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FWA in the spotlight as “rising star" of 5G

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published in November 2022, FWA connections are expected to reach 300 million by 2028 and nearly 80% of these will be 5G. Mobility Report. FWA connections will total 100 million at the end of this year, most of which are 4G, according to the report. The US has also been a hotbed of FWA activity.

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Blue Origin-led team wins $3.4B contract for NASA’s second lunar landing system


The decision announced today settles a years-long controversy over how astronauts would get to the moon’s surface: SpaceX’s Starship system would be used for the first two crewed landings during the Artemis 3 and 4 missions, currently scheduled for as early as 2025 and 2028. It means you have reliability, you have backups.

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Microsoft and Helion want to build the world’s first fusion plant and seize energy’s ‘Holy Grail’


The goal is to get the plant running by 2028. The company is also working with partners to develop large-scale hydrogen-powered generators for data center backup. (Helion Photo) Microsoft and Helion Energy on Wednesday announced a historic agreement that could pave the way to the world’s first fusion power plant.

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Dealing with Digital Disruption as an Educational Publisher in 2023


CAGR between 2023 & 2028. Additionally, with authoring tools running on the cloud, data storage, data backup, and platform scalability become hassle-free. Tips to Embrace Digital Disruption as an Educational Publisher In 2019, a firm called Gartner developed a model for businesses to deal with disruption. Why Choose KITABOO?