Overview of @Triumfant by @SecureNinja @FedCyber 2013


By Bob Gourley SecureNinjaTV’s Alicia Webb continues our coverage of FEDcyber 2013 by speaking with Triumfant’s President & CEO John Prisco about malware detection and remediation.

Interview of @Splunk by @SecureNinja at @FedCyber 2013


By Bob Gourley SecureNinjaTV’s Alicia Webb speaks with Enoch Long from Splunk while at FEDcyber 2013. Big Data Cyber Security Alicia Webb Business Defence in depth Enoch FEDcyber 2013 Splunk YouTube

Lisbon Bound: NATO Network Enabled Capability Conference 2013

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Sunday, April 21, 2013. Lisbon Bound: NATO Network Enabled Capability Conference 2013. This week I will have the honor of attending the 2013 NNEC Conference at the Corinthia Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal. 2 comments: D Lew April 23, 2013 at 12:40 PM Great post about cloud service software! Reply Delete Sharmin Alam June 2, 2013 at 12:58 AM I found your blog when I was looking for a different sort of information but I was very happy and glad to read through your blog.

The October 2013 security updates

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Security Advisory 2862973 Update for MD5 Certificates We would like to remind customers of the Update for MD5 Certificates that was released in August 2013 and will be released through Microsoft Update in February 2014.

The Year in Downtime: The Top 10 Outages of 2013

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There were wide range of causes for data center downtime in 2013. Here’s our list of the Top 10 outages of 2013. The year''s major outages covered the spectrum, affecting clouds, companies, payment networks and governments at the federal, state and local level.

COVITS 2013 - Opening Comments

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Good morning and Welcome to COVITS 2013 - THE SECOND DAY!! COVITS is the information technology conference for state and local governments in Virginia. This year I was asked to give the opening remarks before the keynote speaker. I was pleased to be able to address the crowd, and even more pleased that the conference organizer (Jack Mortimer, eRepublic) wanted to highlight the participation of the localities in the conference.

Top 10 Data Center Stories, September 2013

Data Center Knowledge

Here are the most viewed stories on Data Center Knowledge for September 2013, ranked by page views. Data center expansions by Google, Microsoft and eBay captured the attention of readers in September, along with a cloud outage for Amazon Web Services.

Google 173

Fed Forum 2013 Videos and Briefings Posted


By Bob Gourley One of the challenges in very popular events like the FedForum is the breakout sessions are all worth attending but you can’t be in more than one place at the same time. Fortunately much of the content from these sessions has been captured.

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The Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2013

Data Center Knowledge

Big projects, big budgets, design innovation and repurposing the old economy''s infrastructure for the new economy were key themes during 2013. Here are the top 10 stories of 2013, ranked by page views.

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Interview of @Platfora by @SecureNinja at @FedCyber 2013


By Bob Gourley SecureNinjaTV’s Alicia Webb speaks with Reagan Kling about Hadoop and Big Data at FEDcyber 2013 in Arlington, Virginia. Platfora’s mission is to empower customers to transform their businesses into fact-based enterprises.

Links for Dec 8 2013

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Innovate on Purpose: Insights, Innovation and Intuition. Quote : Good innovation managers can corral quantitative results, qualitative insights, customer needs, market trends and a host of other kinds of data and insights and arrive at an interesting opportunity, applying the appropriate weight to each kind of insight or data.

Links for Sept 8 2013

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Anticipate the Corporate Culture of “No!” ” – Sales Aerobics for Engineers ® Blog. Quote : Do you work in a Culture of No? Some of you will be defeated by the situation, shoulders slumped, as you return to your cubicle. The design budget wasn’t approved, again. The sale didn’t close, again. Whatever the situation, the corporate culture of “No!” stops you in your tracks. Having a corporate culture of No wastes time and cuts into your ROI, as well.

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Authenticity and the November 2013 Security Updates

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Jonathan Ness and I will host the monthly bulletin webcast, scheduled for Wednesday, November 13, 2013, at 11 a.m. If you haven''t had a chance to see the movie Gravity , I highly recommend you take the time to check it out.

Links for Nov 10 2013

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In 2013, “log analysis” emerged as the killer app for Hadoop and the pilot project of the year, we’re beginning to see more serious thought put into not just the solutions, but in developing the right questions to ask. Are technologists trying to solve the wrong problem? Tech News and Analysis. Quote : Technologists tend to forget that normal people have a different take on technology. That’s why they should pay more attention to interfaces.

Best of WPC 2013: 28 Awesome User Experience Demos with.

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Best of WPC 2013: 28 Awesome User Experience Demos with Windows 8.1. Best of WPC 2013: 28 Awesome User Experience Demos with Windows 8.1. Best of WPC 2013: 28 Awesome User Experience Demos with Windows 8.1. 10 Jul 2013 7:13 AM. 2013 Microsoft Corporation. Sign in.

EMC World 2013 -- The Tribe Is Strong - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

VMware Virsto: A Very Smart Volume Manager For VMs » May 10, 2013. EMC World 2013 -- The Tribe Is Strong. Listed below are links to weblogs that reference EMC World 2013 -- The Tribe Is Strong : Comments. Andrea on Ten IT Predictions For 2013. EMC World 2013.

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Links for Sept 22 2013

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Quote : Companies looking to integrate more data into their business decisions should start small and see what they have already, data scientists from PayPal, MailChimp and Import•io said at Structure:Europe 2013. The big data Wild West: The good, the bad and the ugly — Tech News and Analysis. Quote : Ron Bodkin of Think Big Analytics discusses the best and worst practices for adopting big data technologies and actually getting results.

Links for Dec 1 2013

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Innovate on Purpose: Why corporate innovation is so difficult. Quote : So tip your hat to the corporate innovator. She’s got to overcome a significant amount of inertia and risk, convince an executive team of the need for innovation, then fight to keep the scope of the project as large and as disruptive as possible. She’s got to overcome existing allocations and fight for resources. She has to overcome cultural biases against risk and uncertainty.

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Links for Nov 24 2013

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Accelerating human invention with all the computers you’ll ever need — Tech News and Analysis. Quote : Cycle Computing CEO Jason Stowe dives deep into the economic and innovative benefits of running massive scientific workloads in the cloud. When researchers aren’t constrained by the systems the can afford, they can ask bigger questions and get better results. What startups can learn from the Tesla fire crisis – The Next Web.

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Links for Nov 17 2013

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The Internet Of Things Will Be Huge—Just Not As Huge As The Hype – ReadWrite. Quote : Like most things in life, the real value of the Internet of Things lies somewhere between the hype and where we are now. One thing is certain: this will not be an overnight impact, but a slow evolution as technology and society adapts to the ramifications of a world where devices can talk to each other. The future of integration platforms is prescriptive rather than descriptive — Tech News and Analysis.

Links for Nov 3 2013

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Inversion and The Power of Avoiding Stupidity. Quote: Spend less time trying to be brilliant and more time trying to avoid obvious stupidity. The kicker? Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance. Innovate on Purpose: What to control and what to release for innovation success.

Links for Oct 27 2013

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Oh I See (CIO Inverted): Integrated Best of Breed. Quote : Predictions about the demise of the larger solutions have been around for a while now; I do not believe that they are going away in a hurry, rather many have adapted to the new situation quite well. The momentum from new and micro solutions will keep everyone on their toes. Acquisitions will continue to change the landscape and the CIO will have to continuously adapt. Business will want agility and legacy will remain entrenched.

Links for Oct 20 2013

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The Secret of Good IT Communications. Quote : To be brief is to be selective. Choosing only the most important details is crucial. There should be just a few. Arranged carefully in your email, presentation, or pitch, they should support the story you’re trying to tell. Because you’re always telling a story, that’s how we communicate most naturally and most effectively. The CMS Workflow Myth — The CMS Myth.

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Links for Oct 13 2013

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“It Won’t Work. We Tried That”. Quote : Bottom line: bad marketing science is dangerous. And we should demand that it at least get itself a half-decent disguise – with data and control groups and stuff – before we accept it as real science. “We We tried that,” just doesn’t cut it. Napoleon’s Fatal Mistake. Quote : He did not like to delegate, and therefore the men he promoted under his command tended to be those who carried out his orders with precision, rather than men with their own minds.

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Links for Oct 6 2013

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Not Solving Every Problem | The Enterprising CIO. Quote : Problems exist so that they can be solved. That’s the basis for succeeding as an enterprising CIO. Though it seems counterintuitive to think that problems should be sought out and embraced, that’s exactly what needs to happen in order to move the enterprise forward. It is part of the credo of moving from old to new and from static to fluid. And finally, to be sure there is never a lack of problems ready to be solved.

Links for Sept 29 2013

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When Does Quantity Become Quality? How to navigate big data | UX Magazine. Quote : Data should not be used for finding evidence to support our own opinions and assumptions. Data gives us an opportunity for to reach out to more users and understand them better. This comes with greater responsibility for UX professionals, who need to exercise more rigorous testing and validation of the “insights” gleaned before rushing to implementing them. Innovate on Purpose: Indifferent innovation.

Links for Sept 15 2013

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Big Social Data: The Second Era Starts. Quote : When Big Data techniques are applied to the social media firehose, some amazing things start to happen. Like being able to ask some unbelievably specific questions and getting instant answers. Or being able to predict the things that, today, we can only react to. Today, Social Data is only just emerging as a discipline. When it does fully emerge, the Second Era of social kicks in.

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Links for August 25 2013

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Data Science for Business – O’Reilly Radar. Quote : Data analytic thinking means knowing what questions to ask, how to ask those questions, and whether the answers you get make sense. Business leaders don’t (and shouldn’t) do the data analysis themselves. But in this data-driven age, it’s critically important for business leaders to understand how to work with the data scientists on their teams.

Links for August 18 2013

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Unicorn, Shmunicorn: Be a Pegasus | UX Magazine. Quote : But who better to take on the product challenges of the future than cream-of-the-crop UX professionals? No one is closer to the intersection of people’s goals and a company’s products than the designers sweating over every detail of the user experience, day in and day out. Rather than re-inventing yourself as a part-time, mediocre coder, consider aiming your trajectory squarely at these product leadership positions.

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Links for August 11 2013

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Open Innovation: The Heart of Small Business | Free Enterprise. Quote : The small business often has the advantage of proximity to their customers, but this proximity also means that it may be difficult to "see the wood for the trees" Yet thanks to new social, mobile and connected technologies, there is much a small business can do to identify new areas of value in their products and services.

Links for August 4 2013

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CIOs need to learn to become enablers rather than gatekeepers — Tech News and Analysis. Quote : CIO bashing has become popular sport, but in reality companies are now finding an edge by focusing less on cost-cutting and more on how IT can help enable better functionality and innovation. Jim’s Notebook: Measuring What Matters.

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Links for July 28 2013

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How Innovations Spread. Quote : We believe that we can just tell people the facts and ideas will spread. That’s not really how it works. Neil deGrasse Tyson explains that persuading others is about more than just putting the facts out there and letting the chips fall as they may. Nobel-winning economist: end software patents and cut patent protection to 10 years — Tech News and Analysis.

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Links for July 21 2013

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Creating an Open, Transparent Organization through Social | Enterprise Social Software Blog | Socialtext. Quote : Not only can social break down the walls between departments, but a social solution can help break down the hierarchies too. Turning one-way communication into meaningful discussions between executives and employees isn’t a quick change. Cloud: The Testing Ground for the New CIO — CIO Dashboard.

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