Film maker shuns cloud storage for Spectra Logic tape

Computer Weekly

Smoke & Mirrors replaces Quantum tape library with 7PB of Spectra Logic tape and decides the cloud lacks security and would be too costly for the 16TB it archives every day

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Cloud Musings

You can support them too at the: THE OFFICIAL LATINO FILM INDUSTRY POST OSCAR PARTY The Veterans 360 mission is to support our young combat veterans as they integrate into civilian life. GUESS WHO SUPPORTS VETS 360?

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Dell Powers Reel FX Animated Film “Free Birds”

Data Center Knowledge

Boring servers whirring away in a data center never seem exciting until they are used to power an animated film and show off that technology in full glorious color and clarity. Reel FX has done just that, and used Dell servers to develop, produce and animate its first full-length feature film, Dell reel fx render

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Delivering film and TV content via the Internet


The term used for the delivery of film and TV content via the Internet is OTT, or over-the-top and does not require users to subscribe to traditional cable or satellite TV. The post Delivering film and TV content via the Internet appeared first on Information Technology Blog.

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Big data lessons from Icelandic visual effects team behind the film Everest

Tech Republic Big Data

The visual effects company RVX played a major role in producing content for the movie Everest. RVX's CTO reveals the studio's big data management challenges during the production

Static Beauty of Cloud Infrastructure Across Three Screens

Data Center Knowledge

Film maker Timo Arnal explores the ‘Internet machine’ in a three-screen video installation Read More. Cloud Computing Data Center Videos

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IWM digitises vast collection in SpectraLogic tape archive

Computer Weekly

Imperial War Museum deploys SpectraLogic tape archive systems with LTFS Black Pearl in digitisation project for 21,000 hours of film and millions of images and voice recordings

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Mainframe AI

IT Toolbox

ll remember from the 1991 Terminator film that ?Human Those of you who enjoy scifi movies will know that as soon you install self-learning software on a big enough computer, it will become self-aware and takes over the world. Human decisions are removed from strategic defence. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14am. Eastern time, August 29th.? Meanwhile, back in the

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Christian Slater wants you to check your printer security

Network World

In IT circles, actor Christian Slater is known for the very popular USA Network show " Mr. Robot ", so fans of that show might like watching him in this short film, sponsored/created by HP.

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Andre LeBlank on Artificial Intelligence and the future


DreamWorks "Turbo" Accelerated By HP » Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

DreamWorks Animation utilized HP Enterprise Cloud Services to provide a robust, scalable, cloud-based infrastructure that offers the additional compute power needed to render the 10 CG films that are in production at any given time. About DCK. Advertise. Subscribe. Events.

Let's go back to the future--it is time to start planning now for customer service in 2021

Forrester IT

One of the great things about that movie was its view of the future--or, because so much has time has passed since the film was released, its view of what our present should be like. In the film, Marty McFly and Doc Brown time traveled to October 21, 2015 and had the opportunity observe potential technologies and experiences of the future. This a guest post by Meredith Cain , a Research Associate on the Application Development & Delivery (AD&D) team.

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Foto Friday – Bakers Bridge Area, Durango CO

Eric D. Brown

The area just to the ‘left’ of this photo is Bakers Bridge, where they filmed part of the ‘jump’ scene from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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Zero Days: Why the disturbing Stuxnet documentary is a must-see

Tech Republic Security

Find out why Jack Wallen highly recommends the film Zero Days is a documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney about the cyberwarfare Pandora's Box that was opened with the Stuxnet malware.

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IDG Contributor Network: SoftLayer founder’s new company, StackPath, releases app security product

Network World

There are a few different models: some individuals go buy an island, start making films or go on permanent vacation. It’s always interesting to see what happens when a high-profile CEO sells his company and then finishes up his earn-out period. Others take some time to work out what they’re going to do and maybe take an entrepreneur-in-residence position for a time, while others jump straight back into the shark tank.

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Customer-Obsessed Businesses Driving Infrastructure Transformation

Forrester IT

Think how you watch a film, shop or order a taxi. Customers today are hyper-connected and their connectivity is rewriting the rules of business. Access to mobility, social networks, wearable devices, connected cars and hotels managed by robots are rapidly changing the behaviors of how customers engage and purchase. The disruptive power in the hands of newly tech-savvy customers is forcing every business to evolve into a digital business or perish.

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DCK Video: Hyve Partners DDN and Nebula

Data Center Knowledge

Conor Malone, vice president of engineering at Hyve, shows us what Data Direct Networks, a storage company, and Nebula, an open source cloud initiative, are doing with Hyve chassis and servers in this video filmed at the Open Compute Summit V.

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Tech News Roundup May 18


A Beautiful Planet’: Astronauts and space moviemakers reflect on film’s final frontier. Katie Kennedy. The following are some of the hot topics we are tracking in the technology ecosystem: Technology Ticker. CGI Federal's new tech center dedicated at UL-Lafayette - The Herald. State Treasurer John Chiang launches 'underdog' campaign for California governor - Los Angeles Times. BJP to form next government in Assam: Sonowal - The Statesman. ‘A

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Getting the best deal

IT Toolbox

We come to an agreement with other people about which restaurant to go to, or what film to see at the cinema, and a million other things ? We all do it all the time ? even if we think we don?t most actions come about as the result of negotiation. and it all involves negotiation. You may be involved at work negotiating a deal on new hardware or software. Or you may be involved in negotiating with

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Creepy clowns cause sheriff to consult with FBI and Homeland Security

Network World

When the evil clown craze first started cranking up, some people suggested the clown sightings were pranks tied to some sort of promotion for the upcoming film It. Others suggested the clown sightings were inspired by Rob Zombie’s film 31 , which includes kidnapped hostages trying to survive a violent game against a gang of sadistic clowns.

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Stuxnet the movie: The U.S. has pwned Iran

Network World

be drawn into a war there because Israel launched an attack against Iran, according the film by academy award winning director Alex Gibney. The new documentary about Stuxnet, ‘Zero Days’, says the U.S. had a far larger cyber operation against Iran called Nitro Zeus that has compromised the country’s infrastructure and could be used as a weapon in any future war.

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The Battle For Your Head Is Underway: VR from Oculus, Sony, HTC/Valve competing at GDC2016


It expands beyond games to help developers produce immersive entertainment of all kinds, from games to CG movies to filmed experiences to simulations. Bob Gourley. GDC2016 is the largest game developer conference in the globe. By all accounts it will be the biggest yet for virtual reality.

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Dell Hardware Powers Digital Effects at Spin VFX

Data Center Knowledge

Spin VFX''s portfolio includes more than 70 feature films and 13 television series, including HBO''s Game of Thrones. Visual effects studio Spin VFX has selected Dell to supply IT infrastructure for its new location in Toronto. Read More. Dell Infrastructure

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Review: Hot new tools to fight insider threats

Network World

In the 1979 film When a Stranger Calls , the horror is provided when police tell a young babysitter that the harassing phone calls she has been receiving are coming from inside the house. It was terrifying for viewers because the intruder had already gotten inside, and was presumably free to wreak whatever havoc he wanted, unimpeded by locked doors or other perimeter defenses.

Film 20

Who knew Edward Snowden would become such a musical inspiration?

Network World

Gabriel's song, "The Veil," plays during the end credits of the film, and basically tells the Snowden story, as the former Genesis band member sings about Snowden being a hero to some and a traitor to others.

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Call to Action: Pounding the Table for Security Budgets

The Investing Edge

Plans to release a spoof film that made fun of North Korea. The vicious cyberattacks on major organizations like Target, Home Depot, eBay, JP Morgan Chase and recently, Anthem , makes one thing clear: the severity and sophistication of cyberattacks has taken a major leap forward.

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What it takes to be a security architect

Network World

When Brennen began attending Capital University, a small liberal arts college in Ohio, in the 1990s, he intended to pursue a career in the film industry as a composer. Security architects are the people responsible for maintaining the security of their organizations’ computer systems, and as such they must be able to think as hackers do in order to anticipate the tactics attackers can use to gain unauthorized access to those systems, according to the InfoSec Institute.

The Visual Microphone: Passive Recovery of Sound from Video


The camera recording this was filmed form outside behind soundproof glass. By Bob Gourley. This post deals with exciting science that is fun to watch.

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Understanding Big Data’s Big Impact


Netflix uses big data to decide which films and TV shows to make available next on their TV streaming site and app. Rick Delgado. In the last decade or so, the collection of data has moved from simple to towering skyscrapers and silos of information. Information that can be continually reaped and collected day after day to provide businesses and organizations with an enormous wealth of information.

Expanding the Cloud ? Managing Cold Storage with Amazon Glacier

All Things Distributed

This is apparent in the Media industry where film re-edits, for example, are no longer just about revisiting the original 35mm or 65 mm film but rather all the digital content captured by the 2K or 4K cameras that were used during filming. All Things Distributed.

Film 40

ACLU: Cops accidentally recorded themselves making up bogus criminal charges

Network World

Yet that is exactly what happened when Connecticut State Police troopers seized a camera belonging to a protestor and the camera continued to film while they conspired on which bogus charges to level against him. Picard, who was lawfully carrying a handgun, also had a camera that he was using to film the police—public employees on a public street.

Top Technology News for 27 June 2016


Unswayed by Axanar, CBS and Paramount offer 10 rules for fan film makers - Ars Technica. Charles Hall. What's more popular than pizza for drone delivery? For prisoners, it's drugs, tobacco, rolling papers, and porn! Inmates use drones to smuggle in drugs and contraband; this is how prisons stop them. Digital Trends. So you think you know Lord of the Rings , eh?

Film 42

An untapped market for inventing the future?

CIO Dashboard

Organizations like the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media work with the entertainment industry to create capable female characters in films and television. Guest post by Mitra Best , US Innovation Leader, PwC.

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