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Business Transformation: 5 Data Trends to Drive Efficiency

IT Toolbox

The post Business Transformation: 5 Data Trends to Drive Efficiency appeared first on Spiceworks. Managing data center energy reliance in an era of data overload.

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Top Trends in Data Lakes

Information Week

Does it seem too early for data lakes to have trends? The reality is data lakes are on the very edge of business transformation efforts and dramatic change.

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20 Mobile Trends for 2020

Forrester IT

Because, mobile has simply become a key driver and enabler of business transformation. I have just published a post sharing some of our marketing predictions for 2020. It made me realize Forrester no longer publish dedicated “mobile” predictions. Mobile is embedded everywhere.

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Danone, The Green Revolution, And The Next Wave Of Business Transformation

Forrester IT

Last Friday, my daughter — who will soon turn 15 — participated in her first demonstration, one organized by Fridays for Future. She’s passionate about climate change and biodiversity. I was 12 years old when the Chernobyl disaster occurred, but I was (and still am) passionate about politics. The fall of the Berlin Wall was […].

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7 trends driving compute infrastructure innovation

Tech Republic Big Data

COVID-19 accelerated the shift to digital business, forcing infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams to accelerate delivery of scalable, agile systems to enable digital business transformation. The post 7 trends driving compute infrastructure innovation appeared first on TechRepublic.

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IBM’s Rob Thomas details key AI trends and discusses Palantir partnership and shift to hybrid cloud


The last year has seen a major spike in the adoption of AI models in production environments, in part driven by the need to drive digital business transformation initiatives. While it’s still early days as far as AI is concerned, it’s also clear AI in the enterprise is entering a new phase. Read Rob Thomas, […].

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DevOps Has Reached “Escape Velocity”, CIO’s Need To Get Onboard!

Forrester IT

Companies such as Walmart , ING and JetBlue to name a few are leveraging DevOps to drive their business transformations and are reaping the benefits or accelerated velocity across the organization. Despite this, CIOs must recognize when a trend becomes an imperative for survival. Unlocking the value requires cultural change.

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