7 principles of modern web application development

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Summary: Driven in part by recent trends, web application development has changed over the past few years. Development principles that applied in the past no longer make sense, while new ones have sprung up. photo credit: geralt via pixabay cc What makes a “productive developer?”.

Pros and cons of low-code development platforms

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Summary: A growing trend, low-code development claims to address many of the common challenges facing businesses today. photo credit: ppokta via pixabay cc According to Forrester Research , the low-code development platform market is growing by 50% year-over-year.

Mastercard woos software developers with API platform

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Credit card company Mastercard is investing heavily in digital payments and wants to engage with developers and startups

The B2B Analytics Portfolio: Untapped Competencies To Develop Now

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As I sat down to breakfast on the first day, I joined two attendees from a multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. This past year, I attended Forrester’s Data Strategy & Insights 2018 Forum.

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Atlassian: The tools every developer team wants badly


Infrastructure Companies AtlassianAtlassian is focused like a laser beam on unleashing the potential of every team. Their collaboration software helps teams organize, discuss and complete shared work.

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Who Will Buy your Emerging Software Company?

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But over the last decade, there is an important distinction that has developed into a serious trend regarding who might want to buy your growing software company one day. Ascent works with B2B Tech/SaaS software companies in the U.S., Outcomes for Information Tech Companies.

How to Become a Web Developer? 6 Important Aspects.


Information Technology Blog - - How to Become a Web Developer? Choose Your Development Specialization. Web development includes many specializations and you can be the jack of all trades by learning a bit about everything. Develop the skill to troubleshoot as well.

Kicking Off Summer Together as a Company

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Linux Academy has grown immensely over the past year, so we decided to celebrate and kick off summer together as a company! Some of our developers made a stop at Six Flags Over Texas! The post Kicking Off Summer Together as a Company appeared first on Linux Academy Blog.

Where does Europe stand in the development of AI?


Is there any company that is not using. The post Where does Europe stand in the development of AI? What is the future of AI in Europe and what does it take to build an AI solution that is attractive to investors and customers at the same time?

VMware Developers, Rejoice!

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But this move to software-defined implies that your traditional IT infrastructure becomes more of a developer’s platform.  In its own way, it’s a relatively significant development — especially if you’re heavily invested in VMware technology. The Developer Gap?

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How AI Influences Company Strategies and Job Development

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The ongoing buzz surrounding AI and machine learning is a source of optimism, but also raises some concerns

How to Estimate Mobile App Development Cost

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You have the best mobile app idea to help your company improve customer engagement and support your marketing campaigns. However, you can't get started when you have problems calculating a budget for the development proposal. Mobile app development expenses vary considerably, with Clutch.io discovering

How to get your company to handle the cloud truth

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In their latest release, The Cloud Adoption Playbook, they say what many of us already knew: Many companies adopt cloud computing to support innovation and rapid change. However, those companies may not understand the fundamental cultural changes needed to make this adoption work long-term. [ Keep up with the latest developments in cloud computing with InfoWorld’s Cloud Computing newsletter. ]. As a technologist, I can get the cloud technology to work. Always.

Low-Code Development 101: Understanding the Basics

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Summary: Application development has long been a problem facing both the IT department and the business units. Today, we explore the concept of “low-code development”, and explain how it helps address this problem. Development lags far behind demand. Hire more developers.

Enterprise Mobile App Use to Grow Rapidly as Companies Look to External Developers: Report

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Enterprises are expecting their IT departments to develop most of apps internally, with the amount of development outside of IT dropping from 42 percent now to 21 percent in two years. Read More. Shared

Where does Europe stand in the development of AI?


Is there any company that is not using. The post Where does Europe stand in the development of AI? What is the future of AI in Europe and what does it take to build an AI solution that is attractive to investors and customers at the same time?

Gulf Cooperation Council’s local companies eye regional shared services

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Enterprises indigenous to the Gulf region are taking their first step into business and IT shared services through internal developments

How companies can develop internal data science expertise instead of hiring more Ph.D.s

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Here's how companies can help employees who lack advanced degrees get on this career track Right now, many data science jobs require a Ph.D.

Easy-to-follow Guidelines to Find the Best Offshore Software Development Company


Customized offshore software development has become popular for several reasons. Here are few statistics which implies that outsourcing is a popular choice for companies, for software outsourcing destination. Identify Companies that Match Your Project Requirement.

How to Develop a Comprehensve Innovation Framework

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The realities of corporate life don't allow companies to spend all their resources on radical innovation, because of the high percentage of risks to fail. Before ideation, companies need to discover insights. After ideation, companies need to filter, prototype and validate their ideas.

Why web application development projects fail (and what IT can do about it)

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Summary: Depending on the survey you read, anywhere from 25% – 68% of development projects fail. Over the past 37 years in the application development software industry, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen app dev projects of all shapes and sizes, across all industries and company sizes.

Developing a PaaS Migration Strategy

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Most large companies have built a portfolio of applications over many years that includes custom and commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software. Most companies will need formal IT budgets and timelines that may span multiple years.

Top Website Design Companies in India For Design & Development Web Services


Information Technology Blog - - Top Website Design Companies in India For Design & Development Web Services - Information Technology Blog. However, choosing the best website development company from thousand is indeed a challenge. Software Development.

How the Splash Customer Team Transformed the Company

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This department, which typically develops after sales and engineering, is often the difference between business success or failure because its main function is to keep your existing customers happy and growing. We are grateful to have been an early investor in the company.

The Next Phase of Agile Development

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Web-based companies are making daily, multiple updates to their systems while legacy companies strive for minimal, monthly releases. Forward-thinking CIOs are examining how antifragile companies can introduce frequent change without comprising the user experience.

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How virtual IT labs help software developers' CRM systems

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Software development companies are turning to cloud-based applications to help them with sophisticated CRM activities that otherwise would consume mountains of vital time. For example, software companiesThey are seeking safe, secure, easily accessible cloud environments that can be used for customer support scenarios, regardless of how complex the customer’s environment is.

Corporate IT: 5 Interview Questions to Find Digital Product Developers


As companies of all sizes and styles take on digitization projects to use technology and data in all aspects of their operations , CIOs are having to come up with new roles and new career paths for their teams.

5 Interview Questions To Determine Whether the Candidate Shares Your Company’s Core Values

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When Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, was just out of college, he sold his first company to Microsoft for $265 million. But for him, the sale wasn’t about money—he was actually most concerned about the company culture he had created. “I

Implementing Your Company’s Cybersecurity, Military Style

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Implementing a cyber-defense system for your company sure sounds like a good thing for the person with the CIO job to do. Where do most companies fall down when it comes to preparing their cyber defenses? You can never have too much cybersecurity Image Credit: Randen Pederson.

5 signs that you need a low-code development platform

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Summary: Do your development projects drag on for months? Learn how a low-code development platform will help solve these problems. I’ve noticed a fair amount of confusion surrounding the idea of low-code development platforms. Development projects drag on for months.

IBM Wants Enterprise Developers to Build Weather Data into Apps

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Partners with The Weather Company to bring vast amounts of weather data into IBM cloud Read More. Big Data Cloud Computing IBM the weather company

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How Your Product Team Can Integrate Security Throughout Software Development Lifecycles


Read Harshit Agarwal explain how you can integrate security throughout software development lifecycle on Information Security Buzz : Integrating security into DevOps to deliver DevSecOps is no easy task: It requires changing the team’s mindset, processes, and technology. Each company’s ultimate goal should be to keep DevOps collaborative and agile, which means making security silent […].

5 Problems Solved by Web Development Platforms

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Summary: Do your development projects drag on for months? Learn how a web application development platform will help solve these problems. Web application development requires an ever-evolving skillset, yet many companies can’t afford to bring in developers with modern skills.

CRM developers find potential market via partnership

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Take a leading national merchant payment processors, team it together with an established network gateway solution that serves many of the world’s leading financial institutions and blue chip companies and the result? A partnership that has considerable implications of the expansion of CRM possibilities in a wide range of sectors. This is particularly the case for emerging businesses

Product Development Must Evolve for the Internet of Things

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But creation of these products is a major challenge for traditional product companies. The process of building connected products is complex, requiring new software development skill sets, accelerated product release cadences, and innovative software tools and proccesses that meet the needs of IoT product organizations. Adapt agile development and planning processes to physical product development.