Should You Build in-house or Outsource Development of Your Mobile Apps?


The owner participates in choice of platforms, technologies, design, development guidelines and code throughout the project. Sunil Thomas.

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The New Book “The Change Agent CIO” Introduction Chapter 1 The Digital CIO as Change Agent

Future of CIO

As businesses change shape, size, expansion, and transformation, CIOs have to wear different personas and master multiple leadership and management role effortlessly. Understanding the essence of changes is critical to improving the success rate of change management.

Tech Blogs – Best Must Read Tech Resources 2019


Dark Reading is a comprehensive news and information portal that focuses on IT security, helping information security professionals manage the balance between data protection and user access.

The Symptoms of Ineffective Team or Organization

Future of CIO

There are many common success factors in effective team or organization; perhaps every failure has its own causes but generally speaking, what are the symptoms of dysfunctional management? Incremental changes to improve team effectiveness can be relatively easily managed and highly effective.

OpenStack Summit 2015 Day 1 Keynote

Scott Lowe

Based on the features added, he feels that manageability, scalability, and extensibility were the key themes for Liberty. This leads Jonathan into a discussion of users and developers, sometimes (not beneficially) separated by sales and product management. This topic, in turn, leads Jonathan into a discussion of OpenStack’s new program management guidelines (aka “the Big Tent” model).

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The CIO as "Chief Insight Officer": The PMO – Bureaucracy or Value add?

Future of CIO

The PMO –Project/Program Management Office can act as a group that guides the higher-level management effort. Even if the PMO assists in prioritizing projects, usually the decision to proceed with a project lies with senior management.