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Enhance your cloud career during lockdown

David Linthicum

It’s on. The COVID-19 pandemic is, and will continue to be, the biggest disruption to our society’s way of life for 2020. While we’re still trying to figure things out, most of us are working from home, or, worse, have lost our jobs. Truth be told, I’m a big fan of working at home. Even with a manageable commute, going into an office can mean about three hours of unproductive time every workday. You contribute more to carbon emissions in numerous ways and miss out on things happening at home. .

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Artificial intelligence for fraud detection is bound to save billions


Read Tibi Puiu explain how artificial intelligence can help companies to save millions through fraud detection on ZME Science : Fraud mitigation is one of the most sought-after artificial intelligence (AI) services because it can provide an immediate return on investment. Already, many companies are experiencing lucrative profits thanks to AI and machine learning (ML) […].

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Create the Right Type of Crisis Management Team


When an oxygen tank exploded during the Apollo 13 mission to land on the moon, NASA quickly formed what it later called a “tiger” team — a small group of specialists with different areas of expertise to investigate the issue and figure out how to get the four astronauts home. Their work guided the actions of the flight crew to turn a major crisis into a shining moment in the history of the U.S. space program.

Why AI Is The Future Of Cybersecurity


These and many other insights are from Capgemini’s Reinventing Cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence Report published this week. You can download the report here (28 pp., PDF, free, no opt-in). Capgemini Research Institute surveyed 850 senior executives from seven industries, including consumer products, retail, banking, insurance, automotive, utilities, and telecom. 20% of the executive respondents are […].

Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Strategies for Modernizing Software

Speaker: Prem Chandrasekaran

A few years ago, Barclays embarked on a journey to migrate its legacy services to a modern tech stack with the objective of achieving a high level of scale, resilience, and reliability. During the incremental, iterative move towards an ecosystem of focused, distributed services, it’s fair to say that the company discovered the challenges of distributing objects. Join us for an episode you can’t miss if you’re finding it a lot harder to architect in practice than in theory, and learn how you can manage the same challenges.

An Appetizer For My Latest Doc: Mind The Cloud Skills Gap

Forrester IT

Last week I published, “Mind The Cloud Skills Gap.” I didn’t end that declaration with an exclamation mark but really that’s what I feel—excitement! It’s my first Forrester report 2. The report covers a topic that many clients are asking about – What do we do when we want to build a cloud […].

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There’s Still Time For SaaS Clients To Ask For And SaaS Vendors To Offer A Recession Clause In SaaS Contracts

Forrester IT

Cloud software has become more common, whether in the form of multi-tenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) or single-instance hosted software. Companies in many cases have signed on to multi-year contracts with these cloud software vendors, yet the prices in those contracts are often based on usage metrics such as number of users, number of customers, or number […]. age of the customer

Delivering information and eliminating bottlenecks with CDC’s COVID-19 assessment bot


In a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s not only important to deliver medical care but to also provide information to help people make decisions and prevent health systems from being overwhelmed. Microsoft is helping with this challenge by offering its Healthcare Bot service powered by Microsoft Azure to organizations on the frontlines of the COVID-19 […].

Quantifying Coronavirus (COVID-19) For The Technology Channel

Forrester IT

How will the technology channel be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Read a list of likely scenarios and what it could mean for the long-term. channel partners pandemic


Google open-sources framework that reduces AI training costs by up to 80%


Google researchers recently published a paper describing a framework — SEED RL — that scales AI model training to thousands of machines. They say that it could facilitate training at millions of frames per second on a machine while reducing costs by up to 80%, potentially leveling the playing field for startups that couldn’t previously […].

Design Thinking for Product Teams: Leverage Human Insight Throughout Development

Product teams must increase their exposure hours with customers—seeing and hearing them. Human insights and the design thinking framework can be applied to your development cycle to help you build better products and experiences for your customers.

The Leading Innovation Software Platforms Can Help You Capitalize on COVID-19

Forrester IT

Now is an ideal time to drive a company-wide innovation campaign. Clearly we are all experiencing massive life changes and this situation is negatively impacting nearly all businesses. As such you should launch a company-wide innovation campaign to craft new ways your firm can address these issues and reposition yourselves as a leader in overcoming […]. age of the customer chief information officer (CIO) employee experience Innovation pandemic technology-driven innovation vendor selection

How to Use Windows Sandbox to Create MSI Packages


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. Let’s see how to use Windows Sandbox to Create MSI Packages from Legacy Installers. You are going to see how Smart Package studio helps to build MSI package from this post. Related Post – How to Make Application Packagers Life Easier Introduction Windows Sandbox is a feature introduced by Microsoft in Windows 10 version 1903 […].

Quantifying Coronavirus (COVID-19) For The Technology Channel

Forrester IT

Officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and epidemic experts from universities around the world conferred in February about what might happen if the new coronavirus gained a foothold in the United States. CDC presented four possible scenarios — A, B, C and D — based on characteristics of the […]. channel partners channel channel marketing coronavirus

Uncovering OpenWRT remote code execution (CVE-2020-7982)


Introduction. For ForAllSecure, I’ve been focusing on finding bugs in OpenWRT using their Mayhem software. My research on OpenWRT has been a combination of writing custom harnesses, running binaries of the box without recompilation, and manual inspection of code. ForAllSecure Vulnerability Disclosures

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

How Startup Innovation Can Help Enterprises Face COVID-19

Information Week

Disruptive ideas can give organizations ways to maintain operations in a time of quarantines and social distancing

The two fundamental elements of strategy amid COVID-19: Survival and Reinvention

Trends in the Living Networks

There is no business that has not been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies, in industries ranging from consumer staples to video-conferencing, are struggling to cope with soaring demand. Yet most are being slammed by factors including economic concerns, reduced spending, or simple inability of their customers to come to them. The immediacy of Survival. Of course every organization must focus on surviving through this extraordinary crisis to get to better times on the other side.

Coronavirus-related digital fraud: 22% of Americans targeted

Tech Republic Security

A TransUnion report details how COVID-19 has impacted online shopping and fraud

How ensembles can reduce machine learning’s carbon footprint


Commercial and industrial applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning are unlocking economic opportunities, transforming the way we do business, and even helping to solve complex social and environmental problems. In fact, generative applications of this technology have become tools for environmental sustainability. With machine learning’s capability to analyze and. The post How ensembles can reduce machine learning’s carbon footprint appeared first on Dataconomy.

Serverless and Containers: How to Choose the Right Application Strategy

Speaker: Tolga Tarhan, Senior Vice President, GM AWS Services at Onica

When it comes to the modern tech stack, one of the fastest changing areas is around containers, serverless, and choosing the ideal path to cloud native computing. How do you as a technology leader point your team in the right direction, especially given how quickly this is evolving?

Top 5 tips for securely working from home

Tech Republic Security

As working from home becomes more common for tech workers, ensuring proper security measures is important. Tom Merritt offers five security tips for employees working from home

How to share documents onscreen in a Zoom meeting

Tech Republic Cloud

Collaboration while telecommuting can be tough, especially if you're working with documents. Learn how to share documents onscreen in Zoom

Online Testing Helps You Get AWS Certified From Anywhere

Linux Academy

Recently, AWS announced all exams will now be online-proctored exams. -a a huge win for our global community of at-home learners. It’s important to note that online exams are virtually monitored to ensure the integrity and credibility of the test. All you need to make sure you meet their requirements are these items: A computer with webcam, microphone, and speakers or headphones. A solitary, private location where space around you is quiet.

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How Can Corporate Training Solutions Streamline Employee Learning Processes? 


This blog talks about Corporate Training Solutions and how they can Streamline the Employee Learning Processes. In a world defined by competition and rivalry, the survival and success of commercial businesses has become all the more challenging. Not only are they required to build world-class infrastructure and provide state-of-the-art services, but they are also expected to carve out a domain-specific corporate training solutions which can positively distinguish them from all their adversaries.

Add User Tests to Your Agile Process: Reduce Risk in Shipping New Products

Agile has become the go-to methodology for companies that want to reduce the risk involved in shipping new products. But how do you prevent building items nobody wants? If you wait to get user feedback until after development, then you’ve waited too long.

Akamai adds secure web gateway capabilities to threat service

Tech Republic Security

Responding to customer demand, the company is bringing something new to its Enterprise Threat Protector

4 Ways Healthcare Tech is Helping in Tackling Coronavirus


Information Technology Blog - - 4 Ways Healthcare Tech is Helping in Tackling Coronavirus - Information Technology Blog. The rapid spread of Coronavirus had brought to the fore questions about that were asked when SARS spread. There are many similarities between how SARS spread and how Coronavirus is spreading. However, several things have changed since the last outbreak. For one, our healthcare tech has advanced significantly.

Data-layer security is a new imperative as employees telecommute due to coronavirus

Tech Republic Security

Commentary: COVID-19 has laid bare our need to take a new, more data-centric approach to security in light of more people working from home

How to install the AWX Ansible web GUI on CentOS 8

Tech Republic Data Center

Ansible administration is most often done from the command line. Make that task a bit more efficient with the help of the web-based GUI, AWX

More Effective Agile Leadership

Speaker: Steve McConnell, CEO, Construx Software

In this talk, Steve McConnell, CEO of Construx Software, distills hundreds of companies’-worth of real-world experience into the proven Agile leadership practices that work best. Steve will seamlessly thread together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all—creating an invaluable resource for Agile leaders, their teams, and their organizations.