Kids Are Being Exposed to a Lot of Concerning Chemicals Through Plastic Toys

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Children’s toys contain many potentially toxic chemicals, recent research suggests. The study highlights over 120 concerning chemicals commonly found in plastic toys that could possibly raise a person’s risk of health problems, including cancer.

Wannabe Assassin Gets 12 Years on Chemical Weapon Charges for Trying to Buy Dimethylmercury

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A Previously Undetected Chemical Reaction Has Been Spotted on Mars

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The source of this colorless gas remains unclear, but going theories include volcanic activity or a previously undetected chemical cycle tied to the Red Planet’s epic dust storms. For the first time ever, scientists have spotted hydrogen chloride on Mars.

Chemicals in Plastics Are a Global Health Threat, Says New Report

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A new scientific report out Tuesday concludes that plastics and the chemicals they leave behind in the environment are a major threat to human health.

BluePallet aims to disrupt industrial commerce with ‘decentralized’ marketplace for chemical products


The company operates a marketplace for the chemical industry. Founded last year, BluePallet aims to change the way chemical producers, distributors, and end users connect with each other. The NACD represents more than 85% of the chemical distribution capacity in the nation.

New ERP partnership takes on chemicals and plastics industry

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Lisam Systems, a producer of environmental health and safety compliance management software, has partnered with BatchMaster Software to deliver data sheets and labels compliant with the Globally Harmonized System for classifying and labeling chemicals.

IBM launches AI platform to discover new materials

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AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence category-/Business & Industrial/Chemicals Industry/Plastics & Polymers chemical IBM machine learning materials discovery MolGX

IBM 112

Hackers tampered with a water treatment facility in Florida by changing chemical levels

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In doing so, the hackers were able to remotely control a computer to change the chemical levels of the water supply, increasing the amount of sodium hydroxide before a supervisor was able to catch the act in real time and revert the changes. “At Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

After Years of Rising, Emissions of an Ozone-Depleting Chemical Are Falling Again

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A new study has found that after a mysterious increase in the 2010s, an ozone-depleting chemical is once again in decline. It’s a rare bit of good news, showing that previous research tracking the increase has likely had an impact. Read more.

Testing Lab Asks FDA to Recall 78 Sunscreens Over Carcinogen Contamination

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This week, the lab sent off a petition to the Food and Drug Administration warning that it’s found potentially unsafe levels of a chemical called benzene in dozens of sunscreens and… Read more.

Flame Retardant Chemicals In A Mattress Can Be Dangerous For Health


Information Technology Blog - - Flame Retardant Chemicals In A Mattress Can Be Dangerous For Health - Information Technology Blog. It is for this reason the polyurethane foam is to be wrapped or treated with fire retardant chemicals. However, several studies have found that this flame retardant chemical used to treat the polyurethane is known to cause several serious health issues such as: Infertility.

Obesity, Infertility, and Low IQ Are Just Some of the Ways Household Chemicals Wreck Our Health

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A new analysis published in the Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology on Tuesday found that a growing number of endocrine-disrupting household chemicals have been linked to widespread health problems, including infertility, diabetes, and impaired brain development.

PATSCAN platform detects hidden weapons, chemicals, and bombs

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At CES 2020, Patriot One Technologies explained its PATSCAN platform, which can detect hidden weapons and more without the perpetrator even knowing they've been scanned

Industry Marketplaces Take Off: A Spotlight On Chemicals

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Age of the Customer B2B marketing digital business b2b ecommerce chemicals marketplacesThe Reemergence of B2B marketplaces offers new options for buyers and sellers.

Patscan platform detects hidden weapons, chemicals and bombs

Tech Republic Security

At CES 2020, Patriot One Technologies explained its Patscan platform, which can detect hidden weapons and more without the perpetrator even knowing they've been scanned

'I Suspect It Will Get a Lot Worse': Firestorm in British Columbia Helps Spark 710,000 Bolts of Lighting

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'Forever Chemicals' From Fracking Are the Nightmare Nobody Asked For

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For at least a decade, the Environmental Protection Agency has allowed oil companies to use certain chemicals for fracking, even though the agency knew they could degrade into PFAS—a group of highly toxic chemical compounds—over time.

Arrests over attempts to secure hitman and chemical weapon show the dark web isn't always anonymous


As per a Europol alert, an Italian man has been arrested on suspicion of hiring a hitman on the dark web. The assassin was contacted through a site specializing in murder-for-hire services and paid around 10,000 Euros (~$11,870) to kill the suspect’s ex-girlfriend

Johnson & Johnson Recalls Spray Sunscreens Due to Carcinogen Contamination, But Don't Panic

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Johnson & Johnson has recalled all lots of five aerosol spray Aveeno and Neutrogena sunscreens after an independent lab found small traces of benzene, a flammable chemical found in cigarette smoke, gasoline, and paint thinner.

Sironix raises $1.8M to ramp up production of its plant-based, eco-friendly cleaning chemicals


The new funds will allow the company to scale production of its Eosix technology — a plant-based innovation that can replace potentially hazardous, petroleum-derived chemicals found in shampoos, detergents and cleaning products.

Step Inside the Wondrous World That's Inspiring Hayao Miyazaki's Final Film

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Film 114

Pollution Turns an Argentinian Lake Bright Pink

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Hurricane Laura Sparks a Chemical Plant Fire, Continues to Wreak Havoc on the Gulf Coast

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Hurricane Laura’s devastation is becoming clear as light spreads over Gulf Coast. The storm made landfall as a powerful Category 4 hurricane in Louisiana early Thursday with “catastrophic storm surge, extreme winds and flash flooding, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Feral Hogs Pollute the Climate as Much as 1 Million Cars Each Year

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feral nicholas patton environment materials livestock pig feral pigs domestic pig chemical compounds invasive species biology agriculture christopher carbon dioxide soilNearly two years ago, we all had a hearty laugh about 30 to 50 feral hogs.

Study 100

Normal Touchscreens Can Also Detect Contaminated Water, Researchers Find

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We Now Know How Exxon Secretly Fights Crackdowns on Plastic Pollution

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420 Blaze It (The Planet)

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chemistry carbon dioxide greenhouse gases atmosphere of earth carbon carbon dioxide in earths atmosphere chemical compounds environment physical sciences climatology climate variability and change geological epochs eoceneWe finally did it—we’ve hit 420! Read more.

California’s Megadrought Is Making Water Taste Like Ass

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I Miss Apple's Best iPod

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Apple 76

We Need 6 Times More Minerals to Meet Our Clean Energy Goals

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The U.S. Is One Step Closer to Establishing a Research Program to Block the Sun

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solar geoengineering kevin surprise climate change policy geochemistry climate engineering academic disciplines chemical oceanography ocean acidification environment physical sciences climate change planetary engineering climate change mitigation prakash kashwan articles

Maintaining Voluntary Measures for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Could be Deadly


A water system in Florida has been accessed by an unknown intruder who made an attempt to alter the chemical balances used to treat water in a way that could […].

Siemens, Dow partner on process manufacturing digital twin testbed

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Industry giants Siemens and Dow create a testbed to drive digital twin adoption in chemical processing industries. Read More. AR/VR Enterprise VB Home Page digital twins IoT

This Tetris-Playing Game Boy Knockoff Runs on a Tiny Nuclear Generator

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game boy tetris chemistry nuclear technology tritium actinides nuclear power in space technology internet natural sciences ian charnas environment chemical elements physical sciences uranium atomic battery

A Major Ocean Current May Be Hurtling Towards Collapse

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The ocean may have less time than we thought before massive, irreversible shifts take place. A new study finds that a crucial ocean system may reach its “tipping point” sooner than predicted if the rate of climate change continues at a breakneck pace. Read more.

Study 113

After 69 Years, Chemists Finally Get a Good Look at Einsteinium

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physical sciences chemistry natural sciences actinides chemical elements synthetic elements einsteinium californium actinide nobelium tennessine thorium

Study 114

Scientists Found A New Way To Break Down the Most Common Plastic

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its a plastic world plastic chemical reactions recyclingThe petrochemical industry produces more than 88 million tons of polyethylene, making it the most common plastic in the world. Scientists have found a new way to upcycle it, according to a study published in Science on Thursday.

Study 114

Tear Gas Is Dangerous and Should Be Illegal


Tear gas is a chemical weapon that is banned for use in warfare , yet U.S. tear gas george floyd police brutality science chemical weaponspolice have repeatedly deployed it against people protesting police brutality and anti-black violence this week.

The $21 Billion Reason to Clean Up Abandoned Oil Wells

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Study 96

A Proposed Plastics Plant Will Test Joe Biden’s Commitment to Environmental Justice

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Myrtle Felton has lived in St. James Parish her whole life, but it looks nothing like it did when she was young. Read more.

Shocking Findings Show the Amazon May Already Be a Greenhouse Gas Emitter

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Historically, the Amazon rainforest has been one of the planet’s most important sources of carbon sequestration, caching billions of tons of carbon from the atmosphere every year.

A Rare Flower Is Screwing Up Plans for a Nevada Lithium Mine

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nevada lithium natural sciences peter raven buckwheat ioneer reducing agents chemistry patrick donnelly environment chemical elements physical sciences pseudocereals boronLast week brought some good news for an at-risk desert flower.

Scientists Find Unusual Form of Iron and Copper in Brains of Alzheimer's Patients

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