Why CIOs Should Care About Two Factor Authentication

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Everybody needs two factor authentication, but just exactly what is it? As everyone in the CIO position knows, keeping the company’s systems and applications secure is a top priority and has a lot to do with the importance of information technology. Two Factor Authentication.

Embrace a Passwordless Approach to Improve Security


Easy-to-guess and reused legacy passwords are vulnerable to a wide range of attacks and, by themselves, do not provide proper security for sensitive systems and confidential information. Passwordless authentication, by its nature, eliminates the problem of using weak passwords. For organizations, there’s no longer a need to store passwords, leading to better security, fewer breaches and lower support costs. Replace a legacy password as the sole authentication factor.

TSB to introduce iris scan authentication in September 2017

Computer Weekly

TSB customers will soon be able to access their mobile bank accounts through iris scanning, which is regarded as the most secure biometric authentication available

Managing Mobile Business Insecurities


But with the escalation of smartphones, there is a proportionate security risk rise. Today about 75% of mobile apps fail the most basic security tests, and that number is probably going up not down. billion of mobile devices will have security applications installed.

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Dangers of biometric authentication for mobile devices


Read Robert Sheldon take a look at mobile authentication using biometrics on Tech Target : Many experts believe biometric authentication is the most convenient and secure authentication option, but IT professionals must be wary of certain flaws. The advantages of biometric authentication are intuitive and somewhat obvious: Users don’t have to remember passwords.

Step-By-Step: Securing a Xamarin app with Azure AD’s Multi-factor Authentication


The solution proposed was to pause the application on a prompt and use Azure AD’s Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to allow a valid administrator account to unlock the application and return to the available jobs screen. In the pop-up menu, scroll down to Security + Identity.

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity in 2017: Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication


We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two-factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping your digital information away from prying eyes.

Step-By-Step: Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure Active Directory Users


Multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an additional layer of security to confirm the identity of a user. This Step-By-Step post will demonstrate how easy it is to enable multi-factor authentication for Azure Active Directory users.

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity in 2017: Why You Need Two-Factor Authentication


We’ve entered an age where security is more important than ever – particularly in the world of business. In an era where the stakes are this high, techniques like two-factor authentication are among the best chances you have of keeping your digital information away from prying eyes. Two-factor authentication is gaining popularity quickly for good reasons. In addition, two-factor authentication is inexpensive and easy to use. What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Boeing Black Smartphone: Security, modularity and productivity


Security, modularity and productivity delivered – all in one trusted mobile device. defense and security communities demand trusted access to data to accomplish their missions. Hardware Root of Trust : Ensures software authenticity.

Overcoming the Equation: Security = Friction


Why does security have to be so onerous? Is this password secure enough: Mxyzptlk? Now that’s secure – good luck remembering it! As you try to simplify the user experience and reduce friction, the cost for security goes up. Can we overcome the friction of security?

Wireless Security | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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Wireless security is not only a huge subject, but it’s also extremely important. It was patched quickly but this raised wireless security questions about WPA2. This is a great example of being proactive in security. Six Tips for Upgrading Your Wireless Security.

CIOs Want To Know: What Comes After Passwords?

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As the person with the CIO job, because you understand the importance of information technology it’s part of your job to ensure that both your company’s customers and its employees are kept secure when they are using the company’s IT infrastructure. More often than not, the way that we go about doing this is by implementing security systems that require a user to enter a password. Everyone agrees that better authentication methods are required.

Why Two Factor Authentication Should be a Requirement for SMBs in 2017


Two factor authentication is gaining popularity quickly for good reasons. This technology makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to accounts, thus providing business owners with more security and peace of mind. What is Two Factor Authentication?

Tempered Networks simplifies secure network connectivity and microsegmentation

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There’s nothing in the protocol for security, mobility, or trusted authentication. This dual functionality of the address lacks the basic mechanisms for security and mobility of devices on a network.

All You Need to Know About VMI for Mobile Apps


VMI stands for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure and basically, it provides end users with a highly effective and an efficient way to have access to delicate mobile applications and information without much hassle. As a result, it offers extra security for data and devices. Mobile

Trusted Cyber Collaboration Workshop: A gathering of the leaders in secure collaboration and cyber security 24-26 Sep in DC


This gathering, facilitated by the Transglobal Secure Collaboration Participation (TSCP) pulls together leaders in real secure information exchange, including information exchange across and between enterprises. Join the Leaders in Secure Collaboration. By Bob Gourley.

Biometrics on payments devices safe, say three-quarters of consumers

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Most consumers think biometric authentication is the best way to secure payments via mobile devices, Visa survey finds

Black Hat security conference trims insecure features from its mobile app

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Black Hat has disabled features of its mobile application because attackers could have logged in as legitimate attendees, posted messages in their names and spied on the messages they sent. The problem was discovered by mobile security vendor Lookout who detail the problem in a blog that says the method of registration and password resets were flawed. “[W]e've

Patient Portal Puts a Spotlight on Secure Messaging


Stage 2 requires expanded use of patient portals, as well as implementation of secure messaging, allowing patients to exchange information with physicians regarding their health care. Secure Messaging Requires Authentication and Secure Networks. Network Security.

Security attacks and countermeasures

Cloud Musings

Johnson Cyber security is rapidly becoming a significant issue in the C-suite as well as the population at large. The results of Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index(GTAI) [1] show that security is a top concern for most of the 2000 global small and medium businesses surveyed. The outcomes further noted that such concerns create barriers to the adoption of critical technologies that drive value and growth: mobility, cloud and big data. Top Internet Security Software [8].

Q&A with Verivo’s Steve Levy

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It’s no surprise, then, that Verivo is considered an emerging enterprise mobility leader. Verivo helps businesses simplify the complexities associated with building, securing, and managing enterprise mobile apps. BG: Much of the BYOD debate has centered on security.

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Confidential Blog Post On Email Security


Unfortunately the national security issues relating to sensitive content is no laughing matter. The big news isn’t that emails are being stolen but that people thought that it was secure in the first place. There are different modules read messages on mobile phones. 2 Secure your email system At the bare minimum implement 2 factor authentication and encryption on your email archive. CTO Cyber Security News Computer securityJunaid Islam.

Amazon: Our new doc-sharing cloud service is enterprise-grade

David Linthicum

For starters, Amazon promises to take care of the storage, authentication, security, and other aspects of running a document sharing service for you. Beyond that, AWS will push further into mobile and introduce services to aid mobile application development and system administration. Cloud Computing Security Storage Amazon Web Services Cloud Security Cloud Storage

Cisco pays cool $2.3 billion for hot security company Duo

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billion in cash and stock for network identity, authentication security company Duo. By verifying user and device trust, Duo will add trusted identity awareness into Cisco's Secure Internet Gateway, Cloud Access Security Broker, Enterprise Mobility Management, and several other cloud-delivered products. Cisco's in-depth visibility of over 180 million managed devices will be augmented by Duo's broad visibility of mobile and unmanaged devices.

Enterprise Security and Functionality Benefits of the new Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) Approach


This is a new world of mobility, cloud computing and rapid partnering for success. But the erosion of the network perimeter is making traditional security a roadblock to efficiency. No one wants to allow holes to be poked in the security system but no one wants to shut down connectivity to partners either. Secure connectivity is provided only to trusted users and devices. SDP Combines: On-device authentication. 2) Pre-authentication. Bob Gourley.

You want me to do what?!? A mobile strategy challenge!

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A mobile strategy challenge! I spent the whole presentation on Securing the Mobile Enterprise building up to the the fact that most businesses were approaching mobile strategy using legacy thinking and now was the time to get out of the habit. We look to secure every device and every endpoint. Security makes sure we encrypt our laptops. The issue is that security just takes this as a sign to find new ways to lock devices down and control the endpoints.

When Big Data Changed Security - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

When Big Data Changed Security. This morning, EMC announced a new landmark product: RSA Security Analytics.   As a result, information security concerns have quickly escalated beyond IT to the board of directors.  Security As Intelligence? mobile enterprise.

Forget fingerprints; Iris scans could validate mobile payments

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While mobile payment systems like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are growing, they haven't lived up to the hype that surrounded their arrival in 2014. But newer biometrics security technologies beyond the use of fingerprint scans could boost adoption rates when purchases are made in-store with smartphones. INSIDER: 5 ways to prepare for Internet of Things security threats. For online purchases, iris scans could help authenticate buyers.

How to Protect Your WooCommerce Site from Hackers and Secure Your Customer Data?


Information Technology Blog - - How to Protect Your WooCommerce Site from Hackers and Secure Your Customer Data? How Can I Secure My WooCommerce Store? With a shocking number of hacking incidences taking place in the world every day, security has become the top priority for any website.

How to Keep Your Information Online Private and Secure


In today’s technologically advanced world, it is more important than ever to keep your information safe and secure. Follow these easy tips to secure all of your accounts and keep would-be information thieves at bay. SECURE PASSWORD. TWO STEP AUTHENTICATION.

John McAfee’s D-Central – A Breakdown


Issues: How will D-Central provide authentication without static identity on the public networks? Then again, security holes in those mainstream technologies is what brought us to this impasse. ” CTO Cyber Security Mobile Mobile Security

Windows 10 Tips: Joining a device to Azure AD


Windows 10 has the ability to register and authenticate directly with Azure AD without the requirement of a Domain.( Azure Azure AD Anthony Bartolo Security Mobile Device Manager Azure AD Join MDM Windows 10 Windows 8 how-to

Simplifying Mobile App Data Management with DynamoDB's Fine-Grained Access Control

All Things Distributed

Speed of development, scalability, and simplicity of management are among the critical needs of mobile developers. As I have mentioned previously , companies like Crittercism and Dropcam have already built exciting mobile businesses leveraging DynamoDB.

5 Cybersecurity Need-to-Knows When Preventing Expensive Data Breaches


Security breaches can happen to any organization. As more and more companies utilize mobile technology to access and connect with resources the threat of a security breach increases exponentially. 1 - Security breaches can happen anywhere and anytime. CTO Cyber Security

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