3 Steps to Improve Strategic Vendor Management


Before you take on a new vendor, stop and consider the impact the relationship will have on your organization — will the vendor will be engaged in your most critical initiatives, systems or business processes? Does the vendor exhibit partnership-like traits? . Relationships with strategic vendors are increasingly key to business performance. When managed badly, large strategic vendors can become complacent, slow moving and intractable.”.

Agile Procurement In Government Is Not An Oxymoron

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In my early research on Agile procurement in government (and Agile procurement in general), almost all of those conversations quickly devolved into what groups were doing Agile software development. But digital government is much broader […].

Agile 208

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How To Onboard Startups

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age of the customer emerging technology financial services governance risk & compliance (GRC) Innovation risk management supplier risk & performance management vendor management vendor selection emerging vendors fintech innovation startups supplier risk

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Netflix Hack: Key Lessons In The Economics Of Ransomware And Managing 3rd Party Risk

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Enterprise Risk Management. Governance Risk and Compliance. vendor management. Brand Risk Enterprise Risk Management Governance Risk and Compliance Netflix Ransomware Security and Risk hacking third party data vendor managementNetflix recently experienced a third-party breach. The data lost is Season 5 of Orange is the New Black, which is original Netflix content. Many are calling it the largest entertainment industry hack since Sony.

How to Get Started With Information Asset Management


This continuously changing environment introduces an increasing variety of technologies and proliferation of assets to be managed. The i ncreasing demands of digital business challenge sourcing, procurement and vendor management leaders responsible for IT asset management (ITAM) to implement and maintain a mature strategy for better governance, efficiency and business outcomes,” says Pamela Wheelwright, Senior Director Analyst, Gartner.

Government IT: A New Era Requires New Models of Sourcing


With the average government organization spending over 65% of its IT budget on external providers in 2015, many IT departments are reassessing their sourcing strategies. First, IT buyers place a disproportionately large focus on past performance in evaluating vendors.

The Holistic IT Governance

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It takes strategic and systematic thinking and a holistic IT governance approach in running an Agile IT. However, what is the best approach to begin implementing formal IT Governance specifically aimed at improving the quality of demand? Sourcing, Vendor Management, and Control d.

10 New Information Security Roles for the Digitization Era


As innovation and security become increasingly linked, senior IT managers must change how they hire and develop information security staff. Product security specialists/managers. Security service manager. Security marketing and communications manager.

Vendor Risk Management & Complying With GDPR 


Information Technology Blog - - Vendor Risk Management & Complying With GDPR - Information Technology Blog. Among these is putting in place a robust vendor risk management program to help in identifying, tracking, and monitoring your firm’s risk exposure.

Cognitio’s Roger Hockenberry Cited in BizTechReports


In the aftermath of high-profile data breaches at Sony, Target and Home Depot, chief information officers (CIOs), chief information security officers (CISOs) and other IT security professionals both in government and the private sector are playing from behind. . He left government about five years ago and started doing consulting on his own through a company called Crucial Point. Because it’s not question of eliminating risk, it is understanding and managing risk.

7 challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2020

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The recent news cycle has been flooded with organizations from airlines to banks and hospitals, even entire local governments, falling victim to ransomware attacks,” says Alan Conboy, office of the CTO at Scale Computing. Managing data security and consumer privacy.

3 Strategies to Decrease IT Costs and Increase Business Impact

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Integration and governance was expensive and difficult. Starting in the late 1990s, IT started controlling the agenda and strong governance led to cost efficiencies, albeit at the expense of user satisfaction. Guest post by Suheb Siddiqui and Chetan Shetty.

The Monthly “Problem-Solving Master” Book Tuning: A Set of “How”s to Frame & Solve Right Problems Nov. 2019

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How to Shift from a "Finger Pointing" to a Problem Solving Culture Businesses "fail" for a multitude of reasons including economic conditions, vendor management, performance or production, industry regulations, expansion costs and the list goes on.

Fountainhead: Cloud's Transformation: The Softer Side


After having spoken to numerous customers and vendors, its clear to me that cloud computings operational transformation necessarily triggers structural changes in the IT organization - as well as in the rest of the enterprise. IT financial management skills development, training etc.

Fountainhead: A Leading Indicator of "Consumerized IT"?


Inquiring into a VDI environment to increase manageability, reduce costs. And consider the organizational, technological, and governance transitions youll need to implement as well. To do this successfully, IT must evolve new governance approaches that empower the business with guardrails and education, reserving strict technology control for only the most critical technology assets. CIO.com: Consumerization of IT taking its Toll on IT managers. Power Management. (37).

Running a Business-Driven Digital IT Organization

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It is important to run a business-driven digital IT organization with interdisciplinary management practices for moving the company to a dynamic, iterative, integral, and interactive digital flow and business continuum.

Is Business-IT Alignment a Paradox? From Alignment to Engagement

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Based on this description, an IT organization that is well aligned with the business is managed well enough. Well-managed IT can deliver tailored customer solutions, It is IT management's responsibility to offer alternatives if they cannot deliver what is requested.

Cloud Shines Brightly as Future of Disaster Response IT

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Jackson , NJVC Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Services, is cloud. Jackson, NJVC Vice President and General Manager, Cloud. people helping people, not managing technology.”. While businesses, government agencies and NGOs have long been.

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Is Digital IT Extraordinary

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In this regard, digital IT should gain more strength as an innovation engine and governance champion. It will mean that the enterprise view, customer contact, GRC and vendor management are the most important elements of an IT organization.

Three “T” Factors in Running a Digital IT

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It will mean that the enterprise view, customer contact, GRC and vendor management are the most important elements of an IT organization. In this regard, digital IT should gain more strength as an innovation engine and governance champion.

CIO as Chief Improvement Officer: How do you Learn from IT Failures

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Risk management weak. Vendors fail to keep promises on delivery. Knowing how to "really do" risk management, quality assurance, vendor management, etc, not just fill out templates that were originally designed to provide directions and to create thought and brainstorm.

Gartner Talks Future IT Scenarios - Chuck's Blog

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The IT organization succeeds by monitoring technology and market developments, and building expertise in IT asset optimization, sourcing and vendor management, and IT financial management. information governance. Wide World of Vendors. Chucks Blog.

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