Stretchable Gold Film for Electronics


By Kimberly Kelly Stretchable Gold Film. While researchers from all over the world have been working with different kinds of stretchable conductors, it was the University of Michigan that first came up with a solution to the elastic conductor problem, a stretchable gold film.

Film 266

‘Miss Juneteenth’ director talks about capturing her hometown on film

Mashable Tech

Miss Juneteenth' director Channing Godfrey crafts a complex film about family, community and history. More about Film , Mashable Video , Independent Film , Juneteenth , and Entertainment. Film Mashable Video Independent Film Juneteenth Entertainment

Film 77

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This Candyman Shadow Puppet Short Film Is a Horrific Mirror You Can't Look Away From


Much as the Candyman film franchise focuses on the stories of people foolish enough to summon a murderous ghoul into their midst by chanting his name, the films have always been, at their cores, gruesome reflections on the American legacy of anti-Black racism that led to the lynchings of thousands over the centuries. nia dacosta candyman horror racism universal slavery manual cinema robert aiki aubrey lowe short films puppets jordan peele

Film 87

Helena Bonham Carter and Sam Neill Star in a Short Film About a Sentient Cell Phone


One thing that global isolation has been good for (other than not getting sick) is the wave of lo-fi homemade short films from the sort of people who would normally be starring in, y’know, big expensive movies instead of making silly movies for Twitter.

Film 97

Digital Cameras vs Film Cameras


Information Technology Blog - - Digital Cameras vs Film Cameras - Information Technology Blog. However, even in this day and age some photographers are still hanging on to traditional film cameras. These options aren’t available with traditional film.

Film 96

Shazam's Director Releases a New Short Film About a Horrifying Home Invasion


Sandberg has released a new short film about a woman who’s worried someone, or something, is… Read more. david f sandberg horror short film lotta lotsen shazam

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YouTube took down Michael Moore’s film attacking renewable energy

The Verge

‘Planet of the Humans’ executive producer Michael Moore with director Jeff Gibbs and producer Ozzie Zehner at the Traverse City Film Festival. The complaint was filed by photographer Toby Smith, who was alarmed that his work was used in a film that he doesn’t support, The Guardian reports. “I

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Baobab Studio?s next VR film is Baba Yaga

Venture Beast

Baobab Studios, the developers behind Bonfire, Asteroids! and more, revealed that its next project is an immersive experience called "Baba Yaga." Read More. AR/VR Games Media PC Gaming Baba Yaga baobab-studios Bonfire category-/Arts & Entertainment/Movies

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This Artist Filmed His Life With Snapchat Spectacles for a Year and Created a VR Time Machine


Although time travel currently isn’t possible—thank God, as if humans needed another way to make a mess of things—this creator decided to do the next best thing: film his life with the Snapchat Spectacles 3 for a year and create a virtual reality time machine.

Film 114

The 10 best films of 2020 (so far)

Mashable Tech

Need it be said that 2020 has been an especially odd year for film? These films came from storied franchises and first-time directors, featured big-name talents and total unknowns. The coronavirus threw the entire spring and summer movie calendar into disarray.

Film 83

Billie Eilish slams body-shamers in powerful new short film

Mashable Tech

In a short film released on her YouTube channel, the Grammy winner addressed people who made pejorative comments about her weight and clothing. Eilish premiered the film — entitled "NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY" — on the first night of her 'Where Do We Go?'

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10 essential LGBTQ films to stream this Pride Month

Mashable Tech

Mashable's entertainment reporter Ali Foreman picked the 10 best LGBTQ films to stream this Pride Month so you can celebrate from the comfort of your home.

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30 essential LGBTQ films to stream this Pride Month

Mashable Tech

So to knock one thing off your to-do list — and ours — we dove into every streaming service's LGBTQ catalogue and picked films we think you'll want to pop on at the end of your Pride-filled days.

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Quantum dot innovations will lead to true-to-life color LCD and OLED displays

Venture Beast

Business Entrepreneur OffBeat category-/Computers & Electronics/Consumer Electronics/TV & Video Equipment LCD display LCD TVs OLED displays OLED TVs Perovskite quantum dots QDEFs QDot™ Sharp Green Film Quantum Dot Enhancement Film quantum dots Quantum Solutions

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TNT and TBS Are Developing a Sequel to the 1985 Film D.A.R.Y.L. Starring Tony Hale


In 1985, Paramount Pictures released a film called D.A.R.Y.L. About a computerized superintelligence in the form of a ten-year-old boy, it starred the child actor Barret Oliver alongside Mary Beth Hurt and Michael McKean. It did not sell particularly well, nor did it review particularly well.

Film 87

Over the Moon Looks Like a Contender for Best Animated Film


That’s a rough approximation of the upcoming Netflix animated film Over the Moon , the first trailer of which has just landed. We’ve all heard the phrase “The Man in the Moon,” but who wanted to go see if he’s up there ?

Film 87

Ennio Morricone, legendary film composer for 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly', dies at 91

Mashable Tech

It's difficult to overstate just how massive Morricone's contribution was to film and television. Ennio Morricone, the Italian composer best known for scoring the likes of Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and John Carpenter's The Thing , has died at the age of 91.

Film 83

The NeverEnding Story's Childlike Empress Is Starring in an '80s Fantasy Tribute Film


The Childlike Empress has grown up and she’s taking lead in a new “lo-fi fantasy film,” alongside ‘80s faces like Sean Astin , Rhea Perlman, and Christopher Lloyd. Of course, it wouldn’t be an old-school fantasy flick without some Jim Henson puppets. Read more. the neverending story fantasy nostalgia 80s man and witch tami stronach sean astin christopher lloyd jim hensons creature shop jim henson company rhea perlman greg steinbruner michael emerson

Film 70

Criterion Channel Lifts Paywall on Films by Black Filmmakers in Support of Black Lives Matter


The Criterion Collection has removed the paywall on many films that focus on Black lives and works by Black filmmakers on its streaming service the Criterion Channel, allowing users to stream them for free even if they do not subscribe to the service.

Film 87

Phishers prey on fans of latest Star Wars film

Tech Republic Security

83 users have already been affected by 65 malicious files disguised as copies of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker according to Kaspersky

Film 123

Film maker shuns cloud storage for Spectra Logic tape

Computer Weekly

Smoke & Mirrors replaces Quantum tape library with 7PB of Spectra Logic tape and decides the cloud lacks security and would be too costly for the 16TB it archives every day

Film 142

Dell Powers Reel FX Animated Film “Free Birds”

Data Center Knowledge

Boring servers whirring away in a data center never seem exciting until they are used to power an animated film and show off that technology in full glorious color and clarity. Reel FX has done just that, and used Dell servers to develop, produce and animate its first full-length feature film, Dell reel fx render

Film 199

The 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' cast on filming their new interactive special

Mashable Tech

We asked the cast about the best watching strategies and what it was like to film multiple versions of the same scene. "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend" is the latest interactive special on Netflix.

Film 80

Faze Clan?s new feature-length film is part of an ?immersive cinematic universe?

The Verge

Today, the organization announced that it will release a feature-length film later this year, starring Faze talent, which will kick off what it describes as “an immersive cinematic universe.”. Faze’s untitled film will debut in September at a “drive-in movie premiere event in Los Angeles

Film 74

Our favorite classic shows and films on HBO Max

Mashable Tech

HBO Max is finally here, and so is "Friends," "Harry Potter," and everything else you missed from streaming. Read more. More about Entertainment , Mashable Video , Hbo Max , Tv And Movies , and Blindspotting. Entertainment Mashable Video Hbo Max Tv And Movies Blindspotting

Film 72

Oculus, Phoria, and WWF launch Ecosphere with free hi-def 3D VR movies

Venture Beast

Oculus commissioned high-definition wildlife films to demonstrate the potential of immersive 3D VR video, and the results are surprisingly compelling.

3D 105

'Disclosure' filmmakers on the impact of trans representation in film and television

Mashable Tech

We talked to director Sam Feder and producer Amy Scholder about their latest documentary "Disclosure," which explores Hollywood’s problematic history of trans and non-binary identities on screen. Read more. More about Mashable Video , Lgbt , Transgender , Disclosure , and Entertainment.

Film 79

Paramount's live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film is getting a sequel


Fortunately, after seeing all the widespread criticism, the film's creators chose to go back to the drawing board on Sonic's design and rework it from the ground up.

Film 64

Restored Film Reveals Last Known Footage of a Tasmanian Tiger


Archivists in Australia working on the digital restoration of an incomplete travelogue from 1935 discovered that it contains the last known footage of a Tasmanian tiger. Read more. tasmanian tigers extinct animals extinction science found footage conservation

Film 67

New Zealand Authorizes Several Film and TV Productions to Start Up, Including Lord of the Rings and Cowboy Bebop


New Zealand is handling covid-19 better than most, with ongoing cases in the country down to a handful.

Film 94

Star Trek: Picard's Jeri Ryan Offers an Update on Season 2's Filming


Sony and Amazon are teaming with Álex de la Iglesia for a new series of cosmic horror movies. Christopher Nolan tries to justify buying and blowing up a whole-ass 747 for Tenet. There’s a long-awaited update on the Goon movie.

Film 91

Social Distancing Gets Extra Horrific With This Homemade Alien Remake


Alien is one of the most influential sci-fi films of our time, and we’ve seen several attempts to recreate its genius—from countless copycat sci-fi horrors to a clever high school play in New Jersey. alien short films ridley scott sigourney weaver diy fan filmsNow, a group of socially distant creators have joined together to bring Alien to the living room. Read more.

Film 67

The polarization of film budgets

Trends in the Living Networks

Expect both increasing film budgets at the top end, and lowering film budgets at the bottom end. When I walked out from seeing Avatar 3D in December, I tweeted: "$300 million very well spent!".

Film 101


Cloud Musings

You can support them too at the: THE OFFICIAL LATINO FILM INDUSTRY POST OSCAR PARTY The Veterans 360 mission is to support our young combat veterans as they integrate into civilian life. GUESS WHO SUPPORTS VETS 360?

Film 145

Watch the 'Lord of the Rings' cast swap filming stories on Zoom

Mashable Tech

The cast of Lord of the Rings reunited with director Peter Jackson on "Reunited Apart: One Zoom To Rule Them All" to discuss what it was like to shoot the iconic fantasy trilogy. Josh Gad served as an MC for the Zoom reunion, and introduced each member of the Fellowship as they arrived in the chat.

Film 83

David Attenborough's new book and Netflix film tackles climate crisis with a 'vision for the future'

Mashable Tech

Sir David Attenborough has been busy of late, teaching online geography lessons to kids at home , and having serious talks with Greta Thunberg about climate activism.

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Get a free photo book when you buy this Polaroid instant film camera

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TL;DR: As of May 27, the stylish and intuitive Polaroid OneStep 2 instant film camera is on sale for $59.99, down from $89.99. Best Buy currently has the Polaroid OneStep 2 instant film camera on sale for $59.99 , saving you $30.

Film 56

How Jodorowsky's Dune Speaks to the Now (Beyond the Upcoming Film)


When the first photos of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune began to surface last month, my first instinct was to rewatch Jodorowsky’s Dune. The 2014 documentary directed by Frank Pavich tells the story of Dune by Alejandro Jodorowsky, aka, “the greatest movie never made.”

Film 83

Here's the one prank John Krasinski pulled on Jenna Fischer while filming 'The Office'

Mashable Tech

Fans of The Office know that Jim Halpert is a lean, mean, pranking machine. But in real life, John Krasinski isn't very skilled in the practical joke department.

Film 83

The Writer of Back to the Future: Part II Blames Universal for Netflix's Weirdly Censored Version of the Film


If you watched Back to the Future: Part II when it first hit Netflix, you might have noticed a little something was missing. According to the writer of the series , it wasn’t exactly Netflix’s fault. Read more.

Film 100

Kendrick Sampson talks about how ‘Miss Juneteenth’ is a story of black liberation

Mashable Tech

Kendrick Sampson discusses the nuances of his role as Ronnie in the film "Miss Juneteenth," as well as the importance of black stories being told by black creatives. More about Entertainment , Film , Mashable Video , Insecure , and Juneteenth.

Film 69

God Help Us, the Winklevoss Twins Are Co-Producing a Movie About Their Bitcoin Journey


If that doesn’t seem masturbatory enough, rejoice: said film is about how they amassed a net wealth of more than $1 billion by getting really into Bitcoin. winklevii winklevoss twins facebook cryptocurrency bitcoin technology social media movies film cameron winklevoss tyler winklevoss

.Net 83

A story about Connected: The Film and why you must see it

Trends in the Living Networks

I saw Connected: The Film by Tiffany Shlain last night at its Australian premiere, organized by Annalie Killian. The first thing I have to say is that the film is absolutely fantastic. Go to the Connected film website, see what she is doing, and engage in the conversation.

Film 150