The programming life continues

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In the previous article, I mentioned how I worked for a company which was a real sweatshop, high-pressure environment which was really not healthy for mind and soul. Suffice to say I did not renew my contract with that company. Consequently, other companies I have done programming for have also been wildly different.

SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization Program Challenges

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In a new guide, we discuss the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions. The snippet below talks about the challenges you can expect when developing a response program. Expect challenges in various areas: Data Availability: All required data elements may not be available internally. You may need to extend or revamp existing data collection processes.

3 Software Programs That Let Businesses Monitor Employees’ Computers


CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threats News Security CompaniesPerhaps you’ve decided to emphasize productivity more than ever in your workplace and want to know whether it’s legal to use software that tracks how employees use their computers. Below, we’ll investigate the laws surrounding that issue and why you might want to see what employees do — or fail to do — as well […].

Cruise industry CRM provider signs floating university program

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Cruise company Semester At Sea has implemented the CRM and reservations systems of Rescompany (Resco), expanding its longstanding relationship with the company whose point of sale (POS) software it has been using to serve its seafaring clients. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Semester At Sea is a study-abroad program with a difference – students travel the world on cruise

Informatica: the Data Integration Company, Provides Innovation Towards a More Data-Centric World


So, regardless of the type, volume or source of the data used, or the computing platform, Vibe can help ease how much you code by letting you redeploy your program without recoding, or respecifying every time new data is brought in. By May Gourley.

Revolution Analytics, A Statistical Software Company, Now Part Of Microsoft


Even before acquiring Revolution Analytics, Microsoft had been using R programs and packages for their own computing needs, as in the Xbox match-making system between players trying to get a multiplayer game started with random other players by basing it on each others'' skill levels.

Top 8 Highly Paid and in-demand Programming Languages in 2018


Information Technology Blog - - Top 8 Highly Paid and in-demand Programming Languages in 2018 - Information Technology Blog. “Everyone should learn how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think”…Steve Jobs.

Contact center services specialist joins Cisco preferred program

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2Ring has become an official member of the Cisco SolutionsPlus Program. Companies fielding an invitation to join the program must go throughAs a business that runs its customer service on one of the Cisco Contact Center platforms, it can now approach Cisco or members of the Cisco global reseller network to purchase 2Ring Dashboards & Wallboards and 2Ring Gadgets for Cisco Finesse.

VoIP firm launches re-seller program to grow market

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VoIP companies are increasingly turning to re-sellers to extend their sales partnership networks across the US. The latest company to join the race is FastPBX, which this month launched a VoIP reseller partner program, includingIn the race to acquire small and medium sized businesses as clients, reseller networks are a more cost-effective means of building national market share speedily.

Streaming: The Growing Threat to Cable Companies


TV watchers and moviegoers, CEOs and Wall Street, marketers and techies – we have all theorized about Internet video’s threat to cable companies at one time or another. Architecture Cloud Computing CTO Research The Future Trends Video Cable television Experian Internet access Multichannel video programming distributor Netflix Television United States Wall Street

FDIC Part 370 Program Management

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A bank’s response to Part 370 will require a multi-year, multi-functional program that could encompass dozens of individual projects. An attempt to decentralize the management of this program to individual functions will invite a disorganized response and will likely lead to missed deadlines and incomplete requirements. We can implement a standalone program management office for Part 370 that will: Create or adapt a program charter to guide response activities.

10 programs to help you break into a cybersecurity career

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Eighty-two percent of IT professionals report a shortage of cybersecurity skills at their company. Here are 10 programs spanning all education levels to help you get your start in the field

Why a Reactive Security Strategy Costs Companies Millions Each Year


While it opens up new markets that would have simply been unavailable decades ago, it also brings threats that, if not countered, can cost those companies millions, or even billions, of dollars. While malware can lead to costs of millions of dollars for a company, it doesn’t have to.

Building A Executive Digital Literacy Program - Chuck's Blog

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Building A Executive Digital Literacy Program. Unless your company has an engaging presence in people's digital life (customers, employees, partners, etc.) -- you're not going to be engaged with them -- which, of course, means you won't likely be relevant to them either.

Corporate IT: Get Ready for Changes to the US Visa Program


Speculation has been swirling ever since since the US president hung new curtains in the White House that his administration and US Congress will make changes to the H1-B visa program.

Tech Companies That Missed the Mark in 2016


However, not every company saw great success, and even the tech giants had some big snafus. Here are some of the most notable tech company failures of the past year. Companies should think very carefully about any April Fools’ joke they create. Normally, Google is one of those companies that does very well with their pranks, but 2016 brought one that didn’t have many people laughing. Not even Apple was free from the tech company fray in 2016. Rick Delgado.

Can A CIO Make The Company More Successful By Sharing?

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Sharing company data with customers can grow the business Image Credit: ryancr. As the person with the CIO job, you are sitting on a mountain of data about your company’s customers. Another area where company data could be shared with me would be in regards to my food shopping.

[Guide] SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization

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In an effort to increase transparency, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted new rules and amendments, called Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules , which require registered investment companies to modernize their reporting and disclosures. Our new guide discusses the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions, including: Why the SEC established new rules.

Why (or where) many security programs fail

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At RSA 2017, CSO’s Steve Ragan chats with security expert Ira Winkler about where many security programs are failing within companies, as well as his concept of “advanced persistent security

Join Architects, Planners, Program Managers, Data Scientists at 4th Annual Cloudera Federal Forum in DC 25 Feb


Track sessions will focus on: Enabling Business Results with Big Data — How to enable agency programs that will yield enormous value through big data to deliver actionable information and measureable results. Government is ever more reliant on data to deliver on mission and programs.

SEC Investment Company Reporting Modernization Foundational Work

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In a new guide , we discuss the background of the SEC’s Investment Company Reporting Modernization Rules and the potential effects on individual financial institutions. The snippet below talks about the foundational work companies should have already completed. By now, you should have a program in place that covers the following work streams: Engage Report Filing Provider: Initiate a project with the selected service provider to collect and process data, and file the required forms.

SINET Announces 2015 Top 16 Emerging Cybersecurity Companies


The companies, which were selected from a pool of 122 applicants from around the world, represent a range of Cybersecurity solution providers who are identifying cutting-edge technologies to address Cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. The selected companies will share their work with buyers, builders, investors and researchers during the SINET Showcase on Nov 3 & 4, 2015 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

What Kind of Management Structure Is Needed to Govern a Data Analytics Program?


When thinking about developing a new data analytics program, two questions you need to address are: What services do you need to provide? I’m assuming here that your organization already provides products or services of some sort and that, through a new or enhanced data analytics program, you want to take advantage of the data associated with these products or services. Managing Data-Intensive Programs and Projects: Selected Articles. Dennis D. McDonald. Introduction.

Alteryx is a Company Specializing in Data Blending and Analytics


Alteryx has created programs to help with both the arduous data blending and advanced data analysis. It uses a drag-and-drop process to the workflow, so no programming is needed, and anyone can use it. By May Gourley.

Apple: Increasingly an enterprise IT company


Meanwhile, other big players like IBM are scrambling to learn mobile and are leveraging the Swift programming language for new apps. Bob Gourley. We all know and use Apple ( NASDAQ:AAPL ). And at a market cap of $591B they are clearly an IT player that will stick around and do big things for a long time to come.

Apple 117

How Can You Protect Your Company From Hackers?


Information Technology Blog - - How Can You Protect Your Company From Hackers? With such alarming cybersecurity stats, it is vital for you to learn how you can protect your company from bad-actors. Types of Cyber Attacks your Company may be Vulnerable to.

How to install the Program O chatbot on a LEMP server

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If you want to add a chatbot to your company site, check out Program O. Here's how to get Program O up and running on a Ubuntu 16.04 server

Axway: cloud integration, API and Identity management software


Axway (NYSE Euronext: AXW.PA), a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software and services company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. Cloud Computing Companies Company Security Companies Application programming interface Axway Axway API Gateway JSON OAuth SOAP

How Data Exhaust Can Be Leveraged To Benefit Your Company


Big data has become nearly ubiquitous among companies in every company – if they’re not using it, they’re thinking about it. In one 2017 survey, 53% of companies were using big data in their business strategy. Most big data programs are focused on certain types of data.

What Can CIOs Learn From How Alibaba Handles Their New Hires?

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Alibaba is creating a new training program for some of their employees. The Program. The senior management over at Alibaba realizes that the future of their company really rests in the hands of the employees that they are bringing on board today.

What Companies Can Learn From the Samsung Galaxy Security Flaw


The flaw could affect up to 600 million different devices, a disaster in waiting for personal privacy and for companies using BYOD. Under normal circumstances, the program regularly checks for updates from an authorized server every few hours using unencrypted lines. Equally crucial for companies to learn is the importance of having secured Wi-Fi networks. The post What Companies Can Learn From the Samsung Galaxy Security Flaw appeared first on

How should GRC Programs be Approached?

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Here's the context; how should GRC programs be approached? Continual GRC Improvement Program - The body who, in theory, should govern measurable processes and control activities based on established tolerance levels - they rely on process and control operators input.

The Role of Technology in the Workplace


Disadvantages & Impact of Technology in the Workplace: Upgrades: As technology changes every day, naturally, there can be changes to systems and programs, which would require upgrades as simple as downloading the newest version. Working relationships and overall company ambiance can also be affected by technology, leading to a distracted workforce.

Directing Innovation: Course for company directors to keep ahead of disruption

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For many years I have been working with company directors on framing and driving innovation in their organizations. From this March I will be applying this experience as Course Director for a new program run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), titled Directing Innovation.

Apple’s bug bounty program favors quality over quantity

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Apple announced the program Thursday at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. It starts in September, and unlike bounty programs run by other large technology companies it will be invite only. The program will start with a few dozen researchers hand-picked by Apple, though any outsider who submits a flaw that qualifies can receive a reward and be invited to join the program, said Ivan Krstić, the head of Apple Security Engineering and Architecture.