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CIOs Start To Become More Important

The Accidental Successful CIO

Companies are starting to realize the value of their CIOs Image Credit: las – initially. The importance of a CIO can be measured in a number of different ways. One such way is how often the CEO seeks out the CIO for consultation.

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Cloud computing reversal: From ‘go away’ to ‘I can’t miss out’

David Linthicum

Isaac Asimov once said, “I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them.” That quote has stuck with me to this day. There’s no doubt that computers and computing have changed our lives. Without them, we would be slaves to processes and paper. I was reminded of Asimov’s quote when I saw the results of a recent poll done by Comvault of 100 IT leaders. More than two thirds said that they were worried about keeping up to date with the latest products and iterations across the major cloud providers.

Three Tips on Developing Successful Citizen Data Science Programs that Drive Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

Citizen data science or self-service BI programs are catching on with more businesses and enterprises of all sizes. More executives understand the importance of becoming a data-driven organization and are willing to break away from the mostly manual analytics performed in spreadsheets. For those of you that have embarked on this journey, here are some key strategies to consider to ensure. agile data citizen development data scientist organizational change

The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

Forrester IT

Thanks to the rise of empowered consumers, products and experiences that once seemed improbable, such as (literally) instant delivery, are now integral to our lives.

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Enterprises will need more bandwidth than public internet

Computer Weekly

As enterprises continue to digitise their operations over the next few years, their demand for data and bandwidth capacity will massively increase, says Equinix

Docker Can Now Containerize Legacy Apps Running on Mainframes

Data Center Knowledge

Latest Enterprise Edition release also beefs up security Read More. DevOps Docker Security

State Of The Gopher Nation - Aug 17


I am at GolangUK in London, having just finished giving the opening keynote. I was a bit more nervous than usual, in part, due to the length of time since my last talk, and in part I was representing the entire Go project for the first time in a keynote. This talk is an overview of the entire Go project. It covers “what we’ve done”, “why we did it” and “where we are going” as a project.

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The Added Benefits of VoIP - What Can it Bring to Your Business?

IT Toolbox

If you're in business, whether large or small, you're always on the prowl for ways to cut expenses and boost profits. When it's time to crunch the numbers, every penny matters. So, when the prospect of cutting your company's phone bill comes along, it is worth a serious look. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). VoIP is an acronym for a different way of

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Bristol hosts successful test of 5G mobile edge computing

Computer Weekly

Participants in the three-week trial of mobile edge computing technology took part in a virtual treasure hunt around the city centre

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Ambitious One-Gigawatt Data Center Planned in Norway

Data Center Knowledge

US-Norwegian company Kolos secures land for what it says will be world’s largest data center Read More. Colocation Europe

Building a High Performing IT Team


IT teams are a core component of most modern businesses. Computers and the Internet are simply too important for any business to neglect them without running into serious problems. Unfortunately, building an effective IT team is often easier said than done. Managers often have trouble working with the technicians because they lack the technical skills […]. Big Data Companies Business Intelligence Companies CTO IoT Companies News Business IT staffing

How Do I Export Exchange Server Offline Data (OST) File into Outlook 2016 PST File?

IT Toolbox

a free method for conversion of Exchange OST file to PST

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Interview: Equality starts with education, says exec

Computer Weekly

Everyone needs access to education to create a level playing field for entering the technology industry, but the curriculum needs to change, says Salesforce’s Charlotte Finn

World’s Largest IPv6 Network Reaches a Milestone

Data Center Knowledge

Hurricane Electric world's first to interconnect 4,000 IPv6 networks Read More. Networks

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The Case for Decentralized Identity

Phil Windley

Summary: We cannot decentralize many interesting systems without also decentralizing the identity systems upon which they rely. We're finally in a position to create truly decentralized systems for digital identity.

A look into the 12 IT best practices you should or should not use

IT Toolbox

In 12 'best practices' IT should avoid at all costs , Bob Lewis, CIO columnist, says that "industry best practices are sure to sink your chances of IT success". What makes IT organizations fail? Often, it’s

Developers lack skills needed for secure DevOps, survey shows

Computer Weekly

The growing demand for developers with security skills is outpacing supply, but a survey reveals that a lack of formal security education and training by employers is contributing to the growing skills gap

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Maersk Says June Cyberattack Will Cost It up to $300M

Data Center Knowledge

Its IT systems were disabled, preventing the shipping line from taking new orders for several days. Read More. Business Security

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IDG Contributor Network: SDN and a life beyond the death of the internet

Network World

For decades, enterprises have relied on the public internet for business-critical SaaS applications and data traffic. The reason why is pretty simple: it’s cost-efficient, it’s easy to use and it’s already there. Compare that to the logistical, financial and implementation challenges of installing an alternative private network, and it’s clear why enterprises have been pretty content with the internet for their entire digital lives. But, it’s 2017.

Why Outsource Your IT Support and Needs?

IT Toolbox

The IT department has quickly become one of the most important and influential departments in a company. When the IT department operates smoothly, the entire company benefits from it. On the other hand, if your IT department isn’t functioning as it should, the company will suffer which affects the bottom line. This is exactly why so many businesses are considering

School leavers urged to look at cyber security apprenticeships

Computer Weekly

Cyber security apprenticeships are a good alternative to ‘clearing’ and debts, according to security certification body, Crest

Can Windows Server Make Hyper-Converged Infrastructure a Boring Commodity?

Data Center Knowledge

Microsoft isn't exactly known as a hyper-converged infrastructure vendor, but that may soon change; its latest server OS has hyper-convergence baked in. Read More. Featured Hyper-convergence Microsoft

IDG Contributor Network: Can the U.S. Senate secure the Internet of Things?

Network World

As a free and open internet continues to come under assault by the FCC’s proposal to effectively end net neutrality, investors, programmers, and internet users of all stripes have vociferously voiced their support of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the open web that enables it. It appears those voices have been heard, as the U.S. Senate may be taking steps to secure the IoT's future. So, what exactly is the U.S. Senate up to, and how might its actions impact the health of the IoT?

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3 Ways Mobile Apps Change VoIP/UC Choices for Businesses

IT Toolbox

Mobile devices have hugely influenced voice over IP (VoIP) and unified communications (UC) over the past few years. As mobile apps for VoIP and UC mature, in many cases they drive the solution that works best for many businesses. With maturity comes tighter and more seamless integration, better security, ease of use, and the incredible convenience benefits of aligning with fast-moving mobile technology.

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Statistics show retailers need to improve data security

Computer Weekly

Data breach statistics show retailers need to address customer data security ahead of the GDPR compliance deadline, a law firm has warned

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The Rise of Edge Computing

Data Center Knowledge

Moving computation to the edges of the network and toward the users is both a natural progression and ideal solution to the challenges the internet will face in the coming decades. Read More. Industry Perspectives Internet of Things

Technology Providers and Integrators To See at the 2017 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference


As a techie the most fun at DIA's DoDIIS Conference is usually on the expo floor. This is always a great place to learn about interesting new technologies or about how key integrators are adding value to solutions for some very interesting missions. A fun challenge is to see as many of the 200 organizations […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Events Internet of Things Mobile News

SCRUM vs. KanBan

IT Toolbox

I had an interesting conversation today with the Director of SW Engineering I work with. He was relating some meetings he was in where various corporate IT leaders were discussing agile methodologies and how to standardize them across the company. It seems that we have two flavors of what can loosely be called "agile" development going on. The first type was being