Eclypsium: Defending the hardware attack surface


Eclypsium protects DoD and federal agencies and contractors from the foundation of your computing infrastructure upward, controlling the risks and stopping threats to the firmware and hardware inside every laptop, server […].

Arm’s confidential computing uses hardware to ensure security

Venture Beast

Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page Arm Arm Confidential Compute Architecture category-/Computers & Electronics CCA Confidential ComputingArm's Armv9 chip platform is the first major upgrade for its architecture in a decade. And one of the pillars is "confidential computing." Read More.


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Software vs Hardware VPNs: Secure Networking 101

CompTIA on Cybersecurity

A secure network is a must. But what is the best way to accomplish that, with VPN software or VPN hardware? Take a look to discover which is right for your organization

Is Nvidia’s Arm deal really a U.K. national security threat?

Venture Beast

The British government thinks Nvidia's Arm deal is a national security threat. AI Enterprise Security VB Home Page Arm data center datacenter hardware hardware national security NVidiaShould the U.S. government worry too? Read More.

New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom


telecommunications company discovered manipulated hardware from Super Micro Computer Inc. according to a security expert working for the telecom company. The security expert, Yossi Appleboum, provided documents, analysis and other evidence […]. CTO Cyber Security NewsA major U.S. in its network and removed it in August, fresh evidence of tampering in China of critical technology components bound for the U.S.,

Cloudflare wants to kill the CAPTCHA using hardware security keys


Cloudflare is one of the top providers of web infrastructure and security, content delivery, DNS, among others.

Google Meet hardware promises AI features starting at $2,700

Venture Beast

Google today unveiled Google Meet Series One, meeting room hardware that brings its AI-powered video calling features to businesses. AI Business Cloud Dev Enterprise Media Security category-/Computers & Electronics Chrome OS G Suite Google Google Meet

63% of organizations face security breaches due to hardware vulnerabilities

Tech Republic Security

While hardware-level attacks are high, only 59% of companies have implemented a hardware security strategy, Dell and Forrester found

Dell 89

Intel to set up new group to focus on hardware security

Computer Weekly

Chip maker is reportedly planning to form a new group to focus on hardware security as it scrambles to limit the impact of recently discovered security flaws in chip designs

How Microsoft is using hardware to secure firmware

Tech Republic Security

Even full disk encryption can't keep you secure if your PC firmware is compromised, so Secured-core PCs will use the CPU to check if UEFI is telling the truth about secure boot

You have always known there is a threat of hardware attacks: Get ugly details here


It is important to remember the threat of hardware based attacks. Bloomberg Businessweek has just run a well researched story into a hardware attack that is incredible in scope. CTO Cyber Security Cyber War NewsThey have always been a threat vector, but hardly ever in the news. Now that part has changed. The overall theme of the attack will not […].

Assessing Enterprise Firmware Security Risk in 2021


In a year of historic challenges, 2020 saw firmware and hardware issues become one of the most active areas of enterprise security. APT and ransomware threat actors targeted enterprise VPNs […]. News Eclypsium

Portland-based hardware security startup Eclypsium raises $13M


based startup Eclypsium raised $13 million to help expand its enterprise hardware security technology. Founded in 2017, the company helps detect, analyze, and prevent security threats at the firmware level. He started the company with CTO Alex Bazhaniuk , another former Intel security engineer. “Traditional software security solutions don’t provide visibility into the firmware risks these devices bring to an organization.

From Macy’s to Ace Hardware, facial recognition is already everywhere

Vox Open Sourced

Some of the US’s most popular stores — including Macy’s and Ace Hardware — are using facial recognition on their customers, largely without their knowledge. Rite Aid had deployed facial recognition in at least 200 stores over eight years, before ditching the technology last year.

Apricorn releases world's largest hardware-encrypted portable SSD


Having 'Fortress' in its name sufficiently hints that Apricorn's Aegis Fortress L3 isn't meant for the usual consumer but is aimed at government agencies, power and health sectors, and enterprises looking to protect and move sensitive data with the highest level of security

How Google’s Custom Security Chip Secures Servers at Boot

Data Center Knowledge

Software security tools are increasingly augmented with dedicated security processors Read More. Design Google Hardware Security

7 Security Areas to Focus on During COVID-19


Now that many workers have shifted to working remotely and organizations are distracted trying to handle the virus, security and risk management teams need to be more vigilant than ever. Most of the security and risk team is now operating in completely different environments and mindsets.

Microsoft is going the extra mile to make sure users don't skirt Windows 11 hardware requirements


Microsoft’s Aria Carley said they know it sucks that some systems aren’t going to be eligible for Windows 11, but they are doing it to ensure that compatible devices are more productive, have a better experience and have better security

HPE’s Gen10 Servers Will Have Security Drilled into Silicon

Data Center Knowledge

The company's custom silicon enables security at the firmware level. Design Hardware Hewlett Packard Enterprise SecurityRead More.

Supermicro is the latest hardware vendor with a security issue

Network World

Security researchers with Eclypsium, a firm created by two former Intel executives that specializes in rooting out vulnerabilities in server firmware, have uncovered vulnerabilities affecting the firmware of Supermicro servers. A physical attacker who can open the case could simply attach a hardware programmer to bypass protections.

Data backup company Acronis secures $250M to expand datacenter footprint

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Mobile Security VB Home Page Acronis category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Drives & Storage data data backup data backup and recovery funding daily recovery

NSA’s Hardware Tampering May Alter Global Product Flow

Data Center Knowledge

when supplying hardware to customers overseas Read More. Cisco Dell Networking Regulation Security vendors may be looking at circumventing U.S.

Supply chain threats demand industrywide approach to AI

Venture Beast

AI Enterprise Security VB Home Page Fingerprinting hardware optical scanner supply chain supply chain management Transform 2021As supply chain threats get more complex, organizations need to adopt an industrywide approach to creating open standards. Read More.

Microsoft stakes out claim with Windows 11 on future of hybrid work

Venture Beast

Microsoft's Windows 11 comes with new cloud services and security alerts to make it possible to test both the cloud and on-premises offerings. Read More.

Microsoft makes Windows 10 hardware change for PC security

Network World

Microsoft is rolling out a change in minimum hardware requirements for Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices, and expects hardware makers to comply in order to make their devices more secure. Starting Thursday, PC makers should include a hardware-based security feature called TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0 security layer -- which can be in the form of a chip or firmware -- can safeguard user data by managing and storing cryptographic keys in a trusted container.

IBM upgrades its Big Iron OS for better cloud, security, and AI support

Network World

that includes beefed-up support for containers, AI, and security. Chip shortage will hit hardware buyers for months to years.

IBM 171

Vergecast: Amazon announces a new fleet of hardware

The Verge

Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn, and Dan Seifert discuss all the important announcements from Amazon’s fall hardware event this week — a security drone for your home, a spherical Echo , a cloud gaming service , a location-tracking mesh network , new Eero routers , and a whole lot more.

Cisco integrates networking, security, IT management for the enterprise

Venture Beast

Cisco makes case for unifying management of IT infrastructure and security via a Cisco Plus subscription for both hardware and software. Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Networking Cisco Cisco Plus subscription ThousandEyes

Gartner Top 7 Security and Risk Trends for 2019


Creating simple, practical and pragmatic risk appetite statements enabled this CISO to break down the cultural disconnect that existed between the security team and the different business units. This is one of seven security and risk management trends that Gartner expects to impact CISOs in 2019. 2: There is renewed interest in implementing or maturing security operations centers (SOCs) with a focus on threat detection and response. Security

Trends 236

Intel divests McAfee after rough marriage, will now secure hardware

Network World

McAfee will now again become a standalone security company, but Intel will retain a minority 49 percent stake. The chip maker will focus internal operations on hardware-level security. Intel's finally washing its hands of McAfee after seven up and down years, which included a lawsuit last year from John McAfee, after whom the company is named. The chip maker has divested its majority holdings in McAfee to investment firm TPG for US$3.1 billion.

No Hardware Improvement in iPhone Camera Lenses Till 2022 – Tech Analyst Predicts


Kuo, who works as an analyst in a financial services group called TF International Securities, is known to have some good contacts in the Asian supply chain of Apple. Even if it decides to hold back hardware upgrades, one can expect some improvement on the software front.

Boeing Black Smartphone: Security, modularity and productivity


Security, modularity and productivity delivered – all in one trusted mobile device. defense and security communities demand trusted access to data to accomplish their missions. Despite the continuous innovation in commercial mobile technology, current devices are not designed from inception with the security and flexibility needed to match their evolving mission and enterprise environment. Hardware Root of Trust : Ensures software authenticity.

Epic v. Apple trial reveals how Microsoft has never made money off Xbox hardware


in Q3 gaming revenue, 232% growth in hardware sales. While its gaming division is posting billions in quarterly revenue , its actual hardware seems to have traditionally been its weakest link. The Xbox One, left, with the Xbox Series X and S, right.

Versa Networks raises $84M to protect cloud networks

Venture Beast

Versa Networks, a company offering security solutions for cloud networks, has raised $84 million in venture capital. Read More.

How to Keep Company IoT Networks Secure


Read Grayson Kemper explain how companies can keep the Internet of Things networks secure on IoT for All : As employees increase how often they use smart devices as part of their daily jobs, businesses are investing in building IoT networks. While IoT networks make information accessible and protected from hardware errors, businesses should invest in […].

Amazon unveils new data center hardware to get you securely into the cloud

Tech Republic Data Center

At the 2016 re:Invent conference, AWS CEO Andy Jassy unveiled two new products, the Snowball Edge and Snowmobile, to make it even easier to get your data into the cloud

Solarflare: Revolutionizing the way enterprises scale, manage and secure data centers


Solarflare is a leading provider of application-intelligent networking I/O software and hardware that facilitate the acceleration, monitoring and security of network data. Solarflare's intelligent networking software and hardware also makes important contributions to keeping information available to authorized users while keeping it confidential and out of the hands of those that should not see it, warranting our tracking Solarflare in our directory of Top Cybersecurity Companies.

A Flicker Of Light: A new security stack points the path to safety


Defense-in-depth, the gold standard in cyber security, has failed. The basis behind defense-in-depth is to deploy redundant layers of security products to defeat every part the cyber kill chain. In panic, many organizations deployed more security products or utilized capabilities like Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to create virtual air gaps. Before connectivity is provisioned, the hardware identity and software hashes from the user’s device are checked.

Naturally Better Security: Leveraging the power of nature to enhance Internet security


Nature is now providing engineers with the missing link that can help with the most vexing challenge of our age: enabling both security and functionality in our interconnected IT systems. Adversaries, including cyber criminals, states seeking national security information, hackers seeking glory, and hacktivists pushing causes, have all come to realize the value of successful cyberattacks, and they show no sign of stopping. CTO Cyber Security NewsBob Gourley.

Nvidia announces BlueField-3 DPUs for AI and analytics workloads

Venture Beast

AI Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page ai artificial intelligence big data BlueField BlueField-3 DPU category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Components Data Processing Unit datacenter NVidia

Amazon’s fall hardware event: the 13 biggest announcements

The Verge

Amazon just wrapped up its fall hardware event, and it was packed with a number of big announcements. Amazon also showed off improvements for Alexa, including new security features. Ring launched a home security drone. Ring is launching the Always Home Cam, an autonomous security drone for your house. Ring has a new line of security cameras for cars. Ring announced a set of security cameras for cars: the Car Alarm and Car Cam.

How Do You Secure Digital Transformation?

SecureWorld News

Doing it successfully and securely has been a challenge. How do you secure your new initiatives? Security digital transformation (DX) starts with strategy. And he emphasized that security plays a crucial role in keeping everyone on the same page. "I

Surface Laptop 4 showcases Microsoft's new approach to PC security

Tech Republic Security

Microsoft is bringing advanced hardware security to more Surface devices with cloud firmware management to help enterprises deploy new PCs quickly