in 2012, expecting to grow to 50 billion Internet-connected things by 2020.

Internet traffic to triple by 2020, says Cisco

Computer Weekly

The latest edition of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index predicts a near tripling of internet traffic during the coming years as more than a billion people come online

What Will E-Commerce Look Like in 2020?

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In October 2013, Forbes predicted what a store of the future would look like. It suggested that shopping malls of the future would be devoid of shopping carts. Consumers would sample or try on products in the store


Cloud datacentres to house 92% of workloads by 2020, predicts Cisco

Computer Weekly

Networking giant Cisco’s latest Global Cloud Index shines a light on how the growth of off-premise services is affecting the datacentre market

IDC: Global public cloud spend set to double by 2020

Computer Weekly

Market watcher predicts use of public cloud will soar over the next five years, with IaaS and PaaS leading the way

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Middle East and North Africa public cloud spend to hit $2bn by 2020

Computer Weekly

Middle East-based organisations are turning to public cloud services, with software as a service driving a major year-on-year spending increase

GDS aiming for 25 million users of Verify by 2020

Computer Weekly

Early draft of new GDS strategy reveals an ambitious target for its identity assurance service

Intel Sets FPGA Goal: Two Orders of Magnitude Faster than GPGPU by 2020

Data Center Knowledge

Intel used to be capable of delivering process miniaturization and configuration improvements in a predictable, “tick-tock” cadence. That was before the laws of physics stomped on the company’s best laid plans for miniaturization. So in a special event Thursday in San Francisco, Intel formally. Intel Arria 10 artificial intelligence Barry Davis (Intel) Caffe deep learning DLIA fpga Knights Mill (Xeon Phi

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Cloud traffic to jump 262% by 2020, according to Cisco Global Cloud Index

Tech Republic Data Center

ZB by 2020, representing 92% of all data center traffic, according to a new Cisco report Cloud data center traffic will rise astronomically, from 3.9 ZB in 2015 to 14.1

Big data, business analytics to hit $203 billion by 2020, says IDC report

Tech Republic Big Data

though 2020, led by five distinct industries A spending guide by IDC forecasts that the big data market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 11.7%

Public Cloud Spending to Reach $195B by 2020: IDC

Data Center Knowledge

Analyst: cloud software will significantly outpace traditional software product delivery over the next five years Read More. Shared

Security revenues to pass $100B by 2020, says new report

Tech Republic Security

According to IDC's new Worldwide Semiannual Security Spending Guide, revenues from from security products will grow at twice the rate of traditional IT spending growth

Half of banks think more payments will be via fintechs by 2020

Computer Weekly

Fintechs have gone from being an emerging threat to banks to an opportunity for collaboration, according to an EIU report

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