Google and ZebiAI launch Chemome Initiative to identify ?chemical probes? with AI models

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Google partnered with startup ZebiAI to launch the Chemome Initiative, which aims to identify 'chemical probes' using AI techniques. Read More.

Obesity, Infertility, and Low IQ Are Just Some of the Ways Household Chemicals Wreck Our Health

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A new analysis published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology on Tuesday found that a growing number of endocrine-disrupting household chemicals have been linked to widespread health problems, including infertility, diabetes, and impaired brain development.

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Flame Retardant Chemicals In A Mattress Can Be Dangerous For Health


Information Technology Blog - - Flame Retardant Chemicals In A Mattress Can Be Dangerous For Health - Information Technology Blog. It is for this reason the polyurethane foam is to be wrapped or treated with fire retardant chemicals.

Industry Marketplaces Take Off: A Spotlight On Chemicals

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Age of the Customer B2B marketing digital business b2b ecommerce chemicals marketplacesThe Reemergence of B2B marketplaces offers new options for buyers and sellers.

Patscan platform detects hidden weapons, chemicals and bombs

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At CES 2020, Patriot One Technologies explained its Patscan platform, which can detect hidden weapons and more without the perpetrator even knowing they've been scanned

PATSCAN platform detects hidden weapons, chemicals, and bombs

Tech Republic Security

At CES 2020, Patriot One Technologies explained its PATSCAN platform, which can detect hidden weapons and more without the perpetrator even knowing they've been scanned

New ERP partnership takes on chemicals and plastics industry

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Lisam Systems, a producer of environmental health and safety compliance management software, has partnered with BatchMaster Software to deliver data sheets and labels compliant with the Globally Harmonized System for classifying and labeling chemicals.

Sustainability: A Million-Dollar Opportunity for the CIO

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Because like information technology, corporations must weave sustainability into the fabric of the enterprise to generate the opportunities that companies like The Dow Chemical Company, SAP and Intel have orchestrated.

BASF to Collaborate With HPE on 1-Petaflop Supercomputer

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System expected to significantly cut research time for world's largest chemical maker Read More. Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPC

Scientists Discover Source of Stonehenge's Largest Boulders

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The origin of the largest stones used to build Stonehenge has been a matter of considerable debate for centuries, but a new chemical analysis of these boulders may have finally settled the issue once and for all.

'I'm Scared': Study Links Cancer Alley Air Pollution to Higher Death Rates From Covid-19


James Parish in the southeastern portion of the state where there’s not much business at all except the refineries and chemical plants that surround her home. Louisiana is starting to reopen on Friday, but that doesn’t mean much to 66-year-old Myrtle Felton. She lives in St.

Police Tried to Take a Protester's Prosthetic Legs After Macing Him, Witnesses Say

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After a directive from Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther to “immediately stop the use of tear gas and pepper spray” on peaceful protesters, a rally in Ohio’s capital appears to have included not only the use of such chemical agents, but also, according to eyewitnesses, involved uniformed officers removing and attempting… Read more.

5G is safe, so why do people believe it makes them ill?


Engadget looked into the phenomenon of unexplainable symptoms, which is called “Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance,” often known as multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) or environmental illness.

Nintendo shares jump as Covid-19 gaming explosion continues


The Financial Times reports that Nintendo is currently valued at around $62 billion, more than Japan’s biggest bank, retailer, and chemical company.

Dallas Police Used Robot With Bomb to Kill Ambush Suspect


There have been other reports of robotics being used to deploy chemical munitions against armed suspects, but this is the first known use by domestic police of a robot with a bomb. Bob Gourley.

8 Macro Factors That Will Shape the 2020s


Consider how hydrocarbon energy will compete with solar and wind and how this will impact global aviation, chemicals, plastics and others. COVID-19 might dominate the headlines, but it’s just one of eight key factors that will reshape business in this decade.

IDG Contributor Network: Can SD-WANs meet standards requirements?

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At one recent client, a chemical company, the team was looking to transition from MPLS to SD-WAN. The security group, though, could not accept the fact that SD-WANs met the requirements stipulated by CFATS (Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards) guiding the chemical industry. Any innovative technology faces a battle of doubt. When Amazon first rolled out AWS, few could imagine servers running in the cloud.

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Can UV light wands actually disinfect your Airbnb? An expert explains.

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Image: Shutterstock / Siberian Art There are several kinds of UV light, explained Andrea Armani , a professor of chemical engineering and material science at the University of Southern California. Airbnb needs people to feel safe.

Alice Jolla to take over as Microsoft’s chief accounting officer following Frank Brod’s retirement


Before joining Microsoft, Jolla was an industry fellow with the Financial Accounting Standards Board and worked for Dow Chemical and Union Carbide. Alice Jolla will become Microsoft’s new chief accounting officer. Photo via Microsoft).

In the war for talent, traditional enterprises must pick fights they can win

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Rollox Chemical Works in Scotland by D.O. Hill, 1831. Image source: Wikipedia ). The world of work is changing, with my colleague JP Gownder among those doing a great job tracking the shift.

Seattle’s BlackSky and other satellite imaging ventures bear witness to devastation in Beirut


An image captured by the BlackSky Global-4 satellite shows the site of the Beirut chemical explosion at 8:22 a.m. The aftermath of this week’s Beirut chemical explosion has been covered in triplicate by U.S.

Read This If You Do Business in China

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Chemical. The FBI identifies these groups are particularly at-risk, given China's previous tendencies toward the chemical and finance sectors paired with recent concerns about China's role in COVID-19 data theft.

iTouchless makes even your trash look good

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Their fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant stainless steel exterior adds a nice touch to any kitchen while their AbsorbX filters that are included in every can neutralize odors the natural way — no chemical fragrances necessary.

How to clean your Apple Watch


Make sure not to use any cleaning chemicals. Clean it immediately if exposed to a chemical or foreign product so as to not settle or let it dry on the watch.

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Upgrade your living space with this personal fireplace that's on sale

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Either they are too small to emit any warmth or they release harmful chemicals into the air like carbon monoxide. TL;DR: Warm up any room with a FLÎKR® Fire2 for $79.99, a 15% savings as of June 2.

Top 4 Digital Publishing Trends You Need to Know


For example, if a student reads a book about chemical compounds, then it’s only natural that they will need extra material, experiments and tutorials to have a deep understanding of the subject.

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This colorful egg is an eco-friendly alternative to laundry detergent

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The Ecoegg ™ is a refillable egg-shaped capsule filled with natural mineral pellets that have the ability to clean your clothes, bedding, and more with no harsh chemicals.

Liftoff! NASA’s Perseverance rover begins odyssey to seek out traces of life on Mars


Two close-up imaging systems, SHERLOC and PIXL , can theoretically make out the structural and chemical signs of fossilized microbes.

Viruses or worms haven’t killed anyone – control system cyber incidents have


The incidents have occurred globally in electric grid, power plants, nuclear, water/wastewater, pipelines, oil/gas, chemicals, food, manufacturing, and transportation. The prevailing feeling about why there has been so little focus on securing control systems is that it isn’t real. What I constantly hear is “once there is a real control system cyber incident I will spend the time and money to address the problem”.

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Get $200 off any Birch mattress with this code

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They're also free of harsh chemicals and found — surprise — that they're not needed in order to make a comfortable and durable product. TL;DR: Help the planet and your wallet by purchasing an eco-friendly Birch mattress for $200 off through July 8 using the code "FOJ200".

How Does A Wastewater Treatment Plant Work?


Regulation of air supply is necessary to ensure that the compounds break down effectively, and the water retains minimal traces of chemicals. But there are concerns that ozone is a harmful chemical. Information Technology Blog - - How Does A Wastewater Treatment Plant Work?

Energy-saving, waste-reducing, planet-helping startups join 2020 Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator


Participants are from startups that address energy use, toxic chemical removal, biofuels, waste reduction, and other green-leaning technologies. Participants from the 10 startups selected for the 2020 cohort of the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator. Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator Photo).

Are etextbooks More Affordable Than Textbooks

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Industry experts indicate that while using the chemical pulping to produce 1 ton of printing paper approximately 24 trees are required. In this age of digitization, where everything from shopping to banking is available at the click of a button, why not access study materials? eBooks or etextbooks are not a new concept anymore. Kindle has ensured that the whole world has access to digital books.

Why Should Students and Publishers Adapt eBooks in STEM Learning

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The STEM curriculum for K-12 students the world over would more or less be the same, with all forms of sciences including biological, chemical, environmental, and medical sciences along with technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

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EPA tells Amazon and eBay to stop selling fake coronavirus-killing products

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The order applies to some products the EPA has already declared illegal , like a supposed disinfectant called “Virus Shut Out,” as well as chemicals like methylene chloride, which is hazardous and partially banned in the US. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Are eTextbooks The Next Big Thing in K-12 Education?

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For example, students can mix various chemicals in a virtual lab to see the effects of each concoction, irrespective of whether it’ll change color or explode the test tube. Ever seen one of those videos where a toddler is holding a phone upside down and pretending to talk?

AWS opens up its Amazon Braket platform as ‘launch pad’ for quantum computing


Quantum computing is particularly well-suited for tackling challenges ranging from cryptography — which serves as the foundation of secure online commerce — to the development of new chemical compounds for industrial and medical use.

What I Took Away From The Operation Cleaver (#OpCleaver) report


The group successfully leveraged both publicly available and customized tools to attack and compromise targets around the globe, including military, oil and gas, energy and utilities, transportation, hospitals, telecommunications, technology, education, aerospace, defense contractors, chemical, companies, and governments. By Bob Gourley. If you track cyber security you have no doubt heard of the recently published report by Cylance titled Operation Cleaver.

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Women in tech: Meet the trailblazers of STEM equality

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is the Manager, International Chemical Threat Reduction Department at Sandia National Laboratories, and currently on sabbatical at the United States Department of State. By Sandra K.

Study finds that smart charging strategies can help U.S. prepare for surge in electric vehicle usage


PNNL recently won Innovation of the Year at the GeekWire Awards for its VaporID technology that quickly and accurately identifies explosives, deadly chemicals and illicit drugs in extremely small amounts. (Seattle Department of Transportation Photo).

Retro Chic: The IoT Means Hardware Engineers Are Cool Again

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By WWI, a third key player in the Industrial Revolution, Chemical Engineers, had emerged to advance the science and design of materials. This, of course, is the old world of the Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Engineer.

Top 8 Advantages of an Interactive STEM Curriculum

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For example, they can view the resulting solution after mixing four different chemicals together. What is STEM? The acronym STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. More recently, arts were added to this educational model, as educators believed that art and creativity play an important role in the understanding of the former subjects in the STEM Curriculum , thus changing the acronym from STEM to STEAM. Although they can be used interchangeably.

Automatic sterilization technology to keep your bottle and your water ultra-clean


Powered by advanced UVC light-ray technology, CrazyCap is a perfect solution for your swell bottle to ensure your tap water is free from harmful chemicals, bacteria or viruses.