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Netflix adds magenta light and AI to improve real-time green screen filming


Commonly known as green screen or blue screen filming, chroma key compositing is a visual-effects technique used to merge two or more video layers based on color hues. Actors in the foreground are filmed against a uniform background (usually green), which is later digitally replaced with other content in the. Read Entire Article

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YouTube took down Michael Moore’s film attacking renewable energy

The Verge

‘Planet of the Humans’ executive producer Michael Moore with director Jeff Gibbs and producer Ozzie Zehner at the Traverse City Film Festival. The controversial film Planet of the Humans , produced by Michael Moore, was taken down from YouTube on Monday because of a copyright infringement claim. Photo: Planet of the Humans.

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THX 1138 at 50: Looking Back at George Lucas' Dystopian Art Film


That tends to happen when you create one of the biggest film franchises of all time. It all began with a dystopian sci-fi student film that became a feature… Read more. Say the name George Lucas and people obviously think Star Wars. But when Lucas himself thinks of his career, you have to suspect he thinks back to its origins.

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Watch the Striking Trailer for Ukrainian Sci-Fi Film Atlantis


The country of Ukraine is entering a visually striking, politically vibrant science fiction film for this year’s Foreign Film Oscar category. The trailer is something else. Read more.

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Stretchable Gold Film for Electronics


By Kimberly Kelly Stretchable Gold Film. While researchers from all over the world have been working with different kinds of stretchable conductors, it was the University of Michigan that first came up with a solution to the elastic conductor problem, a stretchable gold film. To hear more about the Gold Nano-particle Film, click here.

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YouTube and Peacock are now streaming 22 James Bond films for free

The Verge

Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for a classic James Bond film following Sean Connery’s death in late October. Or perhaps you’re simply feeling a gap given that the next film, No Time to Die , got pushed back to April 2021 or beyond. It’s also not clear how long these films will be free to stream. YouTube, 20 films.

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Paul Allen estate donates thousands of rare music, film and sci-fi artifacts to Seattle’s MoPOP


Items from the avid collector, who launched MoPOP as the Experience Music Project in 2000, span music, film and television and include such things as instruments, props, costumes, scripts, posters, handbills, illustrations and more. Complete alien creature suit from the 1979 film “Alien.”

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