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Make The Case That CX Transformation Is Both Important And Urgent

Forrester IT

Customer experience (CX) is finally gaining the attention it deserves, with 84% of companies seeing CX as a higher priority than they did two years ago. But there’s a disconnect when it comes to executing CX transformation, and the underlying issue is a lack of executive buy-in.

Docker Can Now Containerize Legacy Apps Running on Mainframes

Data Center Knowledge

Latest Enterprise Edition release also beefs up security Read More. DevOps Docker Security

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AI tipped as top tech trend of next decade

Computer Weekly

In 2010, social, cloud, analytics and mobile were tipped as megatrends – now Gartner sees artificial intelligence as the emerging tech trend with the biggest potential

Cloud computing reversal: From ‘go away’ to ‘I can’t miss out’

David Linthicum

Isaac Asimov once said, “I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” That quote has stuck with me to this day. There’s no doubt that computers and computing have changed our lives. Without them, we would be slaves to processes and paper. I was reminded of Asimov’s quote when I saw the results of a recent poll done by Comvault of 100 IT leaders. More than two thirds said that they were worried about keeping up to date with the latest products and iterations across the major cloud providers.

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The Added Benefits of VoIP - What Can it Bring to Your Business?

IT Toolbox

If you're in business, whether large or small, you're always on the prowl for ways to cut expenses and boost profits. When it's time to crunch the numbers, every penny matters. So, when the prospect of cutting your company's phone bill comes along, it is worth a serious look. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is an acronym for a different way of

2 cloud tasks to do before 2017 ends

David Linthicum

Vacations are over, school is about to start, and people are starting to think about what to do in the four months until the end of the year. In IT, that means driving success in the cloud. Many IT manages have been incentivized with impending deadlines for shutting down enterprise data centers, migrating applications, and converting data from the enterprise to the cloud data conversion projects. It’s all a bit overwhelming. But there are two things you must do before 2017 is over.

Ambitious One-Gigawatt Data Center Planned in Norway

Data Center Knowledge

US-Norwegian company Kolos secures land for what it says will be world’s largest data center Read More. Colocation Europe

Regulation and impact of cyber attacks driving security spending

Computer Weekly

Awareness of the impact of cyber attacks on business and regulation are expected to be the top drivers of continued and increased spending on cyber security, according to research firm Gartner

CIOs Start To Become More Important

The Accidental Successful CIO

Companies are starting to realize the value of their CIOs Image Credit: las – initially. The importance of a CIO can be measured in a number of different ways. One such way is how often the CEO seeks out the CIO for consultation.

You Deserve What You Tolerate…

Forrester IT

After reading through some other blogs and strategy papers over the weekend, (Don’t judge me. To some of us, this activity constitutes a good time…Yes, lame…I know.) I saw what appeared to be an underlying theme across the narratives I’d read: Security tolerates failure. It’s understandable that it happens, but I think, if we are […]. information security network security security & risk security architecture security operations & program governance Security & Risk

Equinix: Private Data Exchange is Outpacing Internet’s Growth

Data Center Knowledge

Businesses’ digital transformation expected to result in skyrocketing private interconnection bandwidth Read More. Colocation Equinix

Huddle in trouble: Did the journey from startup to scaleup cause the UK cloud firm to lose its way?

Computer Weekly

What does the future hold for cloud collaboration firm Huddle, once a darling of the UK tech startup scene but now seemingly in need of a financial bailout

A look into the 12 IT best practices you should or should not use

IT Toolbox

In 12 'best practices' IT should avoid at all costs , Bob Lewis, CIO columnist, says that "industry best practices are sure to sink your chances of IT success". What makes IT organizations fail? Often, it’s

Do You Want To Be A Channel Chief?

Forrester IT

[begin sarcasm] The head of indirect channels for an organization is the best job an individual could hope for!

Equinix Makes Big Bet on Fuel Cell-Powered Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Strikes deal with utility to deploy Bloom fuel cells at 12 additional US data centers. Read More. Energy Equinix Featured

Integration is key to Office 365’s progress

Computer Weekly

We look at how Microsoft Office 365 works and how far it has gone towards becoming a platform for integrating other tools

6 Ways ERP Makes Manufacturing More Profitable

IT Toolbox

To make it in the digital enterprise, manufacturers must push themselves further in innovation and develop a strategy to stay ahead of the competition. This won’t happen instantly, however. If manufacturers haven’t begun thinking beyond a simple enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution with bare-bones features, they may soon be obsolete. Many people realize that ERP solutions streamline

Leveraging Social Media to Expand Business Data Globally


Social media has become an integral part of society, and having a presence on these platforms is a must for businesses in the present world. Barely a decade ago, only a small proportion of the globe were exposed to social media. A few years later, the list of social media networks has continued to grow […]. CTO Cyber Threats News

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The Rise of Edge Computing

Data Center Knowledge

Moving computation to the edges of the network and toward the users is both a natural progression and ideal solution to the challenges the internet will face in the coming decades. Read More. Industry Perspectives Internet of Things

Leaked SMB exploits make malware powerful, warns Cylance

Computer Weekly

Four key exploits at the heart of hacking tools leaked by the Shadow Brokers have given malware authors a lot of power, say security researchers

SMB 73

3 Ways Mobile Apps Change VoIP/UC Choices for Businesses

IT Toolbox

Mobile devices have hugely influenced voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) over the past few years. As mobile apps for VoIP and UC mature, in many cases they drive the solution that works best for many businesses. With maturity comes tighter and more seamless integration, better security, ease of use, and the incredible convenience benefits of aligning with fast-moving mobile technology.

The Decline Of Consumer Trust And What To Do About It

Forrester IT

In last week’s episode of Forrester’s What It Means podcast, Senior Analyst Tom Champion explains why rebuilding trust with customers is not about brand hygiene but about growth, as more and more consumers show cynicism and skepticism towards brands and convert those feelings to actions. Podcast transcript Victor Milligan: Hi, I’m Victor Milligan. Jennifer Isabella: […]. customer experience customer journey customer journey mapping podcast


Coherent vs. Direct Detection in Metro Data Center Interconnectivity

Data Center Knowledge

High-availability metro-regional clusters can only be effective if the data center interconnectivity (DCI) between them doesn’t become a bottleneck. Read More. Industry Perspectives DCI

Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing to lower barriers to HPC using cloud

Computer Weekly

Microsoft hits cloud acquisition trail to make high-performance computing accessible to a wider pool of enterprises

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Always Customize ERP Software

IT Toolbox

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors talk up the benefits of customized software. They say these programs save you cash and protect your business from external threats. But, the truth is, out-of-the-box ERP software often costs less money and provides you with the same security advantages as bespoke tools. Here are four reasons why customized ERP software doesn't always make financial sense.

Azure Managed VM Images – Using Premium Data Disks

IT Pros Rock!

Azure Managed VM Images provide a great way to capture customizations to a base Virtual Machine that can be reused over-and-over as a custom image - and these images can include the Managed Disks for both OS and data disks! However, when saving an image, disks are defaulted to using Standard storage to save on costs. When provisioning a new VM from this image via the portal or PowerShell, we can override this default to use Premium storage for OS disks but not currently for data disks.

Oracle Supercharges Cloud Database With Bare-Metal Servers

Data Center Knowledge

Exadata Cloud is now running on the company's next-generation cloud platform. Read More. Cloud Oracle

NHS Digital signs cyber security agreement with Microsoft

Computer Weekly

Support contract comes three months after NHS hit by global ransomware attack that targeted Windows computers